Thursday, 7 April 2011

Tesco and M&S should get in on Nazi Cake Craze

Cooks hold a cake decorated with a swastika during Nazi-era Germany.

There are after all no laws in the UK preventing bakers from baking Nazi cakes for paying customers.

Tell me honestly now, Dear Reader, you would quite like to eat a Nazi cake now, wouldn't you, or have a Nazi children's party if you have children?

If Tesco and M&S start mass-producing these cakes they would make a killing as the Nazi cakes, priced at around 90 euros (£79) apiece is beyond the reach of average Nazi cake fancier in these straitened times.

We could even have Hitler cakes. Imagine everyone fighting over the moustache bit of black icing ...

This is indeed a greatly cheering story that somehow confirms that life really is worth living.

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Vnathan said...

Absolutely! I'd have two!