Friday, 31 December 2010

A story about me when I was a little girl

My mother just told me a rather unexpected story about myself when calling me to wish me a happy new year. 

She told me how she who enthusiastically greeted by a woman about my age who thought she was me.  When my mother corrected this impression she was told by this woman who was my age that she would always remember me because I stopped her from being bullied by those horrible English girls at the English kindergarten I attended.  She is, like me, Oriental.  I must have been between 3 and 7 at the time. 

How touching and extraordinary.  I have no memory of that at all and am astonished at this feat of memory on her part.  She is now living in Alberta, apparently, and has a good figure, my mother added.  (This may mean she is in fact unmarried and childless, my mother speculated.) 

Unfortunately, my mother has forgotten her name.  I have no recollection of any childhood policy of standing up for the weak at all.  One of the few things I do remember - with terrible pangs of guilt and remorse of course - is being quite unkind to a ginger, deeply freckled, probably Down's syndrome Australian boy called Bruce.  I seem to remember stabbing him with a pencil I had just sharpened, for no reason at all except that I felt an irresistible urge to do so ...

My interpretation of Atman

Perhaps "atman" means "conscious intelligence capable of having views on good and evil and experiencing pain and pleasure". 

It was after all this atman that created God.

"Philosophical schools such as Advaita (monism) see the soul within each living entity as being fully identical with Brahman - the all-pervading soul of the universe ... "

Day 5: "Unpersonned" by BBC Censor of Today Programmne Facebook page

I have sent yet another email to the Today Programme:

I note that you have neither responded substantively to my emails I sent you which I have displayed on my Voice of Reason blog nor lifted my ban from commenting on the Today Programme Facebook page. 

I hope you are aware that a certain Caron Kendall is libelling me by claiming amongst other things that

1.  I praised suicide bombers.

2.  I trivialised the Holocaust.

3.  I am a Holocaust Denier. 

4.  I am an anti-Semite.

5.  I promote violence. 

6.  My views would lead to the gas chamber. 

7.  I am a "self-confessed fascist".  I am neither Italian nor in a party that acknowledges itself to be fascist.  Or is it the case that to be a fascist one simply has to be accused of being one by a member of the Liberal Left?  (Caron Kendall is a self-confessed Marxist and her agenda is clearly to suppress what she perceives as her ideological enemy.  She said today: "Marx's theories explain almost everything, the relationship between inequality and poverty, crime, ill-health (and even single-parenthood)."  31/12/10 

8.  In other words, Caron Kendall is claiming that I am an evil extremist Nazi Fascist Racist while I have no right of reply.  I doubt you will be able to find anything that I have said that is racist. 

I am not threatening to sue the BBC for libel just yet, you understand, but I really think I should have the right of reply as I am practically a public figure now that I have been satirically described as the BNP "chief" or "director" at


Caron Kendall:

her views about, single parents, their feral children, disabled children her trivailisation of the holocast were very offensive. Nobody here is against free speech - but if she broke the rules or the law then she should be banned form the site. But she will be back - infact I'm not sure she isn't already! I believe in a platform for everyone except those who promote hatred and violence however subtly!  27/12/10

Caron Kendall yes I flagged her - after the Jews brought the holocaust on themselves comments  27/12/10

Caron Kendall Can we also remember that Claire is not just some harmless commentator, she is a political activist for the BNP, A political party that has spread hatred and intolerance throughout inner city communities and whose philosophies if left unchallenged lead straight to the gas chamber  27/12/10

Caron Kendall
I think you are crazy - plead for her in the name of free speech if you like - but to call her views balanced is mad - she was a self - confessed facist - how far to the right do you have to be not to be considered an extremest, There was... nothing moderate about her views on single parents and their feral children, her defence of suicide bombers and her admiration for the regeme in China! Not to mention what she believed the fate of disabled children should be. most of the commentators on this page range form right to left - but her views were off the scale! 31/12/10

Thursday, 30 December 2010

One ex-BNP national organiser, expelled from party for criticising leadership, might join UKIP if asked nicely

There are 30 suspended BNP organisers, senior and experienced, who may have been suspended because they would be entitled to throw their hat in the ring if a leadership election were triggered.  In short, they were senior and talented enough to be perhaps perceived as a threat to the incumbent leader. 

These are good people, dear UKIP reader, and it would be a great coup for UKIP to have such a large intake of experienced organisers who know the score as regards the paperwork and organisation required to fight an election campaign.

Something to be thinking about, hey?

If the BNP does not wish to lose these good people to UKIP then they could be formally reinstated by the party with an official declaration that there is not a blot on their name and that they could, if they wish, throw  their hats in the ring at the next leadership election, should they so wish.  

It would be a splendid show of the new co-operation between BNP and UKIP heralding perhaps a new merged party called the British National Independence Party ....

UKIP could do with someone like Eddy Butler whose impeccable nationalist credentials and impressive educational  history is at  Eddy is also tall, dark and should now be growing a beard because he is a bit thin on top.

Why I joined the BNP - Part II

I keep being asked this question. I refer the questioner to the answer I have already given at

Frankly, being a non-white, I am as much an alien to the upper classes of white people as I am to the middle classes of white people.  The white urban proletariat are no more and no less my people than the white people of other classes and the brown and yellow people of various classes, religions and political affiliations.

I like to think I am a citizen of the world anyway and that any sensible person would want the best for the country he or she is living in permanently.  

I will say this though: I know I would be a member of the BNP if I were white and born in this country ought of sheer bloody mindedness.  How dare the liberal establishment tell me I cannot complain about immigration without immediately turning myself into an evil extremist Nazi Fascist Racist bigot?  So fuck them.  Joining the BNP is the most effective way to tell them where and how and how hard to go fuck themselves.

You could always join UKIP of course, but the message would not be quite so forceful.  That is because they run for cover and hide under their beds the moment a liberal starts to say the word "rrrrrrrr acist" ... 

That does tend to limit their scope for action.  The fact that UKIP have a policy of barring anyone who is ex-BNP from joining them is another example of their bourgeois cowardice and hypocrisy, but if you are scared of being called racist, off you go to UKIP - the other half of the Eurosceptic movement.  Join them if you are socially insecure and are afraid of being called racist.  If you are even more frit then you stay with the same crap LibLabCon party that you are now with.

