Monday, 22 January 2007

Racism no longer an ideology of racial superiority or inferiority but now a subjective perception of victimhood

I thought everyone would be pleased with the happy ending of Jade and Shilpa kissing and making up on the Big Brother seat, but it was not to be. Even after Shilpa has categorically stated that she did not feel herself to be racially abused there remain a significant number of hysterics keen to hang and lynch Big Brother for allowing any act or words that can be construed as racism to take place. There is more than a hint of totalitarianism and mass hysteria, methinks.

Someone has just reminded me that the Hindu caste system had an undeniable racist agenda. (Or is it just "caste-ist"?) It seems everyone is living in glass houses these days. Either we end up breaking all each other's windows in a" war against racism" or we can stop playing the racist card and gratuitously denouncing each other now and stop being so ridiculous and self-righteous.

Perhaps a little more "tolerance" of "racism" is now in order?

Thursday, 18 January 2007

The Sultry Princess and the White Slapper

It seems Britain is now a country where it is permissible to say "F*ck off" but not "F*ck off home", judging by the reaction to yesterday's goings-on at the Big Brother house.

Jade Goodie is obviously temperamentally unsuited to serve as Ambassadress for Britain and has abysmally failed in her role to bring about a golden age of Anglo-Indian friendship. But I will stand up for her, because it seems now that no one will. She is only famous for being vulgar, stupid and proletarian; ill-educated, ugly and incurably low. The proletarian viewers of Big Brother liked her because she showed spirit, perhaps, and felt she amused them sufficiently with her antics to deserve their vote, and for being one of them.

Put into the same household as an Indian showbiz princess, who is diamond compared to her coal, it was inevitable that the worst kind of feminine bitchery would be aroused. "Let's gang up on the snooty princess" was the unstated agenda of the more plebeian female members of the household, who giggled on the sofa while watching Jade gob all over Princess. Snooty Indian bitch, who does she think she is tellin' us to f*ckin' have elocution lessons, who thinks she's God's gift to the world etc etc. You can just hear their thoughts expressed in their unelocuted accents.

Princess, I seem remember, was clearly looking for trouble. Where are the stock cubes? Don't tell me you've wasted them or used them all up? On and on she went, until Jade lost patience.

If those white girls are guilty of anything at all, they are guilty of finding her irritating and expressing their feelings, in scatological terms in the case of Jade. But racist? I think not. Racist would go along the lines of "You Indian Showbiz Bollywood types are all alike, aren't you? You lot think you're all better than the likes of us, don't you? If you can't take the heat, then stay out of the Big Brother kitchen. If you pull out now or accuse us of racism just to get someone to stop us from speaking our minds in the only way we know how, you will be showing yourself up for what you really are: a snooty stuck up showbiz bitch who is going to pull rank on us the moment things get sticky for you. "

I imagine Jade will be sent packing soon enough for being a national disgrance and showing modern Britain in an ugly unflattering light. Her alleged racism, as far as I can see, extended to only deliberately and irritatingly calling attention to cultural or physical differences. An ideological assumption of racial superiority or inferiority of either party was surely the furthest thing from Jade's tiny little mind.

Friday, 5 January 2007

Launched and Live!

This is the news and opinion column of

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Designed to attract the Political Activist of any persuasion, it seeks to give voice to all political opinions without fear or favour.

Many thought-provoking questions are asked and answers from you are invited and shown, to make this website a reflection of your opinions.

"Left" or "Right", mainstream or loony, all can participate while absorbing the advantages of how a Direct Democacy would work in practice.

Have a look and see!