Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Crime and young men from the African-Caribbean community

Do any of you remember a BBC news report on knife crime in London? They showed the faces of all knife crime VICTIMS and they were OVERWHELMINGLY BLACK. For some reason, until today, I assumed, like Rod, that the PERPETRATORS must have been overwhelmingly black too.

If statistics on crime and a breakdown on race are not kept properly or not easily obtainable, then it is time they are.

- country of origin
- whether they are British citizens
- race
- whether parents ever married
- whether parents divorced
- class
- religion

would be useful too.

Blair backing Brown for General Election 2010

Getting Blair to back Brown is like getting a funeral director to promote a failing hospital.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Hard evidence of the Zionist conspiracy

So the Jewish conspiracy is true and the letter in the link above is evidence of this.

The Zionists have the Americans by their balls and are now SQUEEZING ...

Too bad then that when American balls get squeezed British balls - Britain being America's poodle - get squeezed too.

It would be nice if the BNP dared to question how unquestioningly and unconditionally protecting another country's interests in perpetuity could possibly be in the British national interest, especially as Labour Party coffers are regularly refilled by Labour Friends of Israel and Tory Party coffers are regularly refilled by Conservative Friends of Israel.

No doubt I shall be accused of anti-Semitism just for pointing this out, but I shall just do so anyway, because there appears no one else around prepared to do it.

The evils of enforced celibacy

It is surely time the Church examined the wisdom and practicability of celibacy.

It would appear that such excessive professions of worldly sacrifice only leads to hypocrisy, repression, suppression and then, eventually, exposure and disgrace.

The long and short of it is that the Church will now go into decline.

After all, who in his right mind now would become a Catholic priest?

Islam will fill the vacuum, I suppose.

A new form of British greeting that may appeal to Muslims?

"We daren’t even be caught on camera waving to someone in case it provides ammunition to people like you," complained a BNP member to a vociferous critic of his party.

I wonder if the BNP can make the Roman salute fashionable again.

Then British people of all races and religions can join in.

In fact, I would like it to be the new form of social greeting.

I prefer it to handshaking anyway with all the germs you get.

Muslims would like it too because men and women who are not intimates are not supposed to have unnecessary contact.

Instead of "Heil" we could all say "Salaam" to each other.

Yes, I think that would be the perfect compromise.

How to hurt the convictionless Conservatives who don't deserve to win

I tell people to vote UKIP or BNP. One kicks the Tories in the arse, the other kicks the Tories in the balls. This sounds rather nasty, but it should be noted that as the Tories in fact have no balls, it is not an offence to kick at nothing!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Abrahamic faiths promote family values. Feminism is the antithesis of family values. Liberalism is against human nature.

You cannot break the connection between:





That is why the Abrahamic faiths promote family values AKA the Patriarchy.

That is why Communism promotes feminism to break up the Patriarchy.

Communism now calls itself Liberalism and Socialism, in case you hadn't noticed.

But, the formerly Communist countries have now given up Communism for Capitalism.

Why are we buying up what they have themselves discarded?

Because we have lost our ability to reason and our courage to challenge things, and the worst of feminine vices has infected even the thinking of our leaders who practice cowardice and hypocrisy as if it were their new religion.

They worship the Sacred Cow of Single Mummery AKA the Whore of Babylon.

They worship the Nanny State which keeps Single Mummery Alive and Well.

It is like watching a nation busily heaping up its own funeral pyre.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Voters go for 'Anyone but Cameron'

From Private Eye Issue 1258 - 19 March - 1 April 2010


by Our Showbiz Staff Baz Bambigboy-George Osborne

EVERYONE had tipped him to romp home with the big prize. But when it comes to decision time, the voters turned en masse against Cameron's multi-billion pound, over-hyped juggernaut, Avatory, the fantasy about a world where odd-looking blue people triumph against the odds.

What appears to have swung the vote is director Cameron's increasing unpopularity, due to his arrogance and control freakery. "In the end," said one Westminster showbiz insider, "we all wanted anyone but Cameron - so we gave it to the person who dislikes him most, and (cont. p.94)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Liberal Orthodoxy v The National Interest; How to vote in General Election 2010

If you are going to vote LibLabCon, you are too stupid to vote.

