Monday, 28 February 2011

Irish Nationalists betray a friend of Irish Nationalism

No honour amongst thieves in Irish nationalism. Colonel Gaddafi helped the IRA but now Sinn Fein denounce him.

They are dogs without honour, insects and reptiles!

Long live Colonel Gaddafi!

Long live the Great Dictator!

"Human Rights" is a liberal concept for knaves and fools

‎"Human rights" is a very flexible and Western term. Its meaning is being stretched beyond the meaning it could reasonably bear.

Do we have a "human right" to rational government and stable prices? What, all of us, even the ones of us who keep voting for really stupid governments with really stupid libtard policies??

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Claire Khaw disabled from commenting on the MPACUK Facebook page without explanation or warning!/

I wonder what they have to say for themselves.  Are they becoming part of the liberal establishment and exercising their right to censor everything that they disagree with, without feeling obliged to give warning or explanation, just like the Today Programme Facebook page?

I think the Muslims are integrating awfully well into the hypocrisy and cowardice of the Liberal establishment.

I have asked Asghar Bukhari but he says it is nothing to do with him.  Same thing happened a few years ago on their MPACUK forum at

For the sake of completeness, I will send an email to

though I imagine that they will, just like Dominic Groves of the Today Programme, continue to ignore my repeated requests for an explanation and evidence that I have transgressed their rules, whatever they are.  

A rather lovely TV idea by Jack Tyler of Tinpot Dictators Forum from which I am in permanent exile.

Jack Tyler about me at 1241 am 27 February 2011:

I've had no dealings with her (Facebook sums up everything that is wrong with society, but that's another topic.) Based on the article about her posted by another poster in this thread, I strongly suspect that she is sort form of performance artist/journalist/researcher cum writer looking to tout a programme idea to Channel 4 or the BBC.

The topic of the programme/art piece will be "Pushing the boundries: Exploring the acceptance of extremism on the WWW."

She's an obviously oriental woman who has supposedly joined the BNP. (alarm bells begin to ring gently.) Who then comes out with thing like supporting the extermination of babies if they are born disabled. (bleedin' claxons going off all over the place!)

Yet nationalists here, including those who call themselves "moderates", call her a true nationalist and "on our side."


I'm all up for putting the willies up the Establishment with some well-aimed satire and mickey taking, but let's not ever forget that we're not playing on an even playing field here. No "right" of centre comedian will ever get air time on the BBC. It would be excellent for some nationalist wit to propose a vehicle that took the mickey out of political correctness, extremist Islam, the hypocricacy of the far-left, the self-serving of the middle-class, institutionalised liberalism etc.

But in the real world, all we are ever treated to in TV comedy is left of centre stuff that doesn't even question or satirise the most far reaching issues of the day, like mass immigration, the lack of freedom of speech disguised as political correctness etc. Just have a go at the BNP and "racism" in general once in a while and your career is secured at the BBC and Channel 4 for the forseeable future.

OK, a bit of a personal rant there but it does sort of impinge possibley on this Claire Khaw character.

She seems to really enjoy getting as many public politicians as possible as her "friends" on Facebook. Obviously these people don't know who she is as she comes out with some really extremist stuff. If they'd have bothered to look into her, they wouldn't have added her as a friend. Yes, some of it may be said with tongue in cheeck, but how do we know? If it is done as a ruse, then rather embarresing for modern politicians to be "friends" with someone who wants to make bastardry pretty much an illegal offence!

Might make an interesting tv programme...

And even more worrying for nationalists, the only section of society that it seems to be legal to slander, belittle and tell outright lies about with impunity. Anyone who has been in nationalism for any length of time knows that the press and media really are the **** of popular legend. They don't do irony or satire where nationalism is concerned. They would think nothing of printing a piece that said that a nationalist here said that such an "extremist" as this Khaw person was "on our side."

Might make and interesting tv programme...

As I said at the outset, I don't know her, know nothing about her apart from what I've read here and from a link here. But I do know the press work and the sort of people who like to do exposes of evil nationalists. For those who are singing her praises here, and belong to nationalist groups that are trying to portray themselves as the moderate strand of nationalism, then I have to say that this really seems like a bad idea.

Perhaps she just is mad and a bit of fun. But if she does, as I supsect, have dark ulterior motives, then when nationalism gets another bloody nose in the media, then please expect me to come on here, reluctantly, with sirens blaring, saying, "I told you so!"

Saturday, 26 February 2011

A dictator on his last legs?

That was a pretty good turn-out if you ask me, and an excellently inspirational speech.

Moo Ah Mah!
Gah Dah Fee!
You're a Star!

Long live the people of Libya!
Long live Colonel Gaddafi!
Long live the Great Dictator! 

Join the Claire Khaw Colonel Gaddafi Support Group on Facebook and add your friends too!

Complete strangers are now asking to be added to the Claire Khaw Colonel Gaddafi Support Group which is now a Facebook phenomenon.

It is also tied up with the campaign to have the old Facebook groups back.

Under the old system you had the option of accepting or declining.

Under the new system you can only leave after you discover you have been added.

If you want to make a point about this, join and add your friends and watch them go crazy as they desperately find a way to leave but are limited by their intelligence and their initiative, like insects flying against a pane of glass when the window is already open.

Join the Colonel Gaddafi Support Group if you have a sensayumah!  Long live Colonel Gaddafi!  Long live the Great Dictator!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Mathaba News Agency are retweeting my tweets in support of Colonel Gaddafi!



