Thursday, 30 September 2010

Toby Young, his West London Free School and SECRET IRAQ

Did anyone see START YOUR OWN SCHOOL and SECRET IRAQ?  Toby Young (who defriended me because I called Cameron a cunt of convictionless Conservatism on his walls) is seen to be getting a good kicking by the liberal establishment for his presumption.  This is what you have to do in rip-off Britain if you want to send your 4 children to a good school but there are no grammar schools around and you can't afford to go private. Watch the middle classes being pissed on by the liberal establishment.  It may be dawning on Toby Young that that cunt of convictionless Conservatism Cameron whom he thinks is going to help and his sidekick Michael Gove are just stringing him along like the Brokeback prick-teasers they are.  In the end they will tell you to go fuck yourself, Toby.  

Even if the West London Free School gets established, most parents won't be able to get their arse into gear to do all you did. 

But A+ for effort, Toby!  It will help to the world that Britain is now the land where we are now reduced to starting our own schools in order to give our children a decent education, or see them turn into CHAVs and white trash.

Great show if you want to watch Toby being pissed on by the educational establishment and tied up with red tape.

As for SECRET IRAQ, it took a while for shit for brain British fuckwits to realise that the Iraqis - surprise, surprise, surprise! - hate the Coalition troops who messed up their country, and want to kill them.  Whatever Saddam did to them in the good old  bad old days, all is forgiven and they now miss him and want him back.  If they could press a button, turn back time and have him back, they would do so in a blinking of the eye.  Still, a lot of British politicians (like David Miliband who said in the Labour hustings that he supported the invasion of "Afraq") don't quite get this.  Maybe it is to do with the shit education that they get in British schools.

Middle class parents of children with "ADHD" will continue to be parted from their money

How to treat ADHD? Observe the parents for bad parenting and any signs of being middle class, then tell them to give it a good smack.

How to treat ADHD? Stigmatise it. The simplest and most responsible thing this government should do - but I know it won't - is to put any child who has ADHD into a special class of ADHD sufferers or even put them into an ADHD *school*. That would shut these parents up good and proper.

And, obviously, watch that kid for character defects, emotional instability, weirdness, intellectual impairment and remember to tell it again and again that it had better change its ways or IT. WILL. AMOUNT. TO. NOTHING and be a loser and a loner.

Whatever its causes, genetic or social, they should suppress its symptoms and stop being a burden to themselves and others.

Of course these child psychologists are going to milk it for what it's worth.

This piece will create confusion and encourage concerned parents to who can afford it to seek expert advice.

It is obviously not enough to just tell a child nicely to cease and desist and give up when they won't. You actually punish the child, but that may be considered a bit "extreme" to liberal parents to actually have to practise following through their ideas. They will of course just cave in at the first hurdle and seek "expert advice" who will have every interest in giving unnecessary treatment and prolonging it for as long as possible.

Boys suffer from it more than girls.

Everyone suffers from ADHD and autism from time to time. It is just a way of saying someone is

1. not paying attention
2. not seeing another's point of view
3. not able to control their emotions

but that it is not their fault.

Well, if they are annoying you and won't stop annoying you, then it is their bloody fault.

The reason why there are more middle class ADHD children now is because more mothers work. There is just hint that this happens more to working mothers, when these experts refer mysteriously to "early childhood experience" (which I believe is a euphemism for "leaving them in daycare") because they don't want to be shouted at by Jenni Murray or be sent to The Tower.  

Working class children who display ADHD-like behaviour whose parent(s) did not think to consult a child psychologist (or cannot afford to do so) are called something else, eg "thick out-of-control little shits"

Oliver James was trying to suggest that working mothers leaving children in creches was not such a good idea. I still remember how Jenni Murray shouted at him on WOMAN'S HOUR for daring to criticise working mothers.

"Sadly, there is now overwhelming evidence that daycare is bad for the mental health of at least one-third of under-threes (the evidence is in the appendix of my book).

Tragically, it is precisely the kind of mother (and politician) who is unresponsive in relating to under threes who is most likely to leave her child in daycare. The more unresponsive she is, the longer the hours she is likely to work and the lower the quality of daycare she is willing to settle for. Yet these are the very babies who most need one-on-one care (although all under-threes do)."

How to cure ADHD:

Classifying the political spectrum rationally

The most rational way to classify the political spectrum is to go from Libertarian to Statist. In other words, low tax and light regulation to high tax and heavy regulation.

Nothing else makes sense, because Left and Right are both capable of authoritarianism and totalitarianism.

If it is involves either more regulation or more taxes, it is called "statist".

If it is a proposal to repeal a law or regulation or would save the taxpayer money, then it would be called "libertarian".

I am suggesting that we go through all the policies of every political party, categorising every policy in this way, and then grade each party's policies according to their statist or libertarian tendencies.

It is a very simple process. Hardly rocket science.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Women whingeing on Woman's Hour: The Sex Discrimination Act and Maternity Leave

Pregnant women and discriminatory redundancies

Since the start of the recession a number of organisations that support working families have raised concerns about the increase in phone calls from women, pregnant or on maternity leave, who are threatened with possible redundancy. To discuss Jenni is joined by Vanessa Wheeler from Working Families and Digby Jones.

They are the worst mothers and the worst employees anyway.

Q.  Why the fuck should employers be compelled to hire women in the first place anyway?  If they are unfortunate enough to have hired a female employee who then gets knocked up, why should they be compelled to keep her on when she isn't even doing what they want her to do, ie turn up for work, and is instead sucking you dry with her maternity leave?

A.  Because the totalitarian matriarchy says you must and sacrifice your freedom of contract in the name of feminism. 

Bet you won't hear a squeak about this from the useless fuckers who make up the Libertarian Party who have had their balls ripped and served up as mince for their female partners. 

Repeal the Sex Discrimination Act!  Abolish the Equal Opportunities Commission!

On the allegation that I am the girlfriend of a certain BNP organiser

It has been again suggested at the Democracy Forum AKA that I am the girlfriend of a certain suspended BNP organiser.  I wonder whether it would better for me to ignore or deny this. 

To not deny it would make The Party appear racially inclusive (which I think would be extremely helpful for The Party), and it seems that many people prefer to believe this story anyway and will continue to believe it, whatever I say.  Should I spoil their fun by denying it? 