Which party would Derek Trotter vote for?

I was dozing off to Rock and Chips last night and a thought occurred to me.  Dunno about you, but I can just imagine him voting BNP.  I know he has non-white friends but so do a lot of BNP supporters.  He wouldn't be stupid enough to vote New Labour.  I can see him voting for the Tory Party under Thatcher but never in a month of fucking Sundays would he vote for that cunt Cameron. 

Claire Khaw uncovered by the Libertarian Alex Ellis Roswell

A bit amateurish and full of spelling mistakes, but never mind. 

The one about me being BNP "chief" and "director" by London Spin is much more gratifying and I also appreciated the trouble Ben Woodhams took to lambast me at

'Claire Khaw is dead, long live Claire Khaw'

'Claire Khaw is dead, long live Claire Khaw'

they say of me on The Today Programme Facebook page from which I have been blocked ....!/thetodayprogramme/posts/139702862753499
Today's (28 December 2010) programme is guest edited by the actor Colin Firth - 0720, Actor Rupert Everett on gay men playing straight roles, and vice versa; 0810, Just how effective is UK development aid? 0821, John Humphrys and Dame Edna Everage look back at this year's big news stories; 0827, Is it possible to predict an individual's politics from the structure of their brains? 
Tuesday at 07:21

Bill Sykes Hah. I wonder what Claire Khaw's brain looks like!

Look, how far do I have to scroll back to find one single comment by her or has she been completely "disappeared" by the BBC Censor? 
Tuesday at 08:38

Lucas Jervasi I see the BBC's pravda-like censors are banning people for their non-leftist opinions.  Tuesday at 09:41

Christine-Marie Esteve Claire Khaw claims she has been removed from the FB friends for this page. I do not know why. I believe in free speech however it is entirely possible to leave a critical comment on the news of the day without insulting the subject of that comment. Perhaps she went too far once too often?  Tuesday at 09:44

Mike Stoten please tell us why Claire has been disappeared. Come clean!!!  Tuesday at 09:53

Daryl Stafford
Claire Khaw - I liked her and her comment - BUT - there was so much of it and it was sometimes so vitriolic that on a public website I'm surprised that they allowed it to be aired for so long. You used to look at some of the debates and th...ere was about half a page of her comments, virtually all ignored, and I used to think that in a way the volume of it actually stifled the discussion. Virtually every other public website I comment on is moderated maybe this one is going the same way. Maybe it's right that it should? What is the line you have to cross before public comment becomes too inflammatory to be acceptable?
Tuesday at 10:01    

John Kemp It would be a great waste if comment on this page were to degenerate into a predictable left/liberal schmooze. Airbrushing out Claire's Thoughts For the Day is a poor decision.  Tuesday at 10:16   

Anna Carlile I agree, Daryl. Plus our free speech laws do not extend to the incitement of hatred, and (if I understand it right) as a public entity the BBC has a duty under the Equality Act to promote equality on the basis of sex, ethnicity, disability, sexuality and age. I for one avoided reading the comments as her vitriol felt polemical rather than reasoned.  Tuesday at 10:21 ·

Mariabella Hollens Regarding Claire, I think the moderator should give an explanation as to exactly why she has been removed, and was she given a warning to moderate the amount she dominated the feeds sometimes? Other BBC FB pages give warnings in the feed and allow a second chance.  Tuesday at 10:33

Christine-Marie Esteve Well Ms Khaw tends to bash single parents - particularly unmarried mothers and blames them for all the ills in her world. However with the story of the virgin birth uppermost in the last few days, perhaps God was making a stand on behalf of unmarried mothers, of which for a time Mary was one?  Tuesday at 11:29

Lucas Jervasi
The virgin Mary was not actually unmarried. As far as I know she was already married to Joseph when she 'conceived'. The point is that mass single motherhood is extremely detrimental to society and the incubator of almost all our social ill...s. This is not a statement of opinion but of fact. It has been confirmed by mountains of social studies and is about as established as the orbit of the earth around the sun. To protect this group from criticism is not just an indefensible abridgement of free speech, it is to prevent the discussion of one of the most important issues that face our country.
Tuesday at 12:10

Bill Major Two contributors have said that they flagged up the controversialist Claire. Another victory for free speech?Yesterday at 11:51

Christine-Marie Esteve Actually Bill I think nearly everybody over the last few days has asked for the producers to respond - so far nothing.Yesterday at 12:43  

Caron Kendall  Ok so commentators like Claire and Lucus (and Daryl to a lesser extent) sit their wagging their fingers at single parents - a phenominum which is directly related to by inequality. They never have any humaine solutions to these problems...!  

In answer to your comment Bill - yes I flagged Claire - because I found her comments about my children, my lifestyle and my ethnic heritage personally offensive, I did it once months ago and I don't think that is why she has been banned. But I am not sorry that she has been - but I am not enjoying this villification! 4 hours ago

Bill Sykes

Who else agrees with me that we should be having a look at Claire Khaw's brain, as she is so sad, mad, bad and dangerous that she cannot be allowed to comment on these pages for fear of corrupting the minds of the impressionable members of the Liberal Left? 

I am sure we can persuade her to agree for a fee and a bit of publicity. I would be delighted to broker the deal. 

52 minutes ago  

Isobel Matheson Judging by some of the comments here, all I can say is 'Claire Khaw is dead, long live Claire Khaw'. Maybe it was OK for her to make comments that others agreed with but did not have the guts to say for themselves.

A lesson from the Romans on morality (or why we should learn Latin)

Any Latin teacher will confirm that the Romans used the same word for must and should ie debeo.

This means most Romans thought that we must do the things we should, and we should do the things we must.

And that is why the Romans were so good at getting things done.

Sadly, in our ignorant and benighted times of "progressive" education, there is great confusion and cowardice between making a prediction and expressing a view that something is morally desirable. 

Those who fear to express their view that something should happen, are moral cowards who fear being told, "Yeah, but it would never happen, mate."

