Thursday, 31 March 2011

Voice of Reason did not make longlist of Orwell Prize 2011 - no surprises there

One of the judges, David Allen Green who calls himself a liberal helpfully admitted during his talk that the Orwell Prize favours the Left of Centre.

Richard Horton, the other judge, mentioned the horror of having to read blogs that he thought people had a right to write but which he thought he had a right not to read.   I asked if he had any particular blogs in mind when he said that hoping that he would mention and, but did not get the answer I hoped for.

Below are the 5 Voice of Reason posts I submitted.

Below are the 5 Battlefield of Love posts I submitted.

Below are the blogs that were entered for the Prize.

Spoke to Dan Hodges who was on the Orwell Prize longlist with (which seems to be a digest of the blog posts of Labour bloggers)  who was wearing a pretty floral shirt. He had a kind of androgynous David Bowie face (ie good bone structure) and I thought he looked like he could have been the Transgender blogger who was also on the longlist.  He took it quite well and introduced me to Juliet Jacques of who looked more the part now that I had had a closer look at shim.  I also spoke with another transgender blogger with startling red hair in the Territorial Army (now gender neutral I was told by shim) who did not make the longlist.  I suggested that men now want to become women because it is harder to be men and women are now more powerful.

Met John Chubb who did not make the longlist with his networking and giving his cards out.  "Positive Deviancy" is mentioned on it, which I rather like the sound of.

I also met Dominic Cavendish of the Telegraph, carrying a Waterstones carrier bag.  

Madam Miaow (who made the shorlist last year with came over to commiserate with my failure to make the longlist. I said I would actually be more surprised to be on the longlist than off. While she did not agree with me on most things, one thing she did agree with me about was that it was wrong to bomb Libya, and we had a pleasant chat.  While she did not agree with me on most things, one thing she did agree with me about was that it was wrong to bomb Libya, and was aware of my Colonel Gaddafi Support Group mentioned at 

It was probably not the time to mention to her that there is talk that I may be the 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate so I said nothing, in case it all comes to naught.

I suggested to David Allen Green that there should perhaps be an Orwell Prize for Tweeting.    I have written to the very pleasant and polite Gavin Freeguard and hope they adopt my idea.   (What they should do is have Tweeters enter themselves and then vote for the best Tweeter, but it cannot be for themselves.)

An Orwell Festival in Letchworth in Hertfordshire is taking place from 9th to 18th September 2011.  Details to be announced in April. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

To AV or AV not?

I don't like AV but would vote for it to destabilise the current corrupt and sclerotic system, which has to be destroyed before a phoenix can rise from its ashes.

It would also hurry BNP and UKIP into a merger who must know by now that people tend to vote Green as a protest vote because they see it as respectable and won't get them into trouble with their liberal friends at their liberal dinner parties.

A merger of BNP and UKIP must be done ASAP or this country will wake up finding itself ruled by the Greens from whom you will get more rules and more taxes in the name of the environment as well as more PC liberalism.

In this mock election by Five Live today, BNP went first, then UKIP, then the LibDems, then the Tories, and finally Labour, leaving the Green Party woman to rule over Brentford and Isleworth.

I do not know the demographics of the voters in that mock election, but my guess is that they are mostly female and mostly unemployed, so voting Green is entirely in keeping with the mentality of these people.

The likelihood is that most voters who bother to vote on AV will vote for change just for the sake of change because it is a way of showing dissatisfaction with the current system and going against what the Tories want.

Nobody really understands AV anyway.   But it is a way of affirming mediocrity, ie making sure that the candidate with the most second choice votes wins.  The Greens are largely perceived as harmless because they have not had a chance to mess things up.

"Cut open a Green and you will find a Red."

Below is an email I have sent to the BBC at Wed, 30 March, 2011 13:23:15 requesting that they explain their methods of audience selection.

Hi Victoria
Would you be so kind as to let me know what questions would have been asked of anyone applying to be in the audience in Osterley?
A UKIP friend is suggesting that any BBC audience is hopelessly rigged against BNP/UKIP. contains my views on AV, should you be interested.
It may also interest you to know I am being actively considered to be the 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate, though many's a slip twixt the cup and the lip!  
I look forward to hearing from you.
Claire Khaw

Monday, 28 March 2011

Women and Politics

One of the things I have noticed about my female friends is that they are more ready to unfriend me on Facebook because of my political views.

I do not blame them particularly because it is a fact that being female makes one more conformist, censorious and more easily frightened.  People are more forgiving of female foibles than of male ones and therefore they get away with a lot of things.   While men are supposed to be courageous, principled etc, women are usually forgiven if they are not up to scratch morally, with their women's prerogative and their ability to make you feel sorry for them when they shed their tears.   

This came up in the conversation yesterday at the East London BNP meeting.  "What is wrong with us?  Why won't people vote for us if they agree with us?  Why are there so few women in the party?" we were asking ourselves after the meeting. 

The answer is simple.   Men are afraid of women.   These women have too much power, don't know what they want, are too stupid to know that, and the ones who know they don't know what they want are too proud, hypocritical and cowardly to admit it.   


Women don't want to be seen with losers and social pariahs whom they associate with being a member of the BNP. 

Men pretend to hold liberal views just to get sex from women.

Men are terrified of being socially ostracised by women and deprived of sex.   

BNP activists readily admit to me that if their wife objected they would not be a member of the party.

These women don't know how to argue themselves out of a paper bag and so if you have in any way caused them to in any way feel emotionally uncomfortable, you are out, and they won't tell you why because most of the time they can't even explain it to themselves.   

Probably, most male BNP activists would gladly give up their principles and activism for the sufficiently seductive siren. 

That is why it is quite wrong for them to have too much power, which they will misuse and abuse.  To allow them to be the equals of men is to make them the superiors of men, with the results that we now see in our society, where the single mother is virtually beyond criticism and the alpha male politicians of this land are actually afraid of them, because too many of them now have the vote.   

This gives me an idea though: an introduction agency based on one's politics.   Men should just offer to be protector and provider and say feminists need not apply.   Only women who know their minds and know they want to be wives and mothers need apply.   Would that work though?   Possibly with Muslims, but what about the non-Muslim women who are honest enough to admit that being wife and mother is what they want out of a life, instead of the option of being a bad employee and a bad mother bringing up an inferior next generation who is socially, economically and intellectually disadvantaged because of the bad parenting of a working and/or single mother?

Perhaps I should run a marriage bureau based on those lines.  

Friday, 25 March 2011

How would you feel if Claire Khaw were the 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate?

Attended the meeting in Barking and Dagenham last night.

Very unexpectedly, I was invited to speak about becoming London mayoral candidate.  I said I had certainly accepted the invitation to apply to become candidate and would be delighted to do so if the party thought me a suitable candidate.

It was not a particularly good speech but I tried to say the following.

