Saturday, 23 April 2011

Cleggeron disagreement on internships

I wish, in the spirit of peacemaking that I hope I will one day become known for, offer a solution to the Clegg-Cameron Coalition dichotomy on the question of paid and unpaid internships.

Clegg thinks unpaid internships should be discouraged because they advantage the children of wealthy parents to the disadvantage of children of poorer parents, while Cameron cannot see why parents cannot use their connections to advantage their children.

My solution is simple: there should be an equal number of alternating places in any firm for paid and unpaid internships.

Am I or am I not a genius who should become Dictator of Britain to be elected by SMS using AV on Political X Factor in which I will beat the other candidates by a clear margin?

Ought I not have Obama's Nobel Peace Prize transferred to me forthwith as being the clearly more deserving recipient?

Are not my problem-solving powers simply phenomenal?

Like all the best things in life, my ideas are free.  

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