My offer of assistance to Colonel Gaddafi

This is my message to Mathaba of today:

I would like you to know how shocked I am at the quite demented and incompetent way the West is positioning itself over the troubles of Colonel Gaddafi.  They should of course be propping him up if they know what's good for them.  Rising oil prices leading to rising food prices is no good for either the West or Libyans.  It is as if the most naive and fanatical of Britain and France have wrested foreign policy from the control of experienced diplomats. 

Perhaps Colonel Gaddafi should prepare a speech to the West and ask them what Britain and France think they are doing proposing sanctions against Libya?  Whom do they think would take over if the Colonel goes?  Are they really so certain that that person - whoever he is - would be so much better?  "Always keep ahold of nurse for fear of something worse" was advice often given to English children from good families.  Unfortunately, these days most children in Britain are singly-parented and illegitimate and the fall in moral and intellectual standards has been both precipitous and alarming. 

Perhaps Colonel Gaddafi should open his own Twitter account..  Now that would be a sensation!

I could help him, even, if he does not think his English is up to tweeting.

It is important to me that you know that my offer of assistance is serious and well-intended. 

Claire Khaw

Thursday, 24 February 2011

A dictator behaving like a dictator is great surprise to the West, apparently

Colonel Gaddafi in happier times
Tito and the young Gaddafi
It consists of three parts:
The Solution of the Problem of Democracy: 'The Authority of the People'
The Solution of the Economic Problem: 'Socialism'
The Social Basis of the Third International Theory

The Green Book rejects modern liberal democracy and encourages the institution of a form of direct democracy based on popular committees.

Did Prime Minister Cameron and Foreign Secretary Hague really expect Gaddafi to go quietly?

Any dictator worth his salt would fight to the bitter end and it is quite clear Gaddafi takes himself quite seriously. Any dictator who writes a book about his ideas - red, green or any other colour - clearly takes himself seriously.

It is not Gaddafi who is mad but leaders of Western government who are mad and silly, it is now quite clear. The sooner Libya returns to an even keel, the sooner the price of oil will go down, and the better it will be for everyone who does not fancy paying higher prices for everything.

What a shame I am not a leader or even dictator if only to make the world a more sensible place.

In the meantime, I urge those who would loathe foreign interference in their country to visit to learn more about Colonel Gaddafi.  They may well find his support for direct democracy and social justice bemusing and heart-warming.

The Authority of the People in a Direct Democracy:  Gaddafi's Green Book

Below is my message to the Colonel of today that I hope will be conveyed to him by the Mathaba News Agency:

I wish it to be known that I am publicly supporting the Colonel on Facebook, Twitter, and my blogs.

I am particularly intrigued by his support of direct democracy which I also support. It is the only form of democracy worth talking about.

Please pass my good wishes to Colonel Gaddafi. I hope one day to meet this great man.

This was the prompt and touching response I received:

Dear Claire,

Thank you for your very heart warming message that brings tears to eyes.

Please read and please register at
that forum as soon as possible.

In there, we will approve you to be able to see the Libya Support
forum, once you have registered and let us know.

Then you can log in at the forum again and will be able to see the
Support Forum where there are Avatars posted that you can use for
facebook, twitter, etc.

Bless you and see you in the forum?

Oh, to be in Libya now to help the Colonel with his PR and propaganda!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A definition of Western civilisation

Western civilisation is a group of nations calling themselves "liberal democracies" who are neither liberal nor democratic.

Why UKIP and BNP should support AV - because Cameron rejects it.

Hate Crime is Thoughtcrime

The liberal concept of hate-crime is laughable.

If you say anything against a specified group of people, what happens is that that group of people will hate you.

What the government  are punishing you for is for arousing the hatred of the people you have offended.

Yet if you don't mind people hating you, then why does the law have to be involved?

Another well-designed poster by the same person who designed the Evils of Xmas poster?

Excellent design.  This person should have a successful career in advertising and I wonder who he is.  Would love to hire him.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Eurosceptic parties and electoral reform

What a shame BNP and UKIP have not been able to suggest anything sensible as regards electoral reform when it is so clearly the electoral system that disadvantages them.

If only I could lead one or other of these parties, everything would be quickly sorted.  But British politics is never that rational and simple, is it?

My ideas are laughably simple:

  1. direct democracy AKA government by referenda
  2. a narrower franchise of taxpayer-only voters under the rule of No Representation Without Taxation to disenfranchise single mothers who are a burden on the state and any unproductive and unemployable offspring they produce
  3. a one-party state with a party constitution that protects the free speech of its members - which means that members can criticise the leadership without being demoted, suspended, or expelled from the party

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Not the Wei to go

Who the fuck is this young Lord Wei who looks like a handsome Chinese waiter?  Why is someone Chinese getting involved in this crap?  Bloody disgrace. I thought the Chinese were better than that, but I guess you get all sorts these days.

Hitler said in Chow Mein Kampf that no one under 30 should get involved in politics because his opinions tend to be unformed.   Clearly, quite a few things Hitler said was spot on.

I wouldn't become Cameron's Big Brother Ingsoc Czarina even if you paid me £200,000 per month because I have my standards, though I think they are usually comfortably low.

Not the Wei to go, Cameron.  You need me to be your Special Adviser to get you out of this mess.

Here is his boring blog on Ingsoc:

Predictably, it is not comment-enabled or I would have given him a piece of my mind by now.   