  1. Where I come from people can complain about foreigners without being accused of being Nazi Fascist Racist extremist, and I want this right for white people too.   
  2. Free speech is crucial to our liberties and the free speech of others is our free speech too. 
  3. I was previously a member of the Conservative Party and it was David Cameron who drove me into the arms of Nick Griffin with his infuriating Commie Pinko PC ways.
  4. Immigration is now so alarming that even the foreigners are complaining about how many foreigners there are in this country.  
  5. The BNP should be called the "We were here before you" party.   
  6. It is disgusting how successive British governments do not care enough about their own people enough to tell them to mend their ways, fix their broken education and training system and give parents grammar schools so even the poorest can be given a decent education and be trained for the world of work instead of giving them equality of failure.  
  7. Most people support the death penalty, and I am very glad there is at least on party in this country prepared to say it does.  
  8. Most people would be concerned about large-scale immigration that changed the racial composition of their neighbourhoods noticeably within a short space of time.  
  9. I believe in family values supported by marriage as the only institutions that can give us as individuals and as a nation a dignified and coherent sense of cultural and national identity. 
  10. British history was not being taught properly in this country and it is a shame that many British children of all races know very little British history.  Say "Nelson" to the average child and they will not say "Horatio" but "Mandela".  
It probably didn't come out like that but that was what I had meant to say, for which I believe I received friendly applause.

Everyone was lovely, interested and enthused, and I sensed that they were perhaps positively discriminating in my favour on grounds of my race and my gender, which was ironic and really rather moving.

Giussepe de Santis - another non-indigenous member of the party - was there and congratulated me about the Daily Telegraph story at  He asked if I had indeed said I would reintroduce slavery as mentioned at  I admitted the truth of this and he asked me to be careful.

Afterwards, I was taken to task a little about my pro-death penalty views by a very nice man called Peter who was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about civic architecture.  He suggested that everything controversial should have a referendum conducted on it, and he felt uneasy about being roped into something as serious as the death penalty willy-nilly.  This is my second encounter with a BNP member who does not support the death penalty.

I gave him a card for which has the slogan: "Hang 'em, Flog 'em or send 'em home or not?"  1party4all is a website which invites anyone of any political persuasion to become a party member of this virtual one-party state and vote as they please.  I was confident that enough people to constitute the majority would end up supporting most BNP policies if such a system of voting were in place. Most people, if left alone and not bullied, would support most BNP policies, which would be regarded by most people in most countries as commonsense.  (It certainly had the commonsense not to want to bomb Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and I would be delighted to be known as "the BNP peacenik" should this term be coined.)

It is their natural timorousness, gullibility and reluctance to get to the bottom of things that prevents voters from ignoring the constant media demonisation of BNP supporters.

While aware that I am a member of a party widely regarded as racist, I do not regard myself as someone who thinks any race is inherently inferior or superior to any other.  It is only the things we know, believe and are capable of achieving that makes us better and worse than others. Nature and Nurture hold equal sway over all humanity.  Anyone can unburden himself of the dead weight of his environment or nature once he musters the will to do so.

I know what I say and do is bound to offend someone at some time, but I hope in the end to show that politics can be rewarding, entertaining and beneficial to its participants and the wider public, if done properly.

To be the unity candidate for all those who are disgruntled with the LibLabCon and an increasingly sclerotic, irrational and corrupt political system would be a great privilege and a deep honour.  I believe I would feel right proportions of humility and pride, if chosen, and promise to do my best not to let anyone down, including myself.  

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The West is Emma Woodhouse and the rest is Harriet Smith

That the West is analogous to Austen's Emma is probably the kindest interpretation one can make of Western foreign policy towards the countries it bombs.

The countries it bombs are analogous to Harriet Smith, with no Mr Knightly to save them from the machinations of Emma Woodhouse.

Male Western politicians assert their masculinity by starting wars

Which option do you feel more corresponds to Truth and Reality?

Option A

The Liberal West is Good and Great, not economically and morally bankrupt, not warmongers, not hypocrites, not cowards, pursuing a rational, beneficent yet self-interested foreign policy of supporting Israel and spreading liberty, democracy and good government all over the world.

Option B

The PC Liberal Extremist West is Evil and full of pygmy politicians who are morally and financially bankrupt.  They have taken to gambling on unprofitable foreign wars in the hope of distracting themselves from their troubles at home, too intractable for those without moral courage to solve.  Generations of white people have had stupidity and fecklessness bred into them through their welfare state that supports the unnatural ideology of feminism, which is the systematic cultivation of failure and the turning of men into women.   Western male politicians need to go around proving that they are men because the knowledge they have of themselves - that they are afraid of their female voters who are the worst of people because they are parasites, bad mothers, bad employees who promiscuous, stupid, feckless single mothers who are a burden on the state and/or the harridans you find on Mumsnet - is too humiliating to acknowledge.   They feel compelled to use overwhelming force to bomb and invade other countries to take their minds off from the fact that they are all hopelessly and humiliatingly pussy-whipped by their dreadful women whom they fear with their effeminate cowardice.

Bombing Muslim countries, is just displacement activity to take their minds off the fact that they are afraid of their women. Bombing Libya is a COMPULSION, not a foreign policy objective. Western men feel they have to prove their masculinity because they know they are afraid of their women but too afraid to admit this, even to themselves.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do?

But now they do. Louis Farrakhan tells it like it is. Superb oratory.   

When God is needed (Living with the Aztecs)

Cut and pasted from a friend's wall:

can everybody shut up about Libya? Return to basics:
"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

And then the Athenians themselves grew weak.

It is not so much my mortality that bothers me but the fact that evil goes unpunished and one is helpless to stop it.

A day after casually and thoughtlessly bombing a distant country and discussing the viability of killing its leader thereby turning it into another failed state, the British turn, with their goldfish memories, to fretting about the Budget and their taxes.

How nice therefore to have or believe in a God that dispenses perfect justice, with no collateral damage, who punishes only the wicked and the warmongering.

Talking like liberals must be a bit like talking to Aztecs.  Any decent person who does not practice human sacrifice coming upon them would try to persuade them of the error of their ways.

We might say to them that it does seem unnecessarily cruel and that the sun will rise tomorrow whether or not humans are sacrificed.

They will shrug their shoulders and declare human sacrifice to be a noble and unique tradition which has served them well.  Look around, they would tell us.  Is not our city magnificent?  Are not our gods pleased with us?  The victims of human sacrifice don't really mind, they will assure us.  Besides there are always plenty more where they came from.

Until something happens.  

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A tragic waste of a veto by China and Russia

Now Libyan oil will be carved up between the Western powers while China and Russia moan and whinge on the sidelines.

Loss of nerve or just not paying attention?

They might have got the oil contracts from a grateful and rescued Gaddafi, but no.  They hesitated and the opportunity was lost.  They could have done something and emerged out of this with greater credibility and national prestige enhanced, but they chose to watch a bunch of thugs kick the shit of some Arab-African fucker with a bit of oil and walk on by, shaking their heads when all they needed to do was raise their voice and shake a stick at them.

China not a sleeping dragon but a dwarf python too engorged with food to move. Russian bear in hibernation and snoring fitfully

Nobel Peace Prize should be withdrawn from the Obamination

Email them to recommend this.