If the Labour Party could have their leadership election all over again who would they choose?

I wonder who the Labour Party would vote for if they could have their leadership election all over again.

Would they know to avoid voting for either of the Milibrothers if they could do it all over again?

That would leave them with:

- a "sensible" choice of Ed Balls
- an Old Labour choice of Andy Burnham
- a new and different black and female Labour leader

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Charged £155 for getting off train early

Martyn Evans did not "break" his journey, he ended it. No case to answer.

Why the Eurosceptic parties are useless cunts and a fucking waste of space

Because they, ie UKIP, BNP, English Democrats, SWP, think they can by themselves alone persuade the LibLabCon to give us a referendum on the EU as they divide and dilute the Eurosceptic vote General Election after General Election after General Election.  

Now, why the fuck would they think that? 

The rate they are going, the LibLabCon will have withdrawn from the EU and say they thought of it and did  it first by the time the Eurosceptic parties get their act together to do anything that would actually work. 

That is how shit the Eurosceptic parties are.

Of course, a merger of the Eurosceptic parties (either temporary or permanent) on just this one issue would be the sensible way forward.  All they have to do is say:

"Forget all the other stuff we disagree about, just remember if we don't get out of the EU nothing happens anyway and this shit will just continue till we are all dead."

Not exactly rocket science, is it?  But it is in this country for some reason.  Must be all the dumbed-down education the British keep "learning".

Perhaps what all the Eurosceptic parties want to do is become MEPs and have the EU as their paymasters who would pay them better than if they became mere MPs at Westminster.  If that is the case then we are all being conned, even by the people who keep telling us that we are being conned.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Big Society and what it means - Big Bollocks worn over Cameron's Little Ones

Bigging It Up
The Coalition claims its Big Society is more than a slogan and its ideas are shaping key policies. Anne McElvoy investigates the little-known genesis of David Cameron's big idea and examines what its roots reveal about how the government will go about doing less - and ensuring society does more.

Conservatives are supposed to want small government, but that cunt of convictionless Conservatism Cameron thought it might be unpopular with those ex- New Labour supporters who are addicted to the NHS and the nanny state.

The Big Society appeared to be a big idea that was also the compromise between New Labour and Thatcherism.

Cameron, being the convictionless cunt he is, dared not go back to Thatcherism. If he had he would have won by a landslide.

Ahmadinejad's 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

I am quite happy with the theory that Bin Laden bombed the Twin Towers to make a point over Americans voting again and again for the same kind of government with the same kind of pro-Israel policy.  In any case, the cock-up theory is always more likely than any conspiracy theory judging from the incorrigible stupidity of mankind. 

"Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain." 

His master plan was to start a chain of events that would impoverish and weaken the West economically and militarily and diplomatically isolating it after it has incurred the wrath of everyone else in the world who is not a Zionist (and why would anyone not subject to Holocaust Denial laws be a Zionist anyway?).

It wouldn't matter if Bin Laden is dead, for his work is now done - he has already made the West press its own auto destruct button.

Soon, Israel's allies will be so weakened and discredited that they will no longer be able to defend themselves, let alone that miserable little country everyone in the world hates.

Arab nationalism, Muslims and the Palestinians will be seen to triumph while the West retires from "Afraq" with black eyes and its teeth kicked out ...

The plan seems to be working beautifully so far. 

Sunday, 26 September 2010

The One-Party State Misused in North Korea

King Kim Jong Il

A one-party state, operating optimally, would attract all the best people into the only party in the country, where there will always be an experienced leader in waiting.

If Hu Jintao,  the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, fell under a bus he would have 9 other potential replacements waiting in the wings of the Politburo, who will in turn be elected by the 27 in the Politburo Standing Committee.

The point is that all of 38 of them will have proven themselves in government and within the party.

The constitution of the Chinese Communist Party is indeed a finely-balanced instrument, precision-engineered to avoid the current North Korea scenario.

Only cultural chauvinism prevents the West from acknowledging that the Chinese are the most rationally-governed nation on earth.

The Koreans therefore have a de facto monarchy and I would love to be the one to point this out to them. (please click)

It is very annoying to be talked about, to have one's ideas misunderstood, one's motives traduced, have someone else confused with oneself and not be given a right of reply, but that's democracy for you at

Anthony Butcher the website owner has asked the Moderators if I could return but they have taken a democratic decision and said no. I suppose I should relish the fact that I am now so feared and hated they dare not let me back.

By the way, "British LQ" - whose energy and enthusiasm I applaud - is not me.

Friday, 24 September 2010

£110k award to compensate asylum seeker illegally detained. That will make them want to come here more. Bollox for brains fuckwit Brits

Judge Collins is a liberal with shit for brains.  

Ken "Dick Whittington" Livingstone

What an idiot that Andrew Gilligan is.  Does he really think Oona King has a snowball in hell's chance of becoming mayor?? 

Our Ken at least can read the writing on the wall and can say that he was right all along in saying

1.  don't invade Iraq
2   don't invade Afghanistan
3.  suck up to the Chinese
4.  suck up to the Muslims

He is also charming, charismatic, politically astute and witty while Oona is merely charming and pretty.  Her hardline Zionism will not endear herself to Muslims who are of course the largest ethnic minority group in London.  Boris has been sucking up to the Muslims for a while now and would be way ahead of her in the game, even if she had become the mayoral candidate.  

If Boris is going to be beaten, then Ken's the one to do it.

My disqualification as Jury Team London MEP candidate

I was was disqualified as Jury Team candidate on Wednesday 15 April 2009 on grounds of contravening the following rule:

"I agree not to support any policies discriminating on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religious or other belief."

The full text can found at

It came to the notice of Dillon Sharp the Press Officer that I was proposing to strike a bargain with the BNP. If they voted for me in sufficient numbers to secure me the nomination, I would vote for a BNP MEP on 4 June, I said.

This is all on record at the British Democracy Forum at

where you will find my comments.

You may also be interested to know that Bob Bailey, the BNP MEP candidate in question, in fact agreed to ask his members to support me and said he voted for me.

If I am guilty of anything, it is of horse-trading, which is not in fact prohibited.