Instead of Burying the Dead we can Recycle the Dead

The UK's death rate is projected to rise over the next 20 years as the baby boomers begin to leave us. With around 30% of people choosing to be buried it has led to concerns about where they are going to go. Burial space in London has been at critical point for some time; cemeteries in Hackney and Tower Hamlets are full to capacity. It is also a problem in most cities, towns and villages across the country. Our reporter Tom Bateman's been to a part of south-east London where it getting harder to find a burial space.

Solution: SOYLENT GREEN or turning corpses into fertiliser or brickettes.  I propose a large tank in every locality for corpses to be converted into another form of energy or a burial pits to be used like landfill.

Near these Energy Conversion Centres, there will be Centres for Remembering the Dead which would be cyber cafes and meeting halls with restaurant facilities and halls so that those who wish to do so can gather as and when to visit and click on the electronic tomb of the deceased, check for comments, leave their comments, purchase electronic flowers to put on electronic tombs etc.

Facebook for the living, Deathbook for the dead..  

Friday, 18 February 2011

Big Society Bull Shit

Cameron's Big Soc

Snake Oil Salesmen

Snake Oil Salesmen selling Ingsoc AKA Big Brother AKA Big Government

Sold in a 16 ounce bottle Anna Riva`s snake oil can aid you in legal matters, solving your monetary problems, and it can be used to bring suffering to ones enemies. Anna Riva oils are essential to many of the different spells and rituals in her books. This is a pure anointing oil for external use only.  £ 42.26

Date: Friday 18th February
Time: 7pm
Venue: Duke Street Church, Richmond upon Thames, TW9 1DH
Topic: 'The Big Society'
Join us for drinks and discussion with a panel including Syed Kamall (MEP for London), Ben Howlett (National CF chairman), Nick Clark (London CF chairman), Gus Magalhaes (Kingston University Conservatives president) and Alex Ward (Richmond Park CF).
The panel chaired by Martin Beale.

What was most interesting was the way questions were not answered.

What is it for?

What are we supposed to do with it if it is some sort of optional thing that we are urged to take an interest in but also assured we need not do if we don't want to?

What is this one size thing that fits all?

How are we going to roll back the boundaries of the state and roll on the benefits of the Big Society?  (All our questions and suggestions will be submitted to Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society (what a crap title for a crap job, eh?) on the 27th, apparently, when it will be presented to him and considered. Woo hoo!  You would have thought that HOW would be the most obvious question that would be asked and they would have an answer ready for us by now, but not a bit of it.  

Why doesn't Cameron just call it Small Government, someone asked.  (Because he doesn't want to scare the ones who like their welfare state big, long and shoved right up them nice and hard.) 
What are activists supposed to do with it?  (Prattle about it enthusiastically but incoherently, of course.  Make the meaningless meaningful, make the unbelievable believable, make Tories Socialists but still keep their identity and integrity, eat their cake and still have it etc.)

Regular readers will already know my oft-repeated mantra that Compassionate Conservatism is really Socialism and that Big Society is really Big Government but with Ingsoc and Big Brother overtones.  

The whole idea of Big Society is to buy Cameron time.  

In a few years time when it all goes pear-shaped, we will demand of the government: "What about X, Y and Z that you said you would do for us?"  and the government will say, "Oh, but we thought you were supposed to do it yourselves!  Oh dear.  Oops.  Sorry.  Never mind.  Better luck next time, eh, what?"  

It is for Cameron to buy time while pretending to do something while doing nothing at all and wasting your time, energy and money.   It was so he could pretend to be all things to all men and women in order to get elected, and he couldn't even do that without Clegg agreeing to form a coalition with him, and Clegg could have chosen to form the coalition with Labour.  That was how crap the whole idea was.   

Apart from feeling sorry for the elderly and exasperated I also felt sorry for the young gun snake oil salesmen who must have felt utterly demoralised trying to sell this turd of an idea to a disbelieving and outraged Tory membership.  I bet sometimes they secretly wished they were in the BNP where we can just say stuff that we genuinely feel and which we know other people instinctively and obviously agree with. 

When it finished we went out into the cold night, miserable, unsatisfied and cheated.  It is after all corrupting to be told to tell lies, and demoralising to be regularly expected to believe in lies told by the people you expect to trust, ie your own party that is now in government.

If I were a snake oil salesman I would quit my job or demand a different product to sell.  Double glazing would at least be more useful and saleable than this thing that makes others want to tell you to put a Big Sock in it.  

If only there were a government that would have just the competence to give us the impression that we are being well-governed, even if we are not.  Margaret Thatcher was mentioned, and it was pointed out that she would not have disapproved of Cameron's Big Brother Ingsoc.  Since Maggie is now suffering from Alzheimer's and cannot answer for herself, I would take this with a huge pinch of salt.  Whatever you think of Maggie, she would never have tried to pull a fast one like that.   Perhaps a benign dictatorship benignly dictated by me is really the only answer for the long-suffering and misgoverned people of Britain.  

My thoughts on the Alternative Vote

Nobody really knows whether it would be a good thing or not.

Would it be good for parties like the BNP or UKIP?  That would be my question as I wish to support all Eurosceptic parties.

We have seen how AV works.  It gave Labour Ed and instead of David Miliband.  Was that a good thing for Labour?   It was certainly a bad thing for David Miliband whom everyone expected to win.  If there were a recount would anyone be able to spot the mistakes?  No?  There you are then, not a good idea because it is so complex that it is vulnerable to abuse.

