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"Liberty" denies Philip Hollobone MP his liberty to withhold his services from sinister women in masks known to be religious zealots

Damian Green is a cowardly piece of shit, but then he is a Tory MP and we can expect no better from the likes of him.  I do wonder what Philip Davies MP thinks.  I know he says he is a Libertarian but does not want a ban.  I am a Libertarian and want a ban on the grounds that:

1.  it brings Islam into hatred, ridicule and contempt

2.  it is in fact unIslamic - the Koran tells Muslims not to worship ostentatiously.  This means Muslims should not draw undue attention to themselves, but of course women riddled by feminine neuroses don't get this and want to indulge their neuroses while making an ostentatious show of piety.

It is for the prevention of crime and the protection of the reputation of Islam that feminine neurosis should not be indulged in this way. 

This practice after all brings Islam into hatred, ridicule and contempt by right-thinking members of society. 

YUSUFALI: And do thou (O reader!) Bring thy Lord to remembrance in thy (very) soul, with humility and in reverence, without loudness in words, in the mornings and evenings; and be not thou of those who are unheedful.
PICKTHAL: And do thou (O Muhammad) remember thy Lord within thyself humbly and with awe, below thy breath, at morn and evening. And be not thou of the neglectful.
SHAKIR: And remember your Lord within yourself humbly and fearing and in a voice not loud in the morning and the evening and be not of the heedless ones.

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Saturday, 24 July 2010

BNP DIRTY LINEN: Open letter from Paul Golding to Eddy Butler - 23 July 2010

--- On Fri, 23/7/10, Cllr Paul Golding wrote:

From: Cllr Paul Golding
Subject: Open Letter to Eddy Butler

Date: Friday, 23 July, 2010, 16:41


Dear Fellow Party Officer,

I was reluctant to send this email, but the truth is I have been
slandered to such a degree that I feel that I have no choice.

I have uncovered an outrageous lie against me and wish to openly
challenge the person responsible to withdraw their claim – but
first, the background to this nonsense needs to be explained.

Firstly I must make clear that I am in no way supportive of Eddy
Butler in his bid for the BNP leadership. This is no secret. I
feel he completely lacks the charisma, the oratory, the intellect,
the management skill, the vision, the flair and the dynamism
needed to be a leader of a party, and also feel that, based on
previous experience of working side by side with him that he is
egotistical, negative, rude ‘control freak’.  That is my
personal opinion based on my experience of him.

Shortly after the European Elections last year, myself, and
indeed, practically everyone with eyes to see, noticed that Eddy
Butler and Mark Collett were suddenly enjoying a cosy
relationship that baffled everyone, particularly given Mark
Collett’s well-known ‘hard-line’ Nazi position and Eddy Butler’s
long-standing position as a ‘liberal’ by normal nationalist

When Mark Collett was caught, not for the first time, trying to
defraud the party of tens of thousands of pounds by using dodgy
printers for large election print jobs, and after Mr Butler was
given an official warning for his antics and behaviour whilst
organising a trip to the EU (this is the now infamous incident
where, following a night of heavy drinking, including a trip
to a brothel, he was still so drunk the next morning that he kept
a whole coach load of activists waiting for an hour), several
other senior officials became aware of a growing chorus of
plotting and scheming by Mark Collett and Eddy Butler.

My observation during the period between the Euro Elections and
the end of 2009 was that Mr Butler was expanding his position as
National Organiser literally, he was acting as the ‘director
general’ of the party, trying to control everything in sight and
interfering in everyone else’s remits and responsibilities (even
though he had little ‘real life’ experience and had never been
more than a low level civil servant all of his working life,
strangely never ‘exposed’ by Searchlight).

I feel that whether he intended it or not, Mr Butler didn’t take
his position as national elections officer seriously any longer
and preferred to strut around as National Organiser trying to
have a say in all manner of party operations that weren’t his
business and evidently had not the faintest idea of what he was
talking about. Practically every staff member will testify to
this. The party, in my opinion, suffered because of this, in
by-election after by-election in 2009, and I find it a bit rich
that Mr Butler should now claim we need a ‘full-time’ elections
officer when he himself shunned the opportunity.

My experience of Eddy Butler was that he was/is a ‘control freak’.
He alone was a senior officer and everyone else is a mere minion.
He has a “I’m more senior than you ,so piss off” attitude –
everyone who knows him can attest to this. For example, one of my
remits within the party is fundraising. When the General Election
roadshow meetings were in full swing, Mr Butler decided it was a
good idea to hold his Eastern Region meeting in the same place,
same venue, hence same crowd, within 1 week, of the London
roadshow meeting. I advised him that, from a fundraising point
of view, this was not a good idea.

Eddy’s response was to ring me up screaming abuse at me, ordering
me NEVER to ‘interfere’ in ‘his’ region again. This outrageous
outburst of abuse against a well-meaning fellow party comrade
shocked me, and others, and I had no choice but to tell him to
refrain from using language like that towards me again. The main
bone of contention in this debacle was ego, I have no doubt about
this, as can be gauged from his reply to my email protesting at
his arrogance and rudeness: “I do not require advice on holding
meetings - the best place they should be, the attendees and so
forth from anyone - from top to bottom in this Party or associated
with this Party. I am probably the most successful ‘meeting
organiser in the history of the movement – not just the Party.”
He continued: “I hope my shouting on this rare occasion will not
put you off giving useful or even useless advice and ideas in the

What made me chuckle is that despite his arrogant and rude
outburst against me he went on to change his meeting completely
around and implement the changes I proposed in any case,
confirming that I was right all along. I have spoken to many,
many people nationwide with similar experiences of Eddy Butler,
and it seems to be an established pattern of behaviour.

The behind-the-scenes agitation of Butler and Collett culminated
in Mr Collett and Butler trying to recruit National Treasurer
David Hannam into a post-General Election Advisory Council ambush
of Chairman Nick Griffin. Their despicable and underhanded plan
was to falsely accuse Mr Griffin of financial wrong-doing, and
when the Chairman turned to David Hannam for a rebuttal, he would
remain silent, and by his silence he would condemn an innocent
man as a thief, can you imagine such wickedness? Thus the plan
was to force our democratically elected and totally innocent
leader to step down by means of lies and a stab in the back.
I also understand, because I have heard it with my own ears, that
Mr Butler is telling everyone a false and nonsensical version of
what happened regarding him and Mark Collett. How do I know the
truth? Because I have heard the Mark Collett recording for myself
and I am disgusted and shocked by the antics of Mr Collett and

I am not the only one, the pre-General Election meeting of nearly
one hundred key officials was offered the chance to hear the
recording, and decided (for legal reasons) to delegate a small
group chosen from their ranks by them to listen to key sections
of it. This was done and Cllr. Michael Simpkins, a former RAF
Policeman, told the meeting that they were satisfied that the
recording was genuine, contained the material outlined, and
provided prima facie evidence of several serious criminal
offences including, threats to kill, theft, fraud, conspiracy
and false accounting. (Indeed an ongoing police investigation
is still underway regarding some extremely serious criminal

I also applaud Nick Griffin’s decision, however advantageous it
would be otherwise to him personally, not to publish or release
the Mark Collett recording, as this would hand the media a huge
weapon to use against us (and Mr Butler knows this). If he did,
there would be a media storm against us like we have never seen
before, it could finish us, and to be honest Butler and Collett
aren’t worth it! (remember Jim Dowson’s wife Anne had a
miscarriage when informed by the police that a plot to stab her
husband at their home in Spain was explained to her).