British constitution should confer right on citizens to object to unprofitable wars

If only there were a way of certifying politicians who do insane things for reasons they cannot explain to the voters' satisfaction.

They can then be removed from office, and exiled from Westminster, forced to mix with ordinary people and made to live in a high crime neighbourhood.   

Cameron could not even foresee that press would turn against him at the first opportunity

Why is this country being run by fools and knaves?

Is it not time that the British have a long overdue revolution of their own to reform their insane political system that only encourages fools and knaves into government?

Gaddafi's Curse: West will end in the dustbin of history.

How to lift the curse: remove Cameron and make John Baron Prime Minister or even Dictator. describes a possible scenario.  

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

John Baron (the only Tory MP who voted against the war) clear choice for Prime Minister!

The Courageous, Noble, Wise and Strong John Baron MP

A message to John Baron MP, Future Ruler of Britain:

"What you should do, John, is resign your seat now, start a party with the stated purpose of unifying the Eurosceptic parties, say you plan to stand in Witney at the next General Election. That will rattle that warmongering so and so. The other sheep will rally round to you soon enough if you show any signs of success and confidence. I shall be your adjutant. Get the troops back out of Muslim lands, get a few good military men to support you, one each in the Army, Navy and Air Force, and hey, presto, we can have a nice military dictatorship to draw a line under the failure of the past and the disaster of this demented matriarchy!

When you are finally master of all you survey and vir triumphalis, my lips that are full of promise will brush seductively against your ear as I whisper to you while you process down Park Lane in your chariot: "Remember, Caesar, you are only a mortal man." Cameron and all his sheep-men and sheep-women will be paraded in chains behind you, to be strangled after your triumph is over ....

Afterwards, I shall see to it that the nation's beauties (who will already be in your harem) be prepared for your pleasure ... "

Hah!  Where are you now, Dan "Window Dressing" Hannan?  You, who refuse to condemn warmongering even though it is spitting in your face?  You are just an ornament, a mere decoy specially placed to dupe gullible voters into thinking there are still Tories in the Cameron's party.  Begone with you, you Emm Ee Pee!   

Let me help make up your mind, Dan Hannan. Your wait and see approach does you no credit.

Anti-war blog posts that deals with the point he raises, ie the morality of bombing Libya.

Also, for purely electoral reasons, declaring early against the war would do his career a world of good if Dan Hannan were to stand against Cameron in Witney at the next General Election.  

Even if Cameron wins the next election he will have lost his fucking seat.  Wouldn't that be so fucking sweet?

Come on, Dan.  Do it.  You know you want to ... 

You know you want to become a National Hero!

OFFICIAL: gollywog now called "racist doll" in Liberal Totalitarian Britain

My answer to why we shouldn't forciby tidy up other people's bedrooms, however untidy

The owner of the bedroom you forcibly tidied will ask you where you have put things he now cannot find and accuse you of theft.

The Roll of Honour: 13 MPs who voted against warmongering

Monday, 21 March 2011

Are you stupid enough to think that a no-fly zone is NOT an act of war?

If you are stupid enough to think that a no-fly zone is NOT an act of war, are you stupid enough to admit this?

Are you looking forward to listening to the top echelons of the UK political establishment admitting this, one by one, in radio and TV interviews.

Britain really is the Stupid Country.

Bet they haven't heard that all is fair in love and war either.  But this ain't fair and it ain't war, as far as politicians of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland are concerned.  Just a crummy no-fly zone ...

Notice, please, how excrementally stupid they are.  Is it anything to do with the infamous promiscuity of their women and the fact that most babies born in Britain these days are bastards?  I think there is a definite connection there.

The lower the morals of women, the lower the educational and moral standards of a society.  

res ipsa loquitur.  Blame it on the slut, slag and slapper women of Britain, America and France.  I do.  It is well-known that men who live in a demented matriarchy cannot think straight in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.   All they are fit to do is finding ways of fucking themselves and jerking themselves off on the international stage in front of your face, oblivious to your disgust, hatred and contempt.   

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Islam the Religion of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

My email today to the Sunday Programme:

Just heard your special edition from Cairo and wonder if SUNDAY would like to discuss how a modern state could inject Koranic principles into its legal system and constitution.

It makes me impatient when people talk about the separation of Church and State in their muddle-headed way.

Religion is for people who do not think they are interested in politics.

Anyone interested in politics is always interested in religion whether or not they believe in God.

God is a creation of Man to assist him in his politics, morality and spirituality.

The Muslim credo is "Forbid what is evil and enjoin what is good" - a universal duty for any moral and political being, I would have thought.

Secular Koranism invites you to agree that the Koran is a good enough guide to humanity.

Secular Koranism does not require any converts to Islam.

Secular Koranism only requires that all law graduates pass an exam in Koranic knowledge.

Secular Koranism would promote a one-party state that would protect the rights of its members. ("Do not divide yourselves into sects and rejoice in your own doctrines."

Secular Koranism would promote direct democracy AKA government by referendum. (Shura)

Secular Koranism would repeal all anti-discrimination legislation. ("There is no compulsion in belief, for truth stands clear from error.")

Secular Koranism would be economically libertarian for it supports the interpretation that a 20% flat rate income tax is the right rate of taxation for all times. (Khums)

Secular Koranism would promote charity and dismantle the welfare state which promotes and encourages female promiscuity, family breakdown and ever-lowering standards of education and behaviour.

Secular Koranism would challenge the demented matriarchy that is destroying Reason and Rational Government in this country and in the West.

I am happy to be challenged on all of the above because I have thought it all through and would welcome a forensic scrutiny of my ideas.

Pro-Gaddafi/Anti-war Twitter campaign

Follow me on Twitter and be rude to all the warmongers - the least we can do!!/1party4all

"Another British Prime Minister another war."

"May the foul rotten brains of the demented warmongers explode inside their heads and bring them much pain and suffering."

"Thank goodness for the BNP - the only party in this God-forsaken land against the bombing other sovereign nations for spurious reasons."

"Invading [or bombing]another country for the purpose of doing it good is a mad new liberal concept that hasn't quite received general acceptance."

"He will fight to the death and even unto WW3 and it will be all the West's fault."

"If UK had riots in cities you would be rightly suspicious of any outside power takings sides"

"If there were civil war in Britain, I would be suspicious of foreign interference whoever's side it is on."
 "Jingoism is still jingoism though you call yourself a liberal."

"If Gaddafi wins this one, it will be his Battle of Badr. God, if He exists, would show him favour and punish the Hypocrites."

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Who runs Western civilisation

"You know who runs you by whom you can't criticize."

"In that case we are run by feminists, promiscuous women and single mothers who are a burden on the state, who are bad mothers and bad employees."

"Once a state degenerates to a point it becomes an inverse of the the ideal, orderly state in every way. That is why ignorance is praised, licentiousness is seen as the highest virtue, the lowest are seen as the highest in all things, etc. A true dark age."

A definition of Jingoism

Jingoism is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as "extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy". In practice, it refers to the advocation of the use of threats or actual force against other countries in order to safeguard what they perceive as their country's national interests, and colloquially to excessive bias in judging one's own country as superior to others – an extreme type of nationalism. 