Should the voter vote for AV or against it?

I think anything that upsets the LibLabCon is good and the unpredictability of AV will be upsetting to even the parties who asked for it.  The upset when Labour did not get David Miliband as their leader was bemusing to say the least.  We need the system to collapse before it can be rebuilt. Let us shake their tree harder whenever they give us the opportunity.

I would therefore vote YES even though I would support a one party direct democracy under a narrower franchise of taxpayer-only voters.

I can see lots of people voting Conservative and then voting UKIP, or voting Labour and then voting BNP even if the Electoral Reform Society seems to think that the "extreme" vote would be marginalised.

From what we have seen from the Labour leadership contest, it was the underdog Ed who won as a result of AV, and therefore AV has a very good chance of favouring BNP and UKIP.

BNP and UKIP can just say to the voter: "Vote for your mainstream party of choice, and vote for the fringe party of your choice."


Islam more advanced than liberalism

Do liberals have an agreed book of liberalism?  No.  Even the Marxists have the Communist Manifesto and an agreed set of principles.

Even the National Socialists had Mein Kampf.

Did you know that the Roman plebeians asked for their laws to be carved in stone in the forum so that they would know their rights, and this was indeed done?

Islam is the only religion that frankly admits that the difference between religion and politics is a distinction without a difference.

An objectionable law is an objectionable law, whether it is passed by a government that calls itself liberal or whether it calls itself a theocracy.

It seems obvious that  we should examine any law we find objectionable on the grounds of rationality v irrationality, good v evil, practicability v its opposite.

This obvious solution is for some reason rocket science to liberals (who have stupidity, intransigence, ignorance and arrogance bred into them after decades of being indoctrinated by decades of "progressive" education) who quake in terror at the thought of a theocracy or a one-party state.  They are the ones who cry most hysterically "four legs good! two legs bad!" apparently oblivious to the fact that the political cartel - the political oligarchy that rules them have long since emptied the contents of the bottles with labels saying "Liberalism", "Conservatism" and "Socialism", homogenised them and poured them back into their respective bottles.

Only the most wilfully blind cannot and will not see this.

Feminism - an unnatural mutation of liberalism and a manifestation of the liberal death wish - is now the ruling ideology.  Notice how no one at all dares to challenge feminism, except the Muslims.  In Britain, you can lose your job if you say anything at work that a woman might find offensive as Andy Graham and Richard Keys found to their cost.  You would have thought that some men might object, but it is the white liberal middle classes journalists who are too afraid to point this out, so feminised are they now.

The only way feminism can be sustained is through enormous state intervention (through the existence of totalitarian liberal anti-discrimination laws) and welfare support (sluts, slags and slappers are given child benefit at taxpayers' expense for breeding bastards).

Does liberalism have an authoritative handbook or a set of rules?  No, they make it up as they go along.

Does Islam?  Yes, even though the Muslims have difficulties interpreting it properly, but I can help sort them out.

res ipsa loquitur.  

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Five Welfare Reform Ideas by Claire Khaw

The government announce details of what is being described as the biggest shake-up of welfare in 60 years. Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith considers whether the government plans are realistic in the current economic climate.

How about this?

  1. Legalise brothel-keeping to give these single mums who are a burden on the state something to do.  They don't all have to become prostitutes.  The older, larger, fatter and uglier can do the accounts, man security and personal protection, work as beauticians, run gyms and creches, cook, clean, etc.
  2. Create a local citizens' militia to separate the CHAVs from the good citizens.
  3. Establish soup kitchens to see that no one starves.
  4. Get potential employers to visit soup kitchens which will have CCTV everywhere to assess character and suitability for work.  All people who go to soup kitchens will have to wear a number (rather like the prostitutes in brothels in Bangkok so you can identify the girl you want).  There they will be observed for dress, general demeanour, table manners, helpfulness, initiative, co-operation, leadership skills etc.  
  5. Everyone who wants to avail themselves of soup kitchen facilities will have to post their CVs on the only employment agency in the nation, and be available for work to continue eating.
Sorted, I think.

I will post this link to someone who will bring it to the Prime Minister's attention in due course, when there is rioting in the streets.  Only when it really hurts will the arrogant and dismissive turn to Auntie Claire ....

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

AGNOSTIC INDIFFERENCE - How to regard God with the PROPER Philosophical Detachment

An intelligent reading of the Koran is the recommended route to the Ideal Philosophical State of acknowledging the certainty of God existence as a concept (because it was Man who created Him after all), while at the same time playing with the possibility of His actual existence or non-existence, depending on whether you seek doubt or certainty. Both have their uses. 

