Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Happiness is a political issue but Happy Ltd has no solutions for the BNP

Claire Khaw
April 26, 2011 at 2:41 pm | Permalink | Reply

Do you think becoming a BNP supporter is a sign of unhappiness?

May we know if you have any solutions?

@happyhenry OFFICIAL: women CANNOT be criticised in the Demented Matriarchy that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland

1happyhenry Henry Stewart @
@1party4all why are you sending me links to BNP crap? are you a BNP supporter?

1party4all Claire Khaw @
@happyhenry Perhaps a sign of unhappiness is becoming a BNP supporter. What answers have you got for these unhappy people, Henry?

1party4all Claire Khaw @
@happyhenry Are you suggesting that BNP supporters do not deserve happiness?

happyhenry Henry Stewart @
@1party4all no, but i am suggesting if you support a racist & violent party, I'm not too intersted in talking further.

happyhenry Henry Stewart @
@1party4all i do suggest BNP supporters do not deserve to find happiness through attacking and victimising others.

party4all Claire Khaw @
@happyhenry So u have no political solutions to prevent people from supporting the BNP apart from saying that they do not deserve happiness?

@1party4all Claire, I'm sorry if you are so unhappy you joined the BNP. I don't have magic solutions but I'm pretty sure you won't find happiness with a bunch of racists. Bu, yes, I do believe you deserve happiness.

@1party4all I'm no politician but I'd say building homes, creating jobs and decent health and education would make BNP supporters happier and peace, love and understanding (of different cultures) .....

@happyhenry Throwing more money at the problem will make people happier, you think? That has been tried and the kitty's empty.

@happyhenry Joining a political party gives one a sense of purpose and brings you into contact with other people who share the same goals.

@happyhenry "Racism" is another form of bigotry just like "anti-racism" though these days racism just means complaining about immigration.

@happyhenry What do you say then to immigrants who are also concerned about immigration? Go and throw money at yourself? Go join the BNP?

@happyhenry Do you know that the thing that would most help the white working class - grammar schools - has been taken off the menu?

@happyhenry Do you know that the thing that would help the white working class - family values supported by marriage - is now off the menu?

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Jeff Marshall said...

"Do you think becoming a BNP supporter is a sign of unhappiness?"

It is a sign of serious dissatisfaction with the way this country is run.

It is not necessarily a sign of deep personal melancholia; in fact this seems rather seldom to be the case.

The BNP supporter has an active intelligence, a feeling of purpose and a strong sense of community, protecting him or her to a large extent from the all-pervading sense of anomie created by establishment politicians who have transmogrified society into a multicultural dung-heap.