Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My message to Dominic Groves, Duty Editor, Today Programme, BBC Radio 4

Dear Dominic

Could you possibly get Jeremy Bowen to ask if Colonel Gaddafi is really on Facebook?

Showing him tapping away and commenting would be excellent. Or perhaps, ahem, dictating his comments would be better? is the Colonel's Facebook page. is mine.

Strangely, my group has just under 700 members while his is under 200.

It would be in the interests of all of us if civil war in Libya were averted. We do not want higher petrol prices which will feed into everything else, do we? If that happens, we too in the West would also be rioting.

We certainly do not want a flood of refugees from Libya saying it is all our fault and that we must therefore take responsibility for their shelter and safety.

This would of course increase the BNP's support, and you wouldn't want that, would you?

I therefore hope that you will big up this story for all our sakes. It seems everyone is determined to believe that it isn't him or even if it is it doesn't matter. Facebook would enable him to settle this matter without further bloodshed, and it is your duty to bring this to the attention of the public, rather than suppress it.

I do hope it is just possible that you may find it in your conscience to do the Right Thing.


Claire Khaw

Dominic's email is

If you agree with me, then write to him and tell him so, if you want to avert a humanitarian crisis!   

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