"In both Islam and Judaism there is hardly a separation between the spiritual and the civil. Both religions stand as systems that provide thorough answers in terms of spiritual, civil, cultural and day to day matters."
 "the biggest current threat to world peace is posed by the Israeli-Arab conflict; a conflict rapidly becoming a war between a Jewish expansionist state and Islamic resistance."
"both Liberals and the Left are falling here, into a clearly supremacist argument, for both Islam and Judaism are more than just religions: they convey an entire ‘way of life,’ and stand as a thorough attempt to answer crucial questions regarding being in the world -- in dismissing them therefore, the Western Lib-Left are in danger of a complete dismissal of a large chunk of humanity."
 "a genuine Leftist and a good activist ... was sure that hating every religion equally was a ‘proper humanist qualification’, but the fact that an Islamophobe also considers himself a Judeophobe and Christiano-phobe is not necessarily a sign of a humanist commitment.  I kept challenging that good man; he then argued that it was actually Islamism (i.e., political Islam) which he didn’t approve of. I challenged him again, and bringing to his attention the fact that in Islam, there is no real separation between the spiritual and the political ... the Islamic unity of body and soul."
 "Rather than loving ourselves through the Palestinians and Egyptian masses and at their expense, we need to accept Palestinians and Egyptians for what they are and support them for who they are regardless of our own views on the world."
"This is the only real form of solidarity, for it aims at ethical rather than ideological conformity, and it puts humanity at its very centre. It reflects on Marx’s deep understanding of religion as the “sigh of the oppressed”. If we claim to be compassionate about people, then we should begin to learn to love them for what they are, rather than for what we expect them to be."
"Claiming to know more than others on base of ideological or political affiliation is nothing less than supremacy in practice."

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Katharine Birbalsingh cannot bring herself to support selection and believes in the *con* that is academy and free schools

Neither will she condemn feminism, female promiscuity, family breakdown, single parenthood etc supported by the welfare state, which she dare not mention.  

In fact, her response was "no, not necessarily" [26:00] when she was asked if she saw selection a possible solution.

The poverty of expectation also discussed is reinforced by the welfare state, which we all know is the sacred cow the British worship currently pooing all over their carpet and eating them out of house and home.  Stupid, scared, skint Brits with their stupid, scared and skint government, all full of FUCKING SHIT.  

Nor does she mention the fact that no political party in government would wish to tackle the mess that is British education in a term of 5 years.  That is why we need responsible government under a one-party state that protects the rights of its members, but say that and watch the British CRAP THEMSELVES with fear. 

Waste of time then.

Why does she even bother if she is not prepared to go the whole hog?  She is just like all the other cowards and hypocrites.  Thus far and no further.  

Occupational fucking therapy, innit.  That is what these middle class campaigners do while they wretchedly wring their lily-white lily-livered hands.  Fucking liberal feminist welfarist shite all of them. 

How we should treat the bed blockers

I suggest special hospices for the bed-blockers where they are given an array of ways of having themselves shuffled off this mortal coil.

My idea of the 7 day suicide pill pack may catch on. Every day you take a pill. On the 7th day you take a pill that completes the dosage of poison and you die.

There will be two versions: the straight version or the Russian Roulette version.

I have heard of Dying Rooms for the unwanted infants.

Dying Buildings for the unwanted elderly is but a logical step.

This is what happens when a society does not have enough babies and does not practice family values.

This is the future has in store for us.

We should start preparing ourselves I suppose.

They can invite anyone who wishes to attend so they can have a proper deathbed scene and post it on YouTube.  

That's how I would do it anyway.

The choice would be put to them: stay in these NHS beds and be neglected or have some control and send yourself off sooner rather than wait around for death to claim you.

Train these nurses and doctors to look after the elderly?? They WANT you to fuck off and die, and so do your children who don't have time for all this nursing, especially your daughter if she has a job and no husband to support her, which these days she probably won't.

They should just make it official rather than pretend it doesn't happen.

Too many of us are living too long our bloody fucking useless lives and are a burden on the next generation.

The moment we cannot live independent lives, off we go, unless we have children who care for us enough to look after us.

If we didn't have any children or enough of them or our children basically don't give a fuck, then off we go.

What's wrong with that?

It's not even that scary, is it, once you get to a certain age? We ought to think of death every day and prepare for it every day, in mind at least.

I would prefer my method of dealing with the elderly than subject myself to the endless platitudes we are going to get from now on.

Let the NHS make it official that they want the elderly bed-blockers to go.

This is the shit you get when you have free for all health care. It is unsustainable socially and economically. Pretending otherwise just creates even more suffering.

Rant over and out.   

Sarah Wollaston MP complains about how legislation is passed in this country. Will she actually do anything about it though? 
 THIS IS THE SHIT BRITISH WAY of how legislation is how legislation is passed in this country, but no one gives a FLYING FUCK though they may occasionally whinge about it in this civilised way on the Toady Programme.   
And then we wonder why things go wrong.

And when you propose changes they look all ruffled and say, "Oh, but this is the shit British way and that's how things must be done: in a SHIT BRITISH WAY."

I bet Sarah Wollaston is NOT supporting Peter Bone's House of Commons Disqualification Bill, but I'll check though, by emailing her and seeing if I get any sort of a response.  
The AV Bill is back in the Commons today and politicians will be whipped on how they are voting. But is whipping really the best way of making law and scrutinising government? Sarah Wollaston, Tory MP for Totnes and Lord Renton, Margaret Thatcher's last chief whip, discuss if MPs should keep silent and vote with the government rather than bringing their own expertise and voice to the table.

 I phoned the House at 3.40 pm when I was told by the person answering the call that "she didn't have a line on this" and was told to email my query.  As I have already done so this morning,

Dear Ms Wollaston

Peter Bone's House of Commons Disqualification Bill

May I know if you are supporting this Bill in view of what you said this morning on the Today Programme when you were interviewed with Lord Renton?

I hope you will not let that wily old fox bamboozle you. 

Yours sincerely

Claire Khaw

I will simply await a response.  I should have addressed her as "Dr Wollaston", I have just realised.

I have written to her again today 11 March 2011.

