Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Facebook exchanges with Colonel Gaddafi

Support for Muammar al-Gaddafi
The Spokesman of the British Parliament said:
He has information that the UK was "planning to carry on some activities that can create an environment of instability in some Arab countries, for the sake of changing regimes". Parliament should move against PM David Cameron "so that Britain will not find herself in a similar situation as in 2003 in Iraq"

Claire Khaw
Cameron's gone mad. In fact, I think the entire West has gone mad.

The media want to report the downfall of dictators and think they can make it happen just by talking it up.

Of course the media *want* something exciting to report and, whether consciously or not, they stir things up by their very presence and the way they report the news.

You would have thought the politicians would be wise to it, but it seems they have actually been so stupid as to be seduced by the story the media is so anxious to report.

No reporter wants to say, "I went to X country thinking there would be a revolution, but it all fizzled out and things went back to normal."

I am just astounded by the sheer idiocy of Western politicians who are really not fit to rule these days.

Lindsay Hilsum was reporting on Channel 4 news this evening in Tripoli saying you are about to fall while behind her in the background the traffic was back to its busy normality.

I must say, Colonel, how delighted I am that you are finally on Facebook. I am now certain that you will survive, with your reputation enhanced.

It is a beautiful irony that you are using the social media of the West against Western governments who are baying for your blood!

May I also say how delighted I am to see that you are managing to keep your head above water with such aplomb and courage.

If only the British had a leader as courageous and resourceful as you, Colonel Gaddafi, but they are now ruled by fools and knaves, cowards and hypocrites.

The Libyan people are fortunate indeed to have someone so inspirational as their leader.

Claire Khaw 
May I suggest, Colonel Gaddafi, that you summon Jeremy Bowen to you so that he sees you typing your comments on Facebook?

I am afraid people don't really believe it is you.

It is also not quite right that my Colonel Gaddafi Support Group at

has more members than you. (Currently, its membership is just under 700 while yours - which really seems like the real thing - is not even 200).

You have to let the world know that it REALLY IS YOU or you are not using Facebook to your best advantage.

May I say that assuming an air injury and declaring that you felt "betrayed by Western leaders" is PR genius?

That Susan Rice is clearly *projecting* her delusion on to you. It is she who sounds mad.

Long live Colonel Gaddafi!

Long live the Great Dictator!

Support for Muammar al-Gaddafi 
I'm normally not these kind of guy who is using fb. Maybe that is why you got more supporters. It would be nice if you would let your members know about my page so that they can join.

Claire Khaw I have told many people many times, but they just don't believe me! I have already asked Dominic Groves of the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 to ask Jeremy Bowen to ask you if you really are on Facebook.

Once this is done, there really will be no need for any more violence and the opposition will melt away!

You will end up being the most popular dictator in the whole wide world with the most people who "like" your Facebook page!

Imagine you having even more fans than Obama ... !

Those who do come here to have a look say it cannot be you because they don't think your English here is too good here to be the real you, I am very sorry to report, Muammar.

Mathaba News Agency also says it is not you.!/mathaba2

mathaba2 mathaba2 @
@1party4all Muammar is NOT on Facebook and it is NOT clever to be on Facebook. Saif is but he is not clever.

You need to do something about VERIFYING your account.

Support for Muammar al-Gaddafi 
If this goes public on bbc, they my try to hijack this page. Will inform my admins about it. Anyway, thanks.

Claire Khaw
The beauty of Facebook is that you can open up another account very easily.

Just summon Jeremy Bowen to verify it is you!

This is of course wonderful publicity for Facebook and they will want to protect your account for their own sake.

This is after all THE FIRST TIME a dictator has ever used Facebook!

Maybe you need to just do an ordinary page where you have Facebook friends that you can "friend" and "unfriend". That way you can control the numbers who may overwhelm you with too many comments and crash the system.

The maximum number of friends you are allowed to have this way is 5000, but that should be enough for your purposes.

Claire Khaw 
It may help if you join which is the group I set up for you, Muammar.

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