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Uncompassionate views not a disaster for the BNP - stand by yours Jeffrey Marshall!

Unlike others, I don't think it is a disaster at all that Jeffrey Marshall's comments have been exposed. Nothing the media say now will stop the BNP doing well.

There is a resurgence of the "Right" on the Continent as we speak, and there is no similar expenses scandal there.

As far as I am concerned, I stand by everything I have said here and elsewhere, but am willing to apologise and withdraw any statement should the need arise and facts and events prove me wrong.

We are all entitled to our opinion and our views, BNP or not. There is no indication that Jeffrey Marshall is about to become dictator and institute euthanasia and mass extermination of whoever it is The Observer and others are trying to suggest he wants exterminated.

There is no stated policy of eugenics and mass extermination in the BNP manifesto or any danger of there being one.

If we want to get upset about something as peripheral as Jeffrey Marshall's opinion about whether the seriously disabled should be kept officiously alive in order to pay lip service to the political orthodoxy of indiscriminate compassion, then surely abortion is an issue that is more immediately relevant.

To say we do not care about those who will always be a burden on the state is not a hanging offence.

Jeffrey Marshall should stand by his comments unless he has changed his mind.
If his comments are indeed hanging offences, then we can ask them if we live in a "compassionate" totalitarian state where expression of anything that is not apparently compassionate-sounding is by definition thoughtcrime.

Perhaps they would like to send confirmation by return.

IN CONTEXT: Jeffrey Marshall's Comments about the unproductive

Jeffrey Marshall, senior organiser for the BNP's London European election campaign. Following the death of David Cameron's disabled son Ivan, Marshall claimed in an internet forum discussion: "We live in a country today which is unhealthily dominated by an excess of sentimentality towards the weak and unproductive. No good will come of it."

In context:

Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:11 am

My mother came from a family of about 13 children, which was basically poor - although their fortunes gradually improved as a growing number of healthy young adults began to contribute their income to the family.

One or two children died early. In some photographs you can observe a baby boy who was ´always sickly´ apparently. No-one could afford the care necessary to keep this child alive. What happened to the child we do not know. No-one ever spoke of it. Perhaps he died of natural causes, perhaps he was assisted to the grave. The subject was never mentioned by anyone.

There was no welfare state in the 1930s. Whatever my grandmother did - if she did - was necessary and for the best.

We live in a country today which is unhealthily dominated by an excess of sentimentality towards the weak and unproductive. No good will come of it.

ANDROMEDA to WHITE RIOT at Feb 26, 2009 8:57 am :

No, my child would not have to be perfect, only healthy and normal. I would even put up with a degree of physical disability, but not anything mental. I would certainly keep a healthy Siamese twin, without even trying to separate them.

The Nazis may have done it, but so would the Ancient Greeks and

I am sure many parents in poverty-stricken areas of the world - without an NHS - would have done exactly the same.

I wonder what YOU would really do, if you couldn't pass the cost of it on to the taxpayer and wallow in the sympathy you know you are going to get, as Cameron knew he would.

Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 8:45 AM
Subject: David Cameron and the death of his six-year-old son,

"While my first instincts would be to smothered any such a child of
mine at birth" Isn't that the sort of thing that the nazi regime did. so
you'd murder your own child if it wasn't perfect, you vile bastard I only hope you don't have children. You other comment at this time were also the product of a sick mind.

Post at Voice of Reason on 26 February 2009

Westminster mourns after Cameron's lossWhat the Financial Times describes as a "shocked Westminster" was yesterday united in expressing its sympathy with David and Samantha Cameron following the sudden death of their son, Ivan.The six-year-old, who suffered from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, died in hospital on Wednesday morning.

The normal exchanges of prime minister's questions were put on hold as Gordon Brown led the Commons in expressing sympathy."I know that in an all too brief young life he brought joy to all those around him," said Brown.

"I know also that for all the days of his life he was surrounded by his family's love."

Ann Treneman in the Times says the prime minister "managed to find exactly the right words and tone for this most unusual and sudden of Commons occasions".

