Friday, 8 April 2011

Barnsley By Election: which party bought the most votes with the least money?

Costs for main party candidates in 2011 Barnsley Central by-election:

BNP £3,845 - Enis Dalton BNP 1,463 = £ per vote

Cons £14,051.99 - James Hockney Conservative 1,999 = £ per vote

Lab £66,388.78 - Dan Jarvis Labour 14,724 = £ per vote

Lib Dems £6,437.50  - Dominic Carman Liberal Democrat 1,012 = £ per vote

UKIP £30,574.38 - Jane Collins UKIP 2,953 = £ per vote

Would someone work out for me which party has the highest Voter Cost Efficiency and which the lowest and all the others in between?   (I know I am just going to get it wrong because I'm a girl!)

BBC Newsnight
@1party4all UKIP spent most per vote, then Conservatives, Lib Dems, Labour and BNP.

Jeffrey Marshall:

"At a very rough calculation, BNP votes cost between £3 & £4 each; Conservative votes were £7; Labour votes cost between £4 and £5 (although, of course, this turned out to be the cost of winning the election); Liberal Democrat votes cost £6 apiece; whilst UKIP spent an astonishing £10 per vote. 

One might conclude that BNP votes were the equivalent of buying one of the cheaper properties on the Monopoly board (Whitechapel Road, say) on which other players continually land for some reason; whilst UKIP votes were the equivalent of investing in some very high cost property indeed (such as Mayfair) which – for some reason - manages to garner no rent whatsoever.

Highest number of votes for lowest outlay = BNP.

Lowest number of votes for highest outlay = UKIP.

Best overall value for money = Labour."


Russell Lambert said...

Jeffrey got it spot on, the exact cost per vote is as follows;

BNP £2.62 per vote
Conservatives £7.02 per vote
Labour £4.50
Lib Dems £6.36
UKIP £10.35

Claire Khaw said...

Thank you, Russell!