Nick Griffin could finish Eddy Butler tomorrow and prove to
everyone that he is a liar by releasing the Collett recording,
but he refuses to because the greater interests of the party take
higher priority.

When Eddy and Mark Collett’s plan was uncovered via the
recording, Eddy Butler was offered the chance to resign with
dignity, and he did in front of witnesses.  He wasn’t sacked, he
resigned because he had no other option. As part of the deal for
his resignation, he was to hand back a USB memory stick that he
stole from Jim Dowson way back last JULY. Several Eastern Region
officers can verify that Eddy did indeed hand back the memory
stick that he stole as part of this deal. Ask yourself: what kind
of man steals from someone’s home/office whilst a guest in his

Eddy Butler was also offered the chance of a European research
job working for Nick Griffin after the election as part of the
same face-saving package (scandal only helps our enemies), but
when the time came, he reneged on the whole deal, exploiting the
fact that Nick had taken him at his word when he agreed to
resign, so that he has since blagged several more months wages
from our financially hard-pressed party (the fact that we are
short of funds is no secret nor a surprise, given the fact that
Eddy Butler supporters are telling everyone not to give money in
an attempt to cause a crisis for which he can then pose as the
‘saviour’ and the bold Eddy still demands his £40.000 per year +
expenses from us). Threats of legal action are his ‘blackmail
weapons’ and his barrister mate Adrian Davies.
Like so many other decent nationalists, I am horrified by Eddy
Butler’s actions since he initiated his leadership ‘campaign’.
He has preached the need to clean up the BNP’s ‘image’ – this
despite his main ally being Naziboy and notorious crank, Mark
Collett. Eddy’s other supporters include various other ‘hard-line
wannabe cranks’ like mixed race Sharon Ebanks.

I am also horrified by his alliance with Simon Bennett, the
traitor who destroyed the BNP website during the election, when
we had record number of hits, shut down the media enquiries
system when I was handling over 100 media enquiries a day, and
crashed our internal email server, bringing our enquiries and
communications circulation to a grinding halt. Simon Bennett IS
Eddy Butler’s webmaster, despite his frequent and rather pathetic
tactical denials. Simon Bennett has recently been cooperating
with the Daily Mirror and UAF to spread anti-BNP lies. He has
recently destroyed Richard Barnbrook’s website and directed
Richards’s traffic to a pro-Butler site! How disgusting is that?

I am also shocked by Eddy Butler’s waffle regarding party
finances and ‘transparency’. I have heard a recording of Eddy
Butler stating that he has no proof of any wrong doing (this has
been repeated on his own website), and that the accusations of
wrong doing are in fact “a red herring”. This was played at a
meeting of Essex BNP officers recently and the cynicism of
Butler’s attempt to destroy Nick Griffin’s reputation with
unfounded lies raised a few eye brows.

You must also be made aware of Eddy Butler’s continuing agitation
against the party’s fundraising success. Eddy Butler is saying it
is terrible that we have contracted the services of a fundraising
professional who has raised our donations income from a paltry
£150,000 in 2007 to a whopping £1.6 million last year. He is
saying that his fees are too much, even though they are below
the industry average and all sorts of valuable extra services
are included in the contract for free. Well, my personal opinion
is that Mr Butler is saying these things for purely tactical
reasons as he needs to batten onto fresh gripes that he discovers
around the country to gain fresh support.

When a griper from the South West started whinging about
fundraising and Jim Dowson in mid-2009 Mr Butler took a very
different line. In fact read the following email to garner Mr
Butler’s true feelings about Jim Dowson and fundraising:

From: Eddy Butler
To: Peter Lucas
Subject: RE:
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 22:07:05 +0000

None of our appeals come out of thin air - all are run and
conceived by people - people who do it for a living and have to
be paid. That is what happends when people do things for a living,
in th real world. Your pathetic criticism at a time when the
Party is fighting for its survival does you no credit. If you
could find any normal charity (for example) that paid 92.5% of
its collections directly to the cause to which the funds were
donated then it would be truely remarkable. If you have a problem
with this then you have no place in this Party. If I see any
futrrther round robins of this nature coming from you disciplinary
action will follow immediately.
Eddy Butler
National Organiser

I would like to highlight the sentence, “Your pathetic criticism
at a time when the Party is fighting for its survival does you no
credit.” Perhaps you should heed your own words Mr Butler. Also
the sentence, “If you have a problem with this [fundraising] then
you have no place in this Party.” What a 100% turn around by Mr
Butler! He is criticising fundraising at a time when funds are
low due to the usual post-election exhaustion (and in part due to
his deliberate undermining of confidence and morale) and does
himself, in his own words, no credit.

Most disturbing to me is Mr Butler’s seemingly abundant support
from elements outside the BNP – elements that would like nothing
better than a large, professional and consolidated BNP trashed
and split up for their own benefit. For example, Mr Butler has
trumpeted the support of Jonathan Bowden, who is NOT a BNP member.
Mr Bowden has been chastised several times over the last year for
exclaiming that he is a ‘fascist’ at BNP meetings, and also
announcing his support for the Klu Klux Klan. He attends BNP
meetings with a cranky Viking rune around his neck, and his own
personal website is full of the most weird modern art you will
ever see, including a ‘painting’ of a woman putting her hands
down her knickers! Do we really want our party handed over to
such outside crackpots, just because they are old friends of Mr

Sensible people must also be alarmed at the open and blatant
support Mr Butler is receiving on the websites of Searchlight,
Hope Not Hate and Unite against Fascism (UAF). These websites are
rolling out a non-stop and ferocious conveyor belt of hate and
lies against Nick Griffin, Jim Dowson, their families and other
hard-working and positive officials. Yet they are full of praise
for Mr Butler, repeating his empty campaign promises word for
word. You don't have to be Einstein to look at this and see
exactly what’s going on?

Many people who remember these leftwing organisations similarly
backing the list-leak traitors two years ago now look with
suspicion on the far-left’s blatant support for Butler. Couple
this with his seemingly effortless ability to survive with little
income and we have to question what is going on. How is Eddy
Butler, who has two families and refused to work for the BNP for
any less than £40,000 per year plus expenses, able to pay his
bills, buy new suits, travel the country and live worry-free and
finance this very lavish campaign of lies? It’s just not possible,
is it?

Also, as a dedicated nationalist and British patriot, I am
bemused by the coalition of fringe types Mr Butler has gathered
around himself. From militant homosexuals to outright Nazis, from
Holocaust deniers to a new Chinese member who wants the BNP to become multicultural, and so on. For example, Mr Butler has been telling anyone who will listen, that the thief Mark Collett’s
ex-girlfriend Shelley Rose is a ‘plant’ and a ‘wrong un’…now he
has put her face on his website! Shelley Rose has embarrassed
the party with her anti-Jewish remarks and is known as an
extreme Nazi who has been chastised for attending National Front
Marches and Blood & Honours gigs.  Likewise, Richard Edmonds was
going to be kicked off the Advisory Council several months ago
for attending the release from prison of the world’s most
prominent Holocaust Denier.

