Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Peter Slowe also a Mandy Groupie

"Mandelson is the only one with the clout, intellect and charisma who could realistically take on the Tories and win."

So said Dr Peter Slowe, chairman of Labour's finance and industry
group, today as he called for MPs to oust Prime Minister Gordon Brown and replace him with the business secretary.

At present, as an unelected life peer, Lord Mandelson is blocked from
taking up some of the most senior government posts, including foreign secretary, chancellor of the exchequer and prime minister.

But all that is about to change, with the government tabling a proposal that would give life peers the right to resign from the House of Lords -
something hereditary peers have been able to do since 1963.

So could it be Prime Minister Mandelson in the future?

Tonight, our presenter Nick Robinson will be talking to Lord Mandelson about his future plans and his plans for the government and UK businesses.

Some Facebook comments:

A masterful performance. Mandy even looked convincingly taken aback at being offered the premiership by Robinson. Bet the Tories wished they had a Mandy, but they only have Alan Duncan, who is not bad ....
July 28 at 10:51pm

I think Mandy is the only one who has lasted the distance and who just keeps on bouncing back. The whole Labour Party will be begging him to take become their leader soon, and will be offering him Brown's head on a platter to prove their fervour, you mark my words. They know he is the only person with more than a snowball in hell's chance of winning Labour a fourth term ...

Not only that, the media want it now. They really really want it. Everyone is infatuated with the idea of a change of leadership to someone more competent. It would make a good story whatever happens. The Ides of August and September are still to come ....
July 28 at 11:04pm

Monday, 27 July 2009

Imminent withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Foreign Secretary David Miliband is expected to set out a change of
emphasis in British strategy in Afghanistan when he speaks at NATO headquarters in Brussels. International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander, who is currently in Helmand, discusses whether more pressure should be put on the Afghan government to talk to moderate members of the Taliban.

Looks like we are being softened up for an imminent pull-out. Defeat disguised as handover.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

"Mandy's Bill" - Reforming the Lords

A constitutional renewal bill, drawn up by the Lord Chancellor, Jack Straw, this week, will provide for the gradual abolition of the remaining 92 hereditary peers in the House of Lords, who will no longer be replaced when they die. It would also give the House authorities power to expel peers - Lord Archer, for example. And it will give life peers the right to renounce their peerages, resign from the Lords and seek election to the Commons. Tory critics, who claim the bill has been designed solely as a way of allowing Lord Mandelson to return as a Labour MP, have dubbed it "Mandy's Bill".

The Week - 25 July 2009

Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister?

He is after all the unacknowledged No 1 Alpha Male of our Great British Nation and already internationally known for his bad boy exploits with the internal combustion engine.

He is tall, manly, speaks his mind, and is not frightened of turbo-charging his words and actions with thrilling bursts of testosterone.

Women love that, and men do too. They would both probably do anything for him. He could even be our Fuhrer ...

Most people would choose Clarkson, if push came to shove, but I remain steadfastly loyal to my choice of Lord Mandelson. When a man has my admiration, he has my admiration until he does something to forfeit it.

Britain's No 1 Alpha Male Says The One Who Holds Official Title is a C-word

Looks like the knives are out again for Gordon. I suspect Clarkson's verdict will have more of an effect on Gordon's future as leader than the combined voices of Barry Sheerman, Charles Clarke and the whole dang Labour Party.

We all know that Clarkson is the Nation's Number One Alpha Male. If Clarkson told us to vote BNP, I think enough of us just would ...

The other Alpha Male contender is of course Lord Mandelson, whom I hope will soon be Lord of the Labour Party as well as First Lord of the Treasury ...

Friday, 24 July 2009

The Death of Respect AKA What Liberalism has done to Britain

Liberals should be proud of themselves.

Conservatives too should equally proud of themselves for their collusion and cowardice.

Why PC Liberalism is as bad as Hitlerism, Communism, Feminism

Because it harms the very people it is supposed to benefit.

I thought I would write an essay about why this is is, but it would be better if readers can tell me what I mean, if indeed anyone is reading this ....

Thursday, 23 July 2009

A Sharia Court in Sesssion

This was held at the Islamic Centre on Park Road, NW8 to which is attached an excellent canteen that gives you lots of rice and curry for £5 a bowl. If you love a good curry as I do, then this is the place you come if you are near Baker Street, Marylebone or Regent's Park.

The scholars sat from 2:30 to 7.00 and were all volunteers. The Islamic Shariah Council is a charity, unlike the business venture that is the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal, it was pointed out to me.