If you vote for policies supported by parties that amount to a systematic cultivation of failure, you are too stupid to vote.

If you think Cameron is going to be better than Brown, after the hash he has made out of policy-making in the last five years since he became leader, you are too stupid to vote.

The Liberal Democrats are a party of porn stars and coprophiliacs, and are so out of touch that they think it is OK to be seen to be a party that tolerates this filth.

If you think the LibDems are a protest vote, you are too stupid to vote.

If you think "racism" is worse than loss of liberty, you are too stupid to vote.

If you are afraid to vote for a party because of its reputation of racism, though it has many policies that you actually support, you are too stupid to vote.

UKIP would appear to be the happy medium, though it has hedged its bets on the war and on the EU. If you think hedging its bets was a good idea then vote UKIP.

UKIP will not explicitly denounce the war and only offers us a referendum on the EU.

The BNP however states it would withdraw British troops now if it could, and intends to withdraw from the EU without holding a referendum.

If you prefer a party that was the most consistently against the invasion of Muslim lands from the beginning, then you know what to do. If there were any justice in the world, they should mop up the Muslim vote since many of their policies, such as government by referenda as well as corporal and capital punishment, are supported by the Koran.

But there is very little justice in the world and very little reason in Man.

The party that was right all along is unfortunately also unpopular and has been consistently demonised by the liberal media for many decades.

It remains to be seen if that party has the ability to attract enough votes to revolutionise the debate between Liberal Orthodoxy and the National Interest.

The longer the war carries on the more paranoid the government will get, the more paranoid it gets the more paranoid it will make us. It will then rob us of even more of our liberties and property.

Liberalism is rotten to the core because it has perverted its own ideals. Its supports are the unholy Quartet of Denial, Denunciation, Ostracisation and Censorship.

Let us hope it will have the decency to die before it does any more damage.

17 minutes of missed opportunity: William Hague explaining Lord Ashcroft's tax affairs

Hague should of course have been promising the voters the tax regime of Belize (which has no capital gains tax).

He could also have promised no inheritance tax, a top rate of income tax of 20%, no welfare state and the privatisation of the NHS.

If he had done so, the markets would respond and sterling appreciate.

But they are too cowardly and stupid to try anything like this.

If sterling appreciates then the Tories would know it was the right thing to say and stick to their guns.

If sterling depreciates after such an announcement, they would know it was a stupid thing to say and backtrack, which they are so skilled at doing after 5 years of Camoronian cowardice.

What have they got to lose but the election?

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The worst kind of soldier's death

If you think you are joining up for the fun of killing a "Paki" when you sign up for Afghanistan, think again.

If you are signing up for the excitement of battle think again.

Most of the soldiers who die in Afghanistan die of being blown up by an IED usually, while they are looking for it.

It means having a job like road sweeping - hardly the most exciting job in the world - and then getting blown up.

None of the excitement of battle of running around shooting at people, running for cover, like in the movies.

Boring job, and then you get blown up, for Bush, Blair and Brown.

The Afghans have more fun, as you can see from the clip.

Why the British are stupid. They have a system that allows their politicians to betray them.

Do the British realise that Conservative and Labour Friends of Israel ensure that their political oligarchy are in the pay of a foreign country who do not have the best interests of the British people at heart?

Are the British aware that an MEP gets paid more than an MP?

This means the British taxpayer is paying politicians to sell them down the river.

They must be either stupid or scared. Maybe both.

Six of one and half dozen of the other.

Libertarian Eugenics


Legalise all drugs, so the stupid can kill themselves with overdoses and addictions that drive them into a life of crime that would incur the death penalty. Anyone who uses his or addiction as an excuse for committing a crime gets it in the neck.


Surely that is not beyond the ingenuity of scientists?

First, let us get out of the EU, eh?

Political Careers

"All political lives end in failure", said Enoch Powell.

This is doubtless true. All living things die, all civilisations decline.

The only distinguishing factor is therefore how quickly you get to the top and how long you stay there.

BNP and UKIP merger: the only way to withdraw from the EU

I am aware of the mutual antipathy in which the BNP and UKIP hold each other and noted how you both threw your hands up in horror at the thought of an eventual union.