However, if more of us expressed the opinion that something should happen, then it increases its likelihood of it happening, because many people are in awe of conventional wisdom and likely to follow, even if tragically unaware of how easily it can be subverted.

I am therefore saying that a BNP-UKIP Anschluss would give the Eurosceptic movement the turbo-charge it so desperately needs.

Should this happen, and it is right that it should if the people in the Eurosceptic movement don't want to have wasted their time, then it would take things forward a little bit more.

The respective leaders of UKIP and BNP would doubtless prefer to remain the big fish in their own respective small ponds, as long as they are receiving an income, but that would mean that the grassroots will have wasted their time for all these years in a moribund and hopelessly divided movement.  Unless they are happy with occupational therapy, I suggest they aspire to higher things.

Their respective policy differences, ie Protectionist v Free Trade, Libertarian v Statist, sending non-whites "home", voluntarily or not, can be settled after withdrawal from the EU, where a referendum can be held on which the voting public prefer.

In the meantime it is only necessary that the Eurosceptic movement agree that the question should be asked and to promise to abide by the decision of the majority. 

I propose that the name of this new party be the British National Independence Party (the "B-Nips" for short) to reflect its new merged character. (This event would of course bring in the even  more moribund English Democrats - ie the UKIP rejects, and give them something constructive to do with their sad little lives.)

This would be a marvellous opportunity to draft a new democratic constitution that would protect the rights of individual members against abuse by the leader and his cronies.  (I trust that The Expelled One and The Suspended 30 of the BNP would doubtless agree with me on this and I hope that they will use their considerable experience to support this idea.)

Doubters and detractors should bear in mind that the Liberals and the SDP merged in the 1980s and are now in government.

Day 4: "Unpersonned" by BBC Censor of Today Programmne Facebook page

It is now the fourth day since I have been "unpersonned" on the BBC Today Programme Facebook page without warning or explanation.

I have again emailed them:

I am still awaiting a response to my being disabled from commenting on the Today Programme Facebook page without warning or explanation. 

I shall be citing your lack of a response as an example of arbitrary BBC censorship of views that its staff dislikes. 

Please do not think I will simply shut up and go away as you must be hoping that I will, if you ignore me for long enough.  

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Day 3: "Unpersonnned" by the Today Programme BBC Censor

I wonder if the BBC will allow me to respond to these slurs on me and my party.  Now that would be a test of their impartiality, would it not? 

I deny saying that the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves.  Indeed, I am making another point that is much subtler, which is related to the causes of the Inquisition and Trinitarianism.!/thetodayprogramme/posts/173491089358282 

27 December 2010

Bill Major
Agreed Jason. Bill Sykes -you can't find a trace of Claire Khaw because once they take your name off, it vanishes from every posting. You become a non person. Strange but true.
Caron, did you object and "Flag" her?

We are used to her wind ups, which is what they were - she knows how to wind us up but that was no reason to take her off.

Caron Kendall yes I flagged her - after the Jews brought the holocaust on themselves comments

Caron Kendall Can we also remember that Claire is not just some harmless commentator, she is a political activist for the BNP, A political party that has spread hatred and intolerance throughout inner city communities and whose philosophies if left unchallenged lead straight to the gas chamber

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

"BNP chief hits back at The Freedom Association"

Apparently, I am supposed to be this "BNP chief" and "director" - which is enormously flattering, but not strictly true!

Below is what London Spin said:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BNP Chief Hits Back at TFA

BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY Director Claire Khaw has lambasted the Freedom Association in an online web rant. Writing on her blog, The Voice of Reason, Khaw said, “Should the BNP demand an apology for being called Nazis by the TFA? I would have thought that that was defamatory and cannot in fact be justified.”

She continued, “You would have thought that an outfit called The Freedom Association would be pleased to be defending the free speech and free association of others, but not a bit of it, it seems. The TFA is really a Eurosceptic organisaton that appears to think it is doing so well it can dismiss the other half of the Eurosceptic movement, ie the BNP.

If the Eurosceptic movement has not been terribly successful, the reason is the hesitant timorousness of its activists as well as its back-stabbing snobbery of those who do not come from the same class and live in the same leafy suburbs as they,” she added.

Day 2: BBC Censor has disabled me from commenting on Today Programme Facebook page

Below is the second email I have sent to the Today Programme:

I refer to my email to you of yesterday to which I have received an automated reply stating that I may or may not receive a response. 

Since this is clearly a matter that requires more than an automated response, I am writing to you AGAIN today to enquire as to whether you intend to deal with the fact that the person responsible for moderating or censoring the Today Programme Facebook page has disabled me from commenting WITHOUT WARNING OR EXPLANATION. 

Monday, 27 December 2010

Day 1: Today Programme Facebook Group Censor has today deleted ALL my comments!

Going way way way back too.  But I wonder what it was I did say that was the last straw that broke the camel's back.

I have written to them in the following terms:

It seems I have been disabled from commenting on the Today Programme Facebook page and all my comments deleted. 

Have I been "unpersonned"? 

May I please have an explanation as to which comment it was that made you take this decision?

The usual moderator is quite tolerant but it seems that today's censor - the one who "unpersonned" me - lacks a sense of humour and is probably female, aren't you, dear?
" ... the perils of being a gadfly", remarked a friend, philosophically. 
For the sake of Truth and Justice, Reason and Free Speech, I am prepared to martyr myself against the injustice, irrationality, hypocrisy and cowardice of liberal censorship, which ought to be a contradiction terms, but is tragically not, in our dark demented days of liberal extremism ...

UKIP and BNP like Dad's Army

The Europhile liberals are Hitler and the Germans, but perhaps you can match each Dad's Army character to its Eurosceptic equivalent?

The ARP Warden is Nick Griffin, Private Joe Walker is Nigel Farage, the Vicar is Archbishop Cranmer.  When I am in charge of the united Eurosceptic movement after the BNP-UKIP anschluss I will try to avoid becoming like Captain Mainwaring and do better ...   Is Dan Hannan Pike?

