Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Human Rights Big Fat Con when politicians incapable of moral reasoning
Liberals want taxpayers to pay for prisoners to vote.

Non-liberals think it is a stupid idea to let prisoners vote because they are officially bad people and should be punished.

Liberals pretend not to get it because they are evil.

Or, liberals cannot get it because they are stupid. Take your pick. 

The concept of human rights is also a big fat con.

We really must understand that genuine human rights are never conferred but *asserted*.

The pigs contented wait for rights to be conferred upon them, just like cattle might go through a broken fence that fails to hold them in.

The philosophers discontented will assert their rights even if doing so means death or at any rate some form of sacrifice which they will willingly make in service of a point of *principle* because, you see, only humans are capable of the kind moral reasoning required to act on a principle. 

Liberal politicians would not be able to speak intelligently and intelligibly about what a principle is and would not pass this test at:

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