Saturday, 12 March 2011

Liberalism and National Socialism

If liberalism can be turned from something that is rational, peaceful and liberty-giving to something that is irrational, warmongering and liberty-destroying, then National Socialism could in theory be rehabilitated.

In case you hadn't noticed, National Socialism has been practised for over 40 years in Libya and over 60 years in China.

It is therefore quite wrong to think that National Socialism is all about exterminating Jews.

Hitler says at 1:54 that National Socialism has two principles: (1) "it would be a party with a true ideology [of National Interest]" and (2) "it would, uncompromisingly, be the one and only power in the nation. The "true" ideology would always change, mutatis mutandis, and it would be "adaptable" and "malleable" to do what is necessary in the circumstances a nation finds itself.  "Onepartyism", however, is a fundamental principle. Therefore all de jure one-party states purporting to act in the National Interest are National Socialist.

Mao's Cultural Revolution undoubtedly cost many millions of Chinese their lives and it is now admitted by the Chinese government that "mistakes were made".  They have altered the constitution of the Chinese Communist Party since and are now terrified of any personality cult of a party leader.  (That is one of the reasons why they are so hard on the Falun Gong.)  

One must not forget that the Chinese Communist Party managed to do this counter-revolutionary thing of dumping Communism without a violence, and give them credit where it is due.

While it would be galling for Hitler to subsequently learn that other nations of inferior races are better at National Socialism than Germans themselves, it would tend to suggest that National Socialism or one-partyism in the National Interest is not all bad if one does not go around starting wars and being defeated in them.  That was the fatal mistake that Hitler made.  

What a shame then that Western leaders seem unable to learn the lessons of history or even of those of recent history. Undaunted by the disaster that remains Iraq and Afghanistan, they now have their eye on Libya.  

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