Dear Dr Wollaston
Peter Bone's House of Commons Disqualification Bill
Your silence indicates that you do not support the Bill, or that you have not yet made up your mind, or that you are taking advice, or that you do not have the courage of your convictions, or that you think I will go away if you ignore me for long enough.  
Perhaps you will let me know which it is.
Yours sincerely
Claire Khaw
Here is the response I have just received:

Dear Claire,
Thank you for your email to Dr Wollaston.

Due to Parliamentary protocol Sarah can only respond directly to her constituents and so I would be grateful if you could provide your full address to verify this.
Best wishes,
Catriona Rowen
Office of Dr Sarah Wollaston
MP for Totnes
House of Commons|London|SW1A 0AA
Tel: 0207 219 4064

My response:

Dear Catriona
I am not asking her this question as a constituent of hers nor am I a constituent of hers as I live in London. I am asking this question as a journalist and blogger and will know what inference to make if this question is further evaded.
Best wishes
Claire Khaw

My email to Sarah Wollaston and Peter Bone of 14 March 2010:

House of Commons Disqualification Bill: Sarah Wollaston refuses to say if she supports the Bill
It is my intention to name and shame MPs who do not have the courage of their convictions and seek to repeatedly evade questions that it does not suit them to answer.

It is of course disgraceful that she does not know what to think, what to say or what to do, and is even now hoping to ignore me in the hope that I will go away.

Claire Khaw

Organising a military coup cannot be that difficult now, can it?

I don't think it would be that hard to organise a military coup after the SHIT way the Armed Forces have been treated. In fact, I am daily surprised that they do not mutiny, and would urge them to do so ASAP. 
Piss up in a brewery, probably.  Even I could do it, if I had all their email addresses.

Friday, 11 February 2011


The BBC could have a hugely profitable debate on debating society lines instead of the SHIT programme that is QUESTION TIME. 
The whole nation could vote for or against a notion via SMS, but they do not. I wonder why.  They could call  it THE NATION DEBATES.

Fremantle Media Director of Marketing Mary Beer seems interested in me

I wonder if it is anything to do with my suggestion I made to Peter Bazalgette for an X FACTOR or BIG BROTHER for philosophers or people who may wish to claim they are wiser than others.  

I think Alan de Botton and Mark Vernon and I would have great fun being Big Brother Housemates.  Other candidates for housemates:

  1. Jane Garvey
  2. Nick Griffin
  3. Nigel Farage
  4. Dan Hannan
  5. Katharine Birbalsingh
  6. Ed Miliband
  7. Philip Blond
  8. Anjem Choudary
  9. Sally Bercow
  10. Rabbi Zvi Solomans
  11. Dame Edna Everidge
  12. Katie Hopkins
  13. Peter Mandelson
  14. Justine Roberts of Mumsnet
  15. Justine Thornton
  16. Joan Bakewell
Bound to be a hit, don't you think, Dear Reader?

At least we will know that such a show will be an oik-free zone, however objectionable their views are. 

Gurkha migrants 'leave services 'struggling' - it's all your fault Joanna Lumley!

Interestingly, the BNP also said it was OK for the Gurkhas to come, probably because they were afraid of Joanna Lumley too in case she karate chops them like she did in The New Avengers .... 

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cameron praised for taking a BNP line on Multiculturalism

It must very galling for Griffin. If he makes this sort of speech he would be howled down. Cameron saying the same thing only elicits roars of approval.

"Is it cos I is BNP?" Griffin must be asking.

Katharine Birbalsingh has blocked me on Facebook and on Twitter

What is she scared of?

Was it because I dared to suggest that feminism is bad for British education?

Extracts of what I said to her:

"I was also saying that if I cannot have a frank exchange of views with you in person, I was hoping that one could take place in writing, and was wondering what you think of my theory about feminism causing the decline of education in the Anglosphere."

"I mean, what do you think is the REAL problem of British education?"

"I hope you will participate in the discussion on my status update this morning:

The closure of drug company Pfizer's UK base in Kent has dismayed the science community. It has resulted in not just a loss of 2,400 jobs but also has wider implications for the research sector. Dr Richard Pike, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and Science Minister David Willetts discuss the closure."

Claire Khaw
Pfizer have lost confidence in the quality of British science and British scientists, of course. That is because we have CRAP education, which no one denies.

Kevin Raven
I agree Claire. They are one of 100's of companies who are in the process of doing this or have done this.
The others don't make the press.
Our schools are only good for turning out single mums and almost unemployable people.
Just as well the supermarkets are still expanding and have plenty work.
In general if you want skilled , motivated cheap labour look East."

"Is the subject of feminism, female promiscuity, family breakdown, single parenthood and the ever-lowering standards of education and morality in the West too hot to handle for you, Katharine?

"Or perhaps you do not agree with me that it is the female domination of the teaching profession that is responsible for its decline?"

What do you think, dear reader?  Why won't Katharine discuss this with me?

Imagine a European Court of LIBERAL MORALITY ...

If it weren't called the European Court of Human Rights would we be even be thinking twice about telling where it can stick its rulings?

But our politicians are stupid and the people who elected them stupider.

Is it moral to have human rights?

What is a human right?

What is it for?

Does it do what it says on the tin?

What does it say on the tin?

Who wrote what it says on the tin?

Was it a bunch of liberals whose ideology is rapidly becoming discredited, demented, incoherent and illiberal?

