Sunday, 18 October 2009

Frank Field - Prince of Principles

The justice of a roulette wheel

I am delighted that Frank Field has seen fit to protest against this blatant infringement against the rules of natural justice.

Laws should not be retrospective.

One should not be led to think it is OK to do something, do it in good faith, and then be told later that it turns out that people are very upset, have it in for us and want to punish us out out of sheer vindictiveness and that our leaders will see to it that we are punished rather than take the hit themselves.

After all it was the three party leaders who prevented MPs from voting for a payrise and fobbed them off with generous expense claims in lieu.

Why no MP has pointed this out I do not know. Perhaps it would "send out the wrong message" and demonstrate that not only are MPs useless at looking after the national interest, they are also hopless at looking after even their own best interests. Not only are they cowardly, dishonest and greedy, they are also stupid.

I pride myself on my longstanding support for causes, individuals and groups who have been misunderstood and traduced.

In my time I have stood up for the BNP, Peter Mandelson, Muslims as well as the Sharia for the UK Muslims.

I now stand up for the most despised group of all - MPs.

Things are now so bad for them that only

1. stringing all three of the party leaders to adjacent lamp-posts on Parliament Square

2. beheading this treacherous trinity and putting their heads on spikes on Tower Hill

3. joining the BNP en masse

could make them less unpopular.

(It looks like there is an unofficial vacancy for an MP shop stewardess. I wouldn't mind being Union Baroness if there is a job like that going, to be honest.)

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