They deal almost exclusively with divorce and the property disputes that come with it.

There is more than one school of sharia and more than one group of scholars who interpret the sharia, even in London itself.

I mentioned Anjem Choudary's London School of Sharia to Sheikh Matin and was told that Muslims living in non-Muslim lands were enjoined not to attempt to impose Muslim ways on non-Muslims who outnumber you and may well get cross with you for being a Muslim chauvinistic and ask you to sling yer hook.

(I paraphrase, you understand, for I do not remember his exact words to me while we were in the canteen.)

I suppose the better way to attract interest and converts is to show that one's legal system is cheaper, quicker and more efficient backed by a faith represented by a book that is a warning and a reminder to all mankind.

Tea was served to the observers consisting of myself, a very nice Turkish couple and the pretty Italian lady from Turin by a Sheikh Matin, who is also Clerk of the Court.

Property disputes concerned houses, jewellery, gold rings, ear-rings, bangles, and sums of money.

Annulments were also sought, just as one would if one were a Catholic.

A now Muslim woman who married in church did not have children with her husband. They parted but did not bother getting a divorce. She met a Muslim 10 years ago, married him and now has children by him. Was her previous marriage invalid? It was decided without much difficulty that it was. (Bigamist! I thought to myself.)

An applicant-in-person (who did not mind the presence of us observers) seeking an annulment was a pretty petite young lady who was very certain that she was uncertain. The marriage was consummated but her father disapproved. Apparently he did not pray regularly and even if he did, it was only to impress her father. He had tried drugs once or twice and now had a bad temper. (He became quite bad-tempered after marriage, apparently. The wife could only bring herself to say that she "liked" her husband, complained that he threatened to strike her. No doubt this was because she decided after three days of marriage that she had made a terrible mistake. )

She had also been shopping around for fatwas in the hope of finding a legal ruling that her marriage was invalid, so she could escape this man whom her father disliked and whom she was now no longer sure she loved.

One of the websites she mentioned was

Her manner seemed to me to be suspiciously hesitant, and her attempts to suggest that she had Islamic grounds for doubting the validity of her marriage not convincing. I was therefore quite impressed by how patient these scholars, who had been conscripted as agony uncles by her, were. If it had been up to me, I would have sent her away with a flea in her ear.

They quite sensibly asked her what she would do if they declared the marriage to be valid. She answered that she would always have a doubt - of the Islamic kind - that it was indeed valid.

They then said that she really must make up her mind and gently chided her for not bringing either her husband or her father along, in which case it would have been decided there and then.

If she was really determined to divorce her husband, then she must petition for divorce. It really was as simple as that, and sent her away.

The next case concerned a wife with 5 children who had been living apart from her husband for 4 years. There was some disagreement between two of the scholars about whether she should be granted a decree absolute in 2 months because of the length of their separation, or whether the absolute should be withheld a little longer because of the 5 children. The former view prevailed.

"Surely you have no right to withhold the absolute from the poor woman who has suffered so long?" said the first scholar.

"Ah, but Allah does!" said the second.

I found it reassuring that there were disagreements and that the quorum is 3, to ensure that justice is done through discussion, consultation and agreement.

It is certainly better than just one judge on his own doing so, who may be having a bad day. The liveliness and informality of their discussions, and the swiftness and efficiency with which each case was dealt with impressed me.

It was pointed out to me by the Turkish man that, during Ottoman Empire, sharia courts would ensure that the scholars hearing the cases were local men of good standing judged to be independent of the emperor. It was a way of ensuring judicial independence.

The final case was the most dramatic.

A very outraged Somalian man came to complain about a certain imam in a certain part of West London who was infamous for issuing divorces as if he were throwing confetti. He would be on the phone to someone else and distracted, speak to the applicant for only 3 to 4 minutes and a marriage would be ended.

Surely he is an Enemy of Islam, he demanded? Surely this is unIslamic?

He came home one day to find the locks changed.

He feared for the imams life he piously declared, because his sons were very angry and he thought they might be disposed to take the law into his own hands.

Wisely, the scholars did not react to any of this, and asked him to put all this in writing properly so that they may investigate the matter.

It was a long day, but very informative and reassuring.