While my first instincts would be to smothered any such a child of mine at birth, I would also have realised that we live in the sort of Britain where it would profit me to look after it for the rest of its hopefully short life, in order to reap the "Man of the People, formerly a toff", "sleeping on hospital floors, reading nursery rhymes to other less privileged children at all hours of the day", "at ease with public services" kind of kudos he is now getting as a result of his 6 year "investment", at the expense of the NHS.

I would still have smothered it at birth, though. Sorry.

I am hoping you will congratulate me for my honesty, but I know you will rail at me for my callousness.

Instead of praising me for my forbearance from imposing the needs of my hopeless hypothetical child on the NHS and at taxpayers' expense for 6 whole years knowing it would die anyway without ever speaking or walking or in any way acknowledging my existence, you will condemn me for proposing infanticide.

This is the sort of Britain we live in.

JEFFREY MARSHALL on 25 February 2009:

I agree, although parliamentary business (Prime Minister's Questions) ought to have continued as normal.

This has become a nation which is unhealthily dominated by sentimentality.

From: (Brin J - BNP member)

Subject: David Cameron and the death of his six-year-old son, Ivan.

Date: Wednesday, 25 February, 2009, 2:50 PM

This really is so sad for the man and his family. Very hard to bear and we must all feel sad for them. Brin

The original post may be found at:

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tories now on electoral reform bandwagon.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Dave Huggahoody CamCon.

Why don't you just give us referenda as I suggested on Douglas Carswell's blog?

Talking about "radical direct democracy", can we have a referenda on

1) all anti-discrimination legislation and kill the totalitarian Equality Bill?
2) the Abolition of the Death Penalty Act 1964?
3) the European Communities Act 1972?
4) the Sex Discrimination Act 1975?
5) the Race Relations Act 1972?
6) the Disability Discrimination Act?
7) the Human Rights Act?
8) the Race and Religious Hatred Act?
9) the Inheritance Tax Act linked with the repeal of the Civil
Partnership Act?

I think these would be crowd-pleasers and heartily commend it to the
Conservative Party.

I rather doubt it will be taken up somehow, since I think it sounds too much like what the people want, so no doubt the Lib-Lab-Con will try to water it down when the time comes.

Maybe the BNP should put forward a few ideas of their own to move the debate along?

Bishop Tim Ellis refuses to display my comment about Jesus and the BNP

I said:

If I may say so, your comment about internationalism is simply laughable, when the Church is already riven by schism on female bishops, homosexual priests and the BNP.

The African Christians want nothing to do with the European Christians because of its Moral Relativism.

Those who want religion no longer go to church. They go to Islam
because they prefer the clarity of the Koran in contrast to the fudge and mudge of Christianity and its Trinitarian incoherence.

The Bishop said:

I fear that I cannot publish your comment whilst you remain anonymous. If you are prepared to declare who you are, and therefore own your views, I would be happy to include your comments in my blog. If not, anyone can say anything whilst hiding under a cloak of anonymity.

I said:

Did you not receive my response telling you that I am non-white, non-Muslim and non-BNP and responsible for

No response.

I said more or less what I said at

Then I said:

Still not displaying my post because you are afraid of the implications and cannot think of a convincing response?

How dishonest, cowardly and incompetent. And typical of the C of E.
Others lowlier Christian bloggers have had the honesty to do so, but not you, a Bishop.

And he said on 30 May:

Actually, nothing more sinister than the fact that I've just been away for a week. However, sorry you are still not identifiable-even with the information you have given me, so I will not publish your thoughts. I will ignore future e-mails, unless you are identifiable.

What does he want? My address, birthday and NI number?

Monday, 25 May 2009

Alan Johnson calls for referendum on electoral reform

Wow. Everybody is getting on the direct democracy bandwagon.

There's Douglas Carswell talking about his "radical direct democracy" (that is not as radical as my corporate direct democracy of votes proportional to tax contribution of voter), and Zac Goldsmith of the Tories and his local democracy.

