Friday, 22 April 2011

Bishop of Oxford wants Church schools to only be 10% Christian

The Bishop of Cunt

Does the Bishop of Oxford want to destroy Christianity? Perhaps the stupid old fucker just likes winding people up.

If anyone thinks that Christianity is being destroyed by Muslims or immigration, they are quite quite wrong. Christianity is being destroyed from within by its own Commie cunt bishops.

Looks like the C of E really can't get the staff these days, so they will have to accept any old Commie cunt to fills its depleted ranks.

Clearly, the Bishop of Commie Cuntery wants a  more inclusive admissions policy in order that Church schools can be more like the sink school comps that parents who took the trouble of pretending to be Christian and going to Church regularly so desperately want to save their children from.

Commented a Facebook friend:

"It's obvious isn't it? If church schools have a better ethos, encourage better standards of behaviour and discipline in an environment where children are able to study without distraction, then it is precisely the type of parents who want to send their children there who must at all costs be discouraged so that the c of e can pursue its loony liberal agenda of empathising with those who neither respect or value its agenda." 

I am not surprised that he has already received a death threat.  Doubtless he wishes to receive more to raise his status of being the Martyr of Commie Cuntery.  I am just sorry for his family.  I am sure Anjem Choudary or Abu Hamza are ever so slightly more popular amongst their own supporters than the Bishop of Cunt. is a sermon by him.  These sermons are of course typical of the C of E, who are now too afraid of discussing anything controversial.  I still remember the a sermon I heard last year when the priest was talking about the "lambiness of Christ". I just about managed to stop myself from vomiting.

When I become dictator, I will disestablish the Church and invite tenders from other organisations capable of making the new state religion less laughably putrid and demented.   

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