Sunday, 23 January 2011

My email of today to the Baroness Warsi saying gissa job

Dear Lady Warsi

I hope to interest you in the idea of a PR campaign for Muslims. 

I am, like you, legally-trained. 

Perhaps the most important thing you should know about me is that I am one of the few non-white members of the BNP who is known for my concept of Anglican Islam AKA Khavian Koranism AKA Secular Koranism and my playfully rational  and practical interpretations of the Koran. 

My appointment would certainly be in itself controversial and I would use this publicity to the best of my ability to explain the social, political and economic causes of Islamophobia and recommend ways of dealing with it. 

I am also known to the Association of British Muslims whose Amir - David Rosser Owen - is sympathetic to some of my ideas. 

I already have the support of a talented Muslim who has a scholarly knowledge of the Koran and Arabic who has said he would wish to set up a PR firm in partnership with me.  Obviously, this would only happen if I was given the job. 

I look forward to hearing from you so I can explain in detail to you the ideas I have for the poster campaign I have in mind.

You will note that I am a talented self-publicist and have already copied this email on my blog at

Yours sincerely

Claire Khaw

"Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better." - opinion-polling direct democracy - gender-relations and sexuality - politics explained
"God is an instrument of good government, whether or not you believe in Him."


Anonymous said...

" I am a talented self-publicist " - not that talented, judging by the paucity of comments left on your blog entries...

Claire Khaw said...

I often find that my reputation precedes me.

Claire Khaw said...

It is actually because I am so busy on Facebook, you know. If you were my Facebook friend "Anonymous", you would already know that.

Anonymous said...

Your being "busy" on Facebook surely has no bearing on the numbers of people commenting on your "Voice of Reason" blog? Actually, I'm wrong, because presumably if you were a brilliant self-publicist your ramblings here would be widely read by all your thousands of FB friends and by the wider public at large, and comments there would be aplenty under each entry, as there are with most successful and widely read blogs. Yet, I see that most of your entries receive no comments whatosever. Maybe it's because your vast readership is simply stunned into silence by your wit, perspicacity and all-round brilliance?

Claire Khaw said...

My friends, fans and followers are also busy on my Facebook walls commenting on the status updates, tweets and new blog postings that are posted there too.

All the action is there, dear "Anonymous".

If you don't believe me, then friend me on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Sure is disrespectful of your thousands of friends and fans to let the tumbleweed blow between your posts on here... surely you don't put in all this effort just for your 13 followers and for the odd stray that washes up here, like me? It must be a little dispiriting.

Thanks for the offer to 'friend' you on FB but I only have genuine friends there (quality over quantity), people that I have met and trust. Have a nice life and be happy.