Then there is Frank Field talking about a national government, in effect a one-party state, which would be logically necessary to administer pure direct democracy.

Now Alan Johnson wants a referendum on electoral reform.

Well, well, well.

They should all have a look at

Sunday, 24 May 2009

BNP Chairman at The Queen's Garden Party

I wonder if the Queen knows which way the bread of popularity is buttered these days.

If Her Majesty wants to be considered out-of-touch and mindlessly pro-establishment, she would avoid him.

If Her Majesty wants an upsurge of popular endorsement, she would be photographed shaking Griffin's hands. She would then provocatively demand his views on Holocaust Denial, and ask if he did not think that the very concept of Holocaust Denial should be denied, within earshot of a raconteur.

She should also make a point of introducing him to a distinguished Muslim guest, trilling gayly about what a lot they must have in common such as the wish for the return of capital and corporal punishment as well as the withdrawal of British troops from Muslim lands, and remark what a shame it is that the BNP cannot stop obsessing about race.

Well, that's what I would do if I were Queenie.

Would Jesus have voted BNP? Would the Prophet Muhammad?

I rather thank that in Jesus’ time, people would have been allowed to complain about foreigners and talk of sending them home, as they do in South Africa, without being persecuted and villified.

Would Jesus have voted BNP?

Bishop John Goddard’s comment on Sunday, Radio 4 - - that the BNP sow division was countered by Roger Bolton pointing out that the Church’s policy of allowing homosexual priests is in itself divisive.

In other words, politics and religion are divisive. Man is so divided and contentious that quite often, he would disagree with the opinions that he himself has held at another time.

Knowing what we do about Jesus, it is quite likely that he would have remained enigmatic and not voted.

Would Muhammad have said:

"Let us Muslims vote BNP because they have so many policies we agree on? At least, the BNP would not have invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Muslims, like the BNP, did not support 42 day detention, and we appear to have similar views about the Holocaust, Zionism and Israel. Let us make a friend of an enemy, as the Koran advises us to do, and concentrate on things we are agreed on, rather than their Islamophobia, which may be more to do with ignorance and fear, which we may in time correct."?

Some BNP voters have 'legitimate views' on immigration, says Baroness Warsi
Ali Miraj: It's perfectly rational for the ignored white working class to vote BNP
Muslims would doubtless approve of the BNP’s stance on

1) withdrawing British troops from Muslim lands
2) the return of capital punishment
3) the return of corporal punishment

Indeed, Muslims may be concerned about immigration and see the connection between the EU and uncontrolled immigration, and wish to withdraw from it, as the BNP do.

Islam does not endorse PC-liberalism of tolerance (of promiscuity, single mothers, widespread illegitimacy leading to the lowering of standards of education and behaviour, the drug and pub culture of this country etc).

Their religion tells them to forbid what is evil and enjoin what is good.

What we must now decide is whether it would be a good thing to tell the Lib-Lab-Con how much they are hated, by voting BNP.

Perhaps it is time to show the Church too, that it is so out of touch with the British people that its condemnation of the BNP will result, perversely, in more votes for them. The Anglican Church has embraced the values of our unofficial religion of "tolerance", Moral Relativism and homosexual priests, while refusing to defend the interests of the white working classes, who never go to church anyway, not even to get their children into a decent church school. These days, the white urban proletariat are more likely to find themselves going to mosque than church.

The Anglican Church, being complicit in the political establishment's determination not to discuss immigration or address any of its problems honestly, except to condemn anyone who questions it as "racist", no longer holds any moral authority.

The incompetence with which they have made their views known is laughable.

If I were Archbishop of Canterbury (and what an Archbishop I would be!) I would have questioned the ridiculous BNP assumption that Jesus would have voted for them.

If I were Mufti of Britain (and what a Great Mufti I would be!) I would point out how much common ground there is between the BNP and Muslims, and hint that most Muslims would be happy voting for them because they like their policies, as most non-Muslims do, if only they were not so Islamophobic and obsessed with race.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

How some MPs can regain the respect of the voters

I am still trying to work out why Cameron has told our Nadine to suspend her blog.

