Thursday, 29 April 2010

"Nasty rightwingers" mentioned in The Guardian by Stephen Bates

I am delighted that my idea about how to deal with illegal immigrants to the satisfaction of all merited a brief though scathing mention.

In case anyone's interested, Jeffrey Marshall's infamous comment about disabled children has its origins at:

It all started when I ranted about the increasing sentimentality, emotionalism, irrationality and morbid over-feminisation of British politics. is probably what could happen to your mentally disabled child if you allow it to grow up while passing the care of it like a parcel to others, making it reliant upon the uncertain kindnesses of strangers, or more likely, the sadistic exploitation of others.

Are liberals aware of the concept of being cruel to be kind, or do people no longer "do things like that" any more?

Mrs Duffy cannot vote Bigot National Party because they aren't standing in Rochdale

Chris Jackson who is standing for the NF is ex-BNP though.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Would seeing this make you uneasy if you .....

visited your doctor's surgery in your predominantly white neighbourhood to be suddenly confronted with this screen?

Is it a warning of things to come, you wonder?

Is it racist to feel that you do not like what this portends?

Is it time to vote BNP?

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Suzanne Moore has blocked me from following her Tweets

I wonder what she is so afraid of. I am only giving her ideas on how to make her campaign more engaging and controversial, which is what the electorate of HackneyNorth & Stoke Newington would appreciate, I am sure.

Perhaps she is cross with me that I tried but failed to get the BNP to field a candidate there? It would have been interesting to see who would receive more votes, a Feminist Socialist or a British Nationalist, I thought.

Th cycle-by shooting that resulted in the death of 16 year old schoolgirl Agnes Sina-Inokoju in a fast food outlet in Hoxton Street at 7:15PM on a Wednesday evening calls for a national debate on capital punishment.

Unfortunately, Suzanne Moore proposes nothing more than to teach children at primary school that shooting people is wrong. This rather begs the question what is currently being taught to the primary school children of Hackney & Stokey. She does not even back this measure up with refresher courses in secondary school - when they are most likely to shoot and be shot - that shooting people is wrong.

After Darcus Howe's comment in The Voice that he won't be voting for her because she is not a big black mamma who promotes Black Power, I suggested that Suzanne use this opportunity to attack Bad Dad Darcus for his "fuck 'em and forget 'em" practices with regard to his ex-wives and neglected children. The point to be made here is that the cycle-by gunmen were very probably singly parented. Boys needs fathers. Children need two parents.

However, it seems that these are issues that Suzanne as a feminist and socialist refuses either to discuss or acknowledge. Suzanne is herself a single mother and probably does not want to "go there".

In fact, none of the candidates dare discuss this issue and it is a great shame indeed that the electors of Hackney do not have their very own BNP candidate, who would relish discussing these issues.

There is however one thing they can do on May 6: spoil their ballot paper by writing on it "We want our own BNP candidate."

Friday, 23 April 2010

Suzanne Moore should attack Bad Dad Darcus style of absent fatherhood as one of the causes of Britain's social problems

I will presume to advise Suzanne Moore - the feminist writer for The Mail and Guardian who is also the Independent candidate standing at Hackney North & Stoke Newington on May 6.

She has been grievously insulted by Darcus Howe, who appears to be saying he won't be voting for someone like Suzanne because she is not - I am paraphrasing here - a big black mamma, unlike Diane Abbott.

It is unclear why he dislikes Suzanne so, but it seems almost racist the way he said he won't be voting for her (because she hasn't spoken in favour of Black Power - why would she anyway?) and then went on to make snide remarks about her midlife crisis.

Since Agnes Sina-Inakoju was shot in the neck last Wednesday while in a fast food outlet at 7:15 PM with her friends by two drive-by cyclists whom I am pretty certain were also the victims of a Darcus Howe "fuck 'em and forget 'em" style of absent fathering, it seems an opportune time to return the insult and start a national debate on family breakdown while also giving her campaign a much-needed boost.


"Howe has been married three times, and has seven children by four different women. He had little contact with many of his children during their childhoods. His son Amiri was threatened with jail for a stolen passport scam.

