Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dan Hannan is an Ornament on the Window Dressing of Tory Policies

Dan Hannan plans to stay in the Conservative Party like a display in a shop window to make people think there are genuine Conservatives in the Conservative Party.

You know when fruit stalls display their best fruit and then when you buy some give you the rotten ones with which they quickly fill your bag?

Well, that is what Dan Hannan's role is in the Conservative Party.

Sad, but true.

You would have thought that Dan Hannan would have better things to do with his talents than serve as some sort of shop display for Cameron to attract the more gullible punters, but apparently not.

He has prostituted his talents and is trapped by the more generous expense system of the EU - an institution he claims he wishes Britain to withdraw from.

Why would he want to come back here and be paid less? Dan Hannan has got children he wants to send to private school and all. His missus won't like it if he brings back less bacon either.

Why on earth would he come back here and be paid less to join or start another Eurosceptic party?  We already  know they can't even run a piss-up in a brewery.

Dan Hannan is but an ornament and he stays in the Conservative Party because he wishes to remain an ornament.

That is his assigned role in British politics, and the role that he has willingly accepted. As long as you all know that he is just a decoy and don't vote LibLabCon, OK?  

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