Sunday, 27 February 2011

A rather lovely TV idea by Jack Tyler of Tinpot Dictators Forum from which I am in permanent exile.

Jack Tyler about me at 1241 am 27 February 2011:

I've had no dealings with her (Facebook sums up everything that is wrong with society, but that's another topic.) Based on the article about her posted by another poster in this thread, I strongly suspect that she is sort form of performance artist/journalist/researcher cum writer looking to tout a programme idea to Channel 4 or the BBC.

The topic of the programme/art piece will be "Pushing the boundries: Exploring the acceptance of extremism on the WWW."

She's an obviously oriental woman who has supposedly joined the BNP. (alarm bells begin to ring gently.) Who then comes out with thing like supporting the extermination of babies if they are born disabled. (bleedin' claxons going off all over the place!)

Yet nationalists here, including those who call themselves "moderates", call her a true nationalist and "on our side."


I'm all up for putting the willies up the Establishment with some well-aimed satire and mickey taking, but let's not ever forget that we're not playing on an even playing field here. No "right" of centre comedian will ever get air time on the BBC. It would be excellent for some nationalist wit to propose a vehicle that took the mickey out of political correctness, extremist Islam, the hypocricacy of the far-left, the self-serving of the middle-class, institutionalised liberalism etc.

But in the real world, all we are ever treated to in TV comedy is left of centre stuff that doesn't even question or satirise the most far reaching issues of the day, like mass immigration, the lack of freedom of speech disguised as political correctness etc. Just have a go at the BNP and "racism" in general once in a while and your career is secured at the BBC and Channel 4 for the forseeable future.

OK, a bit of a personal rant there but it does sort of impinge possibley on this Claire Khaw character.

She seems to really enjoy getting as many public politicians as possible as her "friends" on Facebook. Obviously these people don't know who she is as she comes out with some really extremist stuff. If they'd have bothered to look into her, they wouldn't have added her as a friend. Yes, some of it may be said with tongue in cheeck, but how do we know? If it is done as a ruse, then rather embarresing for modern politicians to be "friends" with someone who wants to make bastardry pretty much an illegal offence!

Might make an interesting tv programme...

And even more worrying for nationalists, the only section of society that it seems to be legal to slander, belittle and tell outright lies about with impunity. Anyone who has been in nationalism for any length of time knows that the press and media really are the **** of popular legend. They don't do irony or satire where nationalism is concerned. They would think nothing of printing a piece that said that a nationalist here said that such an "extremist" as this Khaw person was "on our side."

Might make and interesting tv programme...

As I said at the outset, I don't know her, know nothing about her apart from what I've read here and from a link here. But I do know the press work and the sort of people who like to do exposes of evil nationalists. For those who are singing her praises here, and belong to nationalist groups that are trying to portray themselves as the moderate strand of nationalism, then I have to say that this really seems like a bad idea.

Perhaps she just is mad and a bit of fun. But if she does, as I supsect, have dark ulterior motives, then when nationalism gets another bloody nose in the media, then please expect me to come on here, reluctantly, with sirens blaring, saying, "I told you so!"

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