Law is based on morality and conventional morality changes from age to age.  We move from family values supported by marriage to our age of free love, cheap women and easy sex.  

Remember: the European Court of Human Rights is only the Liberal Court of Liberal Morality, and Liberal Morality is all about

1.  tolerating the intolerable
2.  compassion for the undeserving
3.  the systematic cultivation of civilisational failure
4.  rewarding the Unproductive at the Expense of the Productive, to the Detriment of All. 

You have been warned!  

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Join the Valentines Day Sex Strike!


Foreign Secretary Hague distancing Britain from Israel and the US?

Britain's foreign secretary William Hague has warned that the Middle East peace process is in danger of becoming a casualty of the wave of protests sweeping the Arab world. Sir Sherard Cowper Coles considers the future for Israel.

It delights me to think that he could be a regular reader of Voice of Reason. 

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Why Muslims won't integrate

Why should Muslims embrace British white trash culture when it is already clear that our British culture of "dipso, fatso, bingo, Tesco, ASBO (and paedo)" is not doing any of us any good?

Those of us who have daughters might fret about what kind of scuzzy loser is going to knock up our daughter, and those of us who have sons might fret about what kind of slut, slag and slapper bitch is going to get herself married to our son, divorce him, take him to the cleaners, accuse him of paedophilia, deprive him and you of your grandchildren, and then subject his children and your grandchildren to the attentions of the queues of passing paedos queuing outside her bedroom in order to ultimately get access to the younger and fresher meat of your son's children and your grandchildren?

Why would any self-respecting self-preserving people want to integrate into white trash culture, turn their daughters into easy meat single mothers bringing up the next generation of under-achieving, educationally subnormal, delinquent youth?

You tell me, member of the Liberal Left who was singly-parented or is now singly-parenting.  

You tell me, David Cameron, you cunt of convictionless Conservatism, who couldn't even bring himself to say he supported Muscular Conservatism, and instead prated on about Muscular Liberalism, you fucking piece of shit.  

The Conservatives abandoned Conservative principles the moment Theresa May announced in 2002 that the Conservative Party was no longer the "nasty party".  Between then and now the unproductive bastards by the promiscuous bitches have now gone forth and multiplied and too many of them now have the vote.  That's why the cunt Cameron is so shit scared of them.  Lots of single mums these days are middle class too who don't want to marry their useless boyfriends or can't get them to propose. 

We are now more of a Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland than we ever were, thanks to the abdication of morality by Cameron's so-called Conservative Party and his cunts of convictionless Conservatism. 

However, I do think it is a sign of that Muslims have integrated since they are now just as adept at the denial, cowardice and hypocrisy of the typical non-Muslim member of the Liberal Left.

The Muslims who do tell us exactly why they refuse to integrate - like Anjem Choudary and his lot - are called extremists after all, and have control orders slapped on them.  Some of them even have their homes raided and get themselves shot by the police, just for growing a beard.  

Muslims are either too polite or too scared to tell us the truth now.  Of course, being too scared to tell the truth suggests that they are neglecting their duty of Jihad by the tongue (jihad bil lisan) ie speaking the truth and spreading the word of Islam with one's tongue.

Of course, we all know what the Koran says about Muslims who ignore God's commandments the most important of which is to forbid evil and enjoin good.  They go to hell or live in a living hell in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.   

Fear not, Cameron.  The Muslims have already integrated only too well, unfortunately. 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Outnumbered - a liberal conspiracy to discourage parenthood?

I do believe it is a liberal conspiracy to encourage parents to kill their children, walk out on their spouses or just not get married or have children at all.

Are liberals evil or just stupid? 

Does any self-respecting bloke want to become the sad-faced, victim dad that is Hugh Dennis' character?

Would any woman want to be that harassed mother with out of control children who hates her sister?

Only if you are a libtard who thinks School of Life will solve your philosophical problems, I guess. 

Are white girls easy meat, asks Andrew Gilligan, but is too frightened to answer.

Googled "white sluts" to gather the majority view of what this means.  Strangely and sadly, the link that came top was about them liking big black cock.

The subtext would appear to be that white women are sex mad and cock crazy.

This is apropos of earlier posts discussing whether white girls are in fact easy meat as Pakistani-Britons are said to think they are, and what, if anything, should be done about it. 

Andrew Gilligan asks the question but does not quite dare answer it.

It is of course the elephant in the room.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

I seem to have upset Alain de Botton

Swiss cheese-eating surrender monkey?

He has blocked me from following his tweets or even from retweeting them.

What a silly cowardly ugly little man, and he is meant to be a philosopher too, all because I tweeted him this morning about 40 responses to his tweets going back over a year.  That spooked him, I guess. 

Claire Khaw
@ Emotional experience can be transferred across the generations more easily if families stayed whole.

Claire Khaw
@ Thoughts are ideas that congeal coherently after settling in one's mind.

Claire Khaw
@ So many writers in Britain are alcoholics because so many people in this country are alcoholics.
Claire Khaw
@ "Power is sex for the old"? Power *acquires* sex for the old.

Claire Khaw
@ Unlike you, I do not dislike NE1 enough NOT to argue with them. That is why I am the better but unacknowledged philosopher.

Claire Khaw
@ Montaigne: "The greater part of the world's troubles are due to questions of grammar."

Claire Khaw
@ The goal of education should be to prevent the current generation from making the mistakes of the past. A hopeless task.

Claire Khaw
@ The youth of today is more disordered, ignorant and delinquent than previous generations: a sure sign of national decline.