Then there is Mr Butler’s close links to the Membership List
Leakers. I was handed Mr Butler’s old party phone by an Eastern
Region official a short while ago, and I asked a techy friend of
mine to re-import his contacts list from the cache memory, which
he did. To my surprise Mr Butler had the numbers of Sadie Graham,
Kenny Smith and the internet crackpot and Butler supporter Sharon
Ebanks on his contacts list.

Then I am told by a reliable Scottish friend of mine that when Mr
Butler visited Scotland recently he actually visited Kenny Smith,
one of the Sadie Graham traitors (now ask yourself: why wasn’t
any pictures of this Scottish trip put up on his blog? Hmmm.) Now
his promises on his blog that former members will ‘rejoin’ makes
perfect sense.

I have been told by many officials, especially in the Eastern
Region, that support for Mr Butler is melting away as his
alliance with Nazis, homosexuals, transvestites (Tony Ward) and
outsiders, together with his tacit support from Searchlight and
Co, becomes too much to stomach. These outrages coupled with his
own recent admission  that he has no proof to back up any of his
financial claims is waking people up to his campaign of lies.

Faced with his sinking ship, he is playing the “I’m being
stitched up card” to gather sympathy, not support. Take, for
example, his recent big hoo ha about the suspensions of several
officials in Liverpool and the South East. After Sadie Graham and
Co leaked the BNP membership list and caused untold suffering for
BNP members and supporters, isn’t it right that we protect our
membership lists from abuse?

There exists a law called the Data Protection Act and it obliges
us to certain rules and regulations, such as one that states that
sensitive personal confidential data must ONLY be handled by
legally registered party officers. In the South East, the
official Richard Trower handed a BNP membership list to two
people who were NOT legally registered officers of the party.
This abuse of the rules resulted in complaints from BNP members
as to why their personal details were being handed around like
confetti at a wedding.

Richard Trower and the two others were suspended – after several
warnings - for abusing what should have been a confidential BNP
membership list. It is hard enough for us to recruit new members
because of the list leaks, so we must act strongly against those
who leak membership lists to people who are not party officials.

Likewise in Liverpool, I myself started receiving complaints from
the PUBLIC as to why their personal details were circulating
amongst those who are not legal officers of the party. When the
time comes and the Information Commissioner asks us why this
happened, we could only escape by saying: “A former official kept
hold of his membership list, and used it for non-party purposes.
As a consequence, he has been suspended.” Nothing less than that
would get us off the hook. Again, bugger all to do with support
for a leadership candidate, just compliance with the Data
Protection Act and a desire to keep our membership lists safe and

Anyone who passes a BNP membership list to non-party officers
will be suspended regardless of who they support. Any former
officials who abuse BNP membership lists for non-party use will
be suspended. If these rules don’t exist and are not enforced,
then anarchy will reign and our membership lists will leak out
on a regular basis, destroying any credibility to recruit that
we have.

Back to the main purpose of this open letter. I have uncovered a
blatant lie about me and feel that I have the right to defend
myself. It is not the first time Mr Butler has attempted to
degrade my reputation: he has accused me on many occasions of
running the blog Eddy Butler Exposed, something which is
completely untrue. In any case, Mr Butler has, despite spending
years attempting to close down BNP blogs and forums around the
country, set up several blogs and websites of his own (designed
and maintained by the traitor Simon Bennett) all spouting his
lies and empty promises – it seems when one, just ONE, blog in
opposition to his campaign crops up it is a terrible event.

It has come to my attention that Eddy Butler has been circulating
a vicious and outrageous lie against me. I received a phone call
a short while ago from the long-standing and well-respected
Bexley Organiser Mike Jones, who asked me if I had drawn £20,000
in expenses in the last 6 months. How I would ever get away with
drawing £3,300 in expenses per month is anyone’s guess!

After my laughter at such a ludicrous claim subsided, I replied
that it was completely untrue and enquired where this nonsense
had come from. Mr Jones replied that he had a call from Michael
Barnbrook who told Mr Jones that he had been told all this by
Eddy Butler.

Mr Jones has confirmed that he is willing to swear to all of
this, if necessary in a court of law or a party tribunal. Mike
Jones and Michael Barnbrook are good friends and I have no reason
to disbelieve that any of this is untrue. I doubt very much that
Michael Barnbrook would lie to his good friend Mike Jones, and I
have no reason to believe that Mike Jones would lie to me. Both
are honourable men and long-standing BNP activists, and Mike
Jones in particular has been a member for 13 years.

If all this is true, then Mr Butler is a disgrace and I demand
that he openly withdraws this allegation against me and publishes
a retraction on his website/blog. If, on the other hand, he now
denies making it, then he should make it crystal clear that he
recognises that, whoever was responsible for the allegation, it
is totally untrue.

I am sorry to have to send this to all Eastern and London region
officials, but I am incensed by Mr Butler’s lies against me and
want people to know the truth, or at least a different side to
these events for a change.

I have been asked by the Eastern Region RO Paul Morris to clear
the air and show everyone in the Eastern Region the dreaded
recording that Mr Butler is making such a huff about. To be
honest, I am sick and tired of all this nonsense. I work hard
for the BNP and am perhaps the most active senior member apart
from the Chairman. I get up in the morning and graft until I go
to bed, every bloody day. I have clocked up tens of thousands of
miles darting around the country. I am a serious and dedicated
nationalist through and through. I am not an Eton educated guy
but I am no mug, and I am honest. I make no secret of the fact
that I am deeply disappointed in Mr Butler for what he has done
and is continuing to do. I am 28 and I have freely chosen the
path of unremitting, relentless service to our cause and our
party because I want, more than anything, a future for my little
baby daughter. Make of me what you will.

So if you want to listen to the recording of Eddy Butler in
question then click on the following link. Make of it what you
will. I don’t care to be honest. It is not my recording to start
with, I downloaded it from you-tube. But if you want to listen
to it then here you are:

Cllr Paul Golding
National Communications Officer

PS: Just in case you were wondering if you will be lumbered with
Mark Collett once again if Eddy Butler succeeds, Eddy Butler
spent a large chunk of his speech in Leeds recently defending
Mark Collett and heaping praise on him, much to the disgust of
the local people.

Eddy Butler's response can be read at

Friday, 23 July 2010

My impression of The Third Man by Peter Mandelson

Just had a quick browse at The Third Man in my local bookshop.

The sentences did seem rather pedestrian and dull though there are some very lovely photographs of Peter which made my heart ache with longing and love unrequited  ....

At £25 perhaps I will wait till it comes out in paperback.  Or I could borrow it from the library, I suppose ...

"America - Israel's Bitch Since 1948"

That about sums up its foreign policy.

