Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What is miscegenation?

It is the tolerance of unmarried motherhood in your family, with your friends, in your neighbourhood, in your race and in your nation.

No woman of any race or religion should have children if she is too stupid to find someone to marry her first.

Does that rather not explain why Western civilisation is now on a path of ever-decreasing circles towards decline, degradation and eventual extinction?

I think the writing is on the wall, but the matriarchal liberal-feminist establishment has regressed so far into ignorance, irrationality and cowardice that it can no longer read or act upon this information.

In any case, the men now think and behave like women and practise all the feminine vices, such as hypocrisy, denial of the truth, and believe that cowardice is clever.

Why, even the leader of the opposition does not see fit to marry the mother of his illegitimate children, and she is too stupid and scared to ask him to.  White trash culture seeps up to the metropolitan elite.  


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Anonymous said...

Men have no rights in the matriarchal family anyway. Men should not marry nor support the matriarchal family.

Anonymous said...

Your output is dropping. Have you found a job?

Claire Khaw said...

Just a bit busy with other things, but thank you for noticing!

Anonymous said...

I thought miscegenation meant race mixing, which is something you can do whether you're married or not is't it?

Claire Khaw said...

I am broadening its meaning to include anyone who shouldn't be having babies and include the unmarried.

Anonymous said...

Miscegenation comes from the Latin miscere (mix) and genus (kind), nothing in there to suggest tolerance of unmarried mothers. It seems a bit daft to redefine words to suit your own purposes - words mean what they mean, you don't get to choose their definitions to suit yourself. So, the answer to your question is incorrect. Miscegenation has bugger all to do with marital status and everything to do with interracial procreation! Just sayin...

Claire Khaw said...

Yes, I am in fact broadening the definition and possibly redefining the word.

I would say that I am not not stretching its meaning beyond what it could reasonably bear.

Certain *kinds* of things should not *mix*, or, certain kinds of people should not have babies with each other, because it is bad for the species that they do so.

It is generally agreed that societies that practice family values do better than societies that do not. Therefore unmarried parenting should be discouraged by not tolerating or at the very least not rewarding it.

Just saying.