I consider it my patriotic duty to see that a bit of handholding between Mr BNP and Ms UKIP is not really possible, sooner rather than later.

Ms Ursula Patriot is middle class, snobbish, easily frightened and very conventional. She can look quite pretty in a certain light but appears to be losing her bloom of youth.

Mr Brutus Patriot is lower middle class and is a bit of a social pariah, because of his tendency to speak his mind about what he thinks about the foreigners who infest his land, which is simply not done any more in polite society. He is a bit of a rough diamond, apparently without prospects, but has a stout heart and strong principles.

They are agreed on many things but it is class antipathies that keep them apart as well as a disagreement about how one should behave, how one should put things and how one should present oneself.

They both know, deep down, that the other is the other half of the Eurosceptic vote. If they pooled their votes, their share of the vote would actually increase.

They know this, but cannot help but be affected by the old antagonisms so endemic in British society.

Will the British nation die of its class antagonisms?

Watch this space.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Dr Maggie "Moron" Atkinson's career is toast

I predicted yesterday that Dr Maggie "Moron" Atkinson's career would be "toast" and I am being proven right.

I wonder if Ed Balls put her up to it. She looks frankly a bit retarded, in my opinion. There were concerns way back when she was appointed that Ed Balls would bully her.

In crueler times she would be for the ducking stool.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Who not to vote for at the next General Election

Why should the British electorate vote for the Party of Porn Stars and Coprophiliacs when they can vote UKIP and BNP?

Won't it make the electorate imagine Anna Arrowsmith doing anal and Mark Oaten in some unspeakable act every time they look at them?

Must the liberal elite keep rubbing our noses in the poo they have so generously excreted for our edification and consumption?

Is there nothing we can do to show them how much we hate them?

Are the Liberal Democrats a BNP plant?

On the rehabilitation of vermin like Venables, Thompson and the Doncaster Demon Boys

There are some things that can be fixed and others that cannot. There are yet others that ARE NOT WORTH FIXING because you can always get another one cheaper and better easily.

There is no point rehabilitating vermin. It is kinder to the public who have to suffer at their hands to destroy them without making a big deal of it. There will be plenty more where they came from.

Indeed, the are also enough nice and normal people around already.

Nice and normal people should never be made to suffer at the hands of vermin because those who presume to govern us are too squeamish to squash a few bugs before they breed themselves into an infestation.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Cameron a BNP plant?

It has been suggested by before that David Cameron is really a BNP plant.

The idea is to piss everyone off and completely trash the reputation of the Tory Party so everyone will be so angry they will vote BNP just to get a straight middle aged middle class white man, not some gay and/or ethnic.

What the BNP must do if they want to get into Parliament

"All" they have to do is

  1. attract the ethnic vote
  2. promote bourgeois family values
  3. challenge feminism
  4. condemn female promiscuity
  5. promise lower taxes and lighter regulation
  6. promise a return to selective education
  7. promise a referendum on the EU to stop uncontrolled immigration
  8. promise the return of capital and corporal punishment
  9. promise the end of no-fault divorce
  10. promise the immediate withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan
  11. do a deal with the Muslims
  12. never mention voluntary repatriation again
  13. never mention miscegenation again
  14. promise government by referenda

Er, that's it.

An analysis of the demons in the BNP psyche and the British class system

The stubborn racial exclusiveness of the BNP makes it awkward for people who like their policies to openly support them, for no one wants to be seen as a turkey voting for Christmas.

Only now, forced by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, they are grudgingly opening their doors to non-whites even though they were nagged as long ago as 2004 by Le Pen to lift their colour bar.

In just the same way that Muslims have the best religion but the worst salesmen so do the BNP have the best policies but the worst salesmen.

I can only equate their immaturity to children who start sentences beginning with "I want ... "

When they learn a few social skills, they will start sentences that begin with "It is such a lovely day, shall we go shopping/to Legoland, Mum and Dad? It would be so nice to spend a family day together!" or wherever the child wants you to take it."

Grow up, please, for the sake of your own people (white) and for the sake of non-white people who want your policies that are so beneficial for the lower middle classes of all races.

We already know how you feel about the presence of the foreigners whom you so dislike.

To continue complaining would be as graceless as to keep reminding your friend that his features are ugly and his skin pockmarked. What good would it do?