Claire Khaw
@ The goal of parenting in 21st century Britain: to see to it that your daughter does not get knocked up by some scuzzy loser.

Claire Khaw
@ Militant atheists would have been religious fanatics in another age.

Claire Khaw
@ Most tragedies are caused by a lack of contentment and hatred of our own company.

Claire Khaw
@ On the question of critical reviews, abuse is preferable to indifference or lack of publicity.

Claire Khaw
@ It is possible to be a writer just because one feels one has a message to proclaim or a story to tell.

Claire Khaw
@ God, if He exists would operate through our conscience.

Claire Khaw
@ If we are to be a friend to ourselves, let us have a fully functioning conscience.

Claire Khaw
@ I sleep very well and hardly ever dream. Perhaps that is a sign of contentment, which is a more philosophical emotion.

Claire Khaw
@ The difference between hope and despair is a matter of interpretation.

Claire Khaw
@ The impregnation of a woman has life-changing implications for the participants, for better or for worse.

Claire Khaw
@ Our children are either a credit to us, or they are not, with all that that implies. Liberal parents are the worst parents.

Claire Khaw
@ Your book will only be a success if it is CONTROVERSIAL, Alain, and deeply rabidly POLITICAL. Dare you?

Claire Khaw
@ Rejection either kills you or makes you stronger.

Claire Khaw
@ Hell on earth would be if everyone who was ever born lives on forever.

Claire Khaw
@ Contentment is a more difficult emotion and concept than happiness.

Claire Khaw
@ Is one a loser or simply someone who has not yet succeeded? Is one a success or someone who has not yet failed?

Claire Khaw
@ Self-pity is the eighth deadly sin.

Claire Khaw
@ The quality of thoughts one has at our desk is quite different to the kind of thoughts we have when we are away from it.

Claire Khaw
@ A job is only meaningful if it is the kind of job that we would do for nothing if our finances permitted it.

Claire Khaw
@ Perhaps contentment is having no particular desire to go on holiday for long periods of time.

Claire Khaw
@ One should be rejected in love at least once in life so one can more kindly turn others down.

Claire Khaw
@ Very disappointing to put my name on Twitter Search and find nothing at all.

Claire Khaw
@ You should write about philosophy and politics and make it properly controversial this time. No more soothing blandness.

Claire Khaw
@ I need to be more actively disliked to get a readership of 50,000, but I believe I am well on my way.

Claire Khaw
@ While one can never get it right about parenting, one should TRY to get it right.

Claire Khaw
@ The desire to impress one's own wife is simply relationship management hand in hand with self-improvement.

Claire Khaw
@ I must intensify my self-hatred to attain a grander scale of success.

Claire Khaw
@ The most civilised way to keep a marriage whole is to have separate bedrooms and a good night's sleep.

Claire Khaw
@ Things are OK because one worried.

Claire Khaw
@ Do you envy the parents of well-behaved children, Alain, because yours is not? Sour grapes, then, rather than true wisdom.

Claire Khaw
@ A child's personality is formed by the it reaches 7. Still some time left to let Samuel know who's boss.

Claire Khaw
@ A silence with a beautiful person gives you the opportunity of looking into her eyes ...

Claire Khaw
@ For a long time, I've been so lonely.

Claire Khaw
@ That is why EVERYTHING is politics and politics ought to be wiser.

Claire Khaw
@ Your A, B and C list concerns about party hierarchy are amusingly petit bourgeois, and charming coming from a philosopher.

Claire Khaw
@ We are different people pre-parenthood and post-parenthood.

Claire Khaw
@ This atheist intends to create a new state religion of Anglican Islam based on the concept of Agnostic Indifference.

Claire Khaw
@ To be a liberal these days is to make a point of remaining in denial about the facts of life.

Claire Khaw
@ The licence fee is a tax on the propaganda the licence fee payer is compelled to pay for.

Claire Khaw
@ Good of you to say something controversial at last, Alain.
I thought they were pretty philosophical and lucid too, though some were perhaps a little challenging.  He must be terminally insecure or neurotically frightened.  He suffers from insomnia too, poor lamb, and from his tweets I rather suspect is in love with someone not his wife, and may be having trouble disciplining his son.

He is also pathetically obsessed by status:

The boundless terror of the B lister trapped by a C lister at an A list party.
18 Dec

Well, I can only forgive him and wish him greater wisdom to deal with the travails of his love life, family life as he is in the process of writing yet another tome that will beat around the bush and not address the issues courageously.  He is actually starting to say bolder things now that hint at questioning the established order.  

Actually, I was going to offer to liven things up at the School of Philosophy by offering to speak to them one evening or even suggest that both of us participate in a Philosophical X  Factor type show in a Big Brother House of Philosophers ...

I suppose one can't help being a little timorous if one is so small, ugly, terminally insecure and unwilling to engage in what any self-respecting philosopher would relish - a debate.

I own a number of his books and even bought one for a friend one Xmas.  It is all very very sad and disappointing.  He used to be my hero and it is bitter to discover that his feet have been made from the clay of dried cowpats.

What is the problem with these shit frit School of Life Philosophers like Alain de Botton and Mark Vernon?

Don't they know we live in a free society?  Or is it because they already know we don't and they cannot afford to upset the liberal authorities if they want to earn a living? Fuck them to hell and back then.

The School of Life is for Libtards then, I have concluded.  Have a look at
to see if you agree.