Friday, 24 December 2010

We cannot fight a metaphorical war

"War on terror" is a metaphor, and we cannot fight a metaphor. If we attempt to, we will be fighting the whole world and by doing so incurring the enmity of the whole world.

Should the Pope remain Catholic?

Here is a Xmas thought present to you all: the Pope converting to Islam: THE MOVIE. 

We would still have the splendours of Catholic masses, gregorian chants, incense etc, but the Trinity would be denied while the Virgin Birth affirmed, while morality would be based on Koranic principles, which are infinitely more flexible than Catholic prohibitions against abortion etc. 

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Should the TFA sue the BBC for libel?

This is such a bad idea I just don't know where to begin.

Do they not see the irony of a libertarian organisation  such as The Freedom Association suing to suppress free speech and fair comment??

The Eurosceptic movement seems to be afflicted by the most alarming kind of hysteria and irrationality and there seems no helping them at all.

I post this merely to put on record that I have tried to warn them against this insane course of action, which has apparently goaded into a frenzy - there is no other word for it - of anti-BNP histrionics.

"Calm down, calm down," I want to say, in my best Michael Winner e-Sure voice ....

 PS    They have deleted my comment and have now disabled me from commenting!  There is one sensible comment:

Tanino said...

For what it's worth, I don't believe that any comparison could be drawn between The Freedom Association and the BNP but I think that it would be coherent with Libertarian principles to let the BBC do as it wishes.
I don't believe that one can arbitrarily call comparison to the BNP a smear. If I say that the Labour Party is a moderate version of Salvador Allende's Socialist Party, is that a smear? Most people would say it isn't, Allende is widely regarded a great man. But to say that the Labour party is a moderate version of the Soviet Union's Communist Party would be regarded as a smear by most people. In summary, I believe that whether the comparison to the BNP is a good or bad thing is fundamentally subjective and one should not be made to apologise for it. If the BBC apologised and accepted that the comparison to the BNP is a smear, that would surely be a breach of impartiality and would be considered anti-BNP bias.
"When a leftist sees something he doesn't like on television, he phones up to complain, when a man of the right sees something he doesn't like on television, he changes the channel".

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Freedom Association is in need of an effective Press Officer

... and I think I would be the ideal candidate to do it since I have the unique ability to unite the Eurosceptic movement. 

I think I have got it all sewn up with getting the following together:

1.  the white working classes who are unhappy about immigration and want to leave the EU

2.  the white middle classes who are unhappy about immigration and want to leave the EU

3.  the non-white Britons who are unhappy about immigration and want to leave the EU

I have not been in paid employment, but I have not been idle.  My legal training should stand me in good stead. 

Should the BNP demand an apology for being called Nazis by the TFA?

I would have thought that that was defamatory and cannot in fact be justified.  

There is no indication anywhere in its manifesto that the BNP wishes to

1.  expel the Jews

2.  exterminate the Jews

3.  achieve union with Austria

4.  invade the Czech Republic

5.  invade Slovakia

6.  invade Poland

7.  invade all the English-speaking countries of the world 

As for the undoubted xenophobia of some of its members and dislike of other races, I would like to have it officially proclaimed that British citizens are now legally forbidden from expressing dislike of foreigners and other races and offending foreigners and other races. 

You would have thought that an outfit called The Freedom Association would be pleased to be defending the free speech and free association of others, but not a bit of it, it seems. 

The TFA is really a Eurosceptic organisaton that appears to think it is doing so well it can dismiss the other half of the Eurosceptic movement, ie the BNP. 

If the Eurosceptic  movement has not been terribly successful, the reason is the hesitant timorousness of its activists as well as its back-stabbing snobbery of those who do not come from the same class and live in the same leafy suburbs as they. 

It seems that the overwhelming majority of the Eurosceptic movement are quite determined to be ruled by their class divisions and remain a vassal state of the EU.  Sad, but true. 

Sunday, 19 December 2010

BBC: The Freedom Association is a 'slightly posher version of the BNP'

So what if  it is?

The BNP is the other half of the Eurosceptic movement.

But perhaps those spineless, stupid, feeble-minded, feeble-spirited Eurosceptics who enjoy their occupational therapy of weakly whingeing but who keep voting for a Conservative Party run by a Commie Pinko think they are doing so well they don't need anyone else to join them.

If that is the case then clearly the Eurosceptic movement is dead in the water but just doesn't know it yet.  

The TFA should be proud of its association with Britain's bravest political party who will not run and hide under their beds whenever some smug stinking hypocritical liberal whispers "racist" in their ear, unlike the lily-livered Tories and UKIP.

Let us face the fact that middle class activists are almost without exception feeble of spirit and feeble of mind.

The TFA and UKIP are mainly made up of the elderly while the BNP membership remains youthful and energetic, and are not too stuck up to do the bread and butter work of political activism, ie leafleting.

The strength of the British proletariat to fight the disgusting and evil LibLabCon is required when so many members of the bourgeoisie are are so easily contemptibly easily to intimidate.

The strength of the BNP lies in the fact that the typical member has already crossed the Rubicon of refusing to shut up even when they are intimidated socially and politically for speaking what they believe to be the truth.

No other party has this quality of courage and determination.

What good are these so-called libertarians and UKIP for when they don't even recognise totalitarian thoughtcrime legislation even after it has repeatedly kicked them in the head?  I am of course referring to all anti-discrimination legislation passed by the liberal establishment over the decades the most recent of which is the Equality Act. 

Is it because they are stupid or because they are scared?

How typical of the easily-frightened middle classes to start talking about "BNP scum" the moment they are accused of having similar policies.

Pathetic, dishonorable and contemptible.

The truth is that the white middle classes hate the BNP much much more than the BNP are said to hate non-whites.

It would appear that those who like to think of themselves as Traditional Conservatives are more than prepared to let their nation die of the class divisions they are so apparently proud to live under.

The spinelessness, snobbery and stupidity of British men who wish to fight the LibLabCon has to be experienced to be believed.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Something Machiavelli said our leaders should bear in mind

"A man who is used to acting in one way never changes; he must come to ruin when the times, in changing, no longer are in harmony with his ways." - Niccolò Machiavelli

 ... but they won't because they are stupid and scared after decades of matriarchal dementia.  You see, the typical British man is afraid of offending the slut and slapper single mum, probably because he was brought up by one or has had a child by one.

