Monday, 11 April 2011

How to reform the NHS

One of the most rational ways is perhaps to categorise illnesses and conditions under the following categories:

1.  painful, life-threatening and easy and cheap to treat
2.  painful, not life-threatening and not easy to treat
3.  painful, life-threatening and difficult and expensive to treat

Perhaps we should have hospitals and clinics divided into these categories.

The easy to treat and cheap in Category 1 should be given priority.

The not so easy to treat should be given less priority.

The most difficult to treat should be given least priority.  

A visit to the GP should tell us what which category our condition or disease falls under.

No mental health issues will be treated by the NHS.  

People with mental health issues will be neglected, ignored in the hope that they will go away ie commit suicide and solve the problem of their own existence all by themselves, unless they have friends and family who want to help them with their mental health issues at their own expense or set up a charity. 

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