Re-read the term that I am alleged to have contravened, and you would see that "other belief" could include National Socialism, voodoo, human sacrifice, etc.

The person who drafted this term is clearly not a lawyer, or unfit to practice law. Sir Paul was obviously not paying attention when he approved that clause.

I have received neither an answer or an apology from Sir Paul after bringing this to his attention, only a guilty silence.

A request from one of my supporters to have his 25p returned to him after my unjust and unwarranted exclusion has so far not been acceded to.

Someone who declined to vote for me declared that it was probably a telephone scam.

Perhaps it is.

If you wish to acquaint Sir Paul with your views, his email is paul at and his website is at

Dillon Sharp, the Press Officer who disqualified me may be contacted at

call 07538 280 041 (24 hours a day)

Such high-handed and disgraceful treatment has made me even more determined to do business with the BNP, whom I believe would have an interest in promoting direct democracy, unlike the sham movement of Sir Paul, who which only allows Direct Democracy for those who do not contravene his incoherent and nonsensical rule.

Direct Democracy is also something that would be in the interests of Muslims too, even if they do not as yet know this.

I have requested two fatwas on whether Direct Democracy could ever be unIslamic, but perhaps they are unfamiliar with the concept and unused to such a comprehensive question. I have asked for Tim Winter's but he is neither saying yes nor no. Perhaps he means maybe.

It is worth remembering that the most despised groups in the country, ie the Muslims and the BNP, who were against the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, were right on this all along.

In fact, it would be in all our interests, if only enough people understood the concept through exploring it at

For those still worried about letting the loonies in by voting BNP, may I point out that the loonies are already in charge.

Michael White of The Guardian even agrees with me, bless him, and he was right all along that the Jury Team are a complete waste of time.

Apparently, MPs expect at least 4 or 5 BNP MEPs.

He also says that it would be a good thing for the country if the BNP do well. If the BNP are analogous to a stick, then the use of this stick to protest against the policies of the Lib-Lab-Con is the only option we have now of making our feelings known, whatever our race or religion.

Call it entering the British National Suicide Voting Pact if you must, but sometimes, suicide is the only honourable option.

I thank Sir Paul and his sham movement for making this ringingly clear to me.

Vote BNP in the Euro elections.
You know you want to.

"a foreign blooded woman of Muslim background"

Says BGD  of me at

"What I do think is a reasonable assumption is that anyone in the reform group who proposed that a foreign blooded woman of Muslim background would make a good leader of a reformed BNP would scare away the vast majority of recruits that they tried to attract. Therefore I give it no credence.

That is not to say that this lady in question might not be above using a proxy as vanity drives her in here. But would she be a realistic choice for the BNP, nein. I also understand that this woman is supposed to be an intellectual of some description? I have not encountered her posts, being a relative newbie. No disrespect to the lady above but I don't think that she is that immersed in ideas."

BGD seems not to be aware that this proposed leadership election concerns only BNP Reform ("BNPR") and has no direct and immediate effect on the party.  It is merely the proposed election of who is to lead a faction within a party. 

Indeed, it is just a means of testing out the leadership contest rules that are still in the process of being drafted.  I suggested that it would be a shame for such a person to be merely appointed, when such a superb opportunity exists to demonstrate BNPR's democratic credentials.

It would be an opportunity for those of ambition and talent to throw their hats in the ring as it would certainly look good on their CV if they are elected.

If under the new rules I am entitled to throw my hat in the ring, I certainly would, just for the fun of it, and would encourage others to do so too. 

Eddy Butler would still remain indispensable and in control of the whole movement whoever is elected "Political Leader".

If I had my way, all BNP members who sign up for the Reform Movement would be entitled to vote, having been so unfairly deprived of a leadership election.  We all know the rank and file just love leadership elections.  

Please note that I have not discussed any of this with Eddy, who is doubtless formulating his thoughts and biding his time ...

The only reason why "BGD" has not encountered me on is simply because I have been banned.  If he cares to read my blogs and visit he will find that I am very interested in ideas indeed. 

I am uncertain as to how to deal with his statement that I am "of Muslim background".  If being born in a Muslim country makes me "of Muslim background" even if none of my family are Muslims, so be it.   All the knowledge I have acquired of Islam is through independent reading which took place in the UK.  Being born in a stable does not make me a horse, does it?

Robert Edwards calls me "an Enemy of Islam"

Robert Edwards who runs (and is a White Muslim Nationalist probably in the same way that Muhammad Ali was Nation of Islam) says of me at

"With all due respects to your friend, but Islam can not be 'secularised' which means divested of its essential uniqueness as a religion. Such attempts are called 'the American Islam' and it is universally condemned. The next thing, they would want to turn Mecca into a Disneyland and serve hot dawgs there.

She is wrong and is, in fact, an enemy of Islam. Islam can not be taken over by atheists. Atheists are enemies of Islam.

The reason why Islam can not, indeed, will not be secularised or 'reformed' is that it is based irrevocably and unalteringly on the inspired words in the Holy Qur'an and the sayings of the prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in the hadith.

You can not change that. You can discuss it, interpret it, but you can not change that.  The woman is misguided."

I wonder what he means by "American Islam".

I hope Robert Edwards is aware of the existence of Koran-only Muslims or Koranists - these are people who wish to excise the unIslamic cultural accretions of the practices of people who also happen to call themselves Muslim.

I would say what I propose to do is analogous to cleaning a painting with centuries of accumulated grime to make it fit to be exhibition to the general public.

I suggest that he reads Defenders of Reason In Islam: Mu'tazilism and Rational Theology from Medieval School to Modern Symbol

It is quite dull and does not quite dare to go as far as I do in the point it makes, which is to reject everything in the Hadith that contradicts the Koran and allow it to be interpreted afresh in every age and in every nation thinking of following its guidance.  

Belief in God is not necessary, one only has to agree that the Koran is a good enough guide for mankind, whether or not one believes in the actual existence of a Living God.

To come to the conclusion that the Koran is indeed a good enough guide for mankind (or even disagree with this conclusion) one must of course begin by reading the Koran - something many cannot make themselves do, either because their  literacy skills are too low or they are so blinded by  hatred and fear that they refuse to contemplate doing any such thing.