In October 2005 Howe presented a Channel 4 documentary Son of Mine, about his troubled relationship with his 20-year-old son Amiri, who had been caught handling stolen passports, shoplifting, and accused of attempted rape."

It is disappointing that she appears reluctant or unwilling to pursue this line of campaigning, even in the light of the casual murder of an innocent and pretty schoolgirl in the constituency she hopes to represent. I wonder why. It has all the incendiary ingredients of sex and race, which is exactly what the electorate would want.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

BNP candidate in Hackney North & Stoke Newington at their request next election?

It is with great regret that due to reasons of funding, the BNP could not find a candidate to stand in the liberal wildnerness of Hackney North & Stoke Newington.

Jeffrey Marshall is prepared to consider a visit to St Brelade's Court in the De Beauvoir Estate, N1, to pay his respects and give his condolences to the family of Agnes Sina-Inakojubut and to offer the people of Hackney and Britain a solution to violent crime, but he realises that this might leave him open to accusations of callous political opportunism.

He is aware that residents of deprived high crime neighbourhoods often want the death penalty, but yet again the LibLabCon oligarchy have conspired to exclude this option from their rigged policy menu where the things people really want - such as fewer but more effective laws and lower taxes - are always off the menu.

Jeffrey Marshall requests that the electors of Hackney North & Stoke Newington spoil their ballot papers to indicate a wish for their very own BNP candidate next time, if that is what they wish. Writing on it: "We want our own BNP candidate" should make this preference clear.

Many people like BNP policies, which are after all the policies of a Conservative Party of the 1950s. These policies are not just for white people but for the benefit of every British Citizen irrespective of race and religion. This is something that the Party wishes to make very clear in this election.

It is only after David Cameron's Lurch to the Left in his earnestness not to appear to be the Nasty Party that has made perfectly sensible Conservative policies appear extreme.

Let him be reminded in the Hung Parliament to come that the electorate need to have a choice between a Stern Party and a Nurturing Party.

Let us call the Stern Party the Boring, Sensible and Possibly Nasty Party ie Tory, and the Nurturing Party the Generous and Easygoing ie Labour.

When the electorate is deprived of even this choice because of David Cameron's decision to ape New Labour, and by analogy the parent who spares the rod and spoils the child in a bid to court popularity and votes, national disaster looms.

Vote for any party but Tory, to punish David Cameron, and as a warning to any future Conservative leader who treats Conservative principles like so many pieces of disposable tissue paper.

Jeffrey Marshall was born in Hackney Hospital and lived in Victoria Park Road in his boyhood. Footage of the cycle-by shooting.  

Open Letter to the Islamic Forum of Europe

I am the Election Agent of Jeffrey Marshall of the BNP, the prospective parliamentary candidate for Bethnal Green & Bow.

Would the IFE consider hosting a debate, possibly with Hasib Hikmat of United Voice, who is also standing on May 6?

The purpose is to show that

1. Muslims and the BNP can have a constructive dialogue together.

2. Muslims and the BNP are not afraid of debate the issues people really want to discuss, even if the LibLabCon are.

3. Muslims and the BNP are agreed on the folly of invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

4. Muslims and the BNP are agreed on capital and corporal punishment.

5. Muslims and the BNP are socially conservative.

6. Muslims and the BNP are tired of being called extremists just for stating the obvious.

7. Muslims and the BNP are agreed on immigration, which is not good for any of us whatever our race or religion, especially if it uncontrolled and causes social unrest and crime.

8. Muslims and the BNP are agreed on stronger discipline in schools.

9. Muslims and the BNP want single sex secondary schools.

10. Muslims and the BNP want zero tolerance policing.

Please let me know if you are prepared to consider hosting this event.

I look forward to hearing from you.

The BNP Marmite Hate Party Story

Nick Griffin MEP on Facebook today:

"Unilever PR men and lawyers over us like a rash. Very upset at our using marmite in our tv broadcast. They should have thought of that before modelling the one for their Hate Party on us. They'll be even more upset if they push us further and i start eating a jar of marmite on my next live tv appearance!"

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

GE 2010: Jeffrey Marshall - BNP Prospective Parliamentary and Council Candidate




the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bethnal Green & Bow


the Council Candidate for Eastbury Ward in Barking

in the Local & General Elections on 6 May 2010.

