Monday, 11 April 2011

A way of reducing Islamophobia?

Claire Khaw
Muslims should convert the Koran into brickettes and sell it to Islamophobes to keep warm and have barbecues with.

This comment on my Facebook wall was "liked" by both my Muslim and BNP friends.

A Muslim friend informed me: "Ironically in Islam burning the Quran is actually considered one of the more respectful ways of disposing with unneeded copies as opposed to just throwing them away."

Muslims could give or even sell manky copies of the Koran that they want to burn to Islamophobes. This would be a good thing anyway, because the burning of Korans may reduce their hatred and fear of Muslims and Islam.

If Islamophobes want to start a bonfire of Korans, dance naked around it and then have wild orgiastic sex with each other afterwards that would be OK by me, provided no illegitimate children are produced.

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