The Secular Koranist would of course ignore all the verses in the Koran that threaten hell and promise heaven (because the Secularist would not believe in the existence of God, heaven or hell beyond mere concepts), while considering the morality and practicability of only the command verses, ie those that exhort us to do something or refrain from doing something.

If anything is still unclear all people have to do is ask!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Voice of Reason featured on London Patriot

I am honoured and delighted to be informed by Robert Bailey that this blog is now being featured at in an admittedly already long list of featured blogs.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

"Rowena Bouddica Savage For BNP Political Leader"

It has been suggested that I throw my hat into the ring as a candidate to be BNP Political Leader of the Reform Movement, to suggest liberalisation, modernisation and racial inclusion. Whatever happens, it would certainly be good PR for the party, the reform movement of the party and of course yours truly! Hark, I do believe I can already hear the huffing and puffing of outraged ethno-nationalism ....

Listen to them huff and puff at:

I do wish they wouldn't keep calling me a Muslim though. 

Khavian Koranism is a hybrid ideology I have created that incorporates libertarianism with family values as well as reconciling small government with the national interest.  It would always craft its policies to suit the the lower middle classes, ie the people who tend to vote BNP, eg the man in the white van, the independent small business, the taxi-driver, the Asian corner shop, and any race or religion with a work ethic.  It is designed to combat Radical Islam.

No orthodox Muslim would approve of this, would they?

or this:

or this:

Now they are suggesting that I am gay and mad, and a climber of the greasy pole, and me with no way of responding because I have been banned from the British Democracy Forum run by a certain Anthony Butcher.  He can be found on Facebook at

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sangin and Colonel Richard Williams' view of the competence of the military

Colonel Richard Williams (from 24th minute):

A very important interview for the military which we should already know are led by dolts and dunderheads, for example Sir Mike "Technophobe" Jackson, who is too incompetent to even turn off his own mobile phone when being interviewed by Stephanie Flanders, even after repeated attempts.  It will predictably be unnoticed by most people. 

Colonel Williams is a man of principle and speaks out against the dolts and dunderheads in the military who blamed the government for a lack of resources.  I wonder which particular dolt and dunderhead he was referring to. 

Refreshing to hear the views and the voice of a man of strength and principle who knows what he is talking about and isn't afraid to say it.

Unequal Opportunities, BBC2, 20 September 2010, Why UK Education is so crap

Typical class war crap the liberal (AKA Commie - let's not mince our words) establishment is blaming the parlous state of British education on.

Rich kids have access to good schools, private tuition, music lessons and books at home. Poor kids get started with a liberal dose of "progressive" education, one-parent families and are sent to the nearest sink school with other loser kids and loser teachers.

Unofficial Quality Guide to Schools: The fewer male teachers there are the more crap the school is going to be. We all know how disgracefully female-dominated the teaching profession is, and how they conspire to big up the achievements of girls while denigrating and marginalising boys. (Male teachers are probably in daily terror of being accused of sexual harassment or paedophilia by malicious female teachers who take a dislike to them because they dare to disagree with them over anything.) 

With no male role models in either primary or secondary schools for these singly mothered children it is no wonder they go off the rails.

Singly mothered children and single mothers are of course sacred cows that cannot be questioned and criticised, in our totalitarian feminist state.

I bet John Humphrys will not be committing the lese majeste of suggesting that feminism and the female-dominated teaching profession is responsible for the depths of the disgrace that is British education, which is run with the apparent purpose of making the British male even more useless than he already is.
 20 September 2010 at 08:04

Selective education is the answer of course, and the return of grammar schools, but, apparently, these days, if you ask for such a thing you belong to the lunatic fringe or the "Far Right" - both UKIP and the BNP are the only parties you may have heard of offering grammar schools in their manifestos.

Mixed ability teaching compels everyone to go at the pace of the slowest.

This rather explains why no British employer would hire a British school-leaver if they have the option of hiring a non-British employee untainted by a British state education.

Where is the sense of breeding a class of educationally inadequate youngsters and then refusing to do anything about it when the folly of doing so is pointed out?

I wonder if the Far Wrong have any explanations for this insane state of affairs.
20 September 2010  at 08:33

Academy and free schools - not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, are a big fat con, a distraction and another fine example of tinkering around at the edges.

The reason why the Tories won't tackle education properly is because they already know that:

1. 5 years is not long enough to sort the mess that is British education out.

2. they would get all the flak but none of the kudos

3. it would all be reversed at the next election

4. there is no one left in this country to give children a decent education and we would have to hire teachers from Singapore, Zimbabwe etc where they still teach properly and hire armed guards to guarantee their safety

That is why, really, that I conclude that a one-party state is really the only way forward to arrest the apparently irreversible decline facing this country before the British are reduced to resorting to piracy and prostitution as a national occupation.

If John Humphrys does not mention

1. the sheer numbers of singly-mothered children with behavioural problems spoiling it for others,

2. the ideological constraints the liberal teaching profession against anything to do with imposing discipline,

3. the skill at which the female-dominated teaching profession covers up the failure of its policies using opaque and subjective grading criteria resulting in the dilution of academic standards,

because of the predictable ideological constraints of the BBC against questioning feminism leading to female promiscuity leading to single motherhood, then we will know, won't we?

20 September 2010 at 08:44 

Did anyone see UNEQUAL OPPORTUNITIES last night?

If so, did they notice how it just regurgitated all the problems without proposing a solution, apart from... the one about abolishing all private schools, an idea mooted by a comp-educated schoolgirl in Kirby?

John Humphrys said nothing about

- the quality of teacher training
- the inability to teach the 3 Rs
- the mirage of choice
- the female-dominated teaching profession that is so harmful to boys

If you could only shop at Harrods and could afford to do so every day, would you choose to shop at Morrison's???

A complete and utter waste of time and one-hour.

Yes, abolishing all private schools *is* the only way forward. But wouldn't that require a revolution, though?

So why can't we have school-leavers with just a handful of O levels getting a job at the local newspaper, the way John Humphrys did?