It would be understandable if the Britons and their leaders are frightened of the Secret Police, being burnt at the stake, Big Brother or a dictator like Robert Mugabe who will send his boys to beat you black and blue, but what they are afraid of is only the Slut and Slapper Single Mum and her Illegitimate Spawn.

Only an Islamic Nationalist Revolution will put the bastards and sluts in their place now.

"Special" Britain and its Special Relationship - BP and its British shareholders suffer as master kicks dog

Why do we put up with it?

Cos we is special, dat's why.

If only I were dictator!  It would give me enormous satisfaction to break off diplomatic relations with America.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas Island's drowned illegal immigrants

If the Australians really wanted to discourage illegal immigration, they would do precisely nothing. Mixed messages are being sent but what do you expect from hand-wringing liberals? It would cost nothing to let them drown either and give a very definite message of discouragement to anyone thinking of doing the same thing.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The British flag under a Caliphate of Islamic Anglicanism

It would be very similar to the Australian and New Zealand flag, but with a crescent moon and star. It is not really that radical as a redesign, I don't think!

New BNP logo

British National Party gone girly with its new love heart logo. UGH. I am feeling distinctly nauseous and a nagging urge to convert to Islam even though I am atheist ...  either convert to Islam or wear a swastika because I am so pissed off with the girlification of everything in this country, even nationalism. It is just so loathsome I have to go away and be sick again ... 

I would buy teddy bears with the face of Nick Griffin with the new BNP logo sewn on its chest and give it to children for Xmas.  That might even be a stroke of merchandising genius and become a collector's item.
This might be more appropriate as a new logo for the BNP, perhaps?

Monday, 13 December 2010

A possible logo for a new party?

Poster advertising

Well, well, well. So this is the homo-erotic image the Conservative Party wishes to use to promote itself to the Youth of Britain. Does anyone - however gay - really want to suck Cameron's cock?

Friday, 10 December 2010

A question of grammar


"The greater part of the world's troubles are due to questions of grammar."

Grammar is the logic of language and language is the expression of thought.  That is why the British mostly now have shit for brains.  They haven't learnt any grammar for fuck knows how long now.  The liberal female-dominated teaching profession has decreed that the British shall have shit for brains and those in power are too afraid of them to do anything about it.  This is because David Cameron is a cunt of convictionless Conservatism and should be told to go away and fuck himself, and let Dan Hannan have his seat in Witney. 

If he is a man of honour he would do so, but of course he is but a knave and a fool and will do nothing of the sort. 

ELECT A DICTATOR - a game show to be hosted by CLAIRE KHAW?

Can anyone tell me how to get a TV station to create a game show called ELECT A DICTATOR? I would love to host it. The format is

(1) a monologue by the candidate

(2) a debate with a rival candidate

(3) a national vote by SMS

There would be quarter finals, semi finals and a final, of course. The winning candidate could perhaps go on to become a prospective parliamentary candidate ...

Sitting MPs would be encouraged to participate too.

Any media company who wants me can contact me via Facebook where I am known for my charisma, charm, erudition, integrity and the complete command I have of all my arguments.

My Facebook friends are the jewel of my crown and represent the entire political spectrum.   No one is excluded because of their views but many members of the Liberal Left hate and fear me. 

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Would anyone like to nominate me for the New Year's Honours List?

Possible reasons for you to nominate me:

  1. best Facebook entertainer around 
  2. thought-provoking 
  3. speaking the truth without fear or favour 
  4. standing up for people who are badly treated, eg taxpayers, BNP, UKIP, Muslims, even extremely unpopular people such as MPs in the name of free speech 
  5. my creative, practical and effective solutions to national as well as international problems 
  6. my knowledge of theology, philosophy, politics 
  7. my ambition to create a new state religion for the British that will have something for everyone even the pagans and atheist
  8. my slogan "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Eine Partei"  
  9. my coining of the phrase that Cameron is a "cunt of convictionless Conservatism"  
  10. my idea of legalising brothel-keeping and having superbrothels such as Pascha 
  11. my potential to be winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and bring about world peace 
  12. my wonderful ideas to bring about global environmental sustainability
  13. my ability to get to the heart of the matter of the problem with democracy.

Monday, 6 December 2010

A brief explanation of why Christianity is inferior to Islam

Christianity was so totalitarian that Christians were horrible to anyone different to them, and were constantly disagreeing with one another about whether to be Catholic or Protestant.

It is not at all surprising that they were horrible Jews and Muslims who at least practised what they preached, while Christians thought they would go to heaven as long as they can concentrate on believing and saying that Christ is in fact God. 

After WW2, Christians gave the Jews a bit of land to make up for all those centuries of Christian persecution - especially Christian German persecution - not bothering themselves too much about the fact that the land they are giving to the Jews already had Muslims - whom they regard as an inferior people of an inferior religion - already living there.

Christianity has now become the despised religion of a despised civilisation, having now thoroughly pissed off both Jews, Muslims and the rest of the world.   

The trouble with Christianity is that, once you allowed people to speak freely, people would start questioning and then rejecting the Trinity - the doctrine that Christ is God - and throw the baby of family values out with the bathwater of the lie and hypocrisy that is the Trinity.  

Because of this inherent weakness, they necessarily had to shut up anyone who wished to question the Trinity - the Inquisition is an excellent example of how far they felt they had to go to shut people up good and proper.  

So you heard it here first: Christianity is the religion of women and slaves, ie those who are masochistic, uneducated and those who are too slavish to question anything.  

Islam on the other hand is the synthesis of Mosaic Law and Christian Compassion fused into Reason.  

While Christianity was totalitarian (ie an ideology that forbids you from expressing views contrary to its doctrines), the worst you can accuse Islam of being is authoritarian (an ideology that merely commands you to and forbids you from certain acts for your own good). 

Anna Raccoon not a Libertarian but an interfering busybody

So Anna Raccoon the Libertarian wants us to do what? Sign a petition so Mark Neary can have his out of control and menacingly large autistic adolescent son back?  Is she even sure the father wants him back?

