Tuesday, 15 February 2011

How we should treat the bed blockers

I suggest special hospices for the bed-blockers where they are given an array of ways of having themselves shuffled off this mortal coil.

My idea of the 7 day suicide pill pack may catch on. Every day you take a pill. On the 7th day you take a pill that completes the dosage of poison and you die.

There will be two versions: the straight version or the Russian Roulette version.

I have heard of Dying Rooms for the unwanted infants.

Dying Buildings for the unwanted elderly is but a logical step.

This is what happens when a society does not have enough babies and does not practice family values.

This is the future has in store for us.

We should start preparing ourselves I suppose.

They can invite anyone who wishes to attend so they can have a proper deathbed scene and post it on YouTube.  

That's how I would do it anyway.

The choice would be put to them: stay in these NHS beds and be neglected or have some control and send yourself off sooner rather than wait around for death to claim you.

Train these nurses and doctors to look after the elderly?? They WANT you to fuck off and die, and so do your children who don't have time for all this nursing, especially your daughter if she has a job and no husband to support her, which these days she probably won't.

They should just make it official rather than pretend it doesn't happen.

Too many of us are living too long our bloody fucking useless lives and are a burden on the next generation.

The moment we cannot live independent lives, off we go, unless we have children who care for us enough to look after us.

If we didn't have any children or enough of them or our children basically don't give a fuck, then off we go.

What's wrong with that?

It's not even that scary, is it, once you get to a certain age? We ought to think of death every day and prepare for it every day, in mind at least.

I would prefer my method of dealing with the elderly than subject myself to the endless platitudes we are going to get from now on.

Let the NHS make it official that they want the elderly bed-blockers to go.

This is the shit you get when you have free for all health care. It is unsustainable socially and economically. Pretending otherwise just creates even more suffering.

Rant over and out.   

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