Because they are taught useless rubbish for too many years, and no one in the liberal establishment has the wit or courage to point this out, because that would offend

1. the feminists
2. the female-dominated teaching establishment who so cleverly disguise the failure of their policies with opaque and incomprehensible grading criteria
3. the single mothers who send their unsocialised children to schools to spoil it for others
4. the working mums who want it all and consequently have no time to teach their children any manners
5. the single mothers who bring up their children fatherlessly, and who turn their sons into emasculated men or allow them to become feral youth
6. the single mothers whose daughters notice the queue of unsuitable lovers outside their mother's bedroom and think "what's good enough for my mum is good enough for me", perpetuating a vicious cycle. I suppose it is pretty obvious why he does not want want to offend the Mumsnetters, who represent the matriarchy that all men must consult and genuflect to.  Mumsnet represents a goodly proportion of single and working mothers who are, because they happen to be middle class, are in effect beyond criticism, however fatuous the views they express.

If you want to know what's wrong with parenthood, children and women in Britain, look no further than Mumsnet! 

Why Christianity is more prone to schism and totalitarianism than Islam

I wonder how much worshipers actually bother about religious doctrine in contrast to their favourite rituals of their religion.

If people were being honest, having read the Koran, they would have to agree that there is nothing particularly contentious about it.

What they do not like, probably, is the prostrations that come with the Islamic way of worshiping Allah, and prefer hymns, incense, sitting in pews in grand ancient buildings ...

Many Cultural Christians probably do not really believe that Christ really is God or that they are eating the flesh of Christ and drinking his blood when they participate in Holy Communion.

Perhaps the Muslims who do convert to Christianity do so simply because they prefer the showmanship of Catholic rituals, not because it came upon them, as in a revelation, the mystery of the Trinity. (Indeed, I would go so far as to suggest that the totalitarian horror of the Spanish Inquisition was a direct response to Muslims and Jews who blasphemously questioned the very vulnerable and incoherent doctrine of the Trinity, which of course  "explains" Christ's divinity.)

However, reading a little around the subject of religious intolerance in England, it seems that the Muslim way is less schismatic because it is simple and undisputed.

Catholicism involves great concentration of power and centralisation too. Islam is more diffuse because it is more securely standardised - no arguments about how they worship or which prayer book to use.

Clinging to Christianity is the moral equivalent of clinging to your Reliant Robin when you have a BMW (with its handbook still in the glove compartment) and know you have a long and arduous journey ahead of you.



"Socialism! What does socialism really mean? If people have some thing to eat and their pleasures, then they have their socialism."

We are all socialists now!

International Marxism, National Socialism and The Third Way

National Socialism was an ideology to combat International Marxism, which has world ambitions.

National Socialism attempted to be a - ahem - Third Way, ie a middle way between capitalism and socialism.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Islam is another example of a third way ideology between the ethno-exclusiveness and high entry requirements of Judaism and the extremist ideology of the Christians which claimed that all one had to do to reach the Kingdom of God is believe that Christ is really God, amongst other odd and extremist doctrines.  

There are many examples in history of hybrid and evolving ideologies.

The German King of Poland - Augustus III

Augustus III - King of Poland; Elector of Saxony

He wasn't a particularly good king and he spent less than 3 years in all there during his whole reign, but he was still German and King of Poland, and he did convert to Catholicism. has his coronation music.  Do listen to it.  It is jolly, uplifting and better than Handel, IMHO. 

5:51 AM
Gorczycki, Grzegorz Gerwazy (c.1665-1734)
Nunc dimittis
Olga Pasiecznik (soprano), Piotr Lykowski (countertenor), Wojciech Parchem (tenor), Miroslaw Borzynski (bass), Sine Nomine Chamber Choir, Concerto Polacco, Marek Toporowski (chamber organ/director)

Could someone please tell me again why France and Britain couldn't let Hitler keep Poland, as Poland once even had a Saxon (ie German) King?  

Were Britain and France just ganging up on Germany just to be mean?

Did Hitler feel entitled to acquire Poland in the same way that someone playing Monopoly would wish to acquire Pentonville Road after having acquired Euston Road and The Angel Islington, when everyone else already has a set?  

I think we should be told.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Religious Intolerance in England after the Break from Rome

Thanks be to the Pope who made me take an interest in these things while he was here!

The Toleration and Test Acts is an affront to all civilised values.  No wonder the Pilgrim Fathers fucked off to America.  

After Henry VIII's break from Rome and there was established the Church of England AKA a Creature of the State, there occurred schism within schism.  Within the Anglican Church, those who dissented from it were in turn discriminated against and persecuted.

Those who did not agree to the 39 Articles were treated as odd and inferior, and deprived of their entitlement to take certain learned and important positions in education and government.

If Henry had not broken from Rome, there would not have been such religious intolerance and mutual suspicion, and not quite so many people would have died over whether the Bible was translated into English, which prayer book was used, how much of it was used, and whether people had to be forced into using a particular prayer book and which bits of it etc etc.

If Henry had been Muslim, he would not have needed to ask the Pope's permission to take another wife.  There would have been no problem at all and two of his six wives would have died with their heads on their shoulders. 

The ordinary English folk would have been less prone to being burnt as a heretic or as a Catholic or discriminated against as a Dissenter.

BNP men fretting about the declining numbers and deteriorating quality of the white race would, if Muslim, rest easy in the comforting thought that their Islamic ability to take four wives and sire children with them will quickly replace the birth rate of legitimate white babies with two married parents whose numbers have been so hideously ravaged by extremist feminism.

Indeed, there would have been no extremist feminism at all to contend with.

The political maturity of the typical Lib Dem member

Oh dear. There's no money in the kitty.

LibDem dilemma:

1. Accept it and deal with it through making unpopular decisions


2. Pretend it is nothing to do with them and continue demanding that the government borrows money it can't pay back to spend money on things it can't afford to prop up a useless class of benefit claimants for fit for nothing let alone the future.

They have to spend a whole conference pondering this question and being reassured by a young man.

Why are we being governed by a bunch of demented old ladies too fussy and frightened to get their hands dirty with politics?

The dementia and dunderheadedness of British politics has to be experienced to be believed.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Each new generation might as well be a different race ...

Passengers in a railway carriage, 1950. These people are in a party of workers from a boot factory in Leicester going to London for a day trip. It was common for employers to put on trips for their workers, and special trains were often put on for such excursions.