After all, today's Today Programme broadcast a heart-wrenching lip-trembling reading of an MP's account of his fear and dismay at the hatred, contempt and ridicule politicians such as he are now held in.

But these were people too short-sighted and cowardly to look after their own interests and vote themselves a payrise to avoid all this!

No, let us continue baying for their blood until they present us with policies that seem half way sensible.

For starters, they could attempt to appease us by offering us referenda on whether we would like to -

1) repeal all anti-discrimination legislation and kill the totalitarian Equality Bill

2) repeal the Abolition of the Death Penalty Act 1964

3) repeal the European Communities Act 1972

4) repeal the Human Rights Act

5) repeal the Race and Religious Hatred Act

6) repeal the Inheritance Tax Act linked with the repeal of the Civil Partnership Act

7) reform the British education system along the lines I have suggested at

I suppose this would be more constructive than ritual suicide or beheadings.

It might now be a good time to suggest that the more independent MPs such as perhaps David Davis and Nadine Dorries, to do a deal with the BNP and say they will join, but only if the BNP revises its constitution, particularly their political objective of returning the racial composition of this country to what it was pre-1948, and lifts its colour bar. Such an act of courage may gain the respect of the public and would assist them in escaping the odium they are now held in, as despised and discredited politicians of the Lib-Lab-Con.

It would give them a party desperately in need of respectability and Parliamentary experience, and a chance to distinguish themselves by an act that is not prevarication, cowardice and economy with the truth.

The BNP could have a few MPs in Parliament by the next General Election, if enough Tories and Labour MPs jumped ship, if the BNP played their cards right and presented the offer enticingly enough to the more adventurous Members of Parliament.

Then, maybe, we would be a little closer to a quiet revolution of commonsense government.

has a story that MPs in trouble for their expenses would find pertinent.

Schools with most pregnant schoolgirls and future criminals

I am sure parents would like a list of schools famous criminals attended.

Or schools with the most children who go on to acquire criminal convictions.

I for one would be quite interested to know which school Baby P's mother attended, as well as her child-killing lodger.

It would be no bad thing to have a league table of schools with the most pre-GCSE pregnancies.

Sounds like this could be a vote-winner for whichever party who might like to put this idea in their manifesto.

But would the Hug a Hoody Party dare?

Justice for Baby P's mother

Actually, I don't think this woman should be in prison at all. She allowed her lodger boyfriend to kill her son, but that's her problem, not ours.

She wasn't bothered about Baby P's death, but that's again her problem, not ours.

I wonder who else agrees with me that she should be allowed to just go back and carry on with her life in Tottenham, but without police protection. Justice will no doubt take its course, without burdening the taxpayer with the cost of keeping her and her child-killing lodger in prison.

Why should the British taxpayer pay for the crimes of these people?

UK Sluts in the Gutter

Proud of ourselves, are we?

Friday, 22 May 2009

BNP Political Broadcast

A rather thrilling broadcast, with portentous music. Nick Griffin looking magisterial but spoiling it a little by moving his right arm awkwardly as he speaks.

I cannot help but suspect that the desk he is sitting at is not really his. The Bible on its stand, the ink blotter somehow doesn't feel authentic.

Nice desk, though.

Though slick and well-produced, it does not even begin to deal with why this country is so fucked up.

I would like to make the following points:

  1. One's ancestors dying in wars does not give any of us an automatic right to ward off the invasion of trespassers or conquerors.
  2. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
  3. Liberalism, in the form of the welfare state, feminism, tolerance of promiscuity, single parenthood, ever lower standards of education and behaviour, are the major causes of national decline.
  4. Britain has allowed itself to become a Nation of Bastards.
  5. The begetters of bastards, as well as those who allow it to flourish unchecked, through refusing to confront its causes, ie promiscuity and welfare-dependency, are really the ones to blame for national decline.
  6. Blaming opportunistic foreigners who know the locals have priced themselves out of jobs, and who know that British employers in fact prefer them because they work harder, is mere scapegoating.
  7. Let us hope the BNP will one day have policies that suggest that they know the causes of national decline, instead of complaining about the symptoms, eg Muslims, terrorism, PC legislation, foreigners.
  8. Will the BNP dare question the kind of totalitarian feminism that leads to female promiscuity, paedophilia, unwanted pregnancy, single mummery, family breakdown and ever more depraved criminals, like the boyfriend of the mother of the late Baby P?
  9. Or are they so pussy-whipped they intend to leave that sort of thing to the Muslims?

