Saturday, 29 August 2009

How Mandy increases the fervour of his admirers

Mandelson certainly knows that what preserves him now is his reluctance to seek the leadership and the premiership.

Perhaps he also knows that in ostentatiously not seeking it people would be even keener to give it to him.

At each passing hour he appears more giant-like in our land of pygmies.

I, an atheist, pray for the Fates to reward this reluctant and much-maligned man with an office that only he is capable of discharging with competence and flair in the turbulent times that lie ahead.

It was said that Deng Xiaoping was a man for whom difficult decisions would not be difficult. I believe this rare compliment applies just as much to Mandelson

(Cameron, on the other hand, is a man who rejects easy and obvious solutions because of his incorrigible mendacity, hypocrisy and cowardice.)

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