... if the current generation does not bother transmitting its values and customs.

If only I could convince my BNP buddies that the problem is not really about race, but a failure of transmission.

Even families with two married biological parents often fail in transmitting the values of their generation to their children.

Think how much worse would the result be from single parent families.

That is why Western civilisation is fucked by feminism AKA matriarchy AKA a gradual then escalating descent into barbarism and decline.

Will the current generation even succeed in transmitting their empty values of sex and shopping, whingeing and binge-drinking to the next?  They won't even be able to do that if they spend their children's inheritance, will they? for more CHAV and pikey photos - to picture how other nations picture the British now. 

Friday, 17 September 2010

Historical inaccuracy by Pope about Hitler's alleged Atheism

Having read Mein Kampf, I was very disappointed at the Pope for pretending that Hitler wanted to remove God from the Germans.  Quite the contrary. This is what Hitler actually said about religion:

"By helping to lift the ...human being above the level of mere animal existence, Faith really contributes to consolidate and safeguard its own existence. Taking humanity as it exists today and taking into consideration the fact that the religious faiths which it generally holds and which have been consolidated through our education, so that they serve as moral standards in practical life, if we should now abolish religious teaching and not replace it by anything of equal value the result would be that the foundations of human existence would be seriously shaken. We may safely say that man does not live merely to serve higher ideals but that these ideals, in their turn, furnish the necessary conditions of existence as a human being. And thus the circle is closed."

"The greatness of Christianity did not arise from attempts to make compromises with those philosophical opinions of the ancient world which had some resemblance to its own doctrine, but in the unrelenting and fanatical proclamation and defence of its own teaching."

Tryst (With Destiny) by Akkas Al-Ali

Jeffrey Marshall's review:

Two superb actors, three sets of characters, I think, although one (played by Marlon G.Day) existed in two incarnations, before and after he was touched by madness.

The satirical short story which originally inspired this play involved an exchange of lunatics between recently partitioned states, India & Pakistan.

But the aspect of this play I found most touching was that we were shown the process by which a Hindu man, losing his new Muslim wife in a terrible act of ethnic violence, is driven mad.

The writing was tender, subtle & clever.

It wasn't a short play at an hour and a half, including interval, but it seemed to last no time at all.

Only the staging, where the Muslim bride dies, lacked the necessary force.

Perhaps Sonia Kaur should have retreated offstage and allowed us to imagine the violence of this scene using only sound effects.

My review:

It wasn't weird and boring at all (as I feared it might have been) and there were no longeurs. The dialogue was natural and didn't feel "written".

Marlon Day was charismatic and undeniably fanciable, with his gym-sculpted body of ebony, so making him change on stage was an excellent idea. He played the madman with effortless authenticity whose girlfriend raped and murdered during Partition. 

It was an excellent idea to have a non-Asian male actor, thus universalising the theme of ethnic violence.

There were also unexpectedly topical references to Koran-burning.

Jeffrey confided in that he was a little nervous of being outed during the progress of the play by the UAF as a BNP member (as has been known to happen).

But he is no longer important enough for that sort of entourage.

Anyway, it was all very civilised, with Akkas shaking our hands and thanking us for coming.

His plan was to deny that he was a member (because he has been suspended), and to out me who is still a member and not important enough (at the moment) to be suspended.

A number of prominent Muslims were there on first night. At any rate we recognised two from the Baitul Futuh in Morden.

The pain of Partition clearly lives on in the memory of Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus who killed each other with such enthusiasm during that painful time, and will probably only fade when a national entity called "Pakindia" or "Indistan" comes into existence.

Jeffrey quite reasonably asked:

'Why couldn't they just have Muslims to the Left and Hindus to the right, without killing each other?'

The dialogue was naturalistic and authentically in the English vernacular. There were no Asian accents except when the Sonia Kaur (who played the female characters) was referring to an oppressive character called Fatimah whose accent she imitated, which was Asian.

I did not meet Erica Miller, the director who directed with such unintrusive economy and who treated me to the sight of Marlon Day undressing in front of me.

All in all an excellent cultural excursion (as Jeffrey described it), the theme of thwarted nationhood and the ethnic violence that could result from such a project a salutary one for everyone of all races. 

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Cardinal Kaspar says ...

Cardinal Kaspar
Baroness Warsi

"Become a godless Marxist shit-hole become a Third World shit-hole.  Geddit?"

 Just because you don't like it doesn't mean he hasn't got a point, you people of the Extreme Wrong.

Cardinal Kaspar for Pope!

And, irony of ironies, Baroness Warsi, with Third World origins, says the Labour government appeared to have viewed religion as

"essentially a rather quaint relic of our pre-industrial history".

"They were also too suspicious of faith's potential for contributing to society - behind every faith-based charity, they sensed the whiff of conversion and exclusivity." 

"And because of these prejudices they didn't create policies to unleash the positive power of faith in our society."

A Muslim woman is going to sort the heathen white people out.   This is what happens when people trash their own culture for sex, shopping, whingeing and binge drinking. 

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Aspirational Socialism

I am really quite impressed with Andy Burnham's Aspirational Socialism really.  It actually sounds quite reasonable, and it trips off the tongue nicely.  

I see that Diane Abbott is trying to do a bit for race relations by standing up for people like herself, ie non-whites.  Why are women and blacks mostly in the parasitical public sector, though, hmmmm?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A new definition of nationalism

Reduced to its essentials, nationalism is simply the theory and practice of pursuing the national interest.  It should be benign, pragmatic, rational and most certainly non-racist, if understood properly and practised correctly. 

One can only judge the success of this ideology by the success and longevity of the nations who practice it.  

The People's Republic of China just celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. 

Official: EU Member States have no right to their own immigration policy

Sad but true, dumb-ass EU Member States appeared not to realise that this is what being a vassal state of the EU means: you have no control over your own borders. 

You have unwanted guests in your home, but you will be punished by your EU Masters and Mistresses if you expel them.

Are French people going to put up with this crap?  Are French people as stupid as the British?  Who knows. 

PC liberal extremism tells us we are not supposed to mind being a vassal state of the EU.  Since most male members of the government are just emasculated eunochs, it just wouldn't occur to them to mind about the latest show of EU provocation and idiocy. 

