Friday, 11 March 2011

Abu Zufayr should sue The Guardian for defamation

It has been alleged that Abu Zufayr has made a death threat against Usama Hasan over the latter's deliberately provocative position on Evolution.

A wiser person such as I would have said "God created everything and He must therefore have created Evolution" to reconcile the two positions, but he did not, in order, perhaps, to be deliberately provocative and attract attention to himself.  

It seems Usama Hasan was suggesting that he has received a death threat and that death threat came from a certain Abu Zufayr.  Those present said that while Abu Zufayr certainly called him a "kuffar" they heard no death threat.

It seems that the death threat was contained in a leaflet at  

Does giving someone a leaflet saying "In the good old days you would have been killed for doing and saying what you did" amount to a death threat?

Not to any reasonable person, I would have thought.  But then who said The Guardian is read or written by a reasonable people?  It is read by the liberal Muslims, who are walking oxymorons so messed up in the head by double-think that you wonder that their heads do not explode with so many internal contradictions.

Nevertheless, The Guardian, who wanted a "another Muslim extremist issues yet another death threat over something silly" decided to run this story.

I hope Abu Zufayr gets damages for this outrageous slur on his reputation, if indeed the facts are as I have stated above, and that he in fact made no statement that could reasonably be interpreted to constitute a death threat.  Poor journalism should be seen to be punished when it has the effect of ruining a man's reputation and stirring up racial and religious hatred.   

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