The ever-lowering standards of the Church because it refuses to deal with female promiscuity or question feminism Rhidian Brook, writer, celebrity and Christian Friday, July 24, 2009, 08:30 AM
Rating 4 out of 5 (Highly platitudinous)

"44% of children are born to unmarried mothers"

The number 4 is considered unlucky by the Chinese because it sounds like death. Two 4s therefore would be considered doubly unlucky. It would appear that we are an unlucky nation in a doomed civilisation.

Do you hear anything being proposed by the government about discouraging women from becoming unmarried mothers? Well, do you?

Of course not, because they have shit for brains.

Do you hear anything from the Church about condemning family breakdown and female promiscuity? Other than to be "more relevant to modern life" and lowering their standards just to get more bums on seats?

Let the Church sink to the level of the degraded average Briton, it says.

No, because they have shit for brains too. What happens to civilisations whose people don't do anything about their shit-for-brains politicians?

They all die a natural death of course.

Our alotted time-span is now coming to an end.

YUSUFALI: And how many populations We destroyed, which exulted in their life (of ease and plenty)! now those habitations of theirs, after them, are deserted,- All but a (miserable) few! and We are their heirs!
And how many a community have We destroyed that was thankless for its means of livelihood! And yonder are their dwellings, which have not been inhabited after them save a little. And We, even We, were the inheritors.
SHAKIR: And how many a town have We destroyed which exulted in its means of subsistence, so these are their abodes, they have not been dwelt in after them except a little, and We are the inheritors,

YUSUFALI: Nor was thy Lord the one to destroy a population until He had sent to its centre a messenger, rehearsing to them Our Signs; nor are We going to destroy a population except when its members practise iniquity.
PICKTHAL: And never did thy Lord destroy the townships, till He had raised up in their mother(-town) a messenger reciting unto them Our revelations. And never did We destroy the townships unless the folk thereof were evil-doers.
SHAKIR: And your Lord never destroyed the towns until He raised in their metropolis a messenger, reciting to them Our communications, and We never destroyed the towns except when their people were

Prepare for death, says Vice President Biden

US Vice-President Joe Biden has told the BBC that the war in
Afghanistan is in the interests of the US and the UK. Correspondent Jonathan Beale reports on the interview, in which Mr Biden said that Afghanistan "is worth the effort we are making".

Should today's politicians and generals revisit the early 19th
Century thinker on war, Carl von Clausewitz, for inspiration in Afghanistan?
Brigadier Allan Mallinson, former cavalry officer and military historian, and Professor Jeremy Black, of Exeter University, discuss the extent to which the current conflict can be placed into context.

We are finally "engaging with the enemy", Biden says. Can he tell us what were we doing before? Serving as target practice for the Taliban? If we believe this crap from someone who has shit for brains, then we too have shit for brains.

A civilisation whose people know they are being led by people with shit for brains, and who won't do anything about it, deserves to die.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Why non-Muslims use a Sharia Court in commercial cases

A tribunal which uses Sharia law to make its decisions says that it
is seeing more non-Muslims come to them for help. The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal was set up in 2007. Barrister Sheikh Faiz-Ul-Aqtab Siddiqi, founder of the tribunal, and Dr Denis MacEoin, a former lecturer in Islamic studies, discuss why someone who does not belong to a particular religion would choose to use a service which uses that faith's law.

Because it is cheaper, quicker and easier and enforceable by the High Court.

Because it is the difference between £800 and £80,000.

Check it out.
Top judge backs sharia 'role'
Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers

Is sex political? Is feminism political? Is the Pope Catholic? Do bears poo in woods?

Read this, then feel your wallet and look fearfully at your wife ....

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A Cult of Reason and The Supreme Being - "CORASB"

The practice of submitting to Truth, Reason and Reality (if that is what God is, if He/She/It exists) is capable of both being a philosophy and a religion.

To start a Cult of Reason and The Supreme Being that is mutually indivisible is therefore logically possible and politically desirable.

Imagine: a religion and philosophy capable of appealing to both atheists and monotheists ....

Membership applications welcome.

War in Afghanistan and Iraq not just another Vietnam, it will be the end of our so-called democracy

This ruinous and disastrous war took 28 years to destroy Athens and her democracy.

Perhaps it will not take as long for us.

Time for a stable rational one-party state where the elite rule and the people feel well-governed?

Methinks Lord Digby is suggesting something along the lines of the Chinese Communist Party.

And why not?

America is going down the plughole so it will no longer be the world's most powerful nation. Indeed, it will be the world's most reviled if it carries on in Iraq and Afghanistan, which it probably will because Americans are now even more stupid than they were.

There is no need for Britain to be stupid too, though.

