Friday, 18 February 2011

My thoughts on the Alternative Vote

Nobody really knows whether it would be a good thing or not.

Would it be good for parties like the BNP or UKIP?  That would be my question as I wish to support all Eurosceptic parties.

We have seen how AV works.  It gave Labour Ed and instead of David Miliband.  Was that a good thing for Labour?   It was certainly a bad thing for David Miliband whom everyone expected to win.  If there were a recount would anyone be able to spot the mistakes?  No?  There you are then, not a good idea because it is so complex that it is vulnerable to abuse.

Should the voter vote for AV or against it?

I think anything that upsets the LibLabCon is good and the unpredictability of AV will be upsetting to even the parties who asked for it.  The upset when Labour did not get David Miliband as their leader was bemusing to say the least.  We need the system to collapse before it can be rebuilt. Let us shake their tree harder whenever they give us the opportunity.

I would therefore vote YES even though I would support a one party direct democracy under a narrower franchise of taxpayer-only voters.

I can see lots of people voting Conservative and then voting UKIP, or voting Labour and then voting BNP even if the Electoral Reform Society seems to think that the "extreme" vote would be marginalised.

From what we have seen from the Labour leadership contest, it was the underdog Ed who won as a result of AV, and therefore AV has a very good chance of favouring BNP and UKIP.

BNP and UKIP can just say to the voter: "Vote for your mainstream party of choice, and vote for the fringe party of your choice."


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