A better Libertarian would leave them well alone.

How the teaching establishment is like Hitler

Is the English language being mutilated by the recent trend to turn nouns into verbs? Journalist Anthony Gardner and Elaine Higgleton, editorial director of Harper Collins English Dictionaries, discuss developments in modern languages.  

The English language is being mutilated by the fact that teachers dare not teach and when they do teach they do not teach the basics of grammar and punctuation. It is the lower classes who are most disadvantaged by this progress liberal "educational" policy, when no one wants to hire these badly schooled people and prefer to hire foreigners. It often strikes me that the liberals are like Hitler.  They hurt most the people they claim they most want to help. Hitler wanted to help the German nation and the Germans, but only ended up heaping disgrace and defeat upon them.

Is the British teaching establishment not positively Hitlerian, through not teaching them properly, the scarcity of single sex state schools and stuffing them with sex education through all orifices at ever earlier ages?   

How is the British teaching establishment like Hitler is quite easily explained.  What motivates them to do so  is not quite so easily explained.  

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday Sermon: How to use God to your advantage even if you do not believe He exists


"If God did not exist it would be necessary to invent Him"

Does this sentence mean it is finally official that God definitely exists?

If so, what should Man do with his perfect, omnipotent and eternal creation?

Is it not a delicious paradox that Man who is flawed, foolish and frightened should create God simply by wishing Him into existence? That is indeed Godlike.

If God exists because Man created Him, why was it necessary for Man to invent Him?

Man, being flawed, foolish, frightened and mortal created God to assist him in his government, morality and spirituality - in the obtaining of pleasure and the avoidance of pain.  

God was created by Man so that he may more judiciously tread the fine line between good and evil as well as tell the difference between his long and short term interests.

Who is to be assigned the task of treading the fine line between good and evil etc?

Why, leaders of course.  Leaders who have the attribute of Wisdom to discern what is Truth,  Reality and Reason in service of Justice.

Which religion shall we use?

The best one: the most advanced, the most improved, with the clearest instructions from one source.

No one can deny that the Old and New Testaments are not the direct Word of God.  They contain mere reported speech and hearsay.  The Koran claims to be the direct Word of God.

Let us therefore read and analyse what God tells us to do at!/group.php?gid=310958681842 where the Koran Book Club is located.  You don't have to like Muslims or Islam to join, only be prepared to read and discuss what you have read.

But that's probably expecting too much of you, huh?  Read a book - the very idea!  You of course already know everything you need to know about Muslims and Islam, namely that you hate and fear them and want nothing to do with them.

But pride comes before a fall ...

Sunday Sermon: On Israel and her allies

I can call a president of the United States anything in the book but I can't touch Israel, which has Jewish-only roads in the West Bank. No American would tolerate that -- white-only roads. We are owned by the propagandists against the Arabs. There’s no question about that. Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by the Zionist.

-Helen Thomas 
Bin Laden tried 9/11 to tell the dumb ass Americans that, but the overwhelming majority still don't get it.  That's how fucking shit for brains they all are.  Maybe he didn't hurt them enough?  

It is their crap political system that means they can have two parties that have the same foreign policy of unquestioningly supporting Israel. It doesn't matter whom you vote for, you get the same shitty foreign policy of being Israel's bitch that gives it blowjobs anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

What has that shitty little misbegotten cuntry done for anyone for the West, can anyone tell me? beats the fucking crap out of the bitch if it steps out of line.

In a two-party political system AIPAC divides and rules the Democrats and Republicans and by extension Americans dumb enough to think that voting for either would make any difference to US foreign policy. 

In the UK we have Conservative Friends of Israel and Labour Friends of Israel.

They work on the same principle.

The principle is: "If you won't do what we want, we will support your rival and you will lose. So shut the fuck up and toe the fucking pro-Israeli line, asshole ..."

9/11 was a wake-up call, but the dumb-ass Americans keep pressing the fucking snooze button.

The solution is simple: you have a one-party state where all political differences are resolved INTRA-party, ie within the party.

But, hey, it sounds a bit scary - a one-party state that isn't vulnerable to being divided and ruled by outsiders like AIPAC, Conservative Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel, who bribe competing candidates.

Better stick with the devil you know, huh? Let's have elections every 5 years, vote for the same fucking stupid policies, because that's the American way, because the American people are STOOOOOPID and their leaders stupider and Cunty Cameron who has shit for brains and piss for guts wants to take Britain further up America's arse.  

Does China have the same problem with their one-party state? No. They have a rational system that governs in the national interest. They don't let the Jews tell them what to do. They don't let the Jews tell them they must support Israel, at the expense of their own people, at the expense of their own long term national interest.  

That is why they are getting richer and more powerful and we are getting poorer, weaker and stupider.  

Sunday Sermon: On Liberty

Previous generations enjoyed more freedom of speech, contract and association than we do.

This means our freedoms have in fact been eroded but most of us are too dumb to notice or too apathetic to care.

The strongest statement I can make as a libertarian is to join the BNP, in order to stand up for their right to say what they believe to be the truth - ie that they do not like immigration and utterly fail to see how it has benefited people like them - without being smeared as evil Nazi Fascist Racist extremists.

Only those who assert their rights deserve liberty. The views of the ones who wait to be allowed to speak come from an inferior source.

Most of our MPs and those in the political establishment do not deserve to be in government and should not be trusted to represent anyone, because they can be so easily cowed into apologising and resigning for speaking what they think is the truth when asked by someone who is a traitor to their cause to do so.  That traitor to their cause is, tragically and ironically, their own leader.

David Cameron does not mean Conservatism well.  He is like a cushion who bears the imprint of the person who last sat on him - in this case New Labour, who started two unprofitable and unwinnable wars in the name of the British people, who legalised "marriage" for same-sex couples, who are the enemy of selective traditional education and who are too frightened to criticise single mothers who are going forth and multiplying,  increasing the burden of the taxpayer while lowering standards of education and morality with every little bastard that is born in this country every minute of every day.  