If Britain wants a Special Relationship with the World's Most Powerful Nation, it had better raise its sights from America to China.

If it can be America's Poodle, there is no reason why it cannot be China's Pekingese. They are after all both lapdogs.

Learning Chinese would be A Good Thing for the Dumbed-Down British.

Out will go all these decades of toxic Progressive ideology, back will come traditional ideas of rote learning to instill discipline in the increasingly enfeebled, demented, feminised, neurotic, retarded, alcoholic, obese, impoverished and illegitimate British.

They will then realise that there is no such thing as dyslexia, only not very bright children, over-protective and indulgent parents and ineffective teaching methods that are so child-centred it will not tell a child off when it has done something wrong or spelt or written a word incorrectly. Or tell a child to write a word 20 times until it can write it correctly.

In the end, it is only continuing in its long ignoble tradition of wanting to punch above its weight, only to get knocked out, of course.

Calais migrants ambush Britons

No wonder the French hate the British for turning their port into a human cesspit.

Of course these criminals target the tourists, ie the British, as criminals would.

Of course the French authorities don't give a damn because it is all the fault of the British who are too stupid to call for a change in their immigration laws, which makes Britain so attractive to illegal immigrants.

If I were French, I'd send them on to their target destination and let the mugs in Britain deal with them when they arrive. In fact, I'd put them all on boat and tell them to head for an English port.

It would then be up to Nick Griffin and his lot to sink them.

Why the British are either very stupid or very demented

This is the running order of today's Today programme with my comments saying why we are a country of consisting of demented old women being governed by a bunch of demented old women whose opposition is another bunch of feeble-minded old women.

A 22-year-old man from east London who began binge-drinking at 13 has died after being denied a life-saving liver transplant. Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, explains the story of Gary Reinbach, who was given only a few weeks to live after developing cirrhosis of the liver.

"Good!" is my response to the ritual hand-wringing. Does anyone in his right mind even think this alcoholic loser even deserves chicken liver pate on toast?

Britain's professions have become more socially exclusive, a report
into social mobility suggests. Former cabinet minister Alan Milburn, the author of the report, discusses his findings.

Well, of course. Knowing what we do about Britain's state comprehensives, which 80% of children attend, why would anyone give these crap-educated children the time of day at all? Most of them can't barely read, write, spell or count. The ones that can count a little are wobbly on their time tables. Everything is being progressively dumbed-down, even as the educational establishment pretends that children must be getting cleverer because more of them are getting grades that say they have got A and A*.

That is because they think we have been dumbed-down too.

In British schools, sex education consists of teaching children the Joy of Sex, ie telling them how to do it, instead of telling them that bringing yet another little bastard into the world is a bad thing for them and a bad thing for the society they live in.

Yet, mildly suggest that child benefit be withdrawn from these teen parents, and you get a chorus of disapproval, because it sounds uncompassionate.

The preponderence of the inadequately-parented illegitimate in our schools means that education must be progressively dumbed-down to accommodate their propensity for indiscipline, underaged sex and violence, obesity, autism, violence and neurosis.

But no one mentions or acknowledges this, of course.

The head of the army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, is said to have
infuriated ministers last week by publicly calling for more troops and better equipment in Afghanistan. Today presenter Sarah Montague reports from Afghanistan and talks to Sir Richard about his last journey to Afghanistan before he retires after 40 years of service.

Well, good on you for standing up for the cannon-fodder, General, but there is really no point throwing good money after bad, and sending more people to die in the 21st century Western equivalent of the Peloponnesian War while you're about it. (You know, the one that Athens and Sparta waged with each other for 28 years and which ultimately destroyed Athens.)

Despite overall crime falling by 5% in 2008/9, the fear of crime seems
to go on rising. Filmmaker Roger Graef, who has tried to answer that question in a programme for BBC One, explains why people are more fearful than they used to be.
Because even dumbed-down Britons are not so dumbed-down that they would believe any government statistic now, to give them some credit ...

Universities should take into account the social background of the
people who apply for courses, a report into social mobility suggests. Shaun Bailey, a youth worker and prospective Conservative party candidate for Hammersmith, and Dr Lee Elliot Major, research director at the Sutton Trust, discuss whether working class pupils should be given special consideration.
If working class people are going to be given a hand-up because they can't quite make it on their own merits - who would want someone from the Peckham Academy in their university unless they start running a course in Degree Level Drug-Dealing, Pimping, Gun Crime and General Gangsterism - why not give a hand-up to lunatics, retards and those suffering from dementia?

