Saturday, 31 October 2009

Becks Beer: Love Music Hate Racism

A man who had a journey on a Clapham Omnibus told me of his journey.

While waiting at the bus stop with two young Somali women in Muslim garb they remarked on an ad on the bus shelter. It said: "Becks Beer. Love Music. Hate Racism."

They giggled and said to each other: "What are they on about? Everybody is racist!"

How wise women these young ladies are. It is like admitting that no one's perfect and we are all capable of hating and fearing others for unfair, unkind and irrational reasons.

It is time now that we deny the concept of racism, in the modern sense, as a massive fallacy. The traditional and narrow sense of racialism, ie that certain races being superior to others, is now rare indeed.

If we think we ourselves better than other people, we should be entitled to the view. (Indeed, if we think ourselves inferior in racial accomplishments to other races, that too is also a form of racism.)

Liberty is freedom of expression, contract and association should be paramount in a free society or a society that likes to regard itself as free. Therefore if these "racists" wish not to associate with a certain group, be their neighbours or hire them and tell their children not to marry people like that, they should be allowed this liberty, without being accused of being evil Nazi racists.

Liberals in their mania to be liberal have subverted their own liberalism and become the totalitarian bigots they they themselves revile.

"I am tolerant of everything except intolerance", they would say smugly. Well, that's not very tolerant, is it?

These liberals now appear to think that claiming that one is offended is enough to trump any rational argument.

If one were truly liberal, then one would make a special point of others' liberty to be intolerant.

We are but sinners, all of us, and love and hate for irrational and therefore mistaken reasons. Therefore let he who is without sin, yet lives in a greenhouse, throw the first stone.

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