Canvassers for mainstream parties receive abuse

It seems that they are being treated as badly as BNP canvassers used to be treated.

Is this something we should be smiling about?

Nadine Dorries on suicidal MPs

Conservative MP Nadine Dorries says that the atmosphere in Westminster is so unbearable - because of the expenses scandal - that everyone fears there will be a suicide.

Sometimes, Nadine, suicide is the only honourable option.

I believe nothing less than a ritual suicide would satisfy the British public now.

The Peasants' Revolt of 1381 also presents us with equally blood-thirsty possibilities.

Storming the Tower of London

A group of rebels stormed the Tower of London— probably after being let in— and summarily executed those hiding there, including the Lord Chancellor (Simon of Sudbury*, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who was particularly associated with the poll tax), and the Lord Treasurer (Robert de Hales**, the Grand Prior of the Knights Hospitallers of England).

* In January of 1380, Sudbury became Lord Chancellor of England,and the insurgent peasants regarded him as one of the principal authors of their woes ... the Kentish insurgents attacked and damaged the archbishop's property at Canterbury and Lambeth; then, rushing into the Tower of London, they seized the archbishop himself. So unpopular was Sudbury that guards simply allowed the rebels through the gates. Sudbury was dragged to Tower Hill and, on 14 June 1381, was beheaded. His body was afterwards buried in Canterbury Cathedral, though his head (after being taken down from London Bridge) is still kept at the church of St Gregory at Sudbury in Suffolk, which Sudbury partly rebuilt.

** Robert de Hales was beheaded on 14 June 1381 on Tower Hill
during the Peasants Revolt.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Aphorisms of Abdal and the Contentions of Tim Winter

Those who have enjoyed Tim Winter's AKA Abdal Hakim Murad's essay may enjoy discussing his Contentions, found at

I have myself added a few of my own and they are awaiting moderation at the time of posting.

His Thoughts for the Day may be accessed at

whose treatment of his pearls of wisdom could fairly be described as irreverent and critical.

Tim Winter for Mufti of Britain!

Tim Winter's Teenage Journey to Islam (excerpts)

"Faced with England’s desertion of its own identity, may one ask whether an English move to Islam is a farewell to one’s heritage – or its unlooked-for revival."

" ‘God does not need a sacrifice in order to forgive anyone. The split-second of turning from Christianity to Islam is the realisation of the truth of the parable of the Prodigal Son.’ In the parables, God is loving enough to forgive directly. That was the whole glory of the Judaism which Jesus upheld."

"Much of the Bible comprised stories whose purpose seemed ambiguous or even absent, punctuated by occasional flashes of pure light; the Koran was giving me the light alone."

"Religious searching always seems driven by a consciousness of sin and alienation. Which forgiveness is higher, I was obliged to ask: the forgiveness of one crucified, who has no power in his hands, or the forgiveness shown by the Blessed Prophet at the Conquest of Mecca, at the highest moment of his political life, when his ancient enemies were in his hands and he forgave them? This, I discovered, is the virtue of al-‘afw ma‘a al-qudra: to forgive when in a position to punish. It is the virtue of Nelson Mandela, perhaps the greatest of modern moral icons, who forgave his tormentors despite being in power. To this, I also learnt, there is to be a coda at the end of time. Who is the more merciful: the Pantocrator-Jesus of the Book of Revelation, who wrathfully judges and consigns people to hell, or the Muhammad of the Hadiths, whose entire work at the Judgement will be to intercede for sinners, thus showing Islam as, finally, the religion of God’s forgiveness and mercy? As I came to see it in my teenage years, the Cross is not a symbol of forgiveness at all: on the orthodox view, it denotes the repayment of a debt, as the infinity of Original Sin is atoned for by the infinite sacrifice of God’s own temporary death. What humanity urgently needs, as we contemplate our long record of disobedience, is a model of true forgiveness by a God who does not calculate, who gives bi-ghayri hisâb (‘without reckoning’, in the Koran’s idiom), who imposes no mean-spirited ‘economy of salvation’ worthy only of accountants and bookkeepers. The letter killeth – the spirit giveth life. "