If you want to exterminate or expel us all you cannot do so without coming to power and you cannot come into power by being a social retard, because not enough people will vote for social retards.

Another sign of maturity would be if you dropped voluntary repatriation from your manifesto. At the moment talking about it makes you feel naughty and bold, just like adolescents using their first swear word.

We non-whites know that if you could press a button you would make us all disappear into a puff of smoke or turn on the blender you want to put us all in. But since you are where you are and you have no magic wand to turn back time you will just have to do things the slow painful way - through the political process.

Like unsocialised children, they say: "It's not fair!" and "I want ... " "We were never consulted about immigration," naively thinking that anyone ever cares about the poor, especially the ones who are seething with resentment and grievance against their elders and betters and the great and the good.

It is perhaps fair to say they are not very bright. If they were they would be in good well-paying jobs, with homes in leafy suburbs like Camberley, Surrey, and not forced to live amongst the foreigners they so despise.

You must also make allowances for their intelligence and social retardation. Many of them are still burst into revenge fantasy rants about what they would like to do with the ragheads, blacks or whatever, not caring who may be listening or reading, because it makes them feel better.

It is the equivalent of having a temper tantrum.

They cannot help it, being mostly singly-parented and state educated and mostly lower middle class - the outcasts of the British class system.

Let us hope they grow up soon and learn a few more social skills, for those of us who care about immigration, the EU, want schools to teach and criminals to be punished, but are too frightened of being tarred by the BNP brush and called Evil Racist Fascist Extremist Knuckle-dragging Neanderthals or worse, lower class racists.

BNP man's view on Camberly mosque-objectors

The gist of it:

"MWAHAHAHAHAHA! So foreign crap is lapping at their feet all the way in Camberley, Surrey, of all places. They didn't care when it happened to us. They were happy to be call us racists then. Now it is happening to them. Serves them bloody right! See how they feel when it happens to them! Oooh! [in a high pitched squeaky feminine voice] I am not racist but .... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The failing white race: blame the BNP

The BNP have the seductive skills of a man who tells a woman point blank that he will not buy her dinner until he KNOWS FOR SURE he is going to get lucky THAT VERY NIGHT.

On being told that the price for sex with a woman who is not officially a prostitute is three good dinners, asks her in tones of horror if she really can eat three dinners in one evening and points out that she will get fat if she carries on like that.

Well, that's the BNP for you. That's why their women become Muslims and will marry any foreigner just to get away from them.

That is why the white race is dying.

It is all the fault of the BNP, who are their own worst enemies, incapable of selling their commonsense policies that are so popular that even foreigners support them. In fact, foreigners practice them in their own countries.

Silly BNP. If only they would just grow up.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The subtext of liberalism

Indiscriminate compassion and endless tolerance of all that is toxic to society is the part and parcel of liberal ideology is an expression of contempt by liberals to those to those less fortunate than they. They can afford to be compassionate, civilised, humane, and tolerant, in their nice houses, leafy surburbs, good schools and low-crime neighbourhoods.

This is the subtext of what a liberal is saying when he or she prates on about tolerance and compassion:

"People like us can afford to prate on about compassion and tolerance! Screw you, you stupid poor f*ckers who have to live cheek by jowl with foreigners you resent for coming here to take the bread out of your mouths, who get mugged, raped, burgled and murdered by vermin, while we liberals say we feel sorry for the PERPETRATORS just to push your face further into the poo!

Yeah, screw you, you POOR sad stupid f*ckers. Eat shit for being stupid and poor.

Eat shit Jamie Bulger's mum while we drink our Champagne of Socialism because we don't live in f*cking Liverpool like so many poor stupid people in the North. What happened to you could never happen to us so we don't care about you.

You vote BNP because you are poor, stupid and working class whom state education has failed and who can't compete with the foreigners. We liberals have kicked away your ladder by destroying grammar schools so poor children do not have access to the chance of a good education but have to go to a the local sink comp where they can be the NEETs, criminals and the single mothers mums of the future.

We do not effectively discourage teenage girls from becoming single mums because we can't be bothered and don't want to seem intolerant and judgemental. We are cowards and hypocrites too in case you hadn't noticed.

We spit and stamp on the heads people like you, Evil Racist Nazi Extremist Fascist Scum who are sad and stupid and scummy enough to be born poor!"

It is the modern version of saying "Let them eat cake."


To the mind of an Islamophobe, Islam is the religion of backward brown people who want to blow us up.

Hatred of Islam is mixed up with hatred of Pakistanis (derogatorily known as "Pakis") and the fact that the government has allowed Pakistani cities to be established in the Britain and accused anyone who objects as Evil Nazi Racist Fascist Extremists.

I believe I have the solution.

Won't anyone ask me what it is?

Monday, 8 March 2010

A written test for MPs: "The Politics of Principle. Discuss."

Wouldn't it be nice if each and every MP and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in the General Election could be made to write an essay on what they understand by "Politics of Principle" and how it relates to them?

Marks out a 100 would be awarded.

Let me explain that "principle" is not the same as "principal" and that it is important to appear to know what this means and to spell it correctly.

Perhaps I should make the question easier and break it down as they must all be scratching their heads and sucking their pens.

1. What do you understand by principle? (25 marks)

2. Why do you think is the purpose of having principles? (25 marks)

3. Do you understand what it means to act on a point of principle? (13 marks for a NO answer, 12 marks for a YES answer)

4. Give an example (or examples if you can think of more than one) when you have acted on principle. If you have never acted on principle, give a hypothetical situation where you might be prepared to do so. (25 marks)


Did the Tories once have principles but have now lost them?

Or did they never have them at all?

If they had them, where were they kept?  I think we should be told.

Read all about this shocking story at

Friday, 5 March 2010

What Jacob Zuma should say while visiting Britain

I would make a point of showing my contempt for the West and wag my finger at the White Man for promoting female promiscuity, single motherhood, not punishing criminals properly and warn them that Quantitative Easing is the surest way of ending up like Zimbabwe, but with a lower standard of education.

Oh, and I would also point out that polygamy is better than not marrying the mothers of your children and expecting the state to look after slut and slapper single mums and their illegitimate children.

That would be quite funny actually.

A BNP Anthem I would like to hear

This is now the unofficial BNP anthem.

"You don't want that as your anthem," I want to say to them.

"Why would you want to build Jerusalem in England's green and pleasant land? Don't you know it's full of foreigners, Jews and Muslims??!!"

It is such a dreary song anyway.

How about English Country Garden? The BNP are after all an English White People's Party, are they not?

Here is a lovely version by Rolf Harris.

The lyrics can easily be changed.

How many insects come here and go
In an English country garden?
We'll tell you now of some that we know
Those we miss you'll surely pardon
Fireflies, moths and bees
Spiders climbing in the trees
Butterflies drift in the gentle breeze
There are snakes, ants that sting
And other creeping things
In an English country garden

All the insects mentioned could be substituted for words to describe any number of unwelcome foreigners who currently infest the BNP garden.

The Genius and Revenge of Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe gives David Cameron election backing?

Robert Mugabe gives David Cameron the kiss of death.

Ruin it for all the hated British political parties! Mugabe is a genius really, even if you hate him and know that he hates the British.


"Give the f*ckers a hung Parliament which would ruin their currency and economy, watch them become like Zimbabwe, but with a lower standard of education .......


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Liberal "Justice": Jon Venables, child murderer

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson should have had their necks broken after being found guilty of the murder of Jamie Bulger. Poor Mr & Mrs Bulger, having to put up with more of this crap so long after their own son was so brutally murdered.

This is what these liberals call justice, you see. After all, liberals make a point of being indiscriminately compassionate and endlessly tolerant of all that will destroy civilised life in the West.

As they are in charge, who are we to question them, eh?

Which party to vote for in the 2010 General Election

Since there isn't any party to vote for to show our love, we are only left with the option of showing our hate.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The failure of Cameron and his "Compassionate Conservatism"

Amazing, is it not that, in spite of Labour's unpopular policies and leader, the Tories cannot even muster a convincing gap in the opinion polls? Let us therefore call it the Price of Cowardice. Western politicians are infamously cowardly, but PR men are far far worse.

When we cross a Turd of Cowardice with the Shit of Hypocrisy, we get the spawn that is Cameron and his Shadow Cabinet.