Why not indeed?

What a pity there is no dementia test we can make our leaders take, to show how utterly divorced they are from reality, morality and anything that could be described as responsibility and good sense.

If we do not do anything about this, then even death by swine flu is too good for us.

The latest insane suggestion - that schools that would re-open in autum be closed to contain the pandemic - suggests that even the demented know this and are trying to escape their fate by proposing what they think might be solutions.

Let us therefore just speak the truth to each other before the filth and madness that we have accumulated for so long falls on us and buries us alive.

It is the only way to enjoy our last days, is it not?

Ahmadiyya Muslim in Sheffield congratulates Andrew Brons BNP MEP

President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat congratulates Andrew Brons!

ANDREW Brons has received a letter of congratulation on his election to the European Parliament from the President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Sheffield, Mr Mohsin Abbas Rizwi.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community seeks to rejuvenate Islamic moral and spiritual values, advocating peace, tolerance, love and understanding among followers of different faiths. It strongly rejects violence and terrorism in any form and for any reason.Ahmadis first arrived in the ‘Steel City’ in the 1960’s and an official Ahmadi community was established in 1985.According to Mr Rizwi the local society has developed excellent relations with the community at large and the new Bait‐u‐Afiyyat mosque, which was opened last year, was built on the site of a public house called ‘The North Pole’.

Andrew wrote in his letter of reply:

Thank you very much for your letter of 1st July and your congratulations.

If you or your fellow members would like to bring any concerns to my
attention, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you again for your kind wishes.

What are we to make of this?

It is a delightful irony that the election of a BNP MEP candidate should be the cause of such a remarkable example of inter-racial co-operation.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Is it rational to be moral and moral to be rational?

Is it moral to act rationally?

Is it rational to act morally?

Is it rational to seek pleasure and avoid pain?

Is it immoral to seek pleasure and avoid pain at the expense of others? Do the ends justify the means?

Would the means accomplish the ends?

If God is Reason, Truth and Reality, then it would appear that we must at all times submit to Reason, Truth and Reality, for our own good.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Crybaby Brits

Kill a few of them and watch them cry like babies. Great propaganda for the Taliban, eh?

"Get just 20 more of them, TOPS, and the whole lot will be withdrawn. Not much longer now, chaps!" they'll be saying to each other.

"If any of them still have any sense left, they will not be wanting to join the Armed Forces, for the next decade, however poor, stupid and without prospects they are. They would join the police and deal with the disorder that is going to soon engulf their country."

Biblical Inconsistencies

Again the Church, this time represented by the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester - is selective over what is taught by the Bible and what is not, because of personal preferences and phobias. I agree that homosexuality is banned but so is eating pork (Leviticus 11:8) and the fat of animals (Leviticus 7:22). Priests are not allowed to cut their hair (Leviticus 21:5). The Bible forbids working on the Sabbath (Leviticus 23:3) but approves the purchase of slaves (providing they are not Israelite); their children may be made slaves for life (Leviticus 25.:44).

So why pick one rule and not follow the rest?

Steve Cattell, Lincolnshire
Published in The Sunday Telegraph

It can be seen that Christ attempted to reform some of the harsher testaments of the Old Testament and was executed for his trouble.

It was the Prophet Muhammad who successfully created a religion that was more humane than the Old Testament and more precise than the New Testament.

Man, however, prone to straying and excess, has ignored parts of the Koran it does not like and added his own inventions.

We have been warned, though.

"O you who believe! Make not unlawful the good things which Allah has made lawful for you, and commit no excess; for Allah loves not those given to excess." (Qur'an 5:87)

"Make not unlawful the pleasant things which Allah has made legitimate for you and commit no excesses in violating the limits imposed on you - exuberance as well as diminution, both are equally harmful."

The basic principles are:

1. The rule is that everything is Halal unless explicitly forbidden.
2. Only Allah has the right to legislate for man.
3. Prohibiting Halai and permitting Haram is synonymous with Shirk.
4. Haram is always associated with what is bad and harmful.
5. There is always a better substitute in Halai for that which is made Haram.
6. Anything that leads to Haram is considered Haram.
7. It is Haram to declare something Halal when it is manifestly Haram.
8. Good intentions do not justify committing Haram.
9. One should guard himself against matters that are on the borderline between Halal and Haram (Mushtabahat).
10. In extreme circumstances, Haram is permissible within certain limits.