Why does Britain have a foreign policy of being the bitch of a bitch though? Is it in the British national interest to have a foreign policy of being the Special Poodle of a rogue state so universally despised and on its way down the plughole or up its own arsehole? 

Surely the British should cease assuming its lick spittle stance and cease licking Uncle Sam's boot that is so often kicking its sorry ass?

You would have thought that the latest American kicking of British teeth in the light of the British Petroleum fiasco would make the penny drop in even amongst dimmest Briton, or foreign policy adviser, but not a bit of it. 

A Pekingese would be better-treated.  Indeed, Pekingeses are very intelligent little lapdogs.

The God of Islam

The God of Islam is the God of Government, Politics and Law.

It is the religion of political philosophy that is open to atheists.

The Koran is drafted as a contract between God and Man. 

If you believe in God then its threats and promises might have some weight on you.

If you do not believe in God then you would have to go straight to its prohibitions and injunctions to examine the evil they were designed to discourage, and give reasons whether you agree or disagree with each Koranic law.

If you are not prepared to do this, then you are not qualified to have a rational or intelligent discussion on the subject.  Your hatred and fear of Muslims alone does not amount to a qualification.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Surprise, surprise. The leader of the British NIGGER Party ain't meeting the Queen after all

I wonder which of her spineless courtiers advised her to do this?

I used the N-word to show the degree of discrimination that would have been shown to black people in America that is now the lot of white British citizens who complain about foreigners. (Please note that there is absolutely no intention at all to insult black people at all in this post, only spineless lickspittle PC white politicians and courtiers.)

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that the Chairman did not see fit to bring me along to meet the Queen.  I would have bought my hat for nothing then.

Lower than niggers that's what we are.  Lower than single mothers who are lower than whores, lower than criminals, lower than warmongering MPs who start stupid wars ....

We are only called extremists because the liberals are in charge.  

We are of course the lowest of the low.  Why don't they just ban us then?  Yes, ban the lowest of the low.  Ban those fucking losers in the British Nigger Nazi Party.  Go on, ban us, ban us, ban us.  Burn us at the stake, hang us from lamp-posts.

Maybe the government would like to introduce lynching to anyone who dares to complain about foreigners, immigration, the EU, and disastrous dishonorable wars?

Anyone who asks for selective schools to teach our children properly using traditional methods of teaching should of course be taken away for re-education.  Maybe they should have our brains removed for good measure.  They can then be fried and served to our Liberal Overlords for their delectation and enjoyment.

Anyway, which one of these shadowy advisers advised the Queen?

Which of these fucking spineless shits in silk stockings with merde for brains thought this was good advice?  We will find out sooner or later.  The truth will out.

The Shit in a Silk Stocking with Shit for Brains - No Talleyrand he, Christopher Geidt  Peter Tatchell confronts BNP's Nick Griffin

 ‎"Come on Pete, he's not worth it!"

YUSUFALI: If two men among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, Leave them alone; for Allah is Oft-returning, Most Merciful.
PICKTHAL: And as for the two of you who are guilty thereof, punish them both. And if they repent and improve, then let them be. Lo! Allah is ever relenting, Merciful.
SHAKIR: And as for the two who are guilty of indecency from among you, give them both a punishment; then if they repent and amend, turn aside from them; surely Allah is Oft-returning (to mercy), the Merciful. 

Lord Black of Crossharbour - shall I tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree too?

It was after all Barbara Amiel who went on mad spending sprees that led him to his doom. I am accustomed to living frugally and have no history of driving men to their doom through siren demands for sex and shopping.

I imagine that Lord Black must have some money left or we could make some money together with my little schemes.   I am after all a one-woman Think Tank. 

I am still very keen on Peter Mandelson but I am a principled sort of woman and know of his preference for the Stronger Sex.  Peter Tatchell has just announced on Facebook that he is single again and I feel it only right to say, with appropriate humility because I do know my place, that Peter Mandelson should look at other men first before settling his penetrating brown eyes upon me.  I will wait for him in patience and devotion, knowing that what is mine will eventually come my way, in the fullness of time ....

I refuse to be of the many queuing up to him at bookshops, though it did occur to me that this would be a way of meeting my future husband and co-host of our talk show which I think should be called The Lord and Lady Mandelson Show.

Peter, I am sorry I have to do this, but I know you will find me more attractive if similar alpha males also take an interest in me, even if they are still jailbirds.  I am just hurrying you along a little, for both our sakes, for neither of us are getting any younger, are we, darling?  

That Sir Stuart Rose never even responded to my offer made at

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Eddy Butler's leadership challenge meeting 20 July 2010

Shelly Rose Bedfordshire Organiser with Eddy Butler
 Michael Barnbrook and Richard Edmonds 

 Richard Edmonds explaining the awfulness of the new BNP constitution and how impossible it was to get a copy of it.  Was something "medically wrong" with Nick Griffin, he wondered?  The BNP was told by the court to remove the infamous miscegenation clause in March 2010, but this was not done and the offending section 3.2.2 reappeared in Annex 3 of the 12th edition of party constitution dated 9 April 2010 (page 83)  incurring unnecessary legal costs the Party can ill afford.  The constitution remains riddled with offending sections that will give the EHRC plenty of reasons to come back for more blood making the Party incur yet more legal costs. 
Shelly Rose the Bedfordshire Organiser and Una Rice, explaining to the camera how to deal with the nomination form sent by the party and the nomination form sent by Eddy Butler. 

The meeting began an hour later than stated.  I was introduced by Jeffrey Marshall to Derek Beackon  the first BNP councillor elected in 1992 General Election - a historic first.  We shook hands and his manner was gentle and mild unlike the hell-raising Nazi Fascist Extremist Racist the media potrayed him in old news reports. He also wore rather less frightening glasses than the ones I remembered from old news reports.  

Richard Edmonds chaired the meeting and he looked younger and stronger than I remembered when I last heard him speak.  His headmasterly bellow promptly stemmed our chatter and commanded our silence. 

He began brandishing the infamous objectionable 12th edition of the BNP constitution.  92 pages of nonsense, he called it.  It was much better in the old days when it was only 15 pages long.

He reminded us that the BNP are a democratic nationalist party.  We were all present freely of our own will and had every right to do so.  Indeed, Section 7 (page 27) allows a leadership challenge every year.  

Then he began by praising Jim Dowson of Midas Consultancy, an "outisde businessman" being paid £2,000 a week.  This works out to be £90,000 per year as well as the £72,000 per year paid to the Call Centre in Northern Ireland.  Dowson was not a member, but a businessman.  The last Advisory Council meeting held in March discussed at great length Dowson's "outside consultancy".  He "no smudge, no fudge, quite impressive and a very powerful speaker".  He was also described as "completely frank and open as well as a very dynamic businessman" who answered every question fully and frankly. 

The 12 Regional Officers however, are not paid.  We were reminded that £7,500 per month goes to Jim Dowson for his consultancy fee.

It was Richard Edmonds view that "all party business should be done in-house."

Mailshot letters of appeal with Nick Griffin's signature were also the work of Jim Dowson, "an outside businessman".  Edmonds said he was "shocked to the point of being frightened at the direction the Party is heading."

