Thursday, 17 July 2008

Comparative Religion

List and consider the defences a Muslim might use when faced with those who think Islam is a religion that compares unfavourably with Christianity and Judaism.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Could Islam improve British society?

Does Islam really have nothing to offer British society when it is stuffed full of the under-achieving and illegitimate, the intoxicated and obese, the ignorant and irrational, whose priests are allowed to get "married" in church in deliberate defiance of Christian teachings?

Discuss and comment.

A racially-inclusive nationalism?

Are the BNP confusing race with nation? Their name and membership policy suggests that they think race is nation when we all know that race can be discerned visually while nationhood is an abstract concept of national self-consciousness that transcends race, rather like the Muslim concept of 'umma'? If nationalism is the religion of the nation, then surely it would have more adherents if it were not so self-limitingly all-white?

Discuss and comment.

Race and Nation

Is British Nationalism necessarily the exclusive preserve of the white race?

Discuss and comment.

British Nationalism

What is British Nationalism?

Is it the desire to act in the British National Interest?

Or is it whatever the BNP say it is?

Or is just a toxic combination of fascism, racism, Islamophobia, xenophobia laced with as good dollop nostalgia and self-pity?

Islam and British Nationalism

Is Islam necessarily incompatible with British Nationalism?

Discuss and comment

Patriotism and Nationalism

"If love is patriotism, then nationalism is courtship - the act of attempting to make oneself worthy to our love object. It is a consciousness of selfhood and a desire for self-improvement. It need not be aggressive or destructive. A species of racially-inclusive nationalism that is at ease with itself and the world is not necessarily a contradiction in terms."

Zionism and Islam

Is Zionism a greater threat to world peace than Islam?

Discuss and comment.

God an instrument of Man?

"If God is an instrument of Man, then religion is an instrument of government. Whether it would result in the greatest good of the greatest number depends on the wisdom and skill with which this instrument is wielded."

Discuss and comment.