It can be seen that Islam has very clear, sensible and simple guidelines that suggest that one must always attempt to find the right balance.

If only our legislators would heed them.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Disenfranchise those who do not get George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM

I am having a very exasperating discussion with a teacher who actually approves of CRB checks on writers. What makes them so special, he asks?

His motivation seems to be: "If we teachers are subjected to these checks, then it is only fair that everybody else should be subjected to the same bureaucratic claptrap that neither protects children nor effectively vets adults."

This suggests malice and class envy.

If you find shit on the floor do you clear it up, or do you spread it around so everybody gets a bit of it, so that equality of misery is more equally distributed? Is that his twisted idea of social justice?

He reminds me of a certain character in George Orwell's Animal Farm, which he has not read, you will not be surprised to hear.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

PM for PM?

I posted on this on 8 July, intoxicated with enthusiasm at the possibility of a Peter Mandelson premiership, and have the following exchanges to report.

(I asked a Labour Party hack why its supporters mostly looked askance at me whenever I prattled excitedly about a PM premiership being best thing for their party and their country.)

This was the response I received yesterday:

Very few indeed would want him as Prime Minister. It in fact marks
people out as not being of a Labour inclination.

I replied:

Surely no one, however Scargillite, would object to a fourth term if this could be arranged? Perhaps it should be put this way to the members and Peter Mandelson's talents talked up more.

Julian Glover 's fantasy "PM PM" piece, Jonathan Freedland comparing him to Richelieu are virtually hagiographies.

Perhaps it will be enough that the Guardian and the BBC want this?

It would make a great story, and Oleg Deripaska would be in the picture somehow.

If Peter Mandelson gets a girfriend the press and public would love him for it.

You can exhume Old Labour but not revive it!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Steve Slack, Master Masturbator

"NHS tells school children of their 'right' to 'an orgasm a day'NHS guidance is advising school pupils that they have a "right" to an enjoyable sex life and that regular sex can be good for their cardiovascular health."

They will be teaching children how to masturbate next.

Is this country being engulfed in an unceasing effluent of insanity?

How much is Steve Slack, the director of the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health at NHS Sheffield, being paid to come up with this quasi-paedophiliac idea, if it is the case that he himself proposes to show them how to masturbate?

Perhaps we should all collectively masturbate to relieve our feelings of outrage while we watch Steve Slack being tarred and feathered on national TV.

If only such a show could be organised. Of Slack being tarred and feathered, I mean.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Dying for Blair, Bush, Neo-Connery and the MPs who voted for the war

Now why would and should British soldiers die for that dishonourable lot?

It is worth being court martialled for going AWOL, isn't it, to avoid death in a disastrous and disgraceful war?

If I were already in Helmand I would put down my arms and encourage my comrades to do the same.

No point dying for nothing or for that bunch of losers.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Direct Democracy = One Party State = Government of All Talents = National or Unity Government?

suggests that China is pleased that Zimbabwe is increasingly adopting its political system of a one-party state.

I like to think Mugabe was advised by China to give Tsvingirai a role in this new Unity Government or that he and his advisers cooked it up in the desire to sincerely flatter the Chinese with imitation.

It appears that our Frank Field is quite keen on the idea too, though he calls it a National Government.

Tory MP Douglas Carswell now speaks of "radical direct democracy" but does not appear to realise that government by referenda, without parties, is the logical conclusion of his not very radical proposals.

A draft one-party state constitution can be found at

If Britain's foreign policy of promoting the Special Relationship that is being America's Poodle is examined, it is simply because it just want to be best friends with the world's most powerful nation.

If that nation is no longer America, will Britain consider becoming a Pekingese?
If the British were to learn Chinese in its sink school state comprehensives, then it may be that its teaching establishment will have to acknowledge that there is no such thing as dyslexia, only defective and ineffective teaching methods, which would be A Good Thing.

The very nature of the Chinese language - which makes it such a horror to master - means that it cannot be properly learnt without using traditional teaching methods of rote learning, which the progressives have now completely abandoned in their ideological goal of securing equality of outcome, ie national innumeracy, illiteracy, illegitimacy, promiscuity, mediocrity, delinquency and decline.

BNP Victory Song by Joey Smith

It is a very inferior imitation of Billy Brag. Rap is the genre that is most appropriate for this sort of thing, but clearly the BNP are not sufficiently "with it" to know this.