Jonathan Bowden - the talented and transporting BNP orator - would have spoken but was prevented from doing so by transport and traffic problems.  Eddy has his complete support.

MICHAEL BARNBROOK was then introduced.

He began by saying he arrived at the meeting unaware that he was supposed to be speaking.  It was disconcerting to find his voice moved by emotion.  Indeed, he was actually tearful.  He has been "stressed out" by this whole business.  He had considered himself "a nobody" in the Party but from the way he was being treated, one would be forgiven for thinking that he or Eddy were "probably the most dangerous person in the BNP.  The whole business had put his marriage under a strain.  As far as he was concerned, the leadership contenders were "nice people" and he "genuinely didn't want to get involved" in the leadership challenge.  Eddy Butler, the leadership challenger, had reduced the 1000 Tory majority in Bexley to a mere 8.  Eddy Butler, as far as Barnbrook was concerned, "has not destroyed the General Election campaign" and should not have been removed from his post as National Organiser.

He was a self-confessed Griffinite who has been bothered by phone calls ever since he agreed to a meeting with Eddy Butler, who understandably wants to lobby big-hitter members of influence.  Apparently, Nick Griffin and/or his Praetorian Guard are so steeped in paranoia that they thought Eddy was about to pass him documents that would get him into trouble with the law.  Barnbrook then said he was already 67 with only 3 years' membership of the party while Eddy has "the personality of a flatfish" and "no one knows him".

We laughed in surprise and I quickly glanced at Eddy to see if he too was enjoying the joke.  Eddy was indeed smiling.

Barnbrook then admitted that while everybody who was inclined to support the Party "loved Nick Griffin", this was regrettably not the case as far as the activists and organisers were concerned.

He declared the leadership nomination form he received an insult to his intelligence for the reasons explained at
See heading "Yellow Peril"  (This is not in fact a reference to the BNP being swamped by the Chinese but to the colour of the official and offending nomination form.)

If you believe that Richard Barnbrook and Derek Adams are not spoiler candidates (candidates with no chance of winning but put forward with the intention of preventing Eddy from getting the 840 nominations required to trigger a leadership challenge), then you must have an IQ of under 10, Michael Barnbrook went on to say.

He has ended the careers of at least 12 MPs and the career of Ian Clement and wondered why he was not given more credit for this in the run-up to the leadership election.  He did not want praise and acknowledgment from the Chairman for egotistical reasons, he said, but because all this sleaze-busting of expenses irregularities might have given the BNP more votes in the run-up to the General Election

The implication was that the Chairman wished not to acknowledge the contribution of others to the Nationalist cause and sought to identify the BNP with himself alone.

Clarity, probity and transparency are required and only a leadership election would clear the air and save the reputations of both Nick Griffin and Eddy Butler, he said.

The point was that one could be a Griffinite and still want a leadership challenge, to clear the air, and he therefore urged everyone who cared about the Party, irrespective of their personal loyalties, to see to it that the Party gets one, Barnbrook concluded.

Video of meeting on 20 July 2010:

Part 1 - Michael Barnbrook
Part 2 - Michael Barnbrook
Part 3 - Michael Barnbrook

Christine Mitchell on Paul Norris and Paul Golding on the Eddy tapes.  It is claimed Eddy "condemned himself" at a meeting at which I was present.  The person who came out of it worst was not Eddy.

Part 1 - Eddy Butler
Part 2 - Eddy Butler
Part 3 - Eddy Butler
Part 4 - Eddy Butler
Part 5 - Eddy Butler

My photos used in Eddy Butler's blog at

As the BNP Chairman said to the Queen ....

"I wonder, Ma'am, if it is ever possible for a monarch to understand the feelings of her subjects on the matter of uncontrolled immigration at all, without first having one's palaces taken over by squatters."

I wonder why they won't publish my comment at even though it was by far the wisest and wittiest.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Islamic Prohibition Against Usury Good for Britain?

This would prevent bubbles and busts while making the world slow down. The fact that you cannot lend on interest means that you would only lend someone money for a joint enterprise that you believed in.

As for people who want to borrow money they don't have to buy things they don't need, they would be stopped dead in their tracks, and a good thing too.

Capitalism - the creation of desire for the sake of stimulating sales - is inherently wasteful.

What is wasteful is of course environmentally-unfriendly.

Because the state would be small under an Islamic economic system - top rate of income tax would be 20% - there will no culture of bail-outism.

No one will actually starve, because the rest of it would be made up through charitable giving to the needy and vulnerable. 

The culture of bail-outism comes of course from the welfare state, which artificially supports feminism. And we all know what women are like in their whingeing for more state handouts and more nannying legislation to bail them out when they have messed up their lives.

I therefore propose that this country:

1. Re-base the currency after the success of The Islamic Revolution of British Nationalism.

2. Draw a line under the disastrous decimal past by returning to Pounds Shillings and Pence.

3. Governments and individuals would be compelled into practising fiscal responsibility by the prohibition against usury, which is designed to prevent irresponsible lending and borrowing by government and individuals.


Saturday, 17 July 2010

My ideal imaginary night with Peter Mandelson

I would find that wolfish look irresistible.

This cannot possibly happen because his party is no longer in office and he therefore no longer has access to important state papers.

I once imagined a bed strewn with important and possibly ancient state papers - scrolls and things -  and myself thrown ruthlessly and impatiently on those impossibly important and ancient state papers, by Peter.

What follows next you may well guess, our every movement marked by the tearing or crunch of an impossibly important and ancient state document ...

I wonder if any sexually-neglected Cabinet Minister's spouse ever fantasise about snatching the Red Box from their spouse's study and emptying the contents of them onto the marital bed.  The wife or perhaps husband (I am imagining Jaqui Smith's husband in this instance) would then hurl herself or himself upon the documents and declare that no access will be given to these documents, until the deed is done ...

My First Date Idea with Peter Mandelson

I think seeing TOY STORY 3 together would be rather nice.

And then dinner at some quietly expensive place ...

Somewhere where one can see the lights of the city pulsing gently below us ....

Sitting in the dark in a cinema with the one who you love whom you have not quite got round to seducing is one of the most exciting pleasures one can hope to have.

Since I understand and accept his preference for The Stronger Sex, this exciting pleasure will also be an enduring one.

Even the thought of his tantalising but untouchable proximity brings a faint glow to my wan cheeks ...

Holiday ideas for Peter Mandelson

The two hearts just made me think of us, darling!

It is possible that you may wish to drop in on my mate Jim Rogers, if he's around.

Mandy *does* listen to me!

"Lord Mandelson remains relaxed despite his autobiography provoking fascination, glee and, among his former Labour colleagues, undisguised outrage. He talks to Matthew Norman about life with Blair and Brown, his future plans and why he could be the next Jonathan Ross"

“I’ve just recorded the audiobook of The Third Man, and they said it was a triumph, like my advert” (“disastrous, disastrous,” from the back), so I’d like to go into voice work.”

What about a chat show on Graham Norton lines? “Can’t I be the new Jonathan Ross?”

You’re not smutty enough.

“I could turn it on.”