Does it sound like anything you have come across recently from the mouth of the Cam Moron?

A Song of Liberal Jingoism

Sane men don't want to fight but by Jingo the madmen do, 
We ain't got the ships nor the men nor the money either. 
We've fought the Muslims and lost before, and while we're madmen true, 
We shall not find our lost marbles.

Based on the original:

We don't want to fight but by Jingo if we do,
We've got the ships, we've got the men, we've got the money too,
We've fought the Bear before, and while we're Britons true,
The Russians shall not have Constantinople.

Insane Western Foreign Policy of Liberal Jingoism

Good Muslims and Good Rational Non-Muslims 
for Gaddafi 

- v - 

Hypocrites and Bad Muslims 
for Demented Liberal Jingoism  

A new term to describe French, UK and US foreign policy - LIBERAL JINGOISM

Nuff said.  

God and Gaddafi

If Gaddafi wins this one, it will be his Battle of Badr. God, if He exists, would show him favour and punish the Hypocrites

Disabled babies - has Jan Moir heard of Claire Khaw?

If the Libya situation were reversed ...

Imagine three of our cities (say Dudley, Birmingham and Bradford) decided that they have had enough of government rule and seceded. The British government regains control of two of them and is about to regain control of a third. Libya and a bunch of African nations don't like it and threaten us with a no-fly zone. How would you interfering intervening idiots feel then??

Do not do unto others what you would hate yourself.   

Friday, 18 March 2011

Tory Party couple suspended for being against PC. Excuse: photographed with a gollywog. OFFICIAL: Tory Party supports Totalitarian Censorship

Conservative Party find this photo offensive, apparently.

BY POST AND EMAIL to Bill and Star Etheridge of Sedgeley

18th March 2011

Following a decision of the Disciplinary Committee of the Conservative Party, I am writing to advise you that your membership of the Party has been suspended for a period of 30 days from today’s date.

The Committee received a complaint relating to images which appeared on a Facebook website in which you were photographed with a toy “golly” in support of a campaign against political correctness.

The Committee is satisfied that the complaint raises serious issues that might bring the Party into disrepute and/or that you may be guilty of conduct not compatible with membership of the Conservative Party.

You have the right to apply in writing to the Committee for this suspension to be lifted. The Committee may allow you to make oral representations on the matter. The Committee may then lift or confirm the suspension, or vary the terms on which the suspension takes effect.

Yours sincerely


Secretary to the Disciplinary Committee

Do we need yet more evidence that Cameron and his Cunts of Convictionless Cuntservatism are just a continuation of New Labour?

As long as you know that a Commie warmongering Pinko Cunt now leads the Tory Party, everything should start making sense now.  

Western politicians now so stupid they believe in the propaganda of their own irresponsible media

I guess they are just waiting for the West to be bled dry by its foreign misadventures and then come in to buy up everything cheap in the fire sale.  

Anyone who supports the rebels is a victim of media propaganda. This means that only the West has politicians stupid enough to believe in the propaganda of its own media. The media is of course a liberally-inclined (ie stupid) attention-seeking whore who has power without responsibility and will say and do anything just to get attention.

Indeed, it often recommends dangerous courses of action to entice politicians into misadventure and trouble, so they can report on the atrocities and then blame the politicians for not doing enough to prevent it.

This makes them feel powerful and superior, you see.  

The media is after all an ambulance-chaser and has every interest in making things worse so they can report the drama and horror of it for the amusement and entertainment of its gullible audiences, in the comfort of their own living rooms while people in foreign lands die, are maimed, and hate us more and more.

It is the 21st century Western version of The Games.

Ask any journalist if they do not secretly hope for something really bad to happen so they can report on it.

Proud of ourselves, are we, that Britain is leading the vanguard of liberal intervention?

Mark my words, our government can't even have a crap in the crapper without making a mess and forgetting to wipe its fucking bottom. 

A DECLARATION of an online war against the morals, motives and mentality of warmongering interventionists

We as individual citizens living in Britain cannot do that much when we are never consulted about anything.

Our governments start wars without our approval or permission, just like tinpot dictators who go on foreign adventures so they can prance around on the international stage while masturbating in our faces.

They prance around the international stage because they are stupid enough to think they will be rewarded for a successful outcome when there can be no successful outcome that can be achieved by military force - only the needless sacrifice of lives on both sides, the prolonging of the conflict, the soiling of our reputation as a nation and the hatred, ridicule and contempt of the international community.

We are witnessing the last days of Western hegemony, now clearly suffering from terminal dementia while the maggots of liberal extremism are squirming and burrowing about devouring what remains of its stinking rottenness that was once its thinking organ.

"Failed pariah state?"  Don't they mean us?

I can only see to it that I take every opportunity to dissociate myself from what the government is doing in my name and urge everyone else to join me in this 24/7 task of distancing ourselves from liberal dementia.  

An online war is being declared on anyone who supports the war on Twitter and Facebook and any other kind of social media.  It will be non-violent but will include swear words.

Demand from everyone their views on intervening in Libya so we know who are the sane and good and wise and who are the mad and evil and imbecilic.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Victimisation of Brian True-May bad for Race Relations

Brian True-May: forbidden to express his artistic opinion in Totalitarian "Liberal" Britain

If Brian True-May is sacked by Steve Morrison of All 3 Media and other ITV executives involved in deciding his fate, they will have damaged race relations much much more than if the National Front attempted to establish a branch of the Klu Klux Klan and held a meeting in Brixton Town Hall.

Just as long as they know this.

They should know that there many jokes circulating about introducing ethnic minority characters into Midsomers Murders and then having white people murder them.

I really do think the liberals have delighted us for quite long enough.  They are the ideology that conclusively demonstrates that universal suffrage was a bad idea, and that the flaw of representative democracy is that eventually the stupid people will take over, and you will have a Prime Minister afraid of Mumsnetters, who are bad mothers, bad employees, bad wives and mostly promiscuous women who are now single parents who have messed up their lives rattling their begging bowl aggressively and often at the British taxpayer.

The British Prime Minister is afraid of these social parasites because too many of them now have the vote. Not only are they stupid, they are actually capable of breeding more stupid people until the Britain Isles are overwhelmed by a tsunami of poo generated by their collective stupidity.

Mumsnet tweet on 16 March 2011

Mumsnet Towers
At downing street to celebrate international womens day. Dave C's greeting "Ah here's the terrifying Mumsnet".
That is why we cannot seem to get anything right, from economic policy to social policy, from education policy to foreign policy to following the simple dictates of common sense.

Sacking Brian True-May will bring on a dreadful curse on the politics and politicians of Britain.  It is the matter of utmost public and national interest, but Ed Miliband is silent (despite my Tweet to him about how to become more popular), so is Cunt Cameron and Smeggy Cleggy.

Shut up about Libya and tell us what you think about this most important matter that affects us all in this country, you LibLabCunts!

Sent to on Thu, 17 March, 2011 8:53:30:

Title: Victimisation of Brian True-May bad for Race Relations
Claire Khaw
BNP Member
PS    To be passed on to all the ITV executives who will be deciding his fate.  