"It is not surprising, then, that the first explicit appreciation of the Prophet in the English language was by a Puritan who saw the Ottoman system as more open to diversity, and also to religious sincerity, than the England of his day, with its established church and insistence on religious conformity. This was Henry Stubbe (1632-1676), whose book An Account of the Rise and Progress of Mahometanism, with the Life of Mahomet, and a Vindication of him and his Religion from the Calumnies of the Christians could hardly be published during his lifetime, but indicated a subterranean philo-Islamism that is deeper than images of an islamophobic Britain will admit. Several Muslims have pointed to some of these possible precursors for British Islam in Unitarianism and allied forms of Dissent."

"Surveys indicated that a growing number of clergy held ‘heretical’ views on the Triune God ... Some responded with despair, and ended in Buddhism, ‘alternative spiritualities,’ or agnosticism."

" ... in 1999 the Daily Express published a series of articles predicting the leading trends which would be visible in the new millennium. One of these thinkers, the best-selling biographer of Jesus, A.N. Wilson, wrote as follows:
Islam is a moral and intellectual acknowledgement of the lordship of God without the encumbrance of Christian mythological baggage. That is why Christianity will decline in the next millennium, and the religious hunger of the human heart will be answered by the Crescent, not the Cross."

"Even in Catholicism, which often has a better sense of the dignity and beauty of ritual, there has been a crisis since the forced abandonment of the Tridentine Latin Mass at the Second Vatican Council in 1965; as Pope Benedict has acknowledged: ‘One shudders at the lacklustre face of the post-conciliar liturgy as it has become; or one is simply bored with its hankering after banality and its lack of artistic standards.’ Whatever political disasters may have overtaken some Muslim lands, the core doctrines and practices are miraculously intact. In a mosque, one experiences not a hankering after banality, but a ritual inherited from a great age of faith, a Rock of Ages, into which one can submerge and be annihilated as one seeks for God."

"Geoffrey Lampe, professor of divinity, had just published a detailed and iconoclastic account of the doctrine of the Trinity, God as Spirit. This was a systematic manifesto aiming to rescue Christian belief and worship from baffling doctrines which, he felt, were hastening the secularisation of England."

"Years ago, as I turned away from the machine age to consider alternative voices, I expected to find the heirs to the monotheist scriptures as the most serious prophetic dissidents of our time. By no means is that always the case, as there are many churchmen who are willing to lower the price of their goods in the hope of selling them to a trivial and lazy world."

"French priest Louis Massignon (1883-1962): ‘Inwardly, you are a Muslim. Outwardly, if you continue to wear your priest’s cassock you will serve Islam more successfully’."

"Humanity is now being programmed from an early age by an insistent materialistic culture, driven ultimately by the greed of large corporations, and to join Islam has become a more radical, absolute step than ever before. Yet human nature has not changed, and those religious needs which were so central to the lives of our species for ninety-nine percent of our history have certainly only been suppressed, not removed. Monotheism is the most coherent form of the religious life; and Islam is its purest expression."

Monday, 18 May 2009

It's Mama's Fault! by Lex Dras: the "hardcore" solution

WHAT is your definition of a Slut or a Whore?

WHY do women attract crap in the first place (guys as well as in life)?

HOW do guys view women in various social scenes?

WHAT type of guy will marry a woman with kids and WHY?

WHY and HOW are single mothers producing psychologically
and emotionally weak males?

