Friday, 11 March 2011

The admirable John Baron MP - a rare Conservative in a party stuffed with Commie Pinkos

Martial, Masculine, Courageous - quite unlike Cameron's cunty cronies

I cannot praise that man enough.

Often these days, I think to myself "I must friend X on Facebook" only to find that they are already my Facebook friend! The excellent John Baron MP is a case in point.

It is always the army men who dare to speak their mind, unlike the lily-livered effeminates and Ken dolls we now have in Parliament, fearful of their single mum voters, who lick the stilettos of the matriarchs running Mumsnet, Woman's Hour in their vomit-inducing lick-spittle way such as Jack Lopresti or any of the MPs who turn up at election time to beg and roll over at the command of harridans demanding to know what kind of underwear they wear.

Do they not get tired following orders from stupid promiscuous women who are bad single mothers badly parenting the next generation?

I can understand politicians being afraid of the Secret Police or a psychopathic dictator they happen to be living under, but to be afraid of stupid promiscuous single women who are bad mothers and bad employees is just beyond contempt.  Words actually fail me.

Perhaps we can have a word with each other about organising a military coup, sweeping away the dross and establishing a one-party state.  I wonder if he knows Lt Colonel Richard Williams whom I know is an excellent man just through hearing his masculine voice saying masculine things on military matters on the radio.

He is an MP Muslims should certainly support for he knew all along that invading Afghanistan was a bad idea. A man with a mind of his own and is not afraid to speak it.

This is what he said:

"Apart from the irony of sending a warship named after a pork sausage to rescue Brits from a Muslim country, surely the lesson from this episode is that we should stop meddling in the affairs of others.

"We should also be very careful before we lecture countries about democracy when we have been supplying their autocratic leaders with crowd control weapons."
What a shame he is already married. He is just the kind of man I would set my cap at.

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