Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Political opponents and former lovers have called me "dangerous". Some of them even see it as their duty to warn the world about me, believing me to be bent on world domination.

In the case of former lovers, let me explain that they called me "dangerous" even as we were still lovers and being loving, and not, I must point out, after I have hurt them in some way.

How shall I capitalise on this though, if my plan to marry Mandy does not quite work out as I hope?

"You are very persuasive," a former lover once said to me, not without a hint of suspicion and doubt.

"I am not going to that, not even for you," said yet another in protest at some outrageous request.

"Why did I do that? Why did I let you make me do that?" I remember one bewailing.

Should I go in for PR and advertising then, if Mandy will not marry me? Or if the Mail will not give me a column?


dinosaur senior said...

More details, please, about the sort of things you made them do that they subsequently regretted.

Andromeda said...

I forget now, for it was all a long time ago. Putting up with my nonsense and doing things they wouldn't ordinarily do or do for anyone else. Having anything to do with me at all because I was trouble. Risking the wrath of my then partner, or risking the wrath of their then partner ... that sort of thing.

dinosaur senior said...

I cannot see why you are 'trouble'.

Apart from the fact that - as you have admitted - you committed an infidelity, or two.

And that sort of thing can cause trouble for anyone!