WHEN does the destruction of the African-American Race begin and WHERE must we start to stop it?

Crime & H.S. Dropouts Emanating from Single Parent

The simple answer to the "Why are so many of our kids dropping out of school and going to jail?" is due to the circumstances into which the child is born.

The simple answer to the "How do we get them back on track?" is to
destroy the old mindset and replace it with one where being a loser
doesn’t fit. The more detailed explanations follow.

When people ask "Why" questions it implies that one is trying to find the ROOT CAUSES and most do not want to know the real TRUTH, they want hear entertainment! I am certain a large segment of the
population wants to pretend, and BELIEVE, that the reason our kids are so [explicative]-up is due to something else in the environment and not themselves.

Acknowledging the TRUTH is painful! The Truth causes one to look within ones-self and no one wants to take responsibility for a child’s debacle!

We will see how serious YOU out there are, according to how you respond, smack, dead, in-the-face-of, the facts and numbers.

The painful truth is that 71% of all African-American births, in 2007, were to unwed mothers and single Black women. That is an increase of 56% since 1980; translation, it is getting worse! Now, compare that to 50% of all Hispanic and 28% of Caucasians births out of wedlock. If there is anyone who cannot see the long-term dire effects of this trend on the African-American race and the adverse consequences, this will cause to our futures, that person is a moron! If you know a woman that falls into the category of an unwed mother, well, I’m sorry but they did that!

Not the drug dealer, not the economy, not the schools, not the neighborhood, not the loser she hooked-up with … the female who gave birth did that! You prevent the birth of a child (born into such environments) (p.71), you will prevent that child’s statistical probable future. PERIOD!

In the military, there is a term called PMCS. For all of you non-military types, the term stands for Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services. What this means is that you perform measures to
prevent a problem BEFORE there is a problem, not after-the-fact!
We all heard the phrase, "Don’t start none, Won’t be none!"

The solution starts BEFORE conception and thus the child being born.
How do you get a [explicative]-up kid back on track? Well, consider
the dynamics below and then tell me what one must do. By the time a child is 13 years old, their psyche is approximately 85% "crystallized!" What this means is that you are knocking up a brick wall if you are trying "soft" measures to change this child’s mindset.

Outside a traumatic event, turning that child’s world upside down and shattering that old psyche, in order to rebuild it, you may as well just chalk-that-kid-up as lost! "Soft" measures do not work! Those are the realities of the matter but again, it all goes back to people not willing to swallow the painful truth and then doing something about it!

Frankly, if we as a society, and definitely the families of such a
child, do not allow "hardcore" measures to be instituted then we as a
society, or they (the families), deserve whatever happens.

If you want to prevent the need of taking a "hardcore" approach
then you must kill the monster while it is little, as a mentor of mine would tell me! Now before everyone pulls out their guns and knives on me, this could mean several things:

First, this means that you must get inside the child’s head long before
there are any signs of the downward cycle. Good luck with this approach!

Who’s going to perform this daunting task, the people in the toxic
environment from which the child came? Yea, right! That’s why the kid is here!

The other is to stop giving birth under such circumstances that will inevitably lead to "that" type of kid.

To those who question "…circumstances that will inevitably lead to ‘that’ type of kid."

Let’s look at some numbers to back this up. Now before you go over
board B*tching & Moaning about how this is not true, no matter what
stats you look at, they are all appalling (p.51)! To address drop-outs
and jail:

Children from single-parent families, account for 80 percent of all prison inmates as stated in the Index of Leading Cultural Indicators. As a side note, African-Americans account for 45-50% of the entire
prison population but only 13% of the in the United States. Does anyone see a problem with these numbers? In deep contrast, the Asian population accounts for approximately 45% of the Ivy League population but only 3% of the United States population. I guarantee you that vast majorities of Asian kids are not born to unwed mothers. Taking a wild guess, which population will fare better, in the United States and global economy, given these facts?

The Village Voice found that children brought up in single-mother
homes are nine times more likely to drop out of high school and 20 times more likely to end up in prison then a two parent household. Two percent of the kids born to African-American single mother households make it to adulthood and become productive members of society (have never gone to prison and are TAX paying citizens).