It is just so completely gratifying that Mandy has followed my advice and is thinking along the lines I suggested about being chat show host at

and at 

It is just so gratifying that he heard and listened. Indeed, it is better than sex that he heard and listened.

Most of my pleasures these days are cerebral, but, oh, when things cerebral merge with things romantic and emotional, that is the most wonderful combination of all! The thought of our future happiness together, nay, even the contemplation of it, lifts my heart, of Christmases spent together with friends and enemies, and most pleasurable of all, holidays abroad, travelling in the style to which I wish to become accustomed ....

But I digress. 

All he has to do next is take a Lady Mandelson .... and then we can both live happily ever after co-hosting The Lord and Lady Mandelson Show.  

I have consulted the stars and they are auspicious.

He already knows of my longstanding admiration and devotion.  My ability to keep him amused is not in doubt, surely?  I have already said I would give up sex with all men, including himself, to be Lady Mandelson.  Will he make me give up sex with women too?  The sacrifice is easy when one has that certainty of a love that is deep and true ....

Diane Abbot for Labour leader!

Witty, funny, principled and against the war from the beginning!

Renationalising the railways is an excellent idea.

Also liked the way she dealt with John Humphrys questions about being on the Left wing of the Labour Party by saying that it doesn't matter as long as it is right and as long as it works.

An entertaining and principled Labour leader would be such a nice change!

Labour Leadership Hustings

David Milliband was really the best serious speaker, and has a hint of fire and passion, but still came across like a depraved-looking robot.  His summing up speech referred to the "poetry of our policies" which was a little highfalutin.  There were some other well-crafted soundbites that I can't remember and they sounded very written, if you know what I mean. Apparently, Peter supported him but has now gone quiet. 
Ed Milliband seemed to be the friendliest and came early to schmooze those at the front, with his minder.  He has a lisp.  Gave a passionate speech and referred to climate change a lot. 
Andy Burnham reminded me a little of the Ken doll.  He is average sized but comes across as small on TV.  By far the most traditionalist: working class and regional accent.  Interesting about making the NHS take its share of the austerity for a more balanced round of cuts.  Wants to go back to Old Labour roots, reconnecting with core supporters and to no longer chase the media and business elite.  I found myself applauding him after applauding Diane, the two genuine Old Labour types. 
Ed Balls looking more like a matinee idol these days, I thought, but he is no orator really.  A lisp, like the other Ed.  Could be fatal.  Canny Ken Livingstone supports him though, so don't write him off. 

Sorry I didn't manage to get a good pic of you Diane, but you were the wittiest and most principled candidate.  I found myself applauding you spontaneously at one point.  I have seen your hair look better, though. 
Me and my mate Oona.  Doesn't she look lovely?  

Everybody was without exception horrible about Peter Mandelson, I am sad to say.  Let Peter have his say, I say!  Nothing much will hurt the Labour Party now.  

Who do I want to win?  I thought Ed Balls at first because I was tired of Cult of Milliband YOOF, but I have been completely won over by Diane Abbott, because she made us all laugh and cheer.  You will definitely be getting my vote, Diane! The thought of how cross everyone would be if you became leader should be reason enough to vote for you.  It is time we had an entertaining politician who just speaks the truth as they see it. 

I should also mention John O'Farrell the very witty and entertaining MC whom I thought would probably be the best Labour Party leader out of that lot.  "If you want to smoke move to Eastern Europe," he told us in the obligatory safety spiel about turning off our phones and telling us where the fire exits are.  Apparently, Gardeners Question Time was there earlier.  

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Peter Mandelson, The Third Man

If it had worked out, it would have been The Three Musketeers - one for all, and all for one, except that it was everyone for himself, except Peter.  

Gordon Brown should have known his place and the narrow limits of his social skills.  In fact, Gordon should have handed the reins over to Peter as caretaker leader when he came to the aid of the party from Brussels, and dropped out during the General Election campaign, as I had urged that he do, but no one listens to me.

Nothing can harm the Labour Party now.  It is dead and gone and beyond help or harm.  It is a zombie party.  Peter, you need not be troubled by the unkind things your critics say.  You have launched your book at exactly the right time and most pleasing of all, beaten the warmonger war criminal Blair to publication and launch.  Wait any longer and your book would only go down in value.

You did the right thing.  After a nice holiday you can address your mind to getting your own TV show and choosing a co-host to help you.  You already know of my longstanding devotion to and admiration for you. 

May I suggest The Lord and Lady Mandelson Show?

The pettiness of Alastair Campbell

He has blocked me on Facebook and consigned me to the outer wilderness of his fan club.

I wonder why.

And he dares to criticise Peter Mandelson of all people.

He posted on his blog today:

Peter Mandelson is perfectly entitled to write a memoir, and as I found when publishing The Blair Years and Prelude to Power, there is never a perfect time and someone, somewhere will always find reason to criticise.

But in getting out his version of the election aftermath, he could have done worse than ask to see my diaries of the time. According to an extract of The Third Man published yesterday, Gordon came back from his constituency in the early hours of May 7, spoke to staff and then had a meeting with Peter and Andrew Adonis. I'm afraid his memory is playing tricks. Gordon did have a meeting, but it wasn't with Andrew. I remember this beyond doubt, partly from my diary entry (I noted the meeting was with Sue Nye and David Muir from his office, Peter, me, and party polling expert Greg Cook), but mostly for GB's mild irritation that Andrew was in a television studio rather than hitting the phones to the Lib Dems. Andrew called in shortly afterwards, just as GB was finishing another bacon sandwich. Nick loved the bacon sandwich detail. Robinson that is, not Clegg. The Nick I beat on Top Gear.

His over-thick diaries are full of trivia.  How dare he criticise my Peter??!!  Why should anyone remember all that crap anyway or even bother getting it right?  Alastair Campbell should know that keeping a diary is not a memory test.  The shorter the better as long as you remembered to record the right things and not all the crap about who had what sandwich filling. 

I think he is just jealous that Peter is doing so well.  Indeed, if I have anything to do with it Peter will have his own TV show soon, and he may even be getting married to a certain Lady Mandelson to be ....

Now that would be news to gladden the hearts of the media and British people.

I'll give them something to write about.  

The first thing is to see that we both get invited to the Graham Norton Show.  (Is that still on?)  If he is too rude to me I will just karate chop his chops. 

What a pity Michael Parkinson has retired.  I can't stand that Alan Carr Chatty Man.  Oh, for a British chat show host with a bit of refinement instead of puerile jokes.  I will consider Jonathan Ross if he is the only one though he is quite irritating and I didn't agree with him victimising poor Manuel because his grand-daughter is a slut.  He should have just victimised the slut herself, but he was afraid the FemiNazis castrating him and stuffing his thing into his mouth like what the English people used to do in the olden days before burning them at the stake, so he took it out on poor Manuel because he is from Barcelona ....

Dame Edna would be so perfect.

The Claire and Mandy Show?

He should read children's stories. He should have his own TV show! I should be his co-host! We should have our TV show. The Claire and Mandy Show ...

You'd all watch, wouldn't you?

He would be a superb chat show host!  I would put nervous guests at their ease with my friendly confiding manner.  We could swap Nasty and Nice roles. 
The Prince and Princess of Darkness .... 