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How to get out of the EU by the next election: demand a free vote on the EU.

I would demand that MPs be given a free vote on the EU before the next general election to so that we can punish and reward them at the next election.

A free vote can be held at any time.

If those fucktards vote to stay in they should know what to expect.

It doesn't matter how they vote. We will know how they have voted before we vote for them again at the next General Election. That is the point.

Getting  MPs to have a free vote is really administratively very easy to do.  The process is transparent and quick to arrange.

I am just brilliant, aren't I?  I bet UKIP wish I was a member of their party.

SHOCK HORROR REPORT: white man cannot say he wants all-white village to stay all white

What is missing from this scene is ethnic minorities, apparently.

Where are the blacks, Asians, Muslims and kebab shops?

One of Midsomer Murders' creators has claimed a key to the show's appeal is its absence of ethnic minorities. Simon Jenkins, author of A Short History of England, and comedy TV producer Ash Atalla, discuss whether there's any justification to the claims.

Too fucking right it won't work, and I speak as a non-white.   People of all races dip into it for a very traditional idea of Englishness and English village wife and don't want token ethnics being introduced to mess it all up.

The foreigners who watch this abroad will desert the show in droves if token ethnic minorities characters are introduced in the name of Political Correctness.

Have we all gone mad?

Why doesn't someone ask me how it feels to be the only sane person in a nation whose brains have turned to poo?

I feel really really sorry for white people, I really do.   That is why I joined the BNP, to try and  help them and nurse them through their very disturbing phase of liberal dementia.  Well, I do hope it is just a phase.

If it all goes pear-shaped I can always go live in Libya and work for Colonel Gaddafi (if he offers me a job after he sorts his local difficulties out) or fuck off back to where I came from as these rabid liberals are always snarling at me to do, but I don't want to desert white people in their time of need.  There are still good things worth conserving in this country and I don't want the liberal extremists to completely shit over all of it.


to protest against Brian True-May's farcical suspension.

White people can't even have a pretend all-white village all to themselves!  

To even say, as Brian True-May did, that people who watch it wish it to be so is apparently THOUGHTCRIME in liberal totalitarian Britain!

That would be analogous to creating African, European and Asian characters to insert into Peking Opera so as to make more inclusive, relevant and modern, irrespective of the wishes of those who enjoy Peking Opera.

How very strange and how very sad to see the British reduced to this disgusting and contemptible state of self-abnegation.  They must really hate themselves for being so helpless, so stupid, so cowardly and so demented.

Free Brian True-May now!

Tar and feather those who suspended him, who are Enemies of Free Speech and Enemies of the People!

String 'em up and hang them high!    

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Why Britain and France want to intervene in Libya

No, I don't think it is even about oil.

The truth is even more disturbing.

I think it is because these arseholes are just doing what the media tells them to do, because they think it would be popular, and the media just love to go to new places and report on new atrocities for the entertainment of dumb white people to watch as entertainment in the comfort of their living rooms.

There can be no possible advantage to any of this, but they are doing it, because that is what they always do, the dumb fuckers, who dance to the tune of the media who exercise power without responsibility.

It seems that these politicians think that participating in this fiasco to be will somehow increase their popularity and their chances of re-election.  They are rather like an ugly old couple nobody likes who think that putting a video of them having sex would somehow increase their popularity and make people trust and like them more.

This is what decades of single mummery, bastardy, paedophilia, declining standards of morality and education do to your ability to think rationally.  

Khavian Koranism Reconciling God, Evolution and Man

God, if He exists, created EVERYTHING.

Therefore, God is also responsible for Evolution.

God most certainly exists because God was created by Man to assist him in his government, morality and spirituality.   

TV diplomacy by Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa

You will see that the he thinks Al Jazeera are responsible for starting all the trouble.

No surprise then that they would want to teach Al Jazeera a lesson.

They were warned a few weeks ago to stay out of Libya.   

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Liberalism and National Socialism

If liberalism can be turned from something that is rational, peaceful and liberty-giving to something that is irrational, warmongering and liberty-destroying, then National Socialism could in theory be rehabilitated.

In case you hadn't noticed, National Socialism has been practised for over 40 years in Libya and over 60 years in China.

It is therefore quite wrong to think that National Socialism is all about exterminating Jews.

Hitler says at 1:54 that National Socialism has two principles: (1) "it would be a party with a true ideology [of National Interest]" and (2) "it would, uncompromisingly, be the one and only power in the nation. The "true" ideology would always change, mutatis mutandis, and it would be "adaptable" and "malleable" to do what is necessary in the circumstances a nation finds itself.  "Onepartyism", however, is a fundamental principle. Therefore all de jure one-party states purporting to act in the National Interest are National Socialist.

Mao's Cultural Revolution undoubtedly cost many millions of Chinese their lives and it is now admitted by the Chinese government that "mistakes were made".  They have altered the constitution of the Chinese Communist Party since and are now terrified of any personality cult of a party leader.  (That is one of the reasons why they are so hard on the Falun Gong.)  

One must not forget that the Chinese Communist Party managed to do this counter-revolutionary thing of dumping Communism without a violence, and give them credit where it is due.

While it would be galling for Hitler to subsequently learn that other nations of inferior races are better at National Socialism than Germans themselves, it would tend to suggest that National Socialism or one-partyism in the National Interest is not all bad if one does not go around starting wars and being defeated in them.  That was the fatal mistake that Hitler made.  

What a shame then that Western leaders seem unable to learn the lessons of history or even of those of recent history. Undaunted by the disaster that remains Iraq and Afghanistan, they now have their eye on Libya.  

If Jeffrey Epstein were my friend before his conviction ...
If Jeffrey Epstein were my friend he would still be my friend unless he had annoyed me about something else. The hypocrisy of the British is something I find very hard to take.

On the one hand they teach their schoolgirls to be sluts, slags and slappers with their sex ed at schools that tells them to do it if it feels good with anyone, anytime, anywhere, while on the other, they criminalise men for enjoying the services of sluts, slags and slappers.

If you had a daughter under the age of consent 16, you will find that she is legally allowed to get her contraceptives from the doctor without your consent or knowledge.

The state is actually aiding and abetting underaged sex.

So what the fuck is the problem, unless they are just a bunch of hypocritical SHITS?

You tell me.

Alison Wolf should know that education and training will never be fixed under the current political system

No government is going to touch British education with a bargepole.  That is because it will take more than five years to fix and require more drastic action than the teaching unions, parents and pupils are prepared to stomach.

Any political party that attempts to do this will get all the flak but none of the kudos, and that is why no one is prepared to risk opening that can of worms.

So what we really need is a revolution, and after that a one-party state.

A typical British politician cannot be expected to say such things of course, so it suits successive governments to pretend there isn't a problem or that they are in the process of fixing it.

Starting a new educational initiative starts time running again, until it fails whereupon a new initiative will be started and time will start running again.

In the meantime continue to sweep the dust under the carpet until the nation is nothing but dust and ashes peopled only with paedophile bastard slut single mother barbarians not fit even to be enslaved.  

