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My advice to Katharine Birbalsingh about what she should do next: move to Zimbabwe

Katharine Birbalsingh in a fetching dress, next to Toby Young

3 March 2010

A waste of time really, as it was the regurgitation of all the complaints we have heard so many times already. British education is an international scandal.  It is a dreadful waste of so much talent because the liberal and feminist teaching profession is against traditional values, traditional teaching and are brainwashed at teacher training college to be Communists believing in free love and the tolerance of everything that is intolerable in any decent society with a decent future.   

The format of the discussion merely provided everyone to say their piece and to feel important, briefly, until their speech was over.

Katharine's dress was very fetching, and probably inappropriate for an evening meant to be spent discussing the depressing subject of British education. 

Perhaps the idea was not really to propose a solution, but to give everyone a chance to air their grievance and dismiss the concerns of others as the egregious, progressive and arrogant Donald Clark did.  Equality of failure was what that fucking Commie shithead promoted and defended, and anyone who wants different for their children should be taken out shot, was that the gist of what he was saying, I seem to remember.  He had nothing but undisguised contempt for the traditionalists such as Toby Young and the Headmaster of Winchester College who wanted this thing called "High Culture" as opposed to the BTec.

However, even if Katharine's Fairy Godmother had been there, she would not have been able to help, because nothing was being proposed.  Discipline in class was a bit of a topic, but nothing was said about how one was to go about imposing it.

One must not be afraid to ask for things.  Indeed, asking the right question is crucially important to the solution of a problem, but the question "how are we to get what we want?" was never at any time asked by anyone there that night. 

Recently, Katharine and I were Facebook friends.  She blocked me when I became a little too persistent about wishing to discuss with her a teaching profession corrupted and infested by feminism and liberalism.   She absolutely refused to engage point blank or even acknowledge that the question has been asked. 

I had suggested that single mothers badly parenting their children was the main cause for the need to dumb down, but it was not a subject she was prepared to discuss with me at all, probably because she could not see herself saying anything like that in public.  Doubtless her female friends are rather like mine, in the sense that every other female friend is a single mother.  For Katharine, to criticise single mothers publicly would be tantamount to sending herself into coventry, where she does not wish to be.

The long and short of it is this: everyone knew nothing was going to be done.  The event was so Katharine could sell her book, look pretty and perhaps attract a nice husband who will take her away from all this unpleasantness.

Nothing was going to be done because a five year term ain't gonna be long enough for any government to sort out this mess.  Therefore it suits them all to pretend something is being done until they are out of office.  Such is the corruption of British politicians and its teaching establishment.

This problem is of course one of the reasons why I concluded that only a one-party state will save this country from descending into even steeper and more precipitate decline.  Something needs to be done and done now, before most of the British forget how to read and write and lapse back into painting themselves blue and becoming the barbarians they once were.

But no one will listen.

To Miss With Love sold a few copies and that was the purpose of the exercise.  Perhaps Katharine should go to Zimbabwe where education is in fact valued, whose people are so wonderfully well-educated, civil, charming and motivated, or perhaps just the ones I met in London.  I was told by a proud Zimbabwean that not only are they well-educated, they are intellectually very competitive.  Robert Mugabe himself had acquired seven degrees, ie the Real Thing through self-study (and none of them honorary).  Mugabe genuinely understood the value of education, unlike the lazy, stupid, cowardly British  whom my Zimbabwean acquaintance had he said had "dumbed down a bit".  I was under the impression that this young man means to make his fortune in London precisely because he thinks the  the natives are ripe for exploitation and quite simply unable to compete because they have not learnt the 3 Rs or absorbed any of the principles of hard work, good manners, respect for one's elders and all the other qualities that rational governments would seek to instill in its people to make them fit for the world of work. 

I was told about the A, B and C schools in Zimbabwe by this acquaintance.  That classification will doubtless not catch on in Britain because the female and liberal-dominated educational establishment doesn't want to acknowledge that there are winners and losers in life, and prefer to remain in cloud cuckoo land even as the  sky falls in on them. 

I wish her well anyway, because I understand the prevalence of cowardice, dishonesty and hypocrisy in British life.  Those who appear to be busily fighting the system seem like good enough people, until you realise that they are not in fact quite good enough to win.

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