Tuesday, 5 April 2011

One Etonian rats on another. Too many Etonian rats in government.

The subtext of this story is that Boris Johnson is a rat who ratted on his fellow Etonian because his fellow Etonian didn't want more airports while he did.

As far as I am concerned, I think the British should spend their holidays in Britain for economic and environmental reasons.

I wouldn't send my son to ratty old Eton even if I could afford it.

Public schoolboy these days are mostly ratty frightened little drug-taking porn-addicted wimps anyway. I do not know of one in government who can even write an essay on the subject of principles.

Marlborough boys are fucking wimps too.

I was talking to father and son, both Marlborough boys.  We discussed law and order. was discussed and I asked what he would do in the place of the man on the bus whose girlfriend had had chips thrown at her on the bus.

He said he would have got off at the next stop.

I said if I were his girlfriend he would never hear from me again.

The father, who was supposed to be trying to impress me, said nothing.

It was then that I realised that British men - even those from the elite institutions - are all basically contemptible emasculated wimps.

Rory Stewart whom I mentioned yesterday as still believing in Santa and who wants to eat his cake and have it, is yet another of these infamously effete Etonians.

They are either effete or they threaten to "stab you in the cunt", as one Cambridge student informed me his Oxonian friend said he wanted to do to me after taking exception to my views.   Apparently, his family name adorns one of the libraries of an Oxford college.  This was considered so witty by my Cambridge Facebook friend who went to a top grammar school in Birmingham that he informed me of his friend's "witticism".

But such is the state of the cream of British youth after five generations of loose women, loose living, widespread bastardy and men too pussywhipped to even protest about their pussywhippedness.   Instead of protesting and declaring an official marriage strike so that the terms of marriage can be renegotiated, they go gay ...

Cameron used to take drugs when he was at Eton.  If I want my children to take and deal in drugs they can take and deal in them at the local comp.   A Roedean girl told me there are lots of drugs there too.  That was a while ago, so it must be much worse now ceteris paribus.

Why pay top whack for your children to ingest disgusting toxic useless liberal values when they can get knocked up and deal drugs at their  local comp?  At least at the local comp they will be a lot tougher.

If you are Asian and Muslim you can always send them to a terrorist training camp or a madrassa in Pakistan to toughen them up.   Anything would be better than to have spent your property on an expensively-educated, rat and wimp who cannot write an essay on the subject of principles, even after a cripplingly expensive education. contains an exam paper on just this subject.   Readers are welcome to submit their entries.  Those whose answers I consider worthy will win a night of passion and pleasure with yours truly.   

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