Friday, 11 March 2011

Why representative democracy is mad and silly and must be RADICALLY reformed

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to selfishness;
From selfishness to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage."

Which state of the cycle are we at now, boys and girls?

Why are we apathetic and dependent?  Because we are now governed by a morbidly over-feminised government and politicians who have hypocrisy, cowardice and lies oozing out of their every orifice.

They think it is clever to be cowardly and they are cowardly because they know they have messed things up so much that there are more people now in this country who are dependent and unproductive than there are who are independent and productive.

That is why they keep inviting more immigrants in to do the work because the working classes are no longer fit for purpose.  The working classes are no longer fit for purpose because the quality of their education is so atrocious and the the values they have been made to absorb so toxic.

Why do they not fix the education system?

They do not even try because a single five year term is not enough to sort out the mess that is the international scandal of British "education".

Who are most of these dependent and unproductive parasites?

Why, they are women, slut, slag and slapper single mothers who do not wish to work, who are bad mothers, bad employees whom no one employer in his right mind would want to hire and who breed bastards whom no one wants to hire either.

Why are politicians afraid of challenging them?

Because even the Conservative Party is now single-mum friendly.  Indeed, it has been single-mum friendly since in 2002 when Theresa May made her infamous announcement that the Tory Party would no longer be the nasty party.

Now, every other baby born in Britain is born out of wedlock.  There are too many of them with the vote now, and Cunt Cameron and his Cunservatives dare not offend them.

Imagine, the alpha male of a nation - the Prime Minister no less - afraid of offending promiscuous females who are single mothers, bad parents and bad employees, if they work at all.

If we lived under a dictatorship one would understand a fear of the Secret Police etc, but David Cameron and his cunts of convictionless Conservatism are afraid of the weakest, stupidest, worst sort of people: the sluts, slags and slappers of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland who are even now merrily multiplying at taxpayers' expense.

It is beggars belief that Cameron and other Western leaders appear to think that they have the moral authority to lead the rest of the world and tell them what to do about Libya.  Would the rest of the world really wish to listen to a collection of paupers, degenerates, lepers and paedophiles telling them what to do while masturbating and sucking their thumb for comfort?

You would have thought Brazil, Russia, India and China would be thinking to themselves: "Surely now is the time to kick the West in the place where its goolies are supposed to be, and kick HARD?"  or just tell them "enough is enough."

Yet they do not. What are they waiting for?

Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.  

The admirable John Baron MP - a rare Conservative in a party stuffed with Commie Pinkos

Martial, Masculine, Courageous - quite unlike Cameron's cunty cronies

I cannot praise that man enough.

Often these days, I think to myself "I must friend X on Facebook" only to find that they are already my Facebook friend! The excellent John Baron MP is a case in point.

It is always the army men who dare to speak their mind, unlike the lily-livered effeminates and Ken dolls we now have in Parliament, fearful of their single mum voters, who lick the stilettos of the matriarchs running Mumsnet, Woman's Hour in their vomit-inducing lick-spittle way such as Jack Lopresti or any of the MPs who turn up at election time to beg and roll over at the command of harridans demanding to know what kind of underwear they wear.

Do they not get tired following orders from stupid promiscuous women who are bad single mothers badly parenting the next generation?

I can understand politicians being afraid of the Secret Police or a psychopathic dictator they happen to be living under, but to be afraid of stupid promiscuous single women who are bad mothers and bad employees is just beyond contempt.  Words actually fail me.

Perhaps we can have a word with each other about organising a military coup, sweeping away the dross and establishing a one-party state.  I wonder if he knows Lt Colonel Richard Williams whom I know is an excellent man just through hearing his masculine voice saying masculine things on military matters on the radio.

He is an MP Muslims should certainly support for he knew all along that invading Afghanistan was a bad idea. A man with a mind of his own and is not afraid to speak it.

This is what he said:

"Apart from the irony of sending a warship named after a pork sausage to rescue Brits from a Muslim country, surely the lesson from this episode is that we should stop meddling in the affairs of others.

"We should also be very careful before we lecture countries about democracy when we have been supplying their autocratic leaders with crowd control weapons."
What a shame he is already married. He is just the kind of man I would set my cap at.

Porn and British foreign policy on Libya

Foreign and British Foreign Policy Porn

The way France and Britain have been competing to more anti-Gaddafi than the other seems to be based on their labouring under the misapprehension that British and French prestige would be increased by adopting an interventionist stance.

If only they knew.

The posture they are adopting and the reasons for their doing so is analogous to an ugly old couple whom the whole world dislikes and distrusts thinking that posting online a pornographic video of them participating in all sorts of exotic and extreme sex acts is somehow going to win them popularity and respect.

I again again offer to serve Cameron as his Foreign Policy Adviser because I feel the British people deserve better than what's currently on offer: porno foreign policy from a Cunt of Convictionless Conservatism.  

Abu Zufayr should sue The Guardian for defamation

It has been alleged that Abu Zufayr has made a death threat against Usama Hasan over the latter's deliberately provocative position on Evolution.

A wiser person such as I would have said "God created everything and He must therefore have created Evolution" to reconcile the two positions, but he did not, in order, perhaps, to be deliberately provocative and attract attention to himself.  

It seems Usama Hasan was suggesting that he has received a death threat and that death threat came from a certain Abu Zufayr.  Those present said that while Abu Zufayr certainly called him a "kuffar" they heard no death threat.

It seems that the death threat was contained in a leaflet at  

Does giving someone a leaflet saying "In the good old days you would have been killed for doing and saying what you did" amount to a death threat?

Not to any reasonable person, I would have thought.  But then who said The Guardian is read or written by a reasonable people?  It is read by the liberal Muslims, who are walking oxymorons so messed up in the head by double-think that you wonder that their heads do not explode with so many internal contradictions.

Nevertheless, The Guardian, who wanted a "another Muslim extremist issues yet another death threat over something silly" decided to run this story.

I hope Abu Zufayr gets damages for this outrageous slur on his reputation, if indeed the facts are as I have stated above, and that he in fact made no statement that could reasonably be interpreted to constitute a death threat.  Poor journalism should be seen to be punished when it has the effect of ruining a man's reputation and stirring up racial and religious hatred.   

Thursday, 10 March 2011

New Muslim Game: "Find the Death Threat"

Can you find the death threat in this document?  

Is this a death threat or more a notification to an imam by  people pissed off with him that he has been relieved of his duties?

You read, you decide!  


Muslims and BNP have yet another thing in common: washing dirty linen in public
Defend Usama Hasan -- Support Freedom of Conscience and Oppose Intolerance was started by Yahya

I have been deleted from this group on the grounds that I am a BNP member when all I said was that  this incident sounded like mosque politics and a storm in a teacup.

Usama Hasan alleges that a death threat was made against him but nowhere does the actual form of words this death threat took appear anywhere.  The form of words would of course be crucial in deciding the guilt of anyone accused of issuing a death threat in a court of law.  The vagueness of the Guardian account of events, and the failure of the journalist in question is a shameful testament to journalistic standards these days.