The Master and Mistress of Manipulation ....

It would be more dangerous than Richard and Judy ....

The Lord and Lady Mandelson Show?

Fox: UK 'will not give up' mentoring Afghan army

The best thing to happen is for the people who started it to be punished.

I am afraid this means us.

Then there would be a satisfying moral to the story:

The moral of this particular story would be:

1. Do not start wars lightly, unadvisedly or wantonly.

2. Certainly do not start wars like that that you cannot win.

3. An unexamined foreign policy is a foreign policy not worth implementing (Is it in the long-term national interest or just knee-jerk American Poodle-ism? Is it just so Blair and talk about "fighting shoulder to shoulder" with the world's most powerful but most unpopular nation? Is any of this worth the life of a single British grenadier? Is Israel?"

4. Do not go so mad with nannying dementia that you think you will get away with saying that you are only invading other countries so you can nanny them into being better more PC-liberal nations, ie doing things your way.

This would be laughable if it were not so tragic. Why don't we ask these Afghans if they want to be "mentored" by a civilisation in the terminal stages of dementia?

Why would they want be "mentored" by a country governed by fools and knaves who invade other countries telling them that it is for their own good?

Not content with having a nanny state we invade other countries to nanny them? Incredible, but true.

What are British soldiers dying for now? Zionism? America's foreign policy of unquestioningly supporting Israel? Now British soldiers are dying for Afghans who hate them, want them out of their country and want to kill them.

Does this country have a Jesus complex?

Are British soldiers to die for all the world to save it from its sins?

It is immoral, indefensible and incoherent.

If I were a soldier I would mutiny than die for the knaves and fools who sent me there to die for nothing.

Islam supports the values formerly regarded as Christian

Islam supports the values formerly regarded as Christian.

"Christian values" just meant family values, respect for our elders, consideration for others, doing our duty, getting married before having children and staying married.

The reason why Islam is strengthening and increasing in the number of its adherents is because Christianity, now fatally infected by PC-liberalism - has lost its way and is no longer fit for purpose.

Gay priests will not help social cohesion, nor will female bishops.  In fact, their existence will result in the opposite, but the demented liberal-feminists don't care as long as they have their way.  

Nature abhors a vacuum and Christianity is a moral vacuum. 

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Polanski and America the Pariah State

I am so glad the Swiss decided to let Polanski go.  If I were in charge I would break off diplomatic relations with the Americans.  It is time they retreated into Splendid Isolation to lick their wounds and get their house into order. 

The late Michael Keith Smith

I am proud to have known Mike Smith and to have had the benefit of his advice when he very firmly discouraged me from joining the other losers when I was thinking of becoming a parliamentary candidate for the Howden & Haltemprice by-election called by David Davis in July 2008. It was he who suggested that I go up instead to help David Davis and do a bit of networking, and that was what I did.

We first met online when crossing swords with each other on the treatment of homosexuals.  It emerged that he did not propose to do anything horrible to them, and only wanted to be rude about them, which seemed fair enough to me. 

He was a larger than life figure - in both senses of the word - and was widely known to be litigious.  I only recently discovered that he suffered from manic depression.

This does tally with his tendency to be recklessly indiscreet at times which I imagine he would later regret.  Indeed, I imagine that this cycle of exuberance and then later regret may be quite damaging to one's psyche.

When younger, I myself used to suffer a little from serial episodes of grandiloquent exuberance followed by regret, remorse and shame.   It seems that as I grow older, I become more confident and less plagued by feelings of regret and shame.  Perhaps this is one of the unsung benefits of maturity and experience, and I am happy to report that I am now under a more even keel. 

Mike threw himself off Porchester Castle, which is to me a gesture grandly dramatic, heroic and romantic.  I like to think I would have done the same, were I minded to commit suicide and lived near a castle.

The first time I met him was at the Bung Hole in the Strand, and we later attended a dinner at Simpsons in the Strand at which Simon Heffer, who was guest of honour, was wearing a kilt.
He became unwell in early 2008 and attempted to move the CDA closer to the centre ground, and warmly endorsed party leader David Cameron's "Agenda for Change", declaring in a speech that he wants to see more members of minority groups taking senior positions within the Conservative Party.

I remember him telling me that he had decided to support Cameron because he knew Cameron was going to win and he was tired of being in the fringes of UKIP.

Some time later he switched back to being on the fringes, because he just "couldn't stand it any more". 

Whatever one thought of Mike - and he had many enemies - one of his particular charms was his radiant and disarming honesty.

How well I remember him taking me around the Bournemouth Conference 2006 and knowing exactly which fringe meetings provided the best hospitality - the dullest ones of course - eg the Country Land and Business Association, the Manchester Airport Group.  The hospitality of the Freedom Association - Better Off Out Prohibition Do was however both entertaining and generous. 

We saw Francis Maude and I remember Mike mockingly saying "Hello Francis" like a schoolboy mocking a prefect, which only elicited a cold silence.  It was in Bournemouth that Mike admitted to me that he was a bit soft on getting rid of the welfare state.   I also remember him complaining that Theresa May only climbed to her position she did just because she was a woman and could get away with dressing like like a vulgar attention-seeking tart.  If he could he would do the same too, if that was a way up the greasy pole, but of course that option was not open to him, being a mere man. 

I remember too him speaking at the UKIP press conference, which Sky were filming.  Those of us who wanted to smoke, including Nigel Farage, spilled out into the garden of this hotel but were told to go back in by security, in case we were terrorists in possession of rocket launchers which we could fire from the garden into the likes of Cameron and his cronies who were in buildings visible from where we were.  

Once I incurred his wrath because I innocently reported a dinner he was organising on  This was because he feared sabotage by his detractors whom he thought would play tricks to get it cancelled.  He very graciously accepted the profuse apologies I offered.

After he decided to climb aboard the Cameron Catamaran he held a dinner which I attended out of loyalty.  I already knew he had gone native because the subject of the talk was not about immigration, the EU or the cowardice and hypocrisy of Cameron and the usual topics, but English music. 

The last public occasion was at the Swinton Circle meeting when he announced, apropos of nothing, that he would destroy Alan Harvey, who had apparently libeled him. 

He has gone, but will not be forgotten, a giant amongst pygmies.

Friday, 9 July 2010

A question for Muslims

Is it better to vote for

1. a party that has the most policies you agree with but says it hates and fears you yet does no more than hurt your feelings


2.  a party that says it likes you but harms you and people like you in other countries?

Qiblah-hosting Muslim nations would encourage travel and world peace

The Saudis won't like this, but I am toying with the idea of recommending to the ummah that the direction of prayer for Muslims should move from time to time so no Muslim country gets a monopoly of pilgrimage, like  Saudi Arabia. I recommend that this works along the lines of tenders for the Olympics. It should always go to the most Islamically advanced country in the world.  No country may vote for itself. 

No reason why the Qiblah has to stay in Mecca, is what I am saying.

