Thursday, 26 August 2010

International Marxism, National Socialism and "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" AKA Pragmatic Nationalism

Now on the second volume of Mein Kampf, it is quite clear that, whatever you think of Hitler and his incoherent racial theories, he cared deeply about social justice and wanted to improve the lot of the poor.

It should be noted that the party that he joined was the Labour Party, which he very successfully moulded to take the form of his particular ideology.

National Socialism was therefore the anti-thesis of International Marxism because National Socialists wanted socialism for their own country, but rejected World Communism, which was a feature of International Marxism.  

Trotsky clung to Marx's purist goal of World Communism until Stalin decisively saw to it that the Russians concentrated only on Russia Empire.  Mao was only interested in the Socialism for China and not any other peoples who did not come under the rule of China.

It could therefore be said that any form of Socialism that had no international ambitions is in fact National Socialism.

The Russians can be said to have given up on their National Socialism the moment Gorbachev abandoned their one-party system - which is the distinguishing feature of National Socialism.

It can therefore be said that the Chinese remain the only living flourishing practitioners of National Socialism (with Chinese characteristics), which is a very interesting thought indeed.

National Socialism appears to have served the Chinese rather well.  They have certainly made a point of not being obviously aggressive and expansionist.  "One country two systems" demonstrates that they are capable of compromising when the need arises.  Since China is undoubtedly an empire, they are very keen emphasising racial harmony, very understandably.

What a shame Hitler is not alive today.  It would be delicious to be able to put the point to him on The Today Programme, perhaps, that his National Socialism is perhaps being implemented better by the Chinese than by the Germans, and whether he still stands by all the nonsense that was his racial theory.

He did after all say:

"Believe me, National Socialism would not be worth anything if it were to be confined to Germany and did not secure the rule of the superior race over the whole world for at least one or two thousand years."

It would be delicious to be able to call the Singaporeans Nazis too, but it appears they only have a de facto one-party state, not a de jure one.  Shame.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Eddy Butler and me

"Rumour has it in nationalist circles that you are the secret lover of Eddy Butler! I'm not sure whether you were aware of this or not."

While Eddy is an undoubtedly attractive man, being tall, dark, mysterious and manly, I have not yet had the privilege of becoming a member of his harem nor has he indicated to me that there is a vacancy.  I feel I should deny this rumour for the sake of his reputation and the sake of his harem members' peace of mind.  

I am still unsure if physical relations between different races constitutes miscegenation even if contraception is faithfully and effectively practised, and do not wish to probe such a delicate subject further in the light of the Party's delicate internal politics at this very sensitive time of the Party's history.  

Since I am an advocate of moral restraint, I now find myself obliged to practice what I preach.

In case anyone is interested in applying let me just say that I am only interested in ultra alpha males with loadsa money.  For some time now, I have been rather keen on Peter Mandelson , even in the knowledge of his established preference for the stronger sex, and despite his rather pedestrian prose in his rather dull book.  Indeed, my love and admiration for him is so deep and wide that it motivates me to offer giving up sex with all other men, including himself, if that is the price of becoming Lady Mandelson.  

Indeed, I would give up sex with women too, because that would only be right and proper.  

But I have heard nothing from him nor Sir Stuart Rose, despite my proposal to him that I have displayed at

Monday, 16 August 2010

On reading

Reading is not an end itself, but a means to an end.  Its chief purpose is to help towards filling in the framework which is made up of the talents and capabilities that each individual possesses.  Thus each one procures for himself the implements and materials necessary for the fulfilment of his calling in life, no matter whether this be elementary task of earning one's daily bread or a calling that responds to higher human aspirations.  Such is the first purpose of reading.  And the second purpose is to give a general knowledge of the world in which we live.  In both cases, however, the material which one has acquired through reading must not be stored up in the memory on a plan that corresponds to successive chapters of the book; but each little piece of knowledge thus gained must be treated as if it were a little stone to be inserted into a mosaic, sot hat it finds its proper place among all the other pieces and particles that help to form a general world-picture in the brain of the reader.  Otherwise only a confused jumble of chaotic notions will result from all this reading.  That jumble is not merely useless, but it also tends to make the unfortunate possessor of it conceited.  For he seriously considers himself a well-educated person and thinks that he understands something of life.  He believes that he has acquired knowledge, whereas the truth is that every increase in such 'knowledge' draws him more and more away from real life until he finally ends up in some sanatorium or takes to politics and becomes a parliamentary deputy.  

Who wrote this?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Power is a slippery banana ...

Grasp it gently but firmly.  Squeeze too hard and it will shoot right out of your hand.