Wednesday, 2 March 2011

No-fly zone over Libya: Claire Khaw as Foreign Policy Adviser of Cameron?

Cameron is like an over-eager gun dog.

Poodles used to be gun dogs, I believe.

I wonder why it keeps escaping him that Britain's traditional  role of Poodle of America is not one known for either its dignity or integrity.

How deluded Cameron must be - or woefully ill-advised - if he really thinks British military involvement in Libya will somehow bring him any benefits, either long term or short tern, domestic or foreign.  

Who are his foreign policy advisers?  Hague is saying the same thing as Cameron.  I wonder if there is a single sensible person advising the Prime Minister at all.

If he does not support my mate Muammar there will be civil war in Libya, then a flood of refugees to Europe, which in turn would cause social disorder and spread to Northern Europe.

Fortunately, Muammar is now sorting things out in his own inimitable and flamboyant way and a crisis has been averted.  In the meantime, the West ought to apologise to the migrant workers whose work and lives have been so terribly disrupted because that dickhead got it so wrong.

Cameron's name is mud anyway but if he has any desire at all to rehabilitate himself, I should be able to help him, but only if he does everything exactly as I say.  

If there are any at all prepared to put their hands up to what is undeniably the SHAMBLES of British foreign policy they should be immediately sacked and replaced by yours truly.

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