Thursday, 10 February 2011

Imagine a European Court of LIBERAL MORALITY ...

If it weren't called the European Court of Human Rights would we be even be thinking twice about telling where it can stick its rulings?

But our politicians are stupid and the people who elected them stupider.

Is it moral to have human rights?

What is a human right?

What is it for?

Does it do what it says on the tin?

What does it say on the tin?

Who wrote what it says on the tin?

Was it a bunch of liberals whose ideology is rapidly becoming discredited, demented, incoherent and illiberal?

Law is based on morality and conventional morality changes from age to age.  We move from family values supported by marriage to our age of free love, cheap women and easy sex.  

Remember: the European Court of Human Rights is only the Liberal Court of Liberal Morality, and Liberal Morality is all about

1.  tolerating the intolerable
2.  compassion for the undeserving
3.  the systematic cultivation of civilisational failure
4.  rewarding the Unproductive at the Expense of the Productive, to the Detriment of All. 

You have been warned!  

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