Monday, 21 September 2009

Party Conference Season Begins

Why don't we have a one-party Government of National Unity? Then everyone can have a coalition with each other and just agree with each other when they happen to agree with each other. Then we would have fewer sterile arguments about "them" being the party who want cuts in public services while "we" are the party who want cuts in public expenditure, and get on with the job in hand of deciding where the axe should fall.

The NHS as it currently operates is a luxury we cannot afford. And there are many others one too, such as universal child benefit, and this should be debated by all MPs of all parties together, irrespective of ideology.

Only one ideology should be allowed, which is a strict regard for truth and the National Interest, not narrow party political advantage. This means thinking in centuries, rather the short-termist five year tranches that those who govern us cannot go beyond.

And yes, I am in fact aware of how alien and outlandish these suggestions sound to most of you.

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