Thursday, 3 February 2011

What the Egyptians should do?

I just called the Egyptian Embassy for a properly Egyptian view of things.

A very nice man told me that things are much calmer today.

People have gone home.

Mubarak said he would try and do better.

He is going in 6 months.

The Egyptians have had him for 30 years so they should be able to wait another 6 months.

They should give him a chance to get his act together, to be fair.

I think that sounds perfectly reasonable, although I know some of you young Muslim hotheads are now fantasising about galloping through Tahrir Square on your camels, and probably enjoying too much watching Egyptians fighting each other on TV.
It would be better for the Egyptian people if they calmed down and went home, having made their point.

It would be better for us in the West too.

Shut up Obama, and shut up Cameron. They really are such fucking idiots. If only someone would just superglue their lips shut.

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