Thursday, 3 March 2011

Western leaders have so mishandled Libya that Chavez has to come and sort us out

What a bunch of tossers they are, all of them.

This is what happened, boys and girls:

Western leaders are so dumb they actually believed in the media hype that Gaddafi was about to fall!


But that was what happened, the stupid cunts.  They were seduced into thinking Gaddafi was about to fall and thought all they had to do was tell him to go.

Don't they know that a dictator is not a Western politician who has lost an election and who has no choice but to go quietly?

Don't they know from his track record that Gaddafi was never going to go quietly and meekly?

Imagine, being stupid enough to tell lies and then believe in them yourself! 

Thank God for military men.  At least some of them like Robert Gates have the courage to say "enough is enough" and spell it out for idiots like Hillary Clinton, William Hague and David Cameron what it would actually involve to enforce a no-fly zone (ie that they would have to destroy Gaddafi's air force first in order to do that) and, reading between the lines, he was saying that he wasn't going to do it, no way, no how, and if they made him, he would resign, or worse.

Gaddafi is running circles round the demented matriarchy that is now Western civilisation whose collective brain has turned into POO inside its skull.

Dear oh dear.  Having to ask Hugh Chavez - a South American Socialist of all people - to sort out our problems because the West is now having a collective convulsive SHIT FIT.  The poo that their brains have turned into is now oozing out of their every orifice ...

The moral and intellectual stench is disgusting, the sight pitiable and contemptible.

Long live Colonel Gaddafi - a truly brilliant and inspirational leader who managed to turn the tables on the West with a combination of decisive action in his foreign and domestic policy.

Long live the Great Dictator who actually responds to his people's complaints by giving them money!

If only that sort of thing would work in the West, eh?

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