I said on the group yesterday:

"Shame the Guardian didn't see fit to quote the wording of the leaflets allegedly containing the death threats. It is well known that East End Asians like boasting about the death threats they receive. If you ain't got no death threat, you ain't done or said nothing worth your salt as a politician."

It does appear to me that Muslims, just like the BNP, are fighting amongst themselves, washing their dirty linen in public and giving themselves a very bad name indeed.

The Koran advises us to avoid pointless disputation, particularly about such things as evolution.  We can't know because we weren't there.  And even if we were no one would believe us anyway.  So why don't we just agree to disagree?

I would have said that

(1) God created Evolution

and, to appease the atheists, whisper to them that

(2) Man created God.


I think I would make rather a good imam if I were Muslim and a man with my tact and my reputation of being a unifier.

Yahya Birt who cannot get over the fact that a BNP member does not mean Muslims harm is a very silly man with an obvious liberal agenda.

Perhaps that little turd cannot get his narrow white middle class liberal little head round this: I wish to promote an ideology called

Khavian Koranism AKA Secular Koransim AKA Anglican Islam

which encompasses the religious and secular, and which fuses Koranic principles with Anglican ways of worship that do not contradict the Koran.   In short, I wish to create a new state religion for the British people that the non-Muslims can see themselves embracing, that is far away from the soft soap of the Church of England which is now infested by feminists, socialists, liberals and communists.  It is the white working classes whose cultural identity consists of being "dipso, fatso, bingo, ASBO and Tesco"  who need this new religion most of all.

Below is a description by someone who was actually there from Abduall Al-Andalusi's Facebook walls:

Avas Asghar:  
"Most people here clearly didn't go to the event, relying instead on grainy videos clips which didn't do justice to the event. 

At this farcical event, Shaykh Suhaib came across poorly, as did Usama, as did the mob(!) But all those who feel Usama is a victimised, brave, courageous hero - then you should know this:

He came 50 mins late and the crowd waited patiently. In the meantime shaykh Suhaib (who on most occasions you can't help but love) set the scene with a slightly patronising speech (btw, giving one reason for Usama's tardiness and Usama upon arrival giving another). Then Usama spent 15 mins fiddling unnecessarily with the position of a projector (perhaps he was nervous). So after an hour of everyone waiting patiently without a word being spoken - the first thing Usama did was insult the crowd teasing them about projectors and how he hoped they didn't mind him using 'modern' technology.

What horrible start to the entire thing - you knew it was going to descend into chaos with Usama antagonising the crowd (and vice versa). If there was one thing you could, in the past, rely on Usama for - it was humility and keeping cool. Both those qualities were sadly absent. He came across as patronising and arrogant and for sure retorted back to all those who may have insulted him. It was tit for tat and embarrassing!

Then the crowd asked Usama to debate one of 2 individuals there and then (their names were shaqur & abu zubair - both 'traditional' Islamic students of knowledge, the latter from umm al qurra in Makkah I believe). Usama refused. The crowed implored him and asked him what he was afraid of. He refused claiming he wasn't prepared. (so what on earth was this event for?!)

Usama is thirsty for attention, sthing clear from his media appearances. In regard to evolution- he published one cif article in which he just insulted Muslims, and at some point gave a slide show presentation with a lacuna filled argument. How does that make him a spokesman for islam & evolution. In an act of terrible hypocrisy he asked one biologist at the event - who challenged him - to publish his ideas with peer review!!!! Usama isn't an authority in evolutionary biology and he's never published his ideas for them to be peer reviewed. Ever!

No one has actually bridged the Islamic and evolution narratives - certainly not Usama. And I stayed for the whole event - I didn't hear any death threats. 1 man walked out calling him shaytan; and a few may have called him kafir. But I don't remember clear death threats."

Shaheen Amin commented on Abdullah Al Andalusi's status.
Shaheen wrote

"I was at the event and Avas described it better than me. I was one of the people who requested Usama Hasan for a debate with brother Abuz Zubayr. But, Usama refused to our disappointment. On seeing brother Abuz Zubayr at close proximity - Usama spoke to the brother and not even one word of insult was exchanged between them; let alone a death threat from our brother Abuz Zubayr."

Characteristics that the BNP and Muslims share:

1.  a desire to support family values
2.  a liking for selective education ie grammar schools
3.  a disapproval of British foreign policy of intervention in the affairs of Muslim countries
4.  a tendency to support corporal punishment
5.  a tendency to support capital punishment
6.  a general concern at the alarming levels of uncontrolled immigration 

America the Accursed

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"Emotional Intelligence" is for the Birds (ie Liberals and the singly-parented badly brought-up illegitimate children they produce)

"Emotional intelligence" is what your single mother should have taught you but was too busy at work or partying or being a liberal parent to teach you.

"Emotional intelligence" is to stop singly-parented bastards from disrupting the class.

"Emotional intelligence" - for fatherless boys brought up by their single mothers.

"Emotional intelligence" - for intellectually-challenged shit for brains liberals who worship free love while wearing jeans that show their knickers to show how up for it they are, anytime, anywhere, with anyone at all.

"Emotional intelligence" - another bankrupt idea to pretend that feminism is OK and that mothers should go to work so they can support with their taxes the unproductive, the feckless, the stupid and the illegitimate which the welfare state encourages to multiply in ever greater numbers.

"Emotional  intelligence" - not so intelligent after all!

Shall I sue for libel?

A certain Kevin Morris is so far refusing to withdraw the statement that "Claire Khaw of the British National Party advocates killing the disabled."  

I will give him a chance to take legal advice before taking any further action.  

Dan Hannan is an Ornament on the Window Dressing of Tory Policies

Dan Hannan plans to stay in the Conservative Party like a display in a shop window to make people think there are genuine Conservatives in the Conservative Party.

You know when fruit stalls display their best fruit and then when you buy some give you the rotten ones with which they quickly fill your bag?

Well, that is what Dan Hannan's role is in the Conservative Party.

Sad, but true.

You would have thought that Dan Hannan would have better things to do with his talents than serve as some sort of shop display for Cameron to attract the more gullible punters, but apparently not.

He has prostituted his talents and is trapped by the more generous expense system of the EU - an institution he claims he wishes Britain to withdraw from.

Why would he want to come back here and be paid less? Dan Hannan has got children he wants to send to private school and all. His missus won't like it if he brings back less bacon either.

Why on earth would he come back here and be paid less to join or start another Eurosceptic party?  We already  know they can't even run a piss-up in a brewery.

Dan Hannan is but an ornament and he stays in the Conservative Party because he wishes to remain an ornament.

That is his assigned role in British politics, and the role that he has willingly accepted. As long as you all know that he is just a decoy and don't vote LibLabCon, OK?  

What to do about the suicidal

Should there be global suicide centres where people for people who don't think their life is worth living could go to be gently put down? Their organs could be harvested for people who want to live.

You could have a system of suicide sponsors who would pay a fee to say they think you should commit suicide. It would be a way of showing someone how much you hate them without actually threatening to kill them (which would be illegal).

I can see it could become a great industry and be adopted internationally.

