Tuesday, 1 February 2011

"Mark Vernon Philosophy and Life, 100 Best Blogs 2009, Sunday Times"

Mark Vernon - the philosopher who does NOT believe in free speech

Mark Vernon - part of the School of Life Philosophy of the Blandly Bleeding Obvious - an ex-Church of England priest who calls himself a philosopher has deleted all my quite reasonable and civil comments from his blog.  Perhaps my reputation precedes me, or he did not like the "tone" of them.  I therefore wonder if he is up to a philosophical discussion with me on the subject of Free Speech. 

Is he so unmanned he cannot allow them to be displayed at all?  A philosopher who does not believe in free speech is surely a contemptible shadow of a man as well as a philosopher. He may not have much faith in his own powers of argument. So why is he pretending to be wiser than the rest of us? Is he a charlatan? Or a fool or a knave? Or even a coward or a hypocrite? 

You may find his blog - mysteriously hailed as one of "the 100 Sunday Times Best Blogs in 2009" at if you wish to compare the quality of his output with mine. 

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