Election Agent

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Radio London in Richmond Upon Thames: Zac Goldsmith, Susan Kramer

If one could choose an MP on looks and charm alone ... He even smokes and not only that, he smokes roll-ups: Golden Virginia. He rolled me one too and it was beautiful - just like a spliff. I wish I had kept it now.

Susan Kramer - she reminds me of a handsome schoolmistress. Known to shop at ASDA - and must therefore be a woman of the people. Energetic and efficient, what a pity Richmond cannot have two good-looking MPs sitting on a sofa government, a bit like Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo in Andrew Neil's Politics Show. It would certainly make a nice change.

Such a photogenic youngish man!

Susan Kramer looks up at a plane - propeller-powered and not flying high while all the big high-flying jetplanes remain grounded because of that pesky Icelandic volcano.

Zac talking to the tramps. His easy manner, never getting cross at all when people went on and on about their hospitals, pensions and other boring stuff too tedious to mention. Zac probably has the ability to calm a rampaging elephant, I feel, simply by smiling beautifully at it, offering to roll it a cigarette and chatting to it about how dry and rough and hot pre-rolled cigarettes are while with roll-ups it's all about "the process". The phrase "golden boy" comes to mind.

Some tramps whingeing about something or other.

Susan Kramer's lovely smile.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Should the BNP stand in Hackney North & Stoke Newington or Bethnal Green & Bow?

Hackney North & Stoke Newington - where feminist writer, Guardian and Mail on Sunday columnist Suzanne Moore is standing as an Independent - seems to be a microcosm of Britain. Ethnically diverse and trendy through gentrification though increasingly subject to the disorder and degeneracy produced by liberal policies, which includes in its long list of victims the very people liberalism was meant to protect: the poor of all races.

No education, no future.

Progressive education equals no education.

Soft policing means more crime.

Since no one expects a BNP MP to be elected in any borough other than Barking & Dagenham, all a BNP candidate has to do is be seen to defeat candidates who represent

1. feminism
2. liberalism
3. more taxes in the name of preventing climate change

It would be an excellent opportunity to appeal to the middle class voter as well as those whom the BNP now call the Civic British.

The BNP is planning to stand in Bethnal Green and Bow, but this would tend to take votes away from an excellent Muslim candidate there who supports "BNP-lite" policies, Hasib Hikmat.

It would be a lovely story if the BNP and a Muslim could do a deal on this one and together unite to more loudly denounce the liberal policies that have wreaked so much damage on the British of all races.

The idea of a BNP candidate giving his endorsement to a Muslim candidate in a constituency he is not contesting so that he can concentrate his energies on Hackney - which was where the BNP has its historical roots - would be a brave move.


1. The white working classes of Bethnal Green and Bow have no white candidate at all to vote for. All the candidates are Muslim.

2. Bethnal Green is more likely to give a BNP candidate a respectable vote, while venturing into the liberal stronghold of Hackney is high-risk.


1. The publicity generated by such a BNP raid on enemy territory would be heartening for those who wish for the return of the death penalty as a solution to dealing with the increasing numbers of criminal and murderous youth. Calling for the death penalty after the callous shooting of Agnes Sina-Inakoju last Wednesday would be a more constructive way of showing sympathy for her and those who grieve for her than yet more liberal handwringing by Suzanne Moore and her unbelievably fatuous suggestion that teaching feral youth in secondary schools that shooting people is wrong would end gun crime!

2. Challenging Green policies would also be pleasing to climate change deniers.

3. Being seen to be doing a deal with a Muslim would have a massive impact on the public perception of the BNP nationwide. Muslims and the BNP have one important thing in common anyway - their opposition to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. For the BNP to be seen to be soliciting the Muslim bloc vote will send out all sorts of nuanced yet reassuring messages to Muslims.

Of course such a challenge would require a candidate of exceptional quality and rare courage.

For a BNP candidate with no hope of becoming MP what should be the most rational consideration is the amount of local and national interest such a BNP candidate would generate, rather than how many votes he would get, because he cannot hope to win in either.