Yet, say you want to leave the EU and you will be called an extremist and a member of the Far Right.  I would venture to suggest that you entertain the possibility that it is really those in the liberal establishment who unquestioningly support the EU who are the ones in extreme error. 

A three-point guide to morality in politics

Decide whether
  1. your policy would result in unnecessary suffering to another
  2. the ends justify the means
  3. your policy is practicable
Answer those questions correctly more often than not over a period of time and you will have a successful career.  It really is that simple.  

We are such "special" people, aren't we, Mumsnet and Nick Clegg?

Ofsted says nearly half a million children in England, labelled with special needs have been wrongly diagnosed. Jo Shuter, headteacher at Quintin Kynaston School, a secondary school in North London and John Bangs, former assistant general secretary of the NUT discuss the reasons for the high numbers.

At least on-in-five five school children in England are now classed as having special educational needs (SEN), according to Ofsted. Brian Lamb, who chaired an inquiry last year into whether parents had confidence in the SEN system, gives his reaction to the claims..

Special Needs Children should go to special schools. "Special" is a term of insult, now, is it not? A bit like "spastic". It is of course a middle class racket to give their children access to the character-deformining process of whingeing for more money and "special" pleading. Notice how that head teacher refused repeatedly to answer John Humphreys when he repeatedly asked her if she gets more government funding if she has a specially large number of specially educationally needy children. What happens in effect is that these middle class specially educationally needy children get butlers to follow them around and minister to their special needs at the expense of the merely average, who are more likely to be useful citizens of the future.  This teacher and middle class parent racket of Special Needs children disadvantages the average child whose needs are not regarded as special enough to require butlers.     

Give them more money, get more of the specially needy, ie educationally inadequate. Is that what we really want?  

Being the "special" people that the British are, we probably do. demonstrates what a fucking racket it all is.  

"Reward the inadequate!  Punish the productive!"  this is the rallying liberal cry. 

Well, I guess there is no reason why parasites in turn can't have their own parasites too.  When all the parasites in this country are busily feeding off each other in a unbreakable food chain of parasites who breed and eat other parasites, then this country will finally disappear up its own arsehole.  

Said a perceptive observer:

"For the percentage Ofsted considers are wrongly classified as "special educational requirements" I suspect this could be a money-saving wheeze."

But of course!  The conspiracy between the middle class parents with difficult and thick children and the useless job creating arm in the educational establishment has now been revealed!

Why is Nick Clegg sucking up to these disgraceful representatives of working  British motherhood of the Mumsnet Matriarchy? (The reason is of course that these harridans are now in charge and Cleggeron have to suck up to them real good.)  The most indiscriminately compassionate is the affluent but divorced middle class mum with her educationally-needy "special" child.

Below is an exchange between one of the whingeing mothers asking for more handouts with the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg:  

  Letter QMadameDefarge: Apologies if this has already been covered, but have you any policies with regard to the shocking state of SEN provision in schools? Millions must be spent on various agencies, none of whom will talk to each other, heads who run out of SEN budgets, and children who are utterly ignored and failed every single day, even with full statements. Because all SEN school provision devolves onto one teacher who has probably had an afternoon's training, SENCOs who are completely untrained and just general unjoinedupness of the current system. What we do need are named advocates for individual children who take ownership of that child's needs and coordinates all involved parties, and that advocate should ot be school based.

Letter ANickClegg:The underachievement of many children with SEN is truly shameful. Our plans to introduce a £2.5bn Pupil Premium would give a massive funding boost to many children with Special Educational Needs, meaning that schools would have more money to provide specialist and one-to-one support. But we realise that when it comes to supporting children with SEN, money isn't everything. We would improve teacher training so the workforce becomes better at detecting SEN and providing appropriate support.

Why have butlers for the weird, thick and behaviorally-challenged children of the professional middle classes with access to lawyers when they could just be sent to "special" schools, out of sight, out of mind and out of trouble?

Too thick to govern is the Cleggeron!  

Monday, 13 September 2010

BNP Reform Conference - the black tie dinner the night before - 11 September 2010

After Dinner speech by Nick Cass
Listening to Nick Cass' After Dinner Speech

Enjoying the guitar duet

30 at the dinner.

About 70 at the conference the next day.  Not all who came got seats.

The most memorable phrase in the seminar was "our neighbourhoods full of Muslims and white trash".   I forget who said that or in what context. 

Andy Burnham urges Labour leadership rules changes

Andy Burnham Andy Burnham believes big donors have too much influence in the contest Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham is calling for a review of the leadership election rules. 

Andy Burnham (my second choice for the Labour leader after Diane Abott):

12% of the Parliamentary Labour Party is relatively reasonable compared to 20% of the voting members in the BNP where organisers get suspended if they are even suspected of wishing to help the challenger on the grounds that they might breach the Data Protection Act, ie use the membership list!

In the BNP, the challenger is denied any access at all to the membership list, making a successful leadership challenge virtually impossible.

Party Democracy for all parties! 

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Khavian Koranism Ideological Weapon against Radical Islam

I am sorry to appear egotistical, but it seems I have no choice but to put my name to a new ideology I have created to counter Radical Islam in order to avoid being accused of being a Radical Islamist myself. I am saying that while you hate Radical Islam, you will love Khavian Koranism because it is different. It is different because it does not require a belief in God for you to subscribe to it. In other words, it will not damage the integrity of your agnostic and atheistical beliefs.

I have had it said that I wish to create a new religion. I certainly wish to create a new ideology - that of Secular Khavian Anglican Islam (or whatever it ends up being called) whose principles would be judiciously balanced by the principles of libertarianism. 

It is an ideology that rationally and humanely combines Koranic principles with libertarianism which is agnostic as to the existence of God, which I propose to call Indifferent Agnosticism

It is indeed a hybrid ideology rather like, it has to be admitted, National Socialism. It must be pointed out that National Socialism and Fascism were created as a vaccination against International Marxism by those who feared and hated this radical ideology.