YUSUFALI: We see the turning of thy face (for guidance to the heavens: now Shall We turn thee to a Qibla that shall please thee. Turn then Thy face in the direction of the sacred Mosque: Wherever ye are, turn your faces in that direction. The people of the Book know well that that is the truth from their Lord. Nor is Allah unmindful of what they do.

PICKTHAL: We have seen the turning of thy face to heaven (for guidance, O Muhammad). And now verily We shall make thee turn (in prayer) toward a qiblah which is dear to thee. So turn thy face toward the Inviolable Place of Worship, and ye (O Muslims), wheresoever ye may be, turn your faces (when ye pray) toward it. Lo! Those who have received the Scripture know that (this revelation) is the Truth from their Lord. And Allah is not unaware of what they do.

SHAKIR: Indeed We see the turning of your face to heaven, so We shall surely turn you to a qiblah which you shall like; turn then your face towards the Sacred Mosque, and wherever you are, turn your face towards it, and those who have been given the Book most surely know that it is the truth from their Lord; and Allah is not at all heedless of what they do.  

The verse seems to suggest that the Qiblah may change direction when circumstances dictate as long as it is in a direction dear to the Prophet's heart.

Why would a place of worship in a land judged to be Islamic and enlightened by the ummah not be dear to the Prophet?

If he were alive, would he not wish to visit it himself?

These are my reasons for suggesting that the Qiblah can be changed to foster an international spirit of competitiveness for enlightened Islamic government.

No Islamic reason why it cannot one day be London, Paris, New York, Rome or Beijing ...

Its direction has changed once, so it can change again.  A precedent has been set. (It was Jerusalem before it was Mecca.)

It might one day be Britain, who knows. Be nice to think of all Muslims in the world praying in the direction of Britain, while British Muslims have the privilege of praying in any direction ...

There is also a huge money-making opportunity for those makers of those prayer direction thingies ("QiblahNav"?  Qiblah Compass?) that tell Muslims which way to face when they are abroad.

I suggest it changes every 4 years, just like the Olympics and the World Cup.

A new one every 4 years - an excellent commercial opportunity for Qiblah compass manufacturers. 

Islam and Liberalism distorted into fascism, people too afraid to admit this.

The trouble with Islam is that Muslims have distorted Islam, rather in the same way that liberals have perverted liberalism into fascism

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The purpose of participating in politics in an imperfect world

If we lived in a perfect world there would be no need to discuss or participate in politics.

There is no good outcome for your society if you participate in politics without being at least prepared to say what you think is true or do what you think is right.

The BNP for all its faults has the virtue of satisfying this minimum requirement better than the other parties.

Theory and Practice

The chasm between theory and practice is often great and may indeed be impassable. The width of the chasm should however always be monitored.

A rapprochment between British Nationalism and Libertarianism?

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin praises Sean Gabb's book Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get it Back which can be obtained at Excalibur, the merchandising arm of the BNP,-Culture-War:-How-Conservatives-Lost-England,-and-How-to-Get-it-Back.html?shop_param=cid%3D64%26aid%3D116%26

About time too.  There is nothing inconsistent with an ideology of the British National Interest and an ideology that proposes fewer laws and lower taxes, as well as the repeal of all totalitarian liberal THOUGHTCRIME legislation.

While Holocaust Denial is not a crime in this country, people tend to  behave as if it were.  Any intelligent discussion of Nazi Germany invariably brings you to the controversial subject of how many Jews were killed and whether Hitler intended to exterminate them ab initio.  Before you get the chance to explain that Holocaust Denial does not in fact mean you deny that any Jews were killed by Nazi Germany, you will have been declared a social pariah and died a social death.  

A more detailed analysis of Holocaust Denial can be found at

Please do not attempt to engage the Chairman in discussion with this matter, however.  You will draw a blank for he does not wish to risk imprisonment.  His position as MEP requires that he visits Brussels regularly and this would put him in danger of imprisonment, and we all know that David Irving did time for this in Austria.

There is also the quaint concept of hate-crime. It would appear that it is now a crime to say something that would offend a protected group of people.  (This is called "hate-speech" - a species of totalitarian liberal legislation forbidding the feeling and expression of hatred of people in a legally-protected group.  Indeed, it is liberally decreed that one must love everyone and everything, not hurt anyone's feelings, and not cause anyone to hate you in return.  If you do say something that causes you to be hated by liberals, you cannot apparently drop the charges against yourself.  Something like that anyway. )

Unfortunately, these are not matters that can be discussed in academia, for we do not in fact have academic freedom.

Dennis Hayes, who fronts an organisation called Academics for Academic Freedom
has, I suspect, warned a certain Rania Hafez off me.  James Panton of the Manifesto Club ("for freedom in everyday life")  has also defriended me.  I wonder if these academic idiots even see the contradiction in their behaviour, or are they just too scared or stupid with double-think to get it now?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Why the Jews received the Ten Commandments

God came down and first he went to the Germans and said, "I have Commandments for you that will make your life better."

And the Germans asked, "what are Commandments?"

And the Lord said, "Rules for living."

"Can you give us an example?"

"Thou shalt not kill."

"Not kill? We're not interested."

So He went to the Italians and said, "I have Commandments." 

And the Italians wanted an example, and the Lord said, "Thou shalt not steal."

"Not steal? We're not interested."

He went to the French and said, "I have Commandments."

The French wanted an example and the Lord said, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife."

"Not covet my neighbor's wife? We're not interested."

He went to the Jews and said, "I have Commandments."

"Commandments? How much are they?"

"They're free."

"Good then, we'll take 10!"

Recycling Dead Bodies

Isn't there anything more useful dead bodies can be turned into?  Fertiliser?  Soylent Green?  Briquettes?

Machiavelli spoke out against Liberalism and gave reasons

" ... a prince, so long as he keeps his subjects united and loyal, ought not to mind the reproach of cruelty; because with a few examples he will be more merciful than those who, *through too much mercy*, *allow disorders to arise*, *from which follow murders and robberies*; for these are wont to injure *the whole people*, whilst those executions which originate with a prince offend the individual only."

From the 17th Chapter of The Prince, concerning cruelty and clemency and whether it is better to be loved than feared

Raoul Moat has too many friend requests on Facebook!

My Suggestion to Northumbria Police on How to Entice Raoul Moat Out of Hiding

I have been reliably informed that Raoul Moat now "has too many friend requests" on Facebook.

May I suggest that, instead of the rather uninspiring message to him beseeching him to give himself up and to "think of his children and the future", that your next message to him is along the lines of:

"Raoul Moat. Your life is worth living. You now have too many Facebook friend requests. This means that if you accepted them all you would have more than 5000 Facebook friends and would require a fan club. This means that your life is worth living and that people are interested in you and some of them perhaps genuinely admire you, however twisted their reasons.

If you don't believe us, go into the nearest internet cafe and check this out yourself.

We promise to let you accept all your friend requests and start your own fan club before we take you into police custody."

Apparently, he has had a few fan clubs for a few days now at and at

A few choice comments:

Chris Humble: "i am suprised more blokes don`t go nuts like this , how many times do you here about women taking house , kids , car , money , pets and leaving working class blokes with now`t !! then rubbing it in with a dovorce party in his house ... !!!"