When they finally do get it, only then will they stop being feared and hated.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Repealing laws would make Britain more Islamic and libertarian

Perhaps lawyers reading this who know their Koran could propose legislation to be repealed only, to make Britain both more Islamic and also more libertarian.

It would actually please everybody, except those who want big government, high taxes and the continued funding by taxpayers of the unproductive.

Intelligent questions by lawyers especially welcome.

Black Zimbabwean Support for the BNP - strange but true

Kudakwashe Musasiwa at 2:38am July 10

I have no problem with the BNP. They are honest about their thoughts. I know here they stand. Its like a Snake ranger's fascination with dangerous snakes, U know their poison and understand not to get bitten.

Let Angry White men have an outlet. They shouldn't be censored or banned like what's happening in the UK by the looney Left. They don't want mixed marraiges (I can point out 1million black people who agree). They don't think non Anglo Saxons should be Englisg Welsh, Scot or Irish, (I can point out 1million black africans who believe whites can't be african) Protect the rights even of people who say things we may disagree with. If I can say Fuck You, at least have the right to say Fuck U back!! We have 100's of Black only organisation, musilm only, Hindu only, etc etc. They can have the BNP! Fuck it

... a lot of our African grand parents and parents hold the same view...
Nationalist, against inter-racial marriage, anti-gay etc etc. I say: let the angry middle aged white men have their little hate club. Its all good. We have many Black Associations etc Black Schools, Black Churches... so why should we ban them from having a poorly supported political party so they can have their rants. We can equally joing the Nation Of Islam or Black Panther Parties... We should in a democracy let people we disagree with have their own opinion otherwise we become the "Fascists"

2:22pm July 10
After reading some of the comments on above which I missed in my sleep, I say: All the Anit-BNP bullshit makes Looney White men happy. banning their rants etc helps these same looney lefties sleep better at night, and further enrages the same middle-aged white folk who believe they have no voice... having lived and work in East london I have ... Read More personally seen the things that make the MaWM( Miiddle aged White Men) ANGRY... Foreign street signs, complete high streets like Green St (which where Iconic) are now FOREIGN!!! Asian!!! Fincheley is now POLISH. (Where I grow up, the Queens Head pub is now some dodgy Polish brothel which sells NOTHING even I recognise). I can imagine how a native English man feels. Think about walking into your GP surgery and not being able to understand the GP, the signs and leaflets in 20 languages excluding english! HAHAHAHAHA. Whites in Zim who vote for Zanu are sometimes white men who undertood the struggle and exercising their right of free association!

is a post from the blog of perhaps the next leader of Zimbabwe, who questions feminism and recommends corporal punishment (with the Cat O' Nine Tails). He describes the behaviour of an unpleasant incident on a London bus, when an old lady who asked a feral youth to turn his music down received an earful of abuse.

He also speaks of his hurt feelings on being called "a mission-educated coconut" - I am not sure if this could be termed racist abuse - by a white man of the Liberal Left.

Cause of Uighur unrest in Xinjiang, the BNP, Social Cohesion and Al Muhajiroun

So now we know (apparently). It was all about a woman, or sex.

It would appear that the BNP are preparing themselves to do something like that about the Muslims, claiming that Muslims prey on white women.

No doubt they do, in the way that any sex predator would prey upon the easiest pickings.

Yet the BNP show no signs of dealing with a culture that condones female promiscuity (which of course exacerbates male promiscuity). In short, the Big Bad BNP are too afraid of their WAGs to tackle that issue properly themselves, while dismissing any Muslim who says that feminism and female promiscuity is a Bad Thing as backward, medieval, barbaric etc.

Far easier to blame the Muslims especially the Sharia for the UK lot AKA Al-Muhajiroun, who are so out of touch with the rest of society they might as well be living in Saudi. Apparently, they did not anticipate a problem at the debate they were hosting at Conway Hall, when they segregated the sexes, for a debate with Douglas Murray of the Centre for Social Cohesion, who now says he wants them banned.

The meeting was stopped by the anti-segregationist fanatics. It seems that these Muslims naively assumed that, as they were the ones hiring the hall and hosting the debate, they would be entitled to prevail upon the guests to accept their particular seating arrangements.

These people, in their alien clothes and their blood-curdling Islamic war-cries had no idea how much they offence they gave.

However, since Anjem Choundary cannot even meet me for an interview without having a chaperone with him, it would appear that these Muslims (who are beaten up by other Muslims for giving Islam a bad name and bringing trouble on the whole Muslim community) are their own worst enemies.

