Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Katharine Birbalsingh cannot bring herself to support selection and believes in the *con* that is academy and free schools

Neither will she condemn feminism, female promiscuity, family breakdown, single parenthood etc supported by the welfare state, which she dare not mention.  

In fact, her response was "no, not necessarily" [26:00] when she was asked if she saw selection a possible solution.

The poverty of expectation also discussed is reinforced by the welfare state, which we all know is the sacred cow the British worship currently pooing all over their carpet and eating them out of house and home.  Stupid, scared, skint Brits with their stupid, scared and skint government, all full of FUCKING SHIT.  

Nor does she mention the fact that no political party in government would wish to tackle the mess that is British education in a term of 5 years.  That is why we need responsible government under a one-party state that protects the rights of its members, but say that and watch the British CRAP THEMSELVES with fear. 

Waste of time then.

Why does she even bother if she is not prepared to go the whole hog?  She is just like all the other cowards and hypocrites.  Thus far and no further.  

Occupational fucking therapy, innit.  That is what these middle class campaigners do while they wretchedly wring their lily-white lily-livered hands.  Fucking liberal feminist welfarist shite all of them. 

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