Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Western leaders and their lemming-like death wish

Really quite alarming that Western leaders are all losing their marbles at the same time. It seems they have a death wish. They want another surge of African refugees to come to the EU, it would appear, which will in turn ignite the tinder box of anti-immigrant feeling already in existence so the riots in North Africa come here too.

What is the matter with Cameron? Does he really have no one to advise him at all?

Come on you stupid fucks.  Prop up Gaddafi, say he's OK after all and everything will be calm again.  That is all you have to do.

Oh, but you can't because you have been prating and canting, huffing and puffing about liberty and democracy for so long you can't go back on it now, can you?

Someone ask me how it feels to be the only sane person living in a whole continent of fucking lunatics.  

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