Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Why I hate Martin Amis and his gang of Champagne Socialist SCUM


The execution of Robespierre and his supporters on 28 July 1794

When I put to him Lord Glasman's suggestion that Labour had been "hostile to the English working classes" he paused and then changed the subject. My sense is that he may well share that analysis.

Fashionable people such as successful and affluent writers and artists ie Champagne Socialists vote Labour.

The concerns of Champagne Socialists are quite at odds with the concerns of the English working classes, whom they heartily despise.

It is the Champagne Socialists who think foreigners are cute and quaint while abhorring the white working classes whom they do not even care enough to advise and warn, whom they prefer to let them rot in their tower blocks and sink estates and their variously-fathered feral children, rather than give them any well-meant advice or the grammar schools and the discipline they so desperately need.

The status-anxiety riddled Champagne Socialists would rather die than admit that it might be nice to have a few grammar schools in their neighbourhood, because they don't want to admit that they cannot afford to pay school fees or live in a neighbourhood with not enough good state schools.

Martin Amis is a Champagne Socialist.

The London literati hate AKA the Champagne Socialists hate and fear the white urban proletariat who support the BNP more than the BNP hate and fear the non-whites. Amis the Anus is one of them. He is the one who would condone the social libertarianism of the Left that does so much damage to people less financially able to deal with the fall out of a broken home ie the white urban proletariat, and the kind of free-fucking social libertarian fucked up family life that killed his sister Sally.

From the Family Amis may we be reminded why Lust and Pride are Deadly Sins.

Lucy Partington his cousin (who ended up being murdered by Fred West) was also a victim of the low and degraded morals of the Amis family too, it would appear.

Because he lives the way he does, he will never go on about family values because that would be so uncool and strait-laced and much too earnest for someone like him obsessed with status anxiety and success

Let's get rid of the Champagne Socialists then or at least tar and feather them before we send them on their way.

Marie Antoinette most exemplifies Champagne Socialism, which is all about being such a member of the elite that you just don't get it.   Even if you did get, as Louis Theroux should, they still pretend that they don't, because they don't want their friends, colleagues and employers to laugh at them.

To the starving breadless peasants she said, "Let them eat cake."  Well, we all know what happened to her.   

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