Thursday, 24 February 2011

A dictator behaving like a dictator is great surprise to the West, apparently

Colonel Gaddafi in happier times
Tito and the young Gaddafi
It consists of three parts:
The Solution of the Problem of Democracy: 'The Authority of the People'
The Solution of the Economic Problem: 'Socialism'
The Social Basis of the Third International Theory

The Green Book rejects modern liberal democracy and encourages the institution of a form of direct democracy based on popular committees.

Did Prime Minister Cameron and Foreign Secretary Hague really expect Gaddafi to go quietly?

Any dictator worth his salt would fight to the bitter end and it is quite clear Gaddafi takes himself quite seriously. Any dictator who writes a book about his ideas - red, green or any other colour - clearly takes himself seriously.

It is not Gaddafi who is mad but leaders of Western government who are mad and silly, it is now quite clear. The sooner Libya returns to an even keel, the sooner the price of oil will go down, and the better it will be for everyone who does not fancy paying higher prices for everything.

What a shame I am not a leader or even dictator if only to make the world a more sensible place.

In the meantime, I urge those who would loathe foreign interference in their country to visit to learn more about Colonel Gaddafi.  They may well find his support for direct democracy and social justice bemusing and heart-warming.

The Authority of the People in a Direct Democracy:  Gaddafi's Green Book

Below is my message to the Colonel of today that I hope will be conveyed to him by the Mathaba News Agency:

I wish it to be known that I am publicly supporting the Colonel on Facebook, Twitter, and my blogs.

I am particularly intrigued by his support of direct democracy which I also support. It is the only form of democracy worth talking about.

Please pass my good wishes to Colonel Gaddafi. I hope one day to meet this great man.

This was the prompt and touching response I received:

Dear Claire,

Thank you for your very heart warming message that brings tears to eyes.

Please read and please register at
that forum as soon as possible.

In there, we will approve you to be able to see the Libya Support
forum, once you have registered and let us know.

Then you can log in at the forum again and will be able to see the
Support Forum where there are Avatars posted that you can use for
facebook, twitter, etc.

Bless you and see you in the forum?

Oh, to be in Libya now to help the Colonel with his PR and propaganda!

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