Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Could Islam improve British society?

Does Islam really have nothing to offer British society when it is stuffed full of the under-achieving and illegitimate, the intoxicated and obese, the ignorant and irrational, whose priests are allowed to get "married" in church in deliberate defiance of Christian teachings?

Discuss and comment.


Ron Lewenberg said...

The importation of Islam is merely a tool by the Gramscites to destroy Britain. The examples you mention is a symptom of this decay caused by elite treason. That Muslims in Britain disagree with certain social policies of the left is of no more importance than the disagreement American Blacks or Hispanics have. They remain a voting block for the left and rhetorical and demographic tool of destruction. That Muslims will eventually overrun those using them, is not relevant, since traditional Britain will have already been destroyed and expunged from history.

Andromeda said...

"Traditional" Britain? "Modern" Britain? These terms are interesting but indefinable. The trouble is that you think you know what they mean.

What is inevitable is change. What is certain is that those who do not adapt will become extinct.

What is certain is that you believe Islam to be evil.

Religion is merely an instrument of government and I see no reason why Islam is necessarily a bad thing.

I doubt if you know what Islam means, Ron, except that you have it in your head that all Muslims are all suicide bombers bent on world domination.

What is this American concept of "regime change" but American imperialism that dare not speak its name?

I have every confidence that the Islam of the Koran could improve any society simply because what it advocates, ie to command what is good and forbid what is evil, is a universal message.

How we are to distinguish between good and evil is of course the eternal philosophical question that not many people are interested in.

How we are to see to it that this is done is the eternal political question that not many people are much interested in either.