There is a reason for why these things occur and until we start taking off the blinders to what those reasons are, we will continue to produce the results we see today!

With all of this in mind, what are the steps we need to take to create
National Programs that will turn this tide and begin to make a generational shift in thinking? National Programs that:

Install Foundational Fundamental Principles™ at the preschool level.

Change how a child views single parenthood.

Introduce very young children to success principles.

Change how children envision their future.

Of course, this is the "softcore" solution.

The "hardcore" solution is to socially ostracise these people and call them sluts, slags and slappers. It's the only language these women will understand.

Vote: Should we make the connection between feminism, female promiscuity, family breakdown, the welfare state, national decline and confront it?

Peter Hitchens at explains exactly why no one else quite dares say what I have done.

It seems to me that I must myself take on this burden since even the big brave BNP are themselves too pussy-whipped to deal with these sluts, slags and slappers. (This is because they themselves are single parents or themselves singly-parented, or know friends and family who are.)

Only the other despised group, the Muslims, can save us now from ourselves now, for their religion tells them to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil. They are not afraid of feminism, for one thing. Islam elegantly combines religion with philosophy, and demands that we walk the walk as we talk the talk.
To finally discover the purpose of Muslims in Britain has been a revelation indeed.

Friday, 15 May 2009

MP expenses claims: Gallows in Parliament Square as opinion polling (how to, very easy apparently) (gallows story hoax, apparently) (photo of gallows builder, John Lucas with pic of gallows in background) (arrest of John Lucas, BNP MEP candidate) (David Lucas, BNP MEP candidate) (picture of Elliot Morley) (contact details of Brian Haw, who has camped there since 2 June 2001)

Elliot Morley is in such deep do-do over claiming interest on a mortgage he has already paid off that he has been suspended by the Labour Party.

At least he cannot use the tired old excuse that it was "all within the rules". Dark mutterings of fraud have been heard.

I wonder if there is any law that prohibits the ostentatious erection of multiple gallows in Parliament Square.

They could be added and taken off according to how the populace feel about the performance of our political classes. It may be more effective than getting YouGov to poll us.

A poll on this can be found at

Frankly, if I lived in the Eastern Region, I would be voting for David Lucas, the BNP MEP candidate, for his enterprise and advocacy of the death penalty and his skill in the building and exporting of gallows, if not for his disgusting beard. I wonder if he is still single. I know the best men - even those with horrible beards - are usually already taken.

Vote BNP in the Euro elections.

You know you want to. - David Lucas arrested on trumped-up charges?

Friday, 8 May 2009

MP expenses making us want to vote BNP

Gosh! It would appear that these days even sitting MPs want us to vote BNP these days. Every day, they give you new compelling reasons about why you might want to give them a good hard kicking.

Vote BNP in the Euro elections.

You know you want to.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

£58M for more social workers to ensure survival of Baby P types

I sigh with resignation of yet more taxpayers' money going down the drain.

What the country needs is not more social workers, but fewer mothers like Baby P's mother.

If they all wish to kill all their children, it is frankly no skin off my nose.

Why do we all hypocritically pretend to care?

It would be a good thing, wouldn't it, to have the next generation of feral children not conceived or if conceived then culled by unfit mothers who like taking up with sadistic child-killing partners?

It is but nature taking its course.

Why use taxpayers' money to prevent what is in fact a blessing in disguise for those of us who do not want to be the victims of the kind of adult Baby P would have become?

has ideas more likely to prevent the increase in numbers of mothers like Baby P's than a whole battalion of social workers.

Let us get to the root of the problem, once and for all, instead of pretending helping vulnerable children, ie children who are going to become criminal adults, will help anyone at all.

Peter Hitchens also opines that more social workers is not the answer. He does not quite go so far as to suggest penalising slag and slapper single mums, as I do. But things have gone too far now to merely recommend marriage, as he does, without giving these unmarried women with their variously-fathered children the treatment they deserve.