Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A new festival for London - the London Love Festival - when I am mayoress to replace boring and irritating London Marathon

Like this NOT

Were I to be become Mayor of London I would abolish the irritating and boring London Marathon and institute instead a London Love Festival.

Boring and irritating London Marathon.  Who on earth wants to watch this??

The London Love Festival would celebrate the Joys of Outdoor Sex in London's Royal Parks. @SpencerTunick could be called in to do something

Are they perchance facing Mecca?

In keeping with family values only those married to each other may participate in the London Love Festival. The rest of us must look on in horror or envy.

No parades like the problematic Berlin Love Parade, just a general licence for married couples to have sex with each other in the open air in discreet places in the Royal Parks without getting into trouble with the law.

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