It is part of the Great Khavian Scheme of Libertarian Eugenics.

It would actually make most people feel less suicidal too.

Charity pays drug addicts to use birth control

Why don't we just exterminate them after they have committed enough criminal offences? 

A specimen of White Trash from Sydney

Photo by my  Facebook friend Chris Oliver  in his series "From Glebe to Newtown"

My Oz Facebook friend Julieanne Beckham thinks he is a medical or psychology student.  I am saying he is a typical specimen of white trash that is overflowing the toilet that is now Western civilisation.

What this photo says to me:

"I don't want a fucking job ever. That is cos I am white trash. This means my government is stupid enough and the people who pay the government are stupid enough to put up with it.

The white trash look: a product of liberal society. Be proud, be liberal, be trash. You know it makes sense."
Yeah, my mother sort of calls me white trash, but not in so many words. Thinks all my male friends are paedos and all my female friends single mums, all scrounging off benefits.

Yeah, so what? Doesn't detract from the truth of what I say.

If I had a job I would be too fucking scared to say any of this.   (I would like a column in a noted publication, be a paid political and social commentator or host a political game show, please.)

If Jeffrey Epstein were my friend he would still be my friend now too, unless he had pissed me off about something else.  

Just call me a self-hating product of white trash culture, OK?

I put my hands up to it.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Susan Crosland's Funeral - 4 March 2010

Susan's very elegant Basket Coffin

Susan's grand-daughter Sacha
Lord Lipsey giving his speech on Political Wives not being what they once were

Lady Jane Rayne

Susan's daughter, Sheila

Michael Barnes, retired-MP for Brentford and Chiswick

Robert Posner

Lord Lipsey

Ellen Craig and others

The Wimpole Room, Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street

Robert Lacey of "Majesty" with Therese Lawson drawing on her smokeless cigarette

Robert Lacey, Lady Jane Rayne and Therese Lawson

Ellen Craig (left), Diana Melly (right)

Perhaps this is the funeral Ed Miliband, the current leader of the Labour Party, should have attended, if he cared anything for the ideological traditions of his party, for  Susan was the widow of the late Tony Crosland, the Labour Cabinet Minister who wrote The Future of Socialism.  It was he who famously declared that he would "destroy every single fucking grammar school in England".  Perhaps Ed was too busy struggling to recreate Labour ideology to come.  I did hear that he in fact rang to give his condolences and that he would "send something".  (I do not know if he did or if he did what it was.)

I remember Ed made a speech on the subject in Grimsby in 2006 peppered with references to the "good society" without bothering to define it.  It was then that I noticed what a beautiful young man he was with his long well-formed limbs.  His speech however was stupendously dull and went over the heads of those long-suffering Fabians who attended.  One of them confessed to me in the ladies that she didn't really know why she turned up any  more.

Friday was cold, blue and bright.  I walked up the elegant and undulating path of West London Cemetery (formerly known as Kensal Green Cemetery), immortalised in the lines of G. K. Chesterton's poem The Rolling English Road from his book The Flying Inn:

"For there is good news yet to hear and fine things to be seen;

Before we go to Paradise by way of Kensal Green."

I saw Robert Posner and Verushka Wyatt.  Verushka appeared to recognise me.  We shook hands solemnly and I mentioned how I first met her and her late husband at a Literary Review party in happier times. Woodrow Wyatt (who was also another Voice of Reason) has been dead for 14 years, she told me, and she is no longer in that big house.  It is odd to even think of describing such a distinguished old lady as "fresh-faced", but that was how she seemed, though a little fragile-looking now.  She has the look of woman once known for her beauty (which at the time of our last meeting I had not noticed particularly) and I remembered her for her liveliness and humour, and the way she teased Woodrow at the party.

The old reprobate and charmer Robert Posner (who had been Business Manager of the Literary Review) looked just as he did 10 years ago at Auberon Waugh's funeral, smelling of cigarettes.   We sat together at the service.

The last basket coffin funeral I attended made me take against them rather, but I was charmed by the femininity and elegance of Susan's.  The service was held in West Chapel. and conducted very well by a British Humanist Celebrant.  It may have been Trevor Moore

One of the more distinctly humanist things we were asked to do was to think of Susan while Pachelbel's Canon was being played.  (It wasn't this version though.)

Lady Jane Rayne (whom Susan always mentioned with affection and gratitude) told us of the occasion when they were in a restaurant about to leave.  The waiters overheard Susan expressing regret that she would take an age to make her way to the exit of the restaurant on her crutches.  Without further ado, two waiters came and lifted Susan's chair (with her on it) to the exit, just as if they were her litter-bearers.  (I did not catch the name of this restaurant.)

Lord Lipsey made a most interesting political speech on the subject of political wives.  Susan was not a socialist, he declared.  Her interests were rather wider than socialism and her ability to attract many more friends outside socialism than within was testament to that.  Nevertheless, she was a good political wife and helped her husband win Grimsby, which was rather ironic considering her extremely privileged background of being a Vassar girl and a member of the New England gentry.   He did not mention the egregious Sally Bercow who is proving to be the ruin of her husband's career.  In politics, one disastrous personal decision - such as marrying a woman just because you fancy her, without concerning yourself too much about her character or her morals - can be the ruin of one's hopes and future.  It would not be so bad if John Bercow was a talentless bore, but he is one of the few members of Parliament still capable of the well-turned phrase, so it is sad indeed to have a promising political career destroyed by the fancies of a man's lust.

It made me wonder whether if I were to marry Peter Mandelson as I so dearly wish to do, how well I would be able to carry out that role.   However, since Peter has always been a pragmatist and is pretty much an ideology-free zone, I think I could do OK, as long as we agree to disagree about my views and my political connections, which are probably wider and deeper than his, now that my tentacles reach all stratas of British society.

I did once ask Susan if she had met Peter and she said she had, remarking that she found him to be "very pleased with himself."

The service ended when we were told to applaud Susan while the curtain above her coffin slowly came down.

Fortunately for everyone else, I successfully resisted the temptation to shout "encore!"

The reception was held at The Wimpole Room of The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, W1. and was booked in the name of the Rayne Foundation.

Michael Barnes the retired MP of Brentford and Chiswick very generously gave me a lift there.   His wife who also attended the funeral did not come because she had to walk the dog.

Robert Lacey of Majesty and was there, discussing the King's Speech with Therese Lawson, who was sucking on one of those smokeless cigarettes.  (This was the first time I had seen one of those things.)  Therese informed us that her mother was complaining, rather like Peter Hitchens, that the whole story had been sexed up for the vulgar crowd, which made her very cross. Robert Lacey however declared the film to be historically accurate.  Therese recommended a restaurant in Winchester, but I forget its name now.

It was only afterwards that I realised that Rosemary Lamont who introduced herself to me was the heroine of this story at  I feel very privileged indeed to have met her, and we briefly discussed the subject of political wives and how one keeps in touch with everyone else anyway just because one plays bridge. I trust she had a very enjoyable dinner with her ex-husband Lord Lamont that evening.

The red wine was very good and the hot canapes delicious.  They were Susan's favourite, apparently.