These days around 50% of babies are born out of wedlock and 70% of the UK prison population were singly-parented. 

The constitution of the Conservative Party allows David Cameron to say that Conservatism is whatever he says Conservatism is.  If he says Conservatism is Socialism, then it is.  If he says the Big Society is smaller government, then it is, even if it is a lie. If he says he supports marriage while refusing to condemn single mummery because Theresa May has forbidden Tories to be nasty to them, then that policy cannot be questioned, derided or challenged. 

Tories have shit for brains and piss for guts, just like New Labour.  Destination Third World hellhole remains on course.

Where else can you expect our political establishment to lead us to if the supposed alpha male of the British nation - our Prime Minister David Cameron no less -  is too cowardly and hypocritical to even condemn the sluts, slags and slapper single mums who are a burden on the state and who are even now in the process of multiplying themselves?

As I said, the Tories are shit for brains piss for guts limp-dicks, all of them - even the ones who call themselves Libertarians.

We will never return to rationally small government while British  men are afraid of losing the votes of slut and slapper British women.

My new avatar on Facebook ...

"Bring me the hearts and minds of the British public. Carve it out of them while they're still alive if you have to!

Sunday Sermon: On Identity

We are something between whom we think we are and what others think we are. This means we are a combination of subjective and objective perceptions of ourselves and others.

There are parts of our identity we cannot change, ie

- where were were born
- to whom we were born
- the gender we were when we were born- our race
- our country of residence
- where we grew up

collectively known as our past.

The are also parts of our identity that we can change, ie

- our sexual preference
- our political and religious views

collectively known as our present and our future.

That would be the best and most objective way to analyse the elements of our identity

"Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future." 

Saturday, 4 December 2010

A definition of morality

"Morality is result of the exercise of reason in weighing up the practicalities of a situation with abstract ideas such as good, evil, justice, truth, the conflict between public and private interests as well as long and short term advantage."

We are not very good at it, are we?

I keep thinking of all the blood that might not have been shed if Henry VIII had converted to Islam and practised polygamy to have his son ...

Mark Littlewood, Director of the IEA has defriended me

Mark Littlewood, Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs - a Libertarian Think Tank - has defriended me on Facebook.  I think he did not like my constantly harping on about how welfare-dependent women are our main obstacle to rationally small government, especially when I repeatedly urged him to speak up against single mums who are a burden on the state.  

But what did I expect anyway?  He used to be a member of the LibDems. 

The "Special" Relationship: British Poodles with Shit For Brains

A man gets quickly bored with a woman who will let him fuck her up the ass and turn her over whenever he asks her, anytime, anyplace, anywhere ...

So don't give him a blow job on the first date, or have car sex with him before he even bought you dinner.  

Definitely don't have sex with strangers in toilets and in alleyways.  I know most women in other countries don't, but this is Britain, after all, so I have to state the obvious. 

He will take her for granted, treat her with contempt, neglect her and eventually abandon her.

But what did they mean by "corrosive"?

"This period of excessive UK speculation about the relationship is more paranoid than usual … This over-reading would often be humorous, if it were not so corrosive."

Friday, 3 December 2010

How my parents found South America

My parents have just returned from their trip to South America, declaring that they are very lucky to live where they do under the government they live under.  In Guatemala children run around  naked and 5 year olds have to get jobs shining shoes.  In Guatemala shops do not open their doors to you for fear of robbery and only open a window asking what you want.  Cuba was the most civilised, cleanest place with the most honest people.  This was probably due to its rejection of America, my father said.

Frank Field MP suggests GCSE in parenting to help "disadvantaged children" AKA singly mothered little bastards

Frank Field is still not addressing the problem of poverty. We actually want to stop parasites who are the spawn of slut and slapper single mums from breeding while encouraging those who are productive to breed. To do this, we abolish child benefit for all, which is really very simple. We also cut taxes and go cold turkey to kick our national addiction to welfare. Somehow liberals either cannot or refuse to get it.

Children should be taught parenting and life skills throughout their school years? What about not getting knocked up before you have been married? That would be easier to understand, wouldn't it?

One of the drivers in a child's future is its scummy benefit-scrounging unmarried single mother who got knocked up before she even left school.

Why are male politicians afraid of criticising these parasites? Is it because they have given them the vote and that they have all been ideologically castrated? Looks like it. The scandal is that Howard Flight was sacked. That is the *real* scandal. Frank Field would mumble on dully about how to help the poor, stupid, feckless and promiscuous, but the Tories should be talking about abolishing child benefit for all. But because he is an Etonian, most dumbed-down Britons think Cameron cannot possibly be a Pinko Commie.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christians *should* be ashamed of their religion
Christianity is now the despised religion of a declining civilisation, a religion that has completely failed to protect its adherents against feminisation and liberalisation or in any way reinforce family values through the institution of marriage. The sooner it goes and is replaced by something that actually works, the better.

If only there were a party that dared to offer in its manifesto a promise to disestablish the Church, now full of PC women and gaily socialist priests. It would be utterly appropriate for the BNP to propose this, as the Church of England has voted to discriminate against BNP members and forbid its clergy to become BNP members. 

What is the point of a religion that says you won't get to heaven unless you believe Christ is God?

They will of course pretend that that ain't so, that a Christian heaven is an equal opportunities heaven and doesn't distinguish between the saintly and the sinful. As long as you can bring yourself to say that you believe that Christ is God you'll get in. As long as you can bring yourself to proclaim a lie as if it were the truth, you'll get in.  What kind of fucked up religion is that?  

Perhaps that is why Christians are constantly mouthing off that Jesus is Lord.  They think that if they say it often enough - even if they don't believe - someone idiot is going to want to believe in this crap because to a fool and a knave, telling a lie to get into heaven is easier than living the good life.  

That is why Christianity is so often linked to hypocrisy.   

Once enough people see through this amoral and hypocritical bargain, decline and disbelief was inevitable.

The only reason why the PC extremists pick on Christians is because Christians are forever turning their cheeks to be slapped.  As it is, they merely despise Christians but they hate and fear Muslims.  