National Socialism's most distinguishing characteristics are:

  1. a one-party state
  2. a leadership and personality cult
  3. a stated preoccupation with social justice and the people
  4. a stated preoccupation with the national interest

National Socialism was in fact practised outside Germany, after Hitler's death.  While it is unarguable that  International Marxism became National Socialism the moment those who adopted it gave up their international ambitions, this is not generally accepted by political theorists.  

The explanation is simple: Hitler is one of the major villain's of recent history.  This being so no nation would wish to acknowledge that the ideology they are in fact practising has all the main elements of National Socialism.  It may even cause a major diplomatic incident if it were pointed that China is the most established and successful nation on earth that practises National Socialism.  (The People's Republic of China 60th birthday was celebrated in 2009.  The Russians once practised it, but gave up National Socialism when they gave up their one-party system under Gorbachev.) 

The spectre of Radical Islam hangs over the world just as the spectre of Communism hung over the world at the beginning of the last century. 

I therefore propose countering Radical Islamism with Secular Khavian Anglican Islam - an ideology that combines the elements of 

  1. agnostic neutrality on the existence of God so that we make the most of our agreement
  2. racial neutrality
  3. libertarianism
  4. family values AKA anti-feminism
  5. social justice
  6. nationalism (ie an ideology of national interest which is an abstract concept of balancing the competing interests of the different groups that make up a nation)
  7. a one-party state under a constitution that protects the rights of individual members against the leader and his cronies and no personality cult

The religion most psychologically seductive, the one that resembles a contract between God and Man ...

In the Islamic heaven, those lucky enough to be admitted will have nice furniture, clothes and food, and wine that never gets them into trouble, served by young men and women in gardens with running streams - a bisexual consumerist hedonistic heaven with water features ...

Much more fun than sitting at the right hand of God singing His praises for all eternity, huh?

It is an altogether more sophisticated and psychologically seductive vision of heaven.

The Jews have no concept of heaven which seems to suggest that it should be good enough to be born a Jew, to live a Jew and to die a Jew. (Well, we can't all be members of the Chosen People, can we, particularly when the entry requirements are so high?)

If all the religions were made up as the prophets went along, which one do you think is best made up?

Suggested criteria for judging:

  1. the best guidance for this life on earth likely to result in harmony between people if followed by most people
  2. the most attractive description of heaven
  3. the best drafted, most coherent, the most holistic
  4. gives its followers (both those who govern and those who are governed) the most protection against the vicissitudes of life
  5. the clearest guidance on human activities, ie war, divorce, commerce, slave-ownership, marriage
  6. an explication of how civilisation works, ie law tempered by mercy with the exercise of reason

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler

"The best that can be said about Churchill is that he was a successful failure, while it would be more accurate to describe Hitler as a success who subsequently failed." contains a review of Andrew Roberts' book Hitler and Churchill: Secrets of Leadership.  In it Roberts' suggests that all European Jewry would have been exterminated and the Empire would have been effectively mortgaged to Britain by the grace of Hitler.  Rather hysterical and unlikely, in my view.  Hitler planned to expel the Jews to Madagascar (which, incidentally, makes him a Zionist).  The Madagascar Plan is therefore conclusive evidence that he meant to expel rather than exterminate.  The plan was not carried out due to the fall of Vichy France. Very arguably, if it had not been for the warmongering of Churchill and the fatal diplomatic blunder of France when it declared war on Germany, fewer Jews would have died in WW2.

"Is President Obama doomed to failure?" asks the Today Programme on Facebook

President Obama has largely achieved what he said he would, yet some observers regard him as a failure and he is facing the prospect of significant electoral losses in the forthcoming mid-term elections. Former editor of the Economist, Bill Emmott and Bill Barnard of Democrats Abroad discuss the achievements and failures of the US president.

Obama embodies

1. the loss of confidence of the white race
2. the end of liberal hegemony
3. the decline of the USA

as surely as the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand came to embody the beginning of WW1.

The Obama Administration is really a signal that America is about to make way for another superpower, and the beginning of the end for liberalism as a respectable political orthodoxy. Shallower historians will see it in racial terms, unfortunately.

Obama got in because, in the whole of America, there was no clearly better candidate that the rotten US political system was capable of producing.

Obama, with his way with words and his ability to cry on cue, touched every liberal heart-string drinking in the last chance saloon.

Liberalism AKA feminism AKA the desecration of family values is an aberration that has delighted us for quite long enough. 

The Week (21/8/10): Peter Mandelson's 5 Books and Mine

Best Books ... Peter Mandelson

Peter Mandelson, former Labour Minister and European Commissioner and one of the key architects of New Labour, chooses his five favourite political books.  His memoir, The Third Man, has just been published.

The Making of the Prime Minister by Anthony Howard and Richard West 1965 (out of print)
"This book cemented my childhood infatuation with politics.  It chronicled the rise of our neighbour, Harold Wilson, and his coming to power in 1964.  He seemed to sweep my family into No 10 with him, and the events of the next six years dominated our mealtime discussions."

The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister by Richard Crossman, 1975 (out of print)
"Dick Crossman's diaries taught me a great deal about politics.  Like Alastair Campbell's they tell you more about the author's mind that objective reality, but I am sure that's what some people say about The Third Man.  At least I have given a lot of time to reflection since I started writing years ago and, I hope to the sort of candour not usually associated with a ministerial memoir."

Germinal by Emile Zola, 1885 (Penguin Classics £9.99)
"This book aroused intense feelings in me while I was trekking in Rwanda on my gap year.  It tells of thwarted love and workers' struggles in 19th century France - both preoccupations of mine at the time.  The book and my experiences in Africa cleared my head, and I went up to Oxford feeling more mature than many contemporaries.  I shall return to Zola and see whether he can help clear the decks for the next stage."

The Prince by Niccoloa Machiavelli, 1513 (Penguin Classics £6.99)
"This is a book I've dipped into.  My association with it is Robert Harris' fault.  He did a profile of me for The Observer in 1987, headlined "Machiavelli comes to Walworth Road".  Sometimes you can't help the truth sticking."

Lustrum by Robert Harris 2010 (Arrow £7.99)
"The second of my friend Robert's promised trilogy.  It combines brilliant writing and wry humour with meticulous research into the characters of Cicero, Caesar and much besides.  You can translate the narrative into contemporary political times if you wish.  A masterpiece (dedicated to me)."