Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Colonel Gaddafi REALLY is on Facebook!!!

This is unprecedented, thrilling and historic, yet none of the media mention this.

Do they really not know?

Or are they deliberately ignoring it because they know that the moment this is reported he would have regained control over Libya?

Dogs without honour, insects and reptiles!

It really is him and he started on 24 February.

Why is this not even being mentioned in the media?

He discusses foreign policy with Facebookers and says Russia and China probably would not have voted for sanctions against Libya if Libya had proper trading relations with them.

He said it is a shame that to be safe from the West one has to ally oneself with Russia or China or preferably both.

Most amusing exchange:

William Faruk de Buorbon Go for it Colonel Gaddafi,you are not the first person to battle united nations. Napoleon and Hitler once battled them and they almost won. And you with the protection of Allah would sure to succeed.
Saturday at 11:03 ·

Rezan Tay Interessante Meinung :-)
Saturday at 17:59 ·

Ronald Tell Hitler was a bastard who killed millions of innocents! Don't compare Gadaffi with Hitler please!
Saturday at 18:33 ·

Support for Muammar al-Gaddafi pls, i'm not like hitler.

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