I myself would rather be hated and feared than treated with contempt by the despicably cowardly and hypocritical liberal establishment who consist mainly of those who believe in degenerate free love, in tolerating single parenthood, female promiscuity, showing endless tolerance to everything that is societally toxic, who want to allow homosexuals the right to get "married" and have been systematically cultivating failure for far too long now.  

The bullying of the BNP by Labour and the black people who swore at them "... a large group of people who just needed somewhere they could belong”

Didn't it make you want to pick up the nearest BNP activist and cuddle them protectively? And fight the horrible black people who were swearing at them and treating them like niggers in their own country? The film portrayed the BNP that I know, fairly and honestly. Robert Bailey came across particularly well. Hodge and her helpers didn't have any solutions at all. Their only message was: "Hate the BNP, fear them like we do, don't support them, and we won't hurt you".

So it is OK for the BNP to be sworn at by black thugs, is it?

Nobody commented on that scene but when Bob Bailey hit back when spat at by some Asian thugs that was considered unacceptable.  That's quite an interesting social attitude, is it not?

White working class people are inferior to black people.  They deserve to be sworn at and spat at. 

Er, isn't that a bit racist?

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

So Mandy has already got a job while I am still going around saying gissa a job. Perhaps Mandy will give me a leg up if not an actual legover. I could be very useful to him if he allowed me to be ...

I have written in the following terms to WPP (which is the acronym for "Wire and Plastic Products", I discovered to my surprise!) for whom Peter Mandelson will be acting as consultant. has a few posts on Peter Mandelson whom I have today heard will now be your consultant, which should be of interest to WPP.

I am the blogger and wonder if it would be appropriate for WPP to consider me as a candidate in any secretarial or administrative or any capacity at all that he may require and desire. 

If not perhaps my excellent ideas and communication skills could be of service to WPP in some other way.  I have after all been legally as well as comedically trained.

The personality cult I have already created for myself, whom liberals love to hate and fear, is I believe quite impressive, and my reputation precedes me.  My notoriety is such that there have been Facebook campaigns by Leftists to make my Facebook friends defriend me, and I have even had fake accounts set up by my detractors dedicated to mocking my views.  My Google footprint has also been said to been described as "giant".  

I look forward to hearing from you as to how I may assist in generating ever greater profits for your company with my undoubted talents for self-promotion, irresistible suggestions and revolutionary ideas.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Does John Bercow need to read this book?

For Men, Boys, Wannabe Men, and Women Who Are Disappointed In Their Man,

If you are with a woman who is numb towards you, and is rude, cruel, moody, angry, defensive, crazy, flirts with other guys, cheats on you, has a history of cheating on other men, won’t have sex with you, uses sex as a weapon, uses you for money, disrespects you, humiliates and embarrasses you, or makes you afraid of her tantrums or put-downs and looks down on you as a man, then I have the knowledge you need to turn things around and be a REAL MAN!

But if you are with a woman who takes pride in her ability to NOT care about you, who doesn’t care if she hurts your feelings, who defends her choices that cause you hurt, who doesn’t care that you even have feelings, then reading this letter just got very urgent for you. Being with a woman like this will suck the life out of you unless you know how to handle it with brilliant expertise.

You don’t want to get divorced or break-up, you just want to know how to handle the situation, right?

It doesn’t matter what mistakes you have made or how you have been hurt, it’s all okay, I am here to help you become a better man no matter what you are going through.
He after all has a taller wife who insults him and his beliefs every day with her Tweets.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

The sooner they are published, the sooner the war will end.

We need to hear what a bunch of pathetic tossers the Americans think we and our leaders are.

We need the British in Muslim lands to fear for their lives so they come back and stop interfering in matters that they do not understand and which it is beyond their competence to influence.

Publish everything, Julian Assange!

John Major is slowly coming round to the idea of a one-party state. Frank Field has already. It is called a National Government.
has a draft constitution for the incipient one-party state that should be the logical conclusion of these ideas.

It is tiresome how easily frightened so many British politicians are by these ideas.  Those who are frightened are reminded that Ancient Athens and Republican Rome from which the West draws its democratic traditions were in fact one-party states with shifting factions.  A party is administratively necessary to attract members, field candidates, change rules, count votes etc. 

It will not result in a totalitarian dictatorship if its constitution protects the rights of its members (the most important of which is free speech) against the leader and his cronies. 

China will show us the way.  Whatever you think of its human rights records, the average Chinese Communist Party member has more rights against his party than the average MP against his.  Check out their Article 4.

Also note that the Chinese Communist Party periodically revises its constitution to reflect changes in reality.

Can we have a sensible discussion about this, please?

Friday, 26 November 2010

Tom Harris MP has defriended me on Facebook

Maybe it was something to do with this comment.

"Labour is the party of trade unionists, single mums, women with non-jobs in the public sector, Feminazis and benefit scum mingers and whingers."
Hey, it's OK, Tom, keep your hair on.  So are the Tories and the rest of the LibLabCon.  No personal offence intended.

If Dan Hannan wants to become MP and leader of the Tory Party ...

... there is a by election coming up at Oldham East and Saddleworth.

He would have to take a pay cut though, if he gets the job, because the UK government is not quite as generous as the EU government of which it is but a vassal state.  The missus will complain, but do it anyway.  The payoff comes later. 

If the Tory Party won't let him stand (and if that happens we already know why that that cunt Cameron would do his damndest to prevent him standing, won't we?), he would have to stand as an independent, just like my mate Lutfur Rahman who is now Mayor of Tower Hamlets. 

Once he is MP, he can ask to rejoin the Tory Party and become its leader.

There you go,  Dan.  I have just planned the rest of your life for you. You can reward me when you are in power.

A pox on that cunt of convictionless Conservatism Cameron

Every day and in every way my hatred for that cunt Cameron who has a policy of sacking or demoting colleagues that speak the truth quickens and deepens.  I pray for the arrival of the buses that he will be found under. 

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Limpest Dick

Maybe there should be a contest for Tory MPs to see how long they can go without apologising for saying what the rest of the country thinks anyway, with a prize for the one who holds out the longest.

We can call it THE LIMPEST DICK. 

You are the Limpest Dick.  Goodbye.