Science teacher brains 14 year old schoolboy,27574,25759888-401,00.html

49 year old science teacher Peter Harvey attacks 14 year old Jack Waterhouse at All Saints Roman Catholic School in Mansfield, Notts.

A correspondent involved in education says:

Good 4 the Science Teacher who tried 2 murder a rebellious boy pupil! Serious head injuries. Every teacher wld like 2 murder at least one pupil! Many teachers will b envious of the Mansfield science teacher who has actually succeeded in fulfilling every teacher's fantasy of really braining one of the little devils!

Many teachers feel in their heart of hearts they would like 2 brain the "little" devils - many of whom r 6 foot tall or more & don't know their own strength.

It was the fault of the headmistress, who was not up 2 the job of keeping discipline in a big comprehensive & she failed 2 protect that science teacher from bullying by pupils, until he had a breakdown & ended in Clink.

I too am pretty certain that the teacher was sorely provoked, knowing what I know of the likely behaviour of the typical British teenager.

It seems Peter Harvey had only just returned from stress-related leave.

If we do not address the behaviour of the typical British teenage boy - some of whom are known to go around raping female teachers - - or who murder headmasters such as Philip Lawrence - there may well be a shoot'em up rampage by a teacher before too long, along the lines of Columbine, but perpetrated by a member of the teaching profession ...

No doubt the government and its opposition will continue pretending all is well in our wonderful (third) world class education system, which is now so efficiently educating our children to make them fit for a life of catering, chambermaiding, TV cookery, pop idolatry, soccer stardom, gangstas, lap dancing and white slavery.

Mick Brookes, General Secretary of National Association of Head Teachers, interviewed on Channel 4 last night on the subject of the new Alternative Maths A level, clearly approved of the latest teaching scam of dumbing down. Perhaps this is something to do with hoping that the chances of his members being stabbed by bored, unteachable, singly-parented feral schoolboys who object to being challenged by academic rigour and classroom discipline would be thereby diminished.

There is a group on Facebook called "In Support of Mr Peter Harvey (All Saints' R.C. School, Mansfield)" which readers may wish to check out.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

What to do with Sub-Saharan boat people?

The recent xenophobic violence in South Africa against Zimbabwean refugees suggests that it is not a good idea to presume on the generosity of the poor, who are after all the ones really expected to live cheek by jowl with and expected to accommodate the newcomers.

Those of us who live in leafy suburbs would not like the racial composition of our neighbourhoods changed, so why should we expect the white urban proletariat, who have less than we do, to be more generous and hospitable than we are? reports on a book written by an illegal migrant to discourage others from doing as he did. "Fortress Europe" is not what it is cracked out to be, he says. You are better off in Africa, he tells other would-be boat people. Apparently, those who arrive but hate it here pretend to others back home that they are doing well, encourage them to come and then withdraw their hospitality when they arrive. It was this that shocked me most: the treachery of their betrayal of their own countrymen, just so that they did not have to admit that they had made a mistake.

Sinking their boat sounds harsh, but what other way is there to discourage these people, if they do not listen? It is even for their benefit so they don't waste their time, energy and money trying to get here and risk their lives doing so.

If they still think Europe is the land of milk and honey, their information is very much out of date.

Vote: Should the EU sink boats carrying illegal immigrants to prevent them entering Europe?

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Comparing Peter Mandelson to Richelieu?

Apparently, Jonathan Freedland will be doing precisely this on 14 July 2009 9.00 am and 9.30pm.

I do believe that Peter Mandelson is the only one capable of saving the Labour Party now, and indeed even this country.

The Labourites do not like him, it seems, but I believe he is a man more sinned against than sinning, and that he has been misunderstood and traduced.

Doubtless he would have had to step on a few toes to make the shower that was the Labour Party electable as New Labour, and it seems they have not forgiven him for that.

I believe he will need a girlfriend and perhaps even a wife to make the British people warm to him.

I willingly offer myself as a candidate should none more suitable than I be found, for I cannot now tell whether I am more in love with the idea or with the man himself. I am more than happy to find out, and commit to my project of saving the British people from David "PR" Cameron and his lily-livered Etonians.

I would have no trouble in settling into a ménage à trois so Reinaldo Avila da Silva need not fear me as a rival. I have said elsewhere online that I would happily consider a polygamy (on the grounds that many hands make light work), provided the male concerned is "alpha" enough, and I get along with his other wives.

In fact, I have always wanted to be part of a ménage à trois.

Will this fairy tale come true for me?