The majority of poor people irrespective of race in a high-crime neighbourhood would support the death penalty. Indeed, they may even support a BNP candidate if this is what he offers them what in fact amounts to

a referendum on the death penalty


a vote against Green policies of yet more taxation and regulation

Should a BNP candidate stand in Bethnal Green just to give the white working classes of Bethnal Green a white non-Muslim candidate to vote for, to show them that they have not been abandoned?

Which constituency should a BNP candidate stand in - Bethnal Green & Bow or Hackney North & Stoke Newington, if he could only choose one?

Which borough would make a better story for the media? atmospheric photos set to rap about Da Murder Mile in Hackney and its surrounds. Coming to somewhere near you soon? Footage of the cycle-by shooting.   

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The 90 second speech I thought I would be allowed to make at the IEA

At the end of the evening we will conduct "90 second hustings". Four people will be chosen at the beginning of the evening and they will speak for 90 seconds on the issue they believe is the most important issue facing Britain that has not been discussed in the main part of the debate. If you want to be considered for the "90 second hustings" please email with your topic: radical ideas only will be considered.
[They said it but they didn't mean it!!]

Below was the exchange that led me to think I would be allowed to speak, but on the evening they chose duller and less radical speakers.

Sent: 30 March 2010 22:23
To: Philip Booth
Subject: 14 April - 90 second hustings

Do you need more details or is the topic enough?

Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2010 9:40 AM
To: Philip Booth
Subject: RE: 14 April - 90 second hustings

that's enough, thank you. Look forward to seeing you on the night


The welfare state is the root of all evil. It is also the Sacred Cow that the British worship - a rapacious and over-indulged pet that is now eating them out of house and home and dropping cowpats all over their nice carpet. The truth is that the British are addicted to welfare, foreign workers and cheap sex, which are the policies that the Liberal Left unquestioningly support.

Proposing to deprive the British of their welfare state is tantamount to proposing taking the bottle out of the hands of an aggressive drunk.

The British Nation is that aggressive drunk.

This explains why we have a Tory leader of the opposition who promotes Compassionate Conservatism (also known as Socialism) and the Big Society (also known as Big Government), instead of uncompromisingly demanding lower taxes, selective education and a smaller state.

I propose that there be no representation without taxation and the end of universal suffrage. In other words, I propose direct democracy or government by referenda under a narrower taxpayer-only franchise in a one-party state.

A one-party state need not be totalitarian if the party constitution protects the rights of its members against the leader and his cronies.

It is an open secret that that the Tory Party constitution gives its members virtually no rights at all, least of all the most precious one of all, especially if you are a participant in the political process - free speech. As we know, Enoch Powell, Patrick Mercer, Howard Flight and Alan Duncan were either expelled or demoted for speaking their minds.

If we cannot have a one-party state then we can at least propose that the Tory Party democratize their constitution. However, the only way of making the Tories reform their constitution as soon as possible is to see to it that they remain out of office for another term. Or until they have elected a leader who is actually a Conservative.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Polish politicians perish in bid to perpetuate victimhood status

Katyn massacre 1940. 2010 is 70 years later. Maybe it serves the Polish government right for using it as an opportunity to claim greater victimhood status. Would we cry and sigh if the entire Labour or Tory Front Bench perished in similar circumstances?

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The addiction of the British to Welfare, Cheap Labour and Cheap Women

A nation that is addicted to welfare is also addicted to cheap foreign labour while being in denial of both. Those who point this out will have their motives traduced and be called "extremist", "insane", "Fascist" and "Nazi".

The welfare state while discouraging thrift, also encourages benefit scum mums to breed the next generation of benefit scum.

Suggesting and implementing the solution would be much like what would happen when you propose to take away the bottle of an aggressive drunk. The British Nation is this aggressive drunk.

Friday, 9 April 2010

What are we to make of a Conservative Party activist saying "he'd work for UKIP"?

Yasin Sterling Akgun got talking with a manager of a recruitment agency, she checked out my CV and asked which 'major political party' I'd worked for. I paused... erm... UKIP. REALLY she exclaimed. They'll be getting my vote she says. I was worried u were going to say Labour there says she. Gives me her number and says expect a call back. Result! lol

Yesterday at 6:51pm

Yasin blogs for

He calls himself a Secular Conservative.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The only way of teaching the LibLabCon Oligarchy a lesson

If the LibLabCon oligarchy are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd parties, and you want to teach them a lesson, it would make sense to do so by voting for the 4th and 5th parties and telling anyone who will listen to do the same.

Sign of the times in Facebookland?

Facebook father told his Facebook friends of the change in his relationship status, before he told his children, who remonstrated with him on his walls. His Facebook friend who gossiped about him defriended.

BNP Organiser supports Muslim PPC in Tower Hamlets

"United Voice are an excellent choice in Bethnal Green & Bow."

"[Hasib Hikmat]'s a good man," said BNP London Organiser Jeffrey Marshall.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Electon Slogans for GE 2010

"Hang the LibLabCon and vote BNP-UKIP! Or choose between a Future F*cked by Labour or a C*nt of Convictionless Conservatism."


*N*o more
*P*olitical Correctness
*U*nited in
*K*icking LibLabCon


Sunday, 4 April 2010


Christianity is on its way out and Islam will sooner or later fill the vacuum.

If you can't beat them, join them.

There is no need to take Islam lock, stock and barrel or hook line and sinker.

What you do is control the interpretation of the Koran,

In fact, all you need to do to have a kind of Islamic State that would be acceptable even to atheists like me is to require that all law students pass an exam in Koranic knowledge and principles as well as the current core subjects.

No need for beards and burkas at all.

I would disestablish the Church of England and re-establish a Mosque of Britain with the trinity and Communion decisively excised. Hymns and carols can stay, unchanged even, though there will be constant reminders that the new state religion is a UNITARIAN one which denies the divinity of Christ.

It would also welcome atheists who will be invited to agree that if God did in fact exist, He would embody the qualities of Truth, Reason and Reality, which all must submit to, eventually.

Sermons will be based on both the Bible and the Koran.

The clerical clothing will remain the same eg mitres, sceptres, dog collars, cassocks etc.

British butchers will sell halal pork, bacon and ham.


The UK political system is an oligarchy

Representative democracy is not democracy. It only gives many an illusion of choice.

Representative democracy is an oligarchy.

An oligarchy is like an oligopoly. They conspire to keep the competition out and to limit consumer choice.

Homo Fascism rules OH GAY in the U KAY

Why can't Chris Grayling say B&B owners should have the right to exclude any guests on any grounds if it is their home? Methinks the B&B owners of Britain are being oppressed by Homo-Fascism.

Liberty is nearly dead in this country unless we unite to assert it.

Why must I have people I don't want in any B&B I run?

Why should homosexuals or anyone else FORCE me into taking their custom?

Who the hell do they think they are??

Some sort of PRIVILEGED PROTECTED group???

Well, there's equality before the law for you.

All animals are equal, but some animals - especially homos, ethnics, disabled and women - are more equal than others.

Vote BNP-UKIP (who have promised to repeal anti-discrimination thoughtcrime legislation)! (page 5, 2.4.2 - more long-winded and vague)

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Quotes on politics and religion by other people

"Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable." J K Galbraith

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rules are useful." Seneca the Younger

"Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other." Oscar Ameringer

On Politics (my quotes)

Politics is the courtship of the fickle by the unreliable.

Politics is such a dirty business that it mostly involves persuading or compelling different people to take turns in suffering a pre-determined and unavoidable quantity of unhappiness.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Conceiving the birth of National Sovereignty (or Baby "Nat")

As part of my campaign to arrange a marriage (forced or otherwise) between BNP and UKIP, I would advise activists to join one and then declare the intention of voting for the other. Yes, I think that would work quite nicely.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

How God is useful even to the atheist

It doesn't matter whether people refrain from hurting others for moral or immoral reasons. The important thing is that they refrain from hurting others for amusement or gain. Frightening them with a Big Brother God is easier and quicker than explaining Kant to them.

Frightening illiteracy of Britain's printers and politicians

I hope I get some LibDem, BNP and Tory typos to complete the picture.

Americans wising up to the Israel lobby and their Neo-Conning?

Spelling and grammar a little uncertain and many